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However, there is currently no medical treatment to prevent or treat dementia. Scientists have found the causes of the illness, but they have not found effective medical treatment. They also showed that pharmaceutical drugs may never deal with dementia. The treatment could be a kind of therapy.






Thousands more flee wildfires as deadliest blaze slows down

Thousands more flee wildfires as deadliest blaze slows down

Thousands more flee wildfires as deadliest blaze slows down

Thousands more flee wildfires as deadliest blaze slows down

Thousands more flee wildfires as deadliest blaze slows down


Wildfire updates: Merging wildfires threaten small Utah town


The so-called Carr Fire that affected Redding — a city of about 92,000 people — was ignited by a vehicle problem on Monday about 10 miles (16 kilometers) west of the city. On Thursday, it swept through the historic Gold Rush town of Shasta and nearby Keswick fueled by gusty winds and dry vegetation. It then jumped the Sacramento River and took out subdivisions on the western edge of Redding.

The latest tally showed at least 657 homes destroyed and another 145 damaged, with the fire having consumed 149 square miles (386 square kilometers).

After days of fortifying the areas around Redding, fire crews were increasingly confident that the city would escape further damage. The fire had not grown inside the city limits since Saturday, Gouvea said.

Some of the 38,000 people forced to evacuate said they were frustrated because they didn’t know whether their homes were standing or were destroyed. Authorities had not reopened any evacuated neighborhoods where fires raged due to safety and ongoing investigations and urged people to be patient, saying they would soon let residents back.

Fed up, on Sunday morning Tim Bollman hiked 4 miles (6 kilometers) on trails up steep terrain to check on the Redding home he built for his wife and two sons 13 years ago. He found rubble.

“There’s not even anything to pick up,” he said. “It’s completely gone.”

He took hundreds of photos, recorded video and texted his wife.

“It’s the craziest frickin’ thing you have ever seen,” he said, his eyes filled with tears. But then he composed himself.

The firefighters killed in the blaze included Don Ray Smith, 81, of Pollock Pines, a bulldozer operator who was helping clear vegetation in the path of the wildfire. Redding Fire Inspector Jeremy Stoke was also killed, but details of his death were not released.

The fire around Redding was among 17 significant blazes in the state on Sunday that had forced roughly 50,000 people from their homes, said Lynne Tolmachoff, a Cal Fire spokeswoman.

About 12,000 firefighters were battling the fires, she said.

Hope grows as deadly Northern California blaze slows down

Hope grows as deadly Northern California blaze slows down

Hope grows as deadly Northern California blaze slows down

Hope grows as deadly Northern California blaze slows down

Hope grows as deadly Northern California blaze slows down

Hope grows as deadly Northern California blaze slows down

Hope grows as deadly Northern California blaze slows down

Hope grows as deadly Northern California blaze slows down

Hope grows as deadly Northern California blaze slows down

Hope grows as deadly Northern California blaze slows down

Hope grows as deadly Northern California blaze slows down

Hope grows as deadly Northern California blaze slows down

Hope grows as deadly Northern California blaze slows down
Hope grows as deadly Northern California blaze slows down


Death toll from Greek wildfire reaches 91 as village grieves

Death toll from Greek wildfire reaches 91 as village grieves


Idaho Falls District BLM
Exploding targets ignite wildfire debate


Pediatricians group urge parents to avoid these food, packaging chemicals

“It’s not simply calories in, calories out,” Trasande said. “That used to be a convenient framework for thinking about obesity, but now we know that synthetic chemicals disrupt how calories are processed and ultimately converted into protein vs. sugar vs. fat.

“Even at a basic level, we understand that thyroid hormone is not only important for brain development but also heart function, bone function, muscle,” he added. “Practically every organ system is touched by thyroid hormone function.




“You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are.”





Dick Morris – The Hill reported that Democrats and liberals are shocked as they look from their journalistic howitzers to discover that Trump’s ratings have not sagged and are near all-time highs. In between firing broadsides, they have noticed that their negative stories about Trump are having no effect on the president’s approval ratings. The Hill reported that Democrats are “scratching their heads” to understand why Trump is so “resilient.”

Trump’s 45.0 percent job approval in Tuesday’s RealClearPolitics.com average reflects his third best day since March of 2017.

Why are Trump’s numbers growing so steadily despite being subjected to such heavy fire after the Helsinki Summit?

The answer is the fable of the boy who cried “wolf.” The Democratic barrage, faithfully reported by the media, has been so constant and shrill that voters have become numb to the negative headlines. The lurid “revelations” of Trump’s misconduct have been repeated so often, they’ve lost their effect.

The president often speaks of “false news” being spread by the liberal media. It would be more accurate to call these journalistic eruptions “false analysis.” Each day comes with dire prophesies for Trump. The trade war with China is going to tip the economy into recession. Republicans are going to bolt over Trump’s “appeasement” of Russia. The Manafort trial will unearth damning evidence against Trump. Impeachment is just around the corner. The North Korea deal will fall apart. Iran will not be hurt by U.S. sanctions. Our Western allies are being permanently alienated. The tax cuts will cause the deficit to skyrocket.

As these predictions fall short, one after the other, people begin to discount the hysterical headlines in the mainstream media and stop believing the words of formerly credible journals like the New York Times and The Washington Post.

Instead, voters believe their own eyes as they see the Trump economy surge and realize the extent to which Democratic predictions of disaster fall short

The media’s credibility gap has become so great, its negative stories are discounted.

The media is in some ways going through the same loss of credibility that gripped the American presidency during the days of Lyndon Johnson, when people began to realize the White House was lying to them. This denouement undermined faith in our democracy all during the 60s and 70s until Reagan restored some degree of trust.

Now it is the media’s turn to be left in the cold by voters who have come to distrust its every utterance. The resultant rise in alternative media — social media, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter — is a direct result of this turn away from establishment media organs.

And Trump keeps on rising.

Dick Morris is a former adviser to President Bill Clinton as well as a political author, pollster and consultant. His most recent book, “Rogue Spooks,” was written with his wife, Eileen McGann.


Xeriscaping can keep Utah yards beautiful while saving water, time and money

He also suggested choosing Utah-friendly plants to add color.

Jupiter’s beard. Photo: KSL TV

“This is Jupiter’s beard,” said Schou, pointing to a full, maroon-colored bush. “It will bloom several times a year.”

It grows easily without water, he said. So do Russian sage and globemallow. Many neighborhood garden stores carry those Utah-friendly plants.


As we identify and seal up the energy leaks, we are developing a self-sustaining continuum of life force kundalini that is necessary to magnetize in the physical world. The vacuum zero point field that exists in vortex momentum creates the light portal tunnel to the quantum field of ‘All That Is’. When an electric current flows through a Figure-8, the opposing electromagnetic fields from the two wires cancel each other and create a scalar wave. The quanta of the scalar field are spin-zero particles – a non-polarized state.

When you apply this technique to your chakra energy body and maintain zero point calm, you will receive amplified solar, galactic, and Christed Light in your field. You become an open receiver of divine intelligence. You are a walking, talking human antenna tower of sacred universal consciousness. This is what you want to fill your tank with!


The Mueller Investigation
We are about 430 days into Robert Mueller’s investigation; the special prosecutor whose team of lawyers and investigators has in a large part been made up either of Clinton donors, clear Clinton partisans, lawyers who have in the past represented Clinton interests or employees, or partisans already removed for expressing clear Trump hatred. The media grew ecstatic over its creation, dubbing it an “all-star” or “dream” team, as leaks assured the public that next week, next month, or “soon” there would be a sensational indictment proving that Trump colluded with the Russians to win the presidency.

We have gone through the psychodramas surrounding Michael Cohen, Stormy Daniels, Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, Carter Page and a host of others. Any second, any minute they would be indicted for collusion in throwing an election, or they would soon flip and end the Trump presidency.

When we learned that Robert Mueller initially did not disclose to the media why he had fired Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, and why he had spaced out their firings to prevent the impression that they were connected, we were only reassured of the professionalism of the Mueller investigation.

It was considered blasphemous to suggest that Mueller, Rod Rosenstein, and James Comey were all former associates and friends—and thus it would be awkward to ensure the public that they could pose as disinterested investigators, given the reality that some of the investigators might soon end up as the investigated.

When indictments of Manafort, Flynn and some minor Trump officials followed that had nothing to do with the original mandate of collusion, the press cheered them as appetizers for the main course of impeachment to come. It was considered unpatriotic to suggest that Mueller did not find Russian collusion in a sea of collusion—at least as evidenced by a prior Obama hot mic quid pro quo promise to calibrate U.S. policy on European missile defense to Russian behavior conducive to Obama’s 2012 reelection, or huge Russian-related donations to the Clinton Foundation roughly at the time Secretary of State Hillary Clinton helped to facilitate sales of some U.S. uranium to Russian companies.

Trump is said to be paranoid, uncouth, reckless, and crude. And he has been at times. But no prior president has been under investigation for 80 percent of his first two years in office, by an investigatory team that is so patently compromised by conflicts of political interest, and so unable to find collusion or wrongdoing in a sea of what is likely to turn out to be FBI, CIA, and Justice Department criminality in 2016.

Killing Hitler Trump
The methods of rhetorically assassinating Trump all have been tried out by progressive celebrities, politicians, and academics: decapitation, high explosives, nightly ritual stabbing, hanging, death by elevator, death by escalator, shooting, incineration, and fisticuffs. The reason that Kathy Griffin, Madonna, Robert De Niro, Kamala Harris, or Snoop Dogg have been lately quiet about killing Trump is that the various ways to do so have long ago been exhausted.

Trump as Hitler, Mussolini, or Stalin is now old hat. Trump as traitor was boring long ago. What can one say after she has compared Trump’s agenda to Pearl Harbor, the Holocaust, and 9/11? If the tax cuts, immigration policy, or NATO and Russian summits are equal to killing 3,000 Americans, what is left to the imagination? If talking sloppily about Putin is tantamount to the Holocaust, then what exactly was the Holocaust, a bad press conference? And if we are to believe that anything Trump has done is equivalent to starting a war that killed 65 million people and engineered the Final Solution, then among our 325 million fellow Americans perhaps a few dozen will watch CNN or MSNBC talking heads lecturing on the Führer, and conclude the only patriotic thing to do is to eliminate this new incarnation of Hitler.

Trump War on All Fronts
Progressives are urged to go to stores, gas stations, restaurants and confront Trump Administration officials, in a sort of Obama-like “get in their faces” or “take a gun to a knife fight” advice to make life miserable for anyone who would dare work for Trump.

A former Clinton aide has organized adolescent noise-maker rallies near the White House, ostensibly to make so much racket that Trump will not be able to sleep in the presidential bedroom. Restaurants have refused to serve Trump appointees.

There is no respite from the war against Trump. The NFL, the NBA, late-night comedy shows, cable news, sitcoms, Hollywood movies, books, and music have all found ways to turn their genres into anti-Trump theater.

There is no respite; there is no refuge—not the Super Bowl, not the Emmys, not the Grammys, not the Oscars. Almost every aspect of American culture has been weaponized to delegitimize Trump.

The Roots of Trump Derangement
Is the anger, then, that we are in a depression, war, or plague?

Actually, no. The economy is growing at rates that we have not seen in over a decade. Unemployment, especially minority joblessness, is at a historic low. Even the stock market is at record highs. The United States is now the world’s largest producer of oil, natural gas, and coal. Consumer and business confidence is at a near all-time high.

NATO is re-calibrating its military contributions to increase defense spending. North Korea has stopped talking about nuking our West Coast. The Iranian theocracy is panicking after the end of the Iran Deal. There have not been any incidents this year of Iranian hazing of U.S. ships. China is scrambling to find ways to readjust its lopsided trade surpluses induced by commercial cheating and dumping. Never has a Republican president appointed and had confirmed more conservative and stellar judges. The National Security team of Pompeo, Bolton, Mattis, and Haley is perhaps the most skilled since World War II.

Why then the hate, the furor, the sheer mania?

The Left lost what it thought was a sure-thing election. There is now no assured 16-year Obama-Clinton regnum that would complete what the Obamas had called the final “fundamental transformation” of the United States. It cannot accept that it blew certain victory. A huge fundraising advantage, a toady media, massive defections of Republican establishment intellectuals and pundits, the lack of prior military or political experience of candidate Donald Trump, and a popular vote plurality all proved for naught. The unimaginable then became all too real.

And fantasy was substituted for reality as smears, slurs, and denials ensued. Think of the 2000 election cubed.

Trump is not a George H.W. Bush or Mitt Romney. He knows no etiquette. He is no gentleman. He is a bruiser, brawler, exaggerator, and performer. What created President Trump was not just “The Apprentice” or the Manhattan real estate market (such a résumé only honed his pugilist skills).

Rather, half the country was tired of Republicans grimacing as they were portrayed as throwing grandmothers off cliffs. They were tired of seeing political commercials of bodies of the murdered dragged behind trucks, or charges that Republicans cruelly put their pets on their car roof. They were tired of the anti-Semitic and racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a presidential candidate’s personal pastor, being off limits, but not the supposed senility of John McCain who in 2008 was pilloried as a doddering multi-millionaire who forgot how many houses he had owned. In 2012, it was Mitt Romney’s wife whose sins were wearing equestrian clothes.

Given the growing furor over half the country as demonized clingers, deplorables, and crazies, if Trump did not exist, a don’t-tread-on-me street fighter would have had to be invented. Progressives have gone ballistic that any opponent would reply to them in kind. Think of “Caddyshack,” when uncouth Rodney Dangerfield burst into smug Ted Knight’s country club.

The Left did not just lose the 2016 election, it lost the Congress, the presidency, and the Supreme Court. And it lost them all to a rash, uncouth Queens-accented Manhattan billionaire reality TV star, who systematically planned to dismantle eight years of Obama Administration executive-orders. And unlike almost all prior politicians Trump when in office kept his promises and systematically went about to halt the supposed progressive future. Think of a liberal nightmare something akin to Sarah Palin as president in 2012.

The Obama apparat and the proverbial deep state never imagined Trump could win and thus to ensure that he would not just be defeated but humiliated, vied to use the power of government to destroy the Trump candidacy.

The National Security Council was weaponized and thus unmasked the names of surveilled Americans and leaked their names to the press to undermine the Trump campaign. The Department of Justice was weaponized to ensure Hillary Clinton was exonerated for her misdeeds concerning her email server and quid pro quo collusion with a variety of foreign and domestic influence peddlers and buyers. The FBI and CIA were weaponized to subvert the Trump campaign, by peddling an unverified smear dossier, paid for by Hillary Clinton, by implanting informants into the Trump campaign, and by undermining a FISA court through dishonest presentations of evidence for warrants to spy on American citizens.

All such behavior was assumed to ensure the landslide Clinton victory and thus would be seen as sacrifice beyond the call of duty to be rewarded by a President Clinton not as illegal behavior to be punished during a Trump administration. And as a result, the more culpability that was exposed, the more the culpable went on the offensive—on the theory that constant attack is the best defense against their own criminal liability. Think of the fears of John Brennan behind bars.

The progressive hysteria reveals the lack of an idea. Kill, humiliate, delegitimize Trump is not a sustainable political agenda whether winning a local assembly seat or a liberal majority on the Supreme Court. But then neither are socialist ideas. If the Left was intellectually honest it would run in November on what it now professes are its new core beliefs: the abolition of ICE, the end to all deportations, open borders, expansions of affirmative action, abortion on demand, and identity politics, cancellation of student debt, universal Medicare-like coverage for Americans of all ages, massive tax hikes, more regulations, and less fossil fuel production, and an EU-like socialist-democratic foreign policy.

The problem is that the above is probably not a 51 percent winnable program. And progressives fear that their base will not allow them to move to the center to capture the old blue-collar white working class, or the Perot, Tea-Party and Blue Dog voter. Nor can they afford to move much further leftward, given they are increasingly dependent on Obama-like identity politics candidates without an Obama-like charismatic candidate.

Democrats privately acknowledge that Obama wrecked the Democratic Party—losing Congress, the presidency, state and local offices, and now the Supreme Court. But they must praise the forces of that wreckage and seek to trump them by becoming the party of hyper-identity politics. In other words, the Democrats know what sort of agenda might bring them back into power as it did in 1992. But they feel that Clintonesque cure is worse than the disease of being in the purer political wilderness without power.

So, for now, they rant, they rave, and they stew, accepting that they cannot do what might save them and therefore they only do more of what is destroying them. Out of that lose-lose dilemma was birthed Trump hatred. Without a persuasive argument, progressives came up with the mantra that Trump is a traitor, and that all they needed to do was to explain to supposedly dense voters that their current economic renaissance was actually jackbooted National Socialism.

How far will the Left go? I fear that we have seen nothing yet.




trump derangement syndrome


Menders was pulled over and arrested. While being taken into custody, “Luke was rambling about working for the FBI and that he was on his way to the airport to go to Russia to ‘meet with Putin,'” according to the report. “Luke stated that the people he was talking to (Luke talked throughout my encounter with people who weren’t present) told him to ‘commandeer’ a vehicle.”

Menders claimed voices in his head told him to pull over when police approached him because “he hadn’t passed his last FBI test yet,” the report states.

“Luke is still very much convinced that he needs to take any measure necessary to reach Russia. Luke is convinced that whatever actions he take is reasonable and necessary,” the officer wrote in his report.

Menders has a lengthy criminal history including several recent arrests. In June, he was arrested after he took several drugs and began hallucinating, according to another jail report.

“Luke did not know where he was, what day of the week it was or the current year. Menders got into the back of an ambulance and said he thought the ambulance was his ride home,” the report states.

In May, he was arrested for investigation of a domestic violence related event when police say he slashed the tires of his girlfriend’s car when she refused to give him a ride to work, a jail report states.


“Some of the crowd moves around and we start pushing the car. Once we got the car out of the way, it was maybe five seconds later that we were able to lift up the barricade,” Grant Horsley said. “When you see someone in danger, or someone in pain, you want to try and take that away as best you can. The whole community came together and tried to do that.”

Incredible video of moment people rushed to the rescue of a 46y/o man after he was crushed by cement barrier at demolition derby in Heber City. Officials say he was in stable condition this morning and awaiting surgery. (VIDEO: Linda Horsley)




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