To Herd or Not to Herd


For the Sake of the Master The Humble Shepherd, Hidden Master, Warrior Monk, Noble Samurai… How do we relate to them and to the Archetype of the Magician?

It’s a Dog Eat Dog World

The sheep dog, the Border collie, Australian shepherd, Hungarian Puli…these are the breeds of herding dogs. And if you ever speak to someone who has owned such a breed, they will tell you that left to their own devices these dogs will herd anything. Stuffed animals, guests at a dinner party. A herding dog’s instinct is so strong, that if it sees its environment in disarray it feels uncomfortable, anxious:

“Something’s just not right…I have to bring order to this chaos…these people are all over the place!” Actually, that’s a little sophisticated for a dog. “I’ll put things right…I’ll sort it out…I’ll set ‘em straight!” That’s more like it.

These types of dogs somehow just cannot just relax and…

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