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The Billionaire Pedophile Who Could Bring Down Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

Billionaire sicko Jeffrey Epstein was long thought to be ammo against the Clintons—until a lurid new lawsuit accused Trump of raping one of Epstein’s girls himself.

Photo Illustration by Brigette Supernova/The Daily Beast

Editor’s note: This article has been updated to reflect the withdrawal of Virginia Roberts Guiffre’s allegations against Alan Dershowitz and the striking of the allegations from the court record by a federal judge.

For Jeffrey Epstein and his famous friends, the Aughts were a simpler time, when the businessmen, academics, and celebrities who counted themselves among the playboy philanthropist’s inner circle could freely enjoy the fruits of his extreme wealth and connections.

Epstein’s little black book and flight logs read like a virtual Who’s Who: Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Larry Summers, Kevin Spacey, Prince Andrew, and Naomi Campbell all hitched rides on Epstein’s private planes. Socialites and distinguished scientists went to visit Epstein’s island in St. Thomas, and cavorted at epic dinner parties at his palatial townhouse—then the largest privately owned residence in New York, as he liked to brag. There, they picked at elaborate meals catered by celebrity chefs like Rocco DiSpirito, marvelled at Epstein’s opulent decor, and noted the pack of very, very young model-types with whom Epstein always seemed to surround himself.

But a darker story was going on underneath the glamour. In 2008, Epstein was convicted of soliciting sex from an underage girl and quietly paid settlements to scores of alleged victims who said he serially molested them. But the girls kept coming out of the woodwork—in 2014, another young woman filed a lawsuit claiming that Epstein used her as a sex slave for his powerful friends—and that she’d been at parties on his private island with former President Clinton.

And just last week, yet another “Jane Doe” filed a suit in New York accusing Epstein and Donald Trump of raping her at a series of sex parties when she was only 13.

Trump has denied Jane Doe’s claims and his reps have said he barely knew Epstein—even though New York media in the ’90s regularly chronicled his comings-and-goings at Epstein’s Upper East Side palace, and even though Epstein had 14 private numbers for Trump and his family in his little black book. Meanwhile, Bill and Hillary Clinton have remained mum about their ties to the Palm Beach pedophile—despite evidence that shows Bill was one of the most famous and frequent passengers on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” and that Epstein donated money to the Clinton Foundation even after his conviction.

For months, talking heads have wondered whether Trump would use Epstein and his girls as a weapon against Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Now, with the latest federal lawsuit against Trump himself, it seems the notorious financier has become a serious liability for both campaigns.


Less than a year before Florida police began investigating Jeffrey Epstein for the alleged rape and abuse of scores of young girls, the questionable billionaireresponded to a call on Edge—an online club where navel-gazing intellectuals and academics meet to pose questions to one another—for a “bit of wisdom, some rule of nature… that you’ve noticed in the universe that might as well be named after you.”

“Epstein’s First Law,” he wrote, “Know when you are winning.”

“Epstein’s Second Law: The key question is not what can I gain but what do I have to lose.”

What the 63-year-old Ralph Lauren lookalike had to lose was his perverted double life. According to law-enforcement officials and alleged victims, between the years 1998 and 2007—and possibly even earlier—he ran a particularly vile pyramid scheme that involved paying minors around $200 at a time to perform sexual massages nearly every day and then recruit even younger girls to do the same. (“The more you do, the more you are paid,” one said.) During these massages, girls as young as 13 told police they were instructed to get undressed. Epstein would masturbate or penetrate them, they said—with his finger, or a vibrator, or his allegedly egg-shaped penis.

By the time Epstein was arrested in 2008, police in Palm Beach County, Florida, had already spent months monitoring his movements, rifling through his trash, and interviewing potential victims and witnesses. Police reported to prosecutorsthat they had gathered enough evidence to charge the money manager with several felonies: lewd and lascivious molestation and four counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor. Epstein’s freedom, his wealth, his little black book full of famous folk—including princes, presidents, and prime ministers—all were seemingly at stake.

So Epstein did what the mega-rich do in these situations: hired star attorneys Gerald Lefcourt and Alan Dershowitz, who defended their client vigorously, reportedly having witnesses followed and discrediting the alleged victims by offering their MySpace pages as evidence of supposed drug use and scandalous behavior.

Prosecutors said Epstein’s dream team made successful prosecution unlikely. “Our judgment in this case, based on the evidence known at the time, was that it was better to have a billionaire serve time in jail, register as a sex offender, and pay his victims restitution than risk a trial with a reduced likelihood of success,” U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta explained in a 2011 letter.

And so, despite a decade of alleged serial sexual abuse and rape of an unknowable number of girls, some as many as 100 times according to court filings, the notoriously secretive financier was offered a deal. For the alleged systematic victimization of young girls—most of whom were plucked by Epstein’s assistants from Palm Beach’s poorer neighborhoods and groomed to adore or acquiesce to him—he was slapped with a 2008 conviction on a single charge of soliciting a minor; and sentenced to an 18-month stay in a Palm Beach county jail—of which he served only 13 months and was allowed to leave six days out of every week for “work release.” He also agreed to a few dozen confidential, out-of-court payoffs to his accusers, the most recent of which was finalized in 2011.

Epstein’s “potential co-conspirators,” as the U.S. Attorney called them—women who allegedly procured girls for Epstein—also received immunity from prosecution as a condition of the 2007 agreement that enraged the local police force for its leniency. As of 2015, according to The Guardian, two of these women had changed their names, and were operating businesses out of a building owned by Epstein’s brother, where it was alleged in court documents that Epstein had housed young women.

Though Epstein must register as a sex offender for life, and arguably suffer the world’s most revolting Google presence, he has seemingly retained his collection of elite academic and media friends as well as his fortune. Since his release in 2009, Epstein has gone about his business, running a mysterious money management firm (clients unknown, income unknown, investments and activities unknown) from his private 70-acre island in the U.S. Virgin Islands and spending time at his Uptown stone mansion. The palace was gifted to Epstein, some say, by its previous owner—Epstein’s guardian angel and the founder of The Limited Inc., Leslie Wexner.

From his plush perch, Epstein continues to dismiss any notions that he should be viewed as the child rapist that victims and Florida police say he is.

“I’m not a sexual predator, I’m an ‘offender,’” he told the New York Post in 2011, shortly after a New York judge classified him as a level 3 offender, or “a threat to public safety.”

“It’s the difference between a murderer and a person who steals a bagel,” Epstein said.

But for the wealthy and famous in Epstein’s orbit, his conviction has meant suspicion by association.

In December 2014, just as the Palm Beach lawsuits were winding down, another alleged victim emerged and her claims were salacious: Epstein, she said, had loaned her out as an underage sex slave to his famous friends—including Britain’s Prince Andrew and Epstein defense attorney Dershowitz (both men denied the charges). Coming forward in Britain’s Daily Mail in 2011, Virginia Roberts Guiffre—called Jane Doe #3 in a related lawsuit (PDF)—claimed that Epstein and his “girlfriend,” alleged madame Ghislaine Maxwell, forced her to have sex with the pair’s powerful pals and gather intel that Epstein could later use. In court documents, Guiffre testified, “Epstein and Maxwell also told me that they wanted me to produce things for them in addition to performing sex on the men. They told me to pay attention to the details about what the men wanted so I could report back to them.”

Guiffre noted that Epstein appeared to be collecting information on Prince Andrew—particularly on his alleged foot fetish—and claimed, “Epstein also trafficked me for sexual purposes to other powerful men, including politicians and powerful business executives. Epstein required me to describe the sexual events I had with these men presumably so that he could potentially blackmail them. I am still very fearful of these men today.”

A judge threw out Guiffre’s motion in 2015, but Guiffre stands by her claims and is suing Ghislaine Maxwell, whom she claims acted as Epstein’s madam.

Meanwhile, the men named by Guiffre seem eager for her to go away. “It’s as if I’ve been waterboarded for 15 months,” Dershowitz told the Boston Globe after the settlement of a defamation case related to Guiffre’s claims. “This has taken a terrible toll on my family, on my friends…” Buckingham Palace has also denied the allegations against Prince Andrew, calling them “categorically untrue.”

UPDATE: This April, Giuffre’s lawyers withdrew her allegations against Dershowitz and said that it was a “mistake” to have filed the accusations in the first place. A federal judge later struck her allegations against Dershowitz from the court record. At Dershowitz’s request, Louis Freeh, the former head of the FBI, also conducted an independent investigation of her claims and published a statement noting, “Our investigation found no evidence to support the accusations of sexual misconduct against Professor Dershowitz.”

In her lawsuit, Guiffre had claimed that during trips to Epstein’s private island, she’d also encountered another very famous person: former President Bill Clinton. Guiffre alleges the former U.S. president visited Epstein’s “Orgy Island” when there were underage girls present, but added that she never had sex with him and never saw him have sex with any of the young women.

Still, it’s these sorts of allegations that have journalists and Clinton-haters circling. Just last month, pundits on MSNBC’s Morning Joe were speculating about Bill Clinton’s oft-discussed friendship with Epstein and whether it would be the go-to play for a Trump campaign looking to combat Hillary Clinton’s claims that Trump is bad for women.

Requests for comment to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Clinton Foundation were not returned.

The former president, who flew on the “The Lolita Express” at least 26 times from 2001 to 2003, has never addressed his ties with Epstein, a onetime major Democratic donor, according to Federal Election Commission records, who also gave millions to the Clinton Foundation even after his arrest for abusing underage girls. “I invest in people—be it politics or science. It’s what I do,” Epstein has reportedly said to friends.

“There’s a 100 percent chance [Trump] is going there,” said former McCain strategist Steve Schmidt on Morning Joe, referring to Clinton’s friendship with the pervy moneyman.


Still, Trump may not want to actually “go there” in light of the new federal lawsuit against him.

Just last week, Trump’s own connections to Epstein made headlines when a Jane Doe claimed that the presumptive Republican nominee and his financier pal raped her on several occasions when she was 13 years old.

The allegations are explosive. And the circumstances surrounding them are very, very strange.

According to the complaint, filed in a Manhattan federal court, one of Epstein’s assistants approached Jane Doe as she waited for a bus at the New York Port Authority terminal and offered the teenager money and contacts that could lead to a modeling contract if she came to a party at Epstein’s house. Jane Doe says she attended several parties at Epstein’s Upper East Side mansion, and supposedly had sexual contact with Donald Trump at four of them. The fourth and final time she attended a party with Trump, she alleges he tied her to a bed with pantyhose, raped her, then beat her and threatened to kill her and her family if she told a soul.

This is the second time the woman has brought a suit against Trump and Epstein. The first, which she filed herself this April in California using the name Katie Johnson, was dismissed for failure to bring a claim under the civil-rights law under which she had filed suit. Calls to the phone number listed on the original suit were never answered, with no way to leave a voicemail. The plaintiff’s reported address in Twentynine Palms was a one-bedroom, one-bath home belonging to 72-year-old David Stacey, who had died on Oct. 9, and public records show no evidence of a Katie Johnson living at the property. Neighbors told RadarOnline that squatters had overrun the home while Stacey was hospitalized, and a real-estate agent reported the home had been turned over to the bank by April.

“The allegations are not only categorically false, but disgusting at the highest level and clearly framed to solicit media attention or, perhaps, are simply politically motivated,” Trump told RadarOnline, responding to the original lawsuit. “There is absolutely no merit to these allegations. Period.”

The new complaint charges that Trump’s denial amounts to defamation. This time, Johnson also has a declaration from a woman who claims to be a corroborating witness, known in the suit as Tiffany Doe. According to her statement, Tiffany was 22 when she lured Johnson to Epstein’s home and witnessed Johnson’s alleged rape firsthand.

Johnson has a number of non-anonymous supporters, though it’s a cast of characters who do little to allay Trump’s assertion that her claim was brought solely to influence the election.

According to a lengthy article on the site Jezebel, some eight months before Johnson filed her California lawsuit against Epstein and Trump, a man named Al Taylor—who claimed to be the “PR person” for something called the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas—reached out to a reporter at Gawker to shop a video recording of Johnson and her rape story. Taylor, who identified himself to The Daily Beast as “a friend” to Johnson, claims to have met her at a party where she revealed her alleged childhood assault by Trump. In a video published in part on Jezebel, a woman claiming to be Katie Johnson appears—wearing a blond wig, her face pixelated and her voice disguised. In it, she details the allegations of rape.

When The Daily Beast asked Taylor for a copy of the video, Taylor suggested it was still for sale. “I heard it would be worth $1 million,” Taylor said, claiming the proceeds from the sale would go to Johnson’s protection.

“We’ve got her in hiding,” he said.

Taylor has coincidentally been the subject of Epstein-related news before. In 2011, Taylor, at first freelance producing for The Jerry Springer Show then working alone, claimed to have made a million-dollar deal with Casey Anthony for an interview after the Florida woman’s acquittal in the murder of her 2-year-old daughter. When the interview didn’t happen, Taylor retained the services of Spencer Kuvin, a Palm Beach lawyer who also represented three Epstein victims. Taylor says he met Kuvin during an attempt to interview his Epstein clients. They settled with Epstein out of court and declined to be interviewed by Taylor.

But Taylor wasn’t the only party working to get the tape and Katie Johnson’s story to the media. According to Jezebel, Steve Baer, described in National Review as “a conservative activist and major, if secretive, donor to the conservative movement,” lobbied their reporter to publish Johnson’s claims. Baer is also, according to Jezebel, the father of Chandler Smith, an Ohio woman who happens to be the co-founder of an organization called Vote Trump Get Dumped, a campaign that urges ladies to withhold sex from Trump supporters. “Until Trump is defeated, we don’t date, sleep with, or canoodle with Trump supporters,” the group’s manifesto reads.

When Johnson’s case was thrown out in California, Taylor says he began looking for an attorney to file a new case for his “friend.” They approached Brad Edwards, the lawyer who has represented a number of Epstein victims through settlements—and who is now representing Virginia Roberts Guiffre in her claim against Epstein’s former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell as well as four alleged victims in the case against the federal government.

“I will say I’ve never represented [Johnson] and I won’t be representing her,” Edwards told The Daily Beast.

Edwards couldn’t comment on the conversations he had with Johnson or her representatives, citing attorney-client privilege. Concerning Trump’s involvement in Epstein’s illicit affairs, Edwards said he hadn’t seen any evidence that would implicate the GOP nominee and described Trump as “extremely helpful and honest,” during questioning.

When Edwards declined to take the case, Taylor told the website GossipExtra they were shopping for representation. That’s how Johnson’s current attorney, Tom Meagher, says he found his client.

Meagher is a patent attorney in New Jersey who openly admits, “I’ve never taken on accusations like this,” but says he was drawn to Johnson’s story and believes her “100 percent.” In an effort to get media attention for Johnson’s case, Meagher attended a May fundraiser in Lawrenceville, New Jersey—thrown to pay off the debt incurred by Chris Christie’s failed presidential campaign, and one at which Donald Trump spoke. Described as “a protester” by a local reporter, Meagher confirms he was removed by security after holding up a sign that read: “Ask Trump About Katie Johnson.”

“I don’t have a view on the race,” Meagher now tells The Daily Beast. “I did before the matter, but now I’m apolitical so I can focus on my client.”

Concerning the timing of the lawsuit, Meagher says: “Of course, she does not want her rapist to be president.”

Despite several requests, The Daily Beast was not able to speak with Katie Johnson or Tiffany Doe. When asked whether any evidence of their claims existed outside of the Doe declarations, Taylor said Tiffany kept a journal of Epstein contacts. “She has all the goods,” Taylor said, but would not elaborate and said future names would only be released in response to a scandal on par with Donald Trump’s political ascent.

But Mike Fisten, a retired Miami-Dade homicide detective who worked as a private investigator in several Epstein-related cases, is skeptical about the new claims.

Fisten says Epstein had in effect two lives: “a business life and deviant pedphile life.” To find out which friends were involved in which life, Fisten carried a book with photos of Epstein’s contacts. In hundreds of interviews with hundreds of witnesses, he said no one has ever identified Trump as being involved in any kind of sexual activity with underage girls. In fact, Fisten recalls learning in the early 2000s that members of Trump’s private Palm Beach club, Mar-a-Lago, complained that Epstein was often accompanied by very young girls–“a different girl every week”—each of whom he would refer to as “his niece.” Fisten says he offered to look at Tiffany Doe’s book to vet her free of charge, but Taylor and Meagher declined.

Emails to the Trump Organization and the campaign for this story were not returned, but Trump’s attorney Alan Garten has repeatedly denied any relationship between his client and Epstein, other than Epstein’s Mar-a-Lago membership.

Still, it’s clear that Trump’s association with Epstein runs deeper than just pool days at Mar-a-Lago.

“I’ve known Jeff for 15 years,” Trump told New York Magazine in 2002. Calling him a “terrific guy,” Trump continued, “He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it—Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

According to a 2003 profile in Vanity Fair and New York gossip rags that covered the goings-on of Epstein and his famous friends in the late ’90s, Trump would attend dinner parties at the 71st Street mansion. In April 1999, The Mail spotted Trump among the guests at a dinner Epstein threw in honor of Prince Andrew. In 2000, they reported he attended a “hookers and pimps” Halloween party. New York magazine reported Trump’s attendance at a 2003 dinner party thrown in honor of Bill Clinton. Magician David Blaine entertained the “barely clad models” with card tricks, but Clinton never appeared.

“I often see Donald Trump and there are loads of models coming and going, mostly at night,” a neighbor told The Mail on Sunday in 2000.

Then there is the black book, in which Epstein lists 14 phone numbers for Trump, including ones for his future wife Melania. Police evidence shows Trump has called Epstein, flown on Epstein’s plane, and eaten in Epstein’s Florida home.

Garten did not return a request for comment on these connections.

“Mr. Trump’s only connection with Mr. Epstein was that Mr. Epstein was one of thousands of people who has visited Mar-a-Lago,” the Trump attorney told a BuzzFeed reporter in 2015. “That’s it. Mr. Trump has NEVER been accused of having any involvement or even having any knowledge of any of Mr. Epstein’s conduct by anyone.”

That was true until last week. And while the media has been hesitant to report on Katie Johnson’s accusations, stories have emerged in recent days in outlets like the New York Daily News and Gothamist and more may be in the works: Johnson’s attorney says he taped an interview with ABC News and sources spoken to for this story said they had been contacted by other national news organizations.

Johnson will likely have her day in court, but—perhaps ironically, given Trump’s habit of “just asking” about conspiracy theories while claiming he’s not endorsing them—the veracity of her claims may not matter. True or not, they bring to light a number of disturbing questions about Epstein and his pre-Palm Beach days—ones both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will likely have to address.


Source: The Unz Review

Has the ADL Gone Into Hiding?

RON UNZ • SEPTEMBER 24, 2018 • 1,100 WORDS • 352 COMMENTS

Jonathan Greenblatt, National Director and CEO of the Anti-Defamation League since 2015. Credit: Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0

I’ve recently taken a bit of a break after three long months of writing in my American Pravda series, during which I finally got around to publishing many of the very surprising discoveries I had made over the last fifteen-odd years. That total came to more than 90,000 words of text, and required me to read or (mostly) reread some 40-50 books, so I was quite exhausted by the end of the cycle.

However, the results were quite encouraging, with my small series of articles generating nearly half a million pageviews of readership over that short period, while helping to drive our small webzine to record-setting traffic. Even more remarkably, those articles provoked nearly 13,000 comments, totalling an astonishing 1.8 million words of text. Indeed, the three most heavily-commented articles in our webzine’s history came from that group, as did five of our seven most widely-read pieces from the last six months.

Furthermore, several of these articles appear to have very strong “legs” and are still attracting enough readership to remain on the front page many weeks after they were first released, suggesting that they may end up accumulating remarkable aggregate traffic across the coming months and years.

Please go to The Unz Review to read the entire article.


Paul Craig Roberts: Jonathan Greenblatt, Anti-Defamation League, Earns Almost $700,000 a Year and Is Overpaid by 57%

by Paul Craig Roberts

An agent of a foreign power, very well paid.

Institution Revenue: $55,295,291
Institution Total Expenses: $54,166,490
Employees: 408
Salary: $689,830
Overpaid by: 57%

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is the Zionist secret police, an agent of a foreign power (Zionist Israel) that specializes in censoring and digitally assassinating anyone who dares to address Zionist penetration of all US communications and computing systems; Zionist looting of the US Treasury via their US citizen agents (neoconservatives including Dick Cheney and John Bolton); Zionist genocide against the Palestinians’ and Zionists acts of war including false flag terrorist events that have cost the USA over $7 trillion so far, with nothing to show for it expect profit to the Zionist leaders of Israel.



FBI investigates the ADL for Espionage

How Real Is Anti-Semitism?

The ADL: The drive to outlaw free speech and thought

ADL Spies: The Strange History of the Anti-Defamation League

Doc-Jews-ADL Assembled by John “Birdman” Bryant


Evidence is being presented here to allow readers to come to their own conclusion about the ADL and B’nai B’rith. Henry Makow suggests that “the interests of the worldwide Jewish Community the B’nai Brith is in fact a Masonic Order that represents British Freemasonry and shifts blame for its Luciferian world government agenda onto Jews in general. Thus, while pretending to fight anti-Semitism, it actually exacerbates it and puts Jews in jeopardy.”



The evidence doesn’t seem to correspond with the evidence Henry Makow presents.

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith is a sort of American Jewish secret police which maintains files on some 12,000 organizations and individuals, liaisons with many police departments, and has an annual budget of $40 million. Its contributors’ list “is like a rogue’s gallery of the [Jewish] criminal underworld” (Piper (1997)). Since the 1930s the ADL “has systematically defamed, libeled and smeared anybody who gained public prominence as an anti-Communist” (Editorial, Resister, v 3 #1&2: 5; Otero (1988): 642). Its long-range goal is “to make ‘hate’ a federal crime” (ibid) — except, of course, for the kinds of hate it approves of. Several years ago it was convicted in San Francisco of various crimes in conjunction with its spying activities, but received only the lightest of penalties and continues its operations apparently unabated. It is currently the defendant in a lawsuit over its spying operations brought by former congressman Pete McClosky.”


The Case Against the Jews:- A Documented Critique of Contemporary and Recent Historical Jewish Behavior By John “Birdman” Bryant

Full text of “The Ugly Truth About the ADL Anti-Defamation League”


Source: Christopher Bollyn

1994 Iron Man Series Predicts 9/11?

1994 Iron Man Series Predicts 9/11? Video Link – youtu.be/Doem5Qum4rw

Of the media products that suggest prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks, the Iron Man cartoon that aired on October 22, 1994, must be at the top of the list because the 17-minute television cartoon depicts a plane and missiles hitting the Twin Towers and a plane smashing into the Pentagon in the first minute. The 52-second video clip (above) from the episode entitled “The Grim Reaper Wears a Teflon Coat” shows these depictions.

Because this program clearly suggests prior knowledge of the 9/11 plot to attack the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the first question to be asked is, who produced this program?

The producers of “The Grim Reaper Wears a Teflon Coat” episode in which the Twin Towers and Pentagon are attacked are the Israeli Avi Arad and Stan Lee, born Stanley Martin Lieber in New York City.

The strike on the Pentagon as depicted in the cartoon by Avi Arad and Stan Lee

Avi Arad is an Israeli producer who has worked closely with Arnon Milchan, the senior Israeli agent in Hollywood who smuggled nuclear triggers for Israel’s nuclear arsenal in the 1980s. Here Arad and Milchan are seen at the premiere of their film Daredevil in February 2003. Milchan also made a film depicting an airplane attack on a high-rise tower in New York.

Please go to Christopher Bollyn to read the entire article.







Nothing to corroborate it except comments on social media referring to a Reuters report I can’t find.

My hope: The s*** show was allowed to happen to let Americans know what neurotic traitors some of these senators are, especially on the dem side before mid terms.

TRUMP TWEET: Judge Kavanaugh showed America exactly why I nominated him. His testimony was powerful, honest, and riveting. Democrats’ search and destroy strategy is disgraceful and this process has been a total sham and effort to delay, obstruct, and resist. The Senate must vote!

Bumped to the top because this is why my processor got attacked, “they” did not want this re-posted here:


Blasey Ford has an SCI security clearance, works for the CIA and is the head of the CIA internship program at Stanford University. This was reported by Michael Savage. If that be the case, the CIA is still working to undermine Trump, and it is time to disband the entire agency. Ford would be an absolute high crime committed by the CIA against its own host government.

I HAVE HIT MICHAEL’S SITE AND IT LOOKS TOTALLY LEGIT. HOLLLLLYYY S***********************************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is MILES beyond watergate!!! A high ranking CIA worker – Blasey Ford, with an SCI security clearance just ran a scam in the heart of Congress!!!

It appears Savage did not botch this, and that the CIA really did just run a coup against a supreme court justice. TIME TO SHITCAN THE ENTIRE AGENCY, this is not a forgivable offense.



Source: Michael Savage









First up, a “leaked” letter:

Who leaked Christine Blasey Ford’s Kavanaugh letter?


But then you see, the letter turns out to be fake. How’s that for CIA clandestine activities? Don’t you see, a “leaked” letter gives the CIA asset at Stanford “credibility.” Oh shucks, cover blown.

BOMBSHELL: Christine Blasey Ford’s letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein revealed to be a total FAKE… contains 14 glaring errors that could only be committed by a poorly educated writer


Now that Ford’s cover is blown, let’s find out who she is in a little more detail. But before we go on to the following video, in an interesting article by Yoichi Shimatsu, he states Ford is a “Madam MK-ULTRA Abortion Lobbyist“. There are as Shimatsu points out, all types of very strange and bizarre connections between Christine Blasey Ford, the MKULTRA program, Stanford University, drugs and the CIA.

GROUNDSHAKING!! Christine Blasey Ford’s Deep Ties To The CIA Uncovered


Since nobody does anything for free, nothing like a little money to get motivated, and what better platform than GoFundMe. Yes, Christine needs the love and support since she “has nothing to gain”, never mind that Brett Kavanaugh’s reputation has been cynically smeared for political gain. Is the CIA production company manipulating these events in a society of victims? The culture of victimization has been engineered by the CIA’s technique of divide-and-conquer for a very long time. What better way to showcase this further division than at these supreme court hearings. Watch the next staged mass shooting in America be perpetrated by a woman or derivative thereof, maybe a transgendered male.


Alright then, now that everyone has a little background on the CIA asset Ford, let’s take a good look at her body language. Imagine your own son or daughter is studying at Stanford and this woman is vetting them for potential CIA recruitment material?

Body Language: Brett Kavanaugh Hearing Christine Blasey Ford


Then if the body language isn’t enough, it was just released Christine Ford had published an article on “self-hypnosis used to retrieve and create artificial situations” reported on at Gateway Pundit indicating Ford might have been under some type of hypnotic trance during her testimony.

HUGE! Christine Ford Published 2008 Article on Self-Hypnosis Used to Retrieve and “Create Artificial Situations”


Who is Jane Willhite and why did she contribute to Dianne Feinstein’s political campaign in 1999? This question is being raised because Jane Willhite has an interesting background.

JANE C WILLHITE, (Zip code: 95423) $1000 to FEINSTEIN 2000 (FEINSTEIN, DIANNE) on 02/19/1999

Let’s listen to Dianne Feinstein at the hearing. The floor is yours Dianne, and oh yes, about the Ford letter, can you elaborate please now that we know the letter is fake, just like these hearings and accusations against Brett Kavanaugh are fake?

Kavanaugh to Feinstein: ‘I wanted a hearing the next day’

Word for Word: Sen. Schumer Calls for Postponement of Kavanaugh Confirmation (C-SPAN)

Lindsey Graham erupts: Kavanaugh hearing an unethical sham

Christine Ford Has CIA Connections, 2396


Update: October 4, 2018:

Body Language: FBI Report Dianne Feinstein & Chuck Schumer Press Conference


Now onto the money, because that’s where it’s at. Lots of money. Well, you didn’t think she would turn this trick without a price, did you? This is Ford’s payoff. So, if you go to the clip above outlining Ford’s body language, the first indications are Ford is acting, and she is not very good at it either. Do Ford’s CIA bosses expect to receive a “best producer” Oscar for her hammy acting in this media circus? But the usual pattern here is for book contracts, so look for Ford to publish a book after this escapade into the political surreal.

Christine Blasey Ford’s GoFundMe Page Soars Past $500,000

Unfortunately, there is more, much more:


Christine Blasey Ford and her Family’s Long and Deep Relationship with the C.I.A.

BOMBSHELLS are still falling from yesterday’s Senate hearing, Some of the unprecedented revelations were downright radioactive

American shame: US has nothing to teach the world about justice or politics after Kavanaugh farce

Dianne Feinstein Recommended Attorneys To Christine Blasey Ford

CIA Honeytrap set – Kavanaugh accuser CIA ties

Breaking Christine Blasey Ford Is a C. I. A. Asset Heading Up Internship Program At Stanford University. Michael Savage Breaks The News


Readers shouldn’t get the impression either we are all for placing Brett Kavanaugh on the supreme court. There is a downside to Brett Kavanaugh readers may want to know more about here:

MSM Using Kavanaugh Sex Scandal to Distract You From Real Reason He Shouldn’t Be Appointed









(PHILADELPHIA, PA) – The White House Veterans’ line is a farce. My VA primary health care doctor refuses to approve any of my scripts, except for the adult diapers. Even with that I have to remind him to reorder from the VA pharmacy or be forced to buy them from at CVS out of pocket. I needed help so I called the White House hot line.

The White House veterans hot line is staffed by 22 VA employees; none of whom have the power to initiate corrective action. They simply send you back into the VA system on your own to fight the battle. If you want frustration, Trump has found the perfect solution.

President Herbert Hoover signed Executive Order 5398 and elevated the Veterans Bureau to a federal administration—creating the Veterans Administration—to “consolidate and coordinate Government activities affecting war veterans.”

Fair or not, Herbert Hoover is also credited with the Great Depression.

The VA is an immense burearacy with a $170 billion annual budget, and a many on the staff badly in need of personal management skills.

If you think the IRS is bad, you haven’t seen anything.

If President Trump was briefed on the Veterans Hotline, you would think that he would ask if the subject matter expert had any authority to take corrective action. I doubt it. Mr. Trump, please ask the next time.

I spent the better part of an hour talking with one of VA’s subject matter expert on Friday, Sept. 9th. Nice person. Good listener. However, she had no power to correct a horrendous medical situation in the Philadelphia Regional Hospital. Her recommendation was for me to present my prescriptions to the VA pharmacy and then see the VA’s Patient Advocate, if they weren’t filled. That sounded to me like a fast track to nowhere.

I have been a 100% disabled veteran since 2009. My VA primary health care doctor refuses to approve any of my scripts, except for adult diapers. Even with that I have to remind him to reorder from the VA pharmacy or buy them at CVS out of pocket. I pay thousands of dollars annually for health insurance, and prescriptions. These are for medical conditions linked to military service.

My VA doctor’s line that since I have a civilian doctor and Medicare and other health insurance, I can pay for medical services and prescriptions out of pocket. I’m okay with that when the deductibles are low but when the cost is $120 or more per script, it really impacts the family budget. And, the catheters provided by a civilian company are paid by my health insurance. Last month, the supplier cut the supply from 90 to 30 days. I asked if there was a problem with Medicare. I got no answer. I thought, “This is not going well.”

My many medical conditions are directly linked to service in the Marines. I have been seriously ill for 32 years. I had to fight for disability benefits. Marines are good at fighting. They can be your best friend or your worst enemy. I won the battle but had to retain an attorney. He was good but it cost me $27,000 out of my lump sum payment.

I had three cancers and never been referred to a VA specialist. Without Medicare and my Blue Cross/Blue Shied, I would have been dead years ago. I have been through the ‘cancer mill.’ Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. I had good doctors. All paid on my dime.

I have to admit that I was really angry today. Based on a second call to the VA last night, a VA social worker will call me Monday or at least that was the promise. Maybe this person can take action to fill my many scripts. I’m not asking for medical help from a VA medical specialists. No need to access VA medical doctors or nurses. No, just fill the scripts and I’ll go my own way.

Giving him the doubt, it’s possible that Trump trusted the judgement of his new VA Administrator, longtime hospital administrator Dr. David Shulkin. Well, I’ve got news for both of them. The use of SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS is a ploy used by the government to hold down costs and give the illusion of service. For example, not too long ago, disability claims for Camp Lejeune Marines were sent to a VA Louisville office for review by SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTS. The denial rate was over 90%. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. I’m hoping that this is not a political move on Trump’s part: “Look how I’m helping veterans. They have direct access to the White House.”

Mr. Trump, if you really want to drain the VA swamp and help veterans, then take action to do away with the VA. Allow disabled veterans to seek medical care from private doctors and hospitals. Let them use CVS or other successful retail outfit to fill their prescriptions at no cost to them. You would save billions of dollars. The VA’s budget in 2017 is $180 billion. Looks to me like you could save billions, and maybe even build your magic ‘wall’ or better yet, come up with a national health care plan.

Maybe you could do a cost/benefits analysis to evaluate turning over the VA hospitals to private management and allowing them to clean house. Congressman, VA staff, and many Veterans Service Organization that collect dues from veterans and give lip service to helping veterans will be mad as hell. You’re a tough guy with a reputation as a counter-puncher. Here’s your chance to demonstrate the skills that you and your staff boast about and do some good at the same time.

I had three cancers and never been referred to a VA specialist. Without Medicare and my Blue Cross/Blue Shied, I would have been dead years ago.

Based on a second call to the VA today, a VA social worker will call me Monday. I will see if this person can take action to fill my many scripts. Note, I’m not asking for medical help from a VA medical specialist. Here’s my laundry list of prescriptions:


  1. Gabapentin, 800 400 mg/day
  2. Catheters, FR 14/4.7 mm/2x/day
  3. Myrbetriq Tab, 50 mg/day
  4. Clonazepam, .5 mg/1-2/day
  5. Procardia XL Tab, 30 mg/day
  6. Losartan Potassium, 50 mg/day
  7. Hydrochlorothiazide, 25 mg/day
  8. Atorvastatin, 20 mg/day
  9. Cabergoline Tablets .5 mg/2 wk
  10. Onglyza, 5mg/day
  11. Betamethasone DP, .05% CRM/ 2/day

Medical Conditions

  1. Peripheral Polyneuropathy/Foot Drop
  2. Incontinence
  3. Erectile Dysfunction
  4. BPH (TURPs 1987, 2001)
  5. Bladder Cancer (2005 & 2015)
  6. Prostate Cancer (2013)
  7. Urethral Stricture
  8. Tinnitus
  9. Chronic Gastritis
  10. Hypertension
  11. Hyperprolactinemia
  12. Osteoarthritis (hips)
  13. Skin Rash

I served 52 months on active duty in the Marines, exposed to toxic chemicals and radiation. When I fell on my right hip from peripheral polyneuropathy and foot drop in the VA hospital last month on a marble floor, the VA’s ER did take X-rays, give me an anti-inflammatory shot in the hip, and provide a cane. I’m thankful for the cane. A referral for orthotics may have been helpful but that didn’t happen. I’m on own dime, I made an appointment with Penn Spinal just to be sure there’s nothing that could be done to stop the falling.

The sad thing is I don’t think my experience is unique.

If Trump can’t fix the VA, he will never tackle more complex problems, like health care, taxes, immigration, North Korea.

President Trump is giving ‘lip service’ to helping veterans with a White House hot line. But, it won’t work. We have his number. If thing don’t change quickly, he will be voted out of office with the rest of the Republican ‘do nothings.’

Robert O’Dowd, Environmental and Military Reporter

Robert O’Dowd is a Marine veteran who served 52 months on active duty with the 1st, 3rd and 4th Marine Aircraft Wings in the 1960s. At Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, CA, Robert was assigned to Marine Wing Services Group 37 (MWSG-37), the most environmentally contaminated air group on the base with 11 contaminated sites in 200 acres, and the area where CIA proprietary C-130s offloaded their deadly cargo of cocaine.  At El Toro for 20 months, he worked and slept on duty watch in a Radium 226 contaminated work space in Hangar 296.  He has survived three cancers linked to service in the Marines. After honorable discharge from the Marine Corps and graduation from Temple University, Robert worked in a series of accounting and financial management positions with the federal government, including the EPA Office of Inspector General and the Defense Logistics Agency. In 2008, he teamed up with Tim King of Salem-News.com to write about the environmental contamination at US military bases, the health effects to veterans unknowingly exposed to toxic chemicals and radiation, and the use of El Toro in a guns-for-drugs covert operation in the 1980s and 1990s. You can write Robert O’Dowd at rodowd@outlook.com. Robert O’Dowd is the author of TREACHERY: Murder, Cocaine, and the Lucifer Directive and A Few Good Men, Too Many Chemicals:  Toxic Exposure of US Marines and Government Lies.  Both books are available from Amazon.




Jim Stone

Recently, a story about a special chip “the size of a grain of rice” that China allegedly put in countless electronic items to spy on everyone made the MSM rounds. Perhaps a few dolts in alt media also ran this. I have been thinking of a perfect way to debunk this crap. I have it.

If this spy chip is in your iPhone, then whoever produced the story will have it identified and be able to tell you the part designation and where it is on the circuit board. A part “the size of a grain of rice” is an ENORMOUS part for an iPhone; all parts except for the main processor are smaller than a grain of rice, and a grain of rice is much thicker than any circuit board in an iPhone, so it ought to be pretty easy to find. But you won’t find it because the story is a hoax.

The story was fabricated by an electronics ignoramus who thought, “gee, a grain of rice is small, so I’ll just say that’s how big it is”. But the reality is that many parts in modern electronics are so small you can fit 50 in a grain of rice – surface mount resistors, diodes, and fuses are all a LOT smaller than a grain of rice – but since the story is bullshit, written by a bullshitter, “a grain of rice” will do. Whoever wrote it said that because it gave the impression of being small enough to be hidden. In an iPhone, a grain of rice could never be hidden: a grain of rice is bigger than a 1/4 watt resistor; you would not keep that hidden in even a 1970s vintage 8-track player.

So why would a B.S. spew be fronted about a “Chinese spy chip” at this point in time? ANSWER OBVIOUS:

Because the Jews, mainly via engineering departments based in Israel, made the main processors in everything – “Chinese spy chips” being a misdirection away from Israel. They are not Chinese in origin; they exist at the heart of every CPU made now, in the form of a second processor running a second root operating system that forms the basic nervous system in any device that has a screen. The backdoors are all held by Israel and perhaps a couple of American intelligence agencies. Now that Trump is making headway, they are afraid of being held accountable for bugging the living shit out of everything from a root hardware level and are trying to push the blame off on China before it all explodes.

China cannot design a processor of their own well enough to get the bugs out of copies they try to make of ours. China cannot design a spy chip; they are not there in technology yet, and if they did design such a chip, we are back to the “grain of rice” scenario: they’d NEVER keep it hidden in even production run 1, version 1.0.

The original “Chinese spy chip” report talked all about how they got them into American military hardware. Why is it only iPhones and Amazon now? Obvious answer: Because attempting to pass off a hardware bug in military hardware that anyone could just look at and discover was patent bullshit, and someone called it.

You cannot put a second processor on any circuit board without its being noticed.

It’s not about just the chip, it’s about additional circuit board runs, power supply paths, the whole 9 yards: the Chinese chip story is BULLSHIT. They would never get even the first unit fired up in a secret area of the U.S. government.

Fact: Anything China makes that America uses in military and government applications is done via specific designs that have to be followed. An additional part, especially one that would require many additional circuit board runs as all chips do, would get noticed before any such hardware arrived in an American port. The Chinese spy chip story is BOGUS.

This morning’s press conference about China Russia Iran attack hacking garbage, in conjunction with a huge “exposé” about a “secret chip” China put in everything to spy on us, is laying the groundwork for war against China and Russia. Do not fall for it.

What they are doing with this is using totally compromised Google, Faceplant, and others to gauge public opinion and see if people forgot that Israel is the real culprit in all of this; and if people sufficiently forget and blame China for the hacks that are now in everything, it will be a green light they will use to front the war against China and Russia they always wanted, but never had public support for.

This would be the war America loses, and they would lose it on purpose, obviously after they made good and sure it was long and drawn-out and trashed everything. Trump had better wake up about this and realize they are attempting to use him to destroy himself and the nation after their efforts to destroy America through the political system hit a “Trump” iceberg.

Plan A is failing, so they are off to plan B: to destroy America by blowing everything up.

BIG HACK??!!?? Yes, the news is full of how “China used a tiny chip to infiltrate America”. How about the real news? Israel used the BIG CHIP to infiltrate America.

So while they use China as a distraction, Israel rapes, then cuts the hands and head off the victim, then offers the remains to SATAN and will one day have a holiday over it. Yes, they are doing a GREAT job of using their media to push it all off on China right now. The spying problem is ISRAEL, not China!!!



Thursday, January 11, 2018





CONTRIBUTING WRITERS | OPINION | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION | JAN. 11, 2018, UPDATED JAN. 17, 2018 | PDF | https://tinyurl.com/y7rj2xfy

FIG. 1–RICHARD C. WALKER, AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES (PALO ALTO, CA) HOLDS MONSTROUS “INTERNET OF THINGS” PATENTS THAT CAN TAKE DOWN PLANES WITH REMOTE INSTRUCTIONS TO ONE LITTLE QRS-11 SENSOR IN THE AUTOPILOT SYSTEM. The global surveillance grid includes embedded chips in planes, devices, equipment and people to remotely send signals and control every element of The Internet of Things network. The QRS-11 quartz rate sensor (the diameter of a quarter; also see AbelDanger.org for more detail on the uninterruptable autopilot) is embedded in most aircraft autopilots. The intelligence version of the sensor can be turned off remotely and bring down the plane. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, Hillary Clinton’s Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, Arkansas handled the QRS-11patent family. Her mentor, managing partner J. Joseph Giroiri, was on the board of the assignee of the patents – BEI Technologies, Inc. Hillary Clinton’s Rose Law Firm [AD note: Hillary Clinton was not a patent lawyer, however, she was an intellectual property lawyer at the Rose Law firm which is the third oldest law firm in the United States. How can lawyers assist Abel Danger to strip Serco – formerly RCA GB 1929, a radio patent monopoly company – out of the USPTO before Hillary Clinton builds the next death-pool patent thicket around the technology of a variable yield atomic bomb? Or how can a petition get going among patent and IP law associates to have the operations of the USPTO taken away from Serco and returned to the United States government?] in Little Rock, Arkansas was the original attorney representing the inventor of the QRS-11 sensor in BEI Electronics/Technologies (US Pat. Nos. 3,974,428; 3,976,997; 4,628,298). This sensor was so critical to national security that the State Department fined Boeing $16 million for illegal exports. After many mergers and company sales, the rights to the QRS-11 went to France for a decade owned by Schneider Electric SA. Schneider sold the rights to a Barclays Bank client in London. The Rose Law Partner who hired Hillary, J. Joseph Giroiri, Walker’s system can crash planes remotely served on the BEI Technologies board of directors. He also coordinated the Clinton’s China and Indonesia banking connections associated with their Mena, Arkansas drug smuggling, money laundering and sex trafficking.

Barclays then sold the company and the QRS-11 patent rights to Sensata, Inc. which is controlled by Mitt Romney’s Goldman Sachs-aligned Bain Capital in Boston. Tellingly, dozens of former Clinton staff have died in mysterious airplane and vehicle crashes. Also telling, the late FBI Superstar Ted Gunderson, said in 2005 that Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVay had a bio chip surgically installed in him by Dr. Louis Jolyon “Jolly” West who led the rogue C.I.A.’s MKUltra mind control program. Conveniently for Bill and Hillary, the Oklahoma City bombing destroyed the records of the FBI investigation on Janet Reno’s WACO criminality. The bombing also killed former Clinton chief of security Alan G. WhicherFour other Clinton’s bodyguards (C. LeBleu/T., T. McKeaham,, R. Williams,, S. Willis) were shot in the head by a helicopter sniper at the illegal military siege of the Branch Davidian property in Waco, Texas (1993). Some call these deaths “Arkancide” since most everyone associated with the Clintons in Arkansas, except Larry Nichols, have died. Nichols produced The Clinton Chronicles (1994) to expose the Clinton devilish corruption. Despite ill health, Larry carries on the struggle to bring the Clintons to justice.


Bookmark: #ieee-patent-fraud | https://tinyurl.com/yc54h8pw




The Truth About Pepe the Frog And the Cult of Kek: Another Rabbit Hole



Headlines and Updates for October 4: Power Plays Galore; Next—A Hat Trick? [videos]

I wanted to start off with a discussion about the concerns a few people in the alt media have expressed about the Presidential Wireless Emergency Alert test conducted yesterday on cellphones and televisions.

Folks are launching into fear mode over it and saying we should have turned our phones off yesterday because it’s being used for information gathering.

I think it’s a little late for that, folks. They know every little thing about us. There is a huge digital dossier on everyone on this planet, and they can identify us via our DNA and energy signature, too. They listen, they watch, they collect.

Turning off your phone is like turning off your water where it enters your house when it’s pouring and you’re being flooded out by rain and runoff. You’re holding these time bombs in your pockets and hands and in front of your faces for hours a day, surrounded by WiFi, knowing they can cause cancer and they are tracking your location and you’re afraid of a digital message? Maybe I’m thick but I don’t understand the hysteria.

It was a Presidential alert that QAnon told us about—twice. Did Q warn us? Did he say we need to turn our phones off? I guess POTUS and Q get the non-confidence vote over night. What is to be afraid of?

It sounds like this particular Presidential alert is a new system and can ONLY be used by POTUS in an emergency. Perhaps it cannot be hacked by the psychopaths. Trump is not the shadow government, the cabal, a globalist and had nothing to do with what happened in Texas, or Puerto Rico, or anywhere else. That is the psychopaths—the ones being taken down as we speak.

While not everyone can be protected from the psychopaths eleventh hour schemes to hurt us, they will not be permitted to decimate huge swaths of Humans.

On August 31st the President asked Americans to prepare. If you did everything you can to prepare for whatever might occur then you’ve performed your due diligence and can do nothing more except perhaps be of assistance to those didn’t prepare or who have been under attack.

What we DO have is a serious issue in the Carolinas right now as a result of the man-made/engineered and steered Hurricane Florence.

We also know that most of the plans the sub-humans had for us have not unfolded. Many weapons—including bioweapons—have been neutralized so they failed, and look! Much to their chagrin we’re still here. We weren’t supposed to be here at this point—but we are. There’s a reason for that. We have been protected as much as possible and can’t run around like victims waiting for the sky to fall.

We have to keep it together, people. Yes, this is war, and some of us will be tested. We have to keep our wits about us and help each other get through it. We want to be proud of how we behaved when this is all over.

We know what the White Hats and patriots have in store for the criminals and they asked us to trust the Plan. “Watch”, Q said. What—is Q chopped liver now? We have to assume they are doing the best they can to address the most crucial aspects of the take-down first. The President’s life has been threatened multiple times.

We do realize there are some potential threats for localized areas. Last I heard (last night), Hurricane Leslie, after stopping for tea and crumpets in the middle of the Atlantic, simply vanished from the models a few days after everyone said she was a huge force to be reckoned with and was going to make landfall on the eastern seaboard. Now they say she has Alzheimers and will wander off into the Atlantic, forgetting why she was there.

While the televisions are saying Leslie’s a threat, perhaps that’s their usual fear porn. Or, if they lift the warning she could still arrive. After the Indonesian government failed to warn their people of the tsunami, saying none of the sensors on the buoys were working, we have to be our own watchdogs, and have credible alternative media sources we trust.

After all the threats about Rosa, we had some beautiful rain and stunning, dramatic clouds from that storm for a few days but she’s gone now and it’s sunny and warm. More rain is forecast for this weekend—and that’s a good thing, here in the desert. There was a little flooding in the city but nothing we haven’t seen before.

We need to take responsibility for our own well-being. When you see a tornado heading right for you, it’s not the time to sit on the patio with a drink simply because the tornado alerts did not come out of your television or your cell phone. Just be sensible.

No matter what happens, prepare, stay alert, maintain your situational awareness, and do what you need to do to protect yourself and your loved ones. If you are able, help others, particularly children, the disabled, and the elderly.

We’re going to get through this. We’re not going to be marched off to FEMA camps, disarmed, and guillotined, as the psychopaths planned. Don’t go there.

Ultimately, THE FEMA CAMPS ARE FOR THEM. Yes, some folks will have to go to FEMA camps for shelter—and they have. Some kind souls have opened their homes as a bed and breakfast for stranded refugees after Florence hit.

Remember the mirror effect? We will use everything they throw at us against the psychopaths. They prepared for their own demise. Isn’t that rich? Guantanamo has been updated, redecorated and even additions put on—all for THEM.

Until the threat is gone, we keep our friends in the Carolinas in our thoughts. There are precautions to take for biting and stinging insects. Take those precautions as best you can. DEET is the least of your worries used short term only but Sawyer Premium Insect Repellent with 20% picaridin works well for us. It’s colourless and odourless and DEET-free, made from the pepper plant.

When I get bites or stings, I immediately apply a Montmorillonite clay paste which pulls the offending toxins out and takes the itch and swelling away, fast. Any facial clay masque would probably work.

Having said that, IF these supersized mosquitoes were armed with Zika or any other virus, I choose to believe it has probably been neutralized, as similar threats have in the past.

This article reports there isn’t a threat of disease:

The good news is that despite their monstrous size and painful bites, the breed that’s overrunning North Carolina—called Psorophora ciliata, or gallinippers—are known predominantly as nuisance mosquitoes. “Those are not the kind that transmit pathogens causing disease in people,” said Chris Barker, an expert of mosquito-borne viruses at UC Davis. “These are often floodwater species whose eggs are in the soil when the hurricane arrives.” The eggs stay dormant near ponds, streams, and other bodies of water. When those areas flood, they hatch en masse.  Source

Personally, I would think the greater risk of disease would originate with the flooded pig and chicken farms and the runoff from those areas tainting the water.

Perhaps Thomas Williams will have a word about the mosquito threat on his show tonight. You can listen here, or here. There should be some interesting intel this week, hopefully including on the financial situation and how it’s being managed; 7:30 EDT, 4:30 Pacific on the Truth, Honor & Integrity Show.

I am not familiar with this vlogger and don’t know how much of this is truth or hype. The terminology in the article they use is obviously used to alarm people—and they acknowledge that. The media would love for us to be afraid of everything, all the time. Use your own discernment.

Something MONSTROUS Is Taking Place IN North Carolina!


Now for the good news.

Wow. Never mind the mosquitoes—this is a sting like no other.

In fact, I would venture to say this is 5D chess, and based on the degree of confidence Q had about the Kavanaugh confirmation, we knew it had to be something of this magnitude as the ultimate plan. Amazing, Dave. Thank you for your perspective. It had to be something that was going to work out highly in favour of the Patriots. There are so many good actors giving Grammy-winning performances. Can’t wait for the awards ceremony.

Q reminds us that when the deep state players know some very bad news is about to come out about them, they freak out and pull off a false flag event of some kind; an Arkancide, a plane crash, a shooting, an assassination attempt on the President… pick something from their playbook. They repeat the same ones time and time again. Q warns us to be wary because nothing is out of bounds for them at this point. They are deranged.

Q breadcrumbs are here and there are lots of new ones. Refresh the page for the latest updates.

It’s looking good for the Kavanaugh confirmation vote.

New FBI Report Clears Kavanaugh?

‘Absolutely nothing’ to prove claims against Kavanaugh, confirmation to proceed – Senate GOP (LIVE)

Yes—we KNEW this was coming. We ALL knew that whatever Trump did to pacify the freakazoids it would never be enough.

HERE WE GO=> Dianne Feinstein Suggests FBI Probe of Brett Kavanaugh Not Credible

You don’t have to pay illegal aliens nearly as much to do your dirty work. They don’t give a damn about America. Deport them!

Oops! Ocasio-Cortez Accidentally Announces Soros-Activist Who Confronted Flake in Elevator is ILLEGAL ALIEN

The new administration really needs to take Big Tech to task. They are out of order and must be controlled. They are equally as much an enemy of the People and the current administration in America as the legacy media is.

BOOM! Trump Admin Just COMMANDED GOOGLE To The White House – It’s About to Go DOWN!

AIM4Truth uploaded a great video the other day about Berners-Lee and the Internet and Robert David Steele just published an article about it from Berto Jongman. I say this is a MUST LISTEN: short (17 min.) video. Douglas is pretty hot under the collar about this latest “CIA propaganda” and Michael McKibben reveals the absolute absurdity about this very timely lie from Big Tech and the digital demon Eric Schmidt.




Full Fulford Geopolitical Update for October 8, 2018 [text + video]

The most frightening, appalling horror film ever created has nothing on the freak show unfolding on our planet, my friends.

Many will be in denial because Human Beings could never do these things to another Human unless there is something otherworldly influencing our society—and there is; the devil himself. He is the one they worship and make Human sacrifices to. We are prey—particularly our youth.

So many have come forward over the years and tried to tell us this, but it fell on deaf ears. Those who know will no longer be silenced. We have to face the problem to eradicate the infestation from our societies globally. 

This is why Donald Trump accepted his position as President of the United States. He and his team are committed to systematically addressing this problem or die doing it, but they will be successful.

They will rout out the traitors and predators embedded in every institution including the church and law enforcement. I hope Humanity will be a help rather than a hindrance. 

While there is always a lot of misinformation, disinformation and bad intelligence put out, over time we learn what the truth is, and the truth is ugly beyond words. There has been endless carnage on our planet, and it’s time to end it.  ~ BP

TheWorld is About to Learn About Khazarian Mafia Crimes Horrific Beyond Imagination

October 8, 2018

by Benjamin Fulford

The Khazarian mafia have been torturing, murdering, and cannibalizing children on a horrific scale, and the world is about to find out as military tribunals begin.  Some very disturbing images and testimony sent by the New York Police Department and the CIA show just how evil the Khazarian mafia really is.  These people are beyond truth and reconciliation and do not deserve even a quick death.

Let us start with FBI statistics on missing children in the U.S., so that skeptics can prevent the sheer evil of these deeds from shutting their minds.  In 2015, 442,032 juveniles went missing;  of these, 42,032 were not found.

By comparison, in the same year in Japan 17,971 children (the equivalent of 44,927 in the U.S. when adjusted for population difference) went missing, and close to 99% of these children were found.

The photographs below, sent by the CIA, are linked to CNN star and FRB Vanderbilt heir Anderson Cooper and may give a hint as to what happened to at least some of these children.



pedo pool

Even more gruesome is the video still-shot linked below that was sent to the CIA via courier by the NYPD.  It shows a young girl whose face was allegedly peeled off by Hillary Clinton in a satanic ritual.  Be warned, it is graphic and I stopped watching shortly after the 2 minute mark.


Now I begin the understand the look of sheer horror on the face of George Soros when I asked him a question at a press conference about the families that own the Federal Reserve Board (FRB).  He had probably seen some of this sort of stuff firsthand.

The prosecution of these criminals is set to finally start now that the U.S. military government backing President Donald Trump has secured a majority on the Supreme Court with the confirmation of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Pentagon sources say.  “Attorney General Jeff Sessions has already met with the real special prosecutor, U.S. Attorney John Huber in Utah, so that the 57,000 indictments may be unsealed,” the sources explain.

“The seating of Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court should unleash declassification of FISA and other documents as well as military tribunals,” the sources say.  Furthermore they add, “The Senate unanimously approved a resolution calling for declassification of 9/11 documents, so the stage is set to take down the Zionists and the deep state.”

Another aspect to starting the prosecution of these criminals is the ongoing U.S./Russian military action against the rogue state of Israel, the sources say.  In particular, “Russian electronic warfare is aimed not just to impose a no-fly zone over Israel, but to stop ICBMs and other missiles from being launched, rendering the Samson option obsolete and making de-nuking the only feasible option,” the Pentagon sources explain.  In other words, Israel can no longer use nuclear blackmail to protect the satanists in the U.S.  Also, Vatican P2 sources confirm that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a satanist mass-murderer who needs to be either arrested or killed as soon as possible.

The U.S. and Russia are also considering imposing a sea and land blockade on Israel to force that state to stop its criminal activities, they continue.

The sources sent this photo with the explanation that “even the White House has declared Red October.”

The Pentagon sources also said, “It appears that the cabal may have lost a submarine or underwater base and retaliated by sending ricin to Secretary of Defense James Mattis and Naval Chief John Richardson.”

What the Pentagon sources were referring to was the destruction of a “Clinton escape residence with entourage, including an underground bunker built to store the gold,” according to CIA sources in Indonesia.

This destruction is appearing in the news as the recent tsunami that hit Indonesia, which even experts quoted by The Washington Post note “…was not a straightforward event,” said Adam Switzer, principal investigator at the Singapore-based Earth Observatory.  “This earthquake was beyond the bounds of the warning systems” available.

Here the real explanation, according to the CIA:

“Clinton was in control of the gold coming out from the Grasberg mine/Freeport.  The Clinton Foundation/Clinton Global Initiative, with an office in Papua, was the vehicle for laundering the cash obtained from the sale of the undeclared gold.  (A lot of it was off-ledger gold).

“Clinton has done business with a certain faction of the Indonesian military for years—those who control access there.

“The Chinese had confirmed all of this and knew that the only way was to flood it out.  The tsunami was triggered by the Chinese.

“The tsunami was not possible—scientifically, that is.  It was all carefully done, and then blamed on faulty technology and a “weird” fault slip angle.  But that fault slip angle was “weird” (if you ask geologists) because it wasn’t natural.

“Communication systems can be manipulated.  That’s why it failed to show the third tsunami.  That tsunami warning system has worked ever since they got it developed after the 2004 Christmas disaster.

“There are non-visible lasers that have no color in the visible spectrum.  This goes beyond the DEW (Directed-Energy Weapons).  Beyond DEW is NON-visible laser.  The Chinese military are smart—this cannot be detected.  They took DEW technology and made it better.

“This was a direct hit from a Chinese non-visible laser satellite weapon.  It took out the Clinton escape residence, the entourage living there, and the underground bunker.  Unfortunately, there was serious collateral damage.”

The CIA sources say that close to $500 million in cash (not $270 million as was reported last week) was seized by Special Forces in the raid on that Clinton hideout before it was destroyed.  A Google Earth screen shot of the destroyed complex is below.


The money was divided “between a certain group of top-level white-hat Indonesian government officials—one of them being Vice President Jusuf Kalla—and Trump’s inner circle, military included,” the sources say.  So now we know why the generals got ricin mailed to them.

We have also been allowed to give our readers more information on one of our CIA sources.  He was in charge of the agency’s clandestine services in Jakarta working out of the U.S. Embassy from 1965-1985.

“When he was there, he told me there were only 20 American citizens permanently living in Jakarta.  All of them worked at the Embassy under diplomatic cover.  He told me, and this is a quote, ‘Our team escorted Bung Karno (President Sukarno) out of power and we installed Soeharto into power.’

“And yes, his team as well as Langley headquarters and other alphabet agencies were involved in assisting Soeharto in the killing of up to 1 million Indonesian Chinese that were labeled PKI (Partai Komunis Indonesia).  This was a well-planned takedown of all Soeharto’s so-called opposition.  It was planned with the Australian government as well;  they were heavily involved in this attempted genocide.  This was also about the time that Soeharto handed control of Freeport to the Agency.  There is so much more to this, but enough for now.

“I asked the cowboy why he did this;  his answer, ‘It was my job.  I worked for the U.S. government.  You did not ask questions back then.  If you did, you disappeared.’  He did tell me that he personally was involved in sending two cargo ships of rice to Kalimantan, as they had no food and the Dayaks and Malays were dying from starvation during this crisis, as all rice shipments from Jakarta were stopped.  (He did this with private personnel.)  And to add more, yes, he was close to the Bush Senior cartel back in the day.  He was part of the old guard.  Not many left now.”

On a final note, our source who is connected to the secret bases in Antarctica (he is a relative of Admiral Richard Byrd of Antarctic exploration fame) got back to us to insist that something really weird was happening there, saying the quote below from last week was true:

“Antarctica is opening up a WORMHOLE.  Yes, there is an ‘opening’ to other dimensions down there.  Due to the extremely high magnetic shifts going on in and near Antarctica, it’s literally ‘tearing a new fabric’ in the dimensional field.  THIS is the reason why ALL those government leaders went down there.  THIS is why they shut off Antarctica to the public and so forth.  The public only gets 5% of the ‘story.’  And now you have the other side.”

This source noted that even reputable publications like Scientific American were reporting, “There’s something mysterious coming up from the frozen ground in Antarctica, and it could break physics as we know it.”

We will try again to visit Antarctica this Southern summer and report directly to our readers what is really going on there.  If there really is an anomaly like a wormhole opening up there, the entire population of the planet should be told and shown proof, not just a few leaders.

Vincenzo Mazzara, a Cavalier of the Teutonic Knights and a senior member of the Vatican P2 Freemason lodge, says preparations are being made for humanity to start building a fleet of ark ships and expanding out into the universe.

As usual, my reaction to this sort of stuff is to believe it when I see it.  For now, the White Dragon Society is working towards getting multi-trillion-dollar funding for an earth-based massive campaign to end poverty and stop environmental destruction.


Planetary K Index plot







Kristin Murphy, KSL

Utahns struggling with high cost of rent

By Jasen Lee, KSL | Posted – Oct 11th, 2018 @ 9:03am

4 photos

SALT LAKE CITY — Utah’s residential housing market is among the hottest in the nation, but for some, particularly renters, the increasing cost of apartment living is weighing heavily on their household bottom lines.

Wasatch Front resident Garrett Cooper, 34, is among the growing number of Utahns coping with the economic realities of paying rising rental rates while trying to balance other personal financial obligations. Following a divorce, he now shares custody of his son while renting an apartment in Millcreek.

“It’s very tough,” Cooper said. “It’s difficult. I find every year that I have to make cuts and sacrifices on different things as the rent goes up year to year.”

He pays approximately 35 percent of his gross monthly income for rent, but more than 50 percent of his net monthly household income, he noted. Dedicating such a large portion of his wages to rent has been challenging, he said, and the cost has gone up significantly over the past several years.

Sometimes his household budget cuts involve discontinuing a movie streaming service, while other “belt-tightening” choices force him to look for the “best bargain” when shopping for necessities, he said.

“It can be a real struggle,” he said. “I get paid biweekly, so there are times when I’ll get paid almost a full two weeks before the rent is due and won’t get paid again until after the rent is due.”

He said those times are particularly tough.

Read more:

“(I’ll be) at the point where I have to decide which bills to skip or which groceries to skip,” Cooper explained. A number of his friends and family members have found themselves in similar circumstances, he said, due in large part to rising rental rates.

According to the 2018 Cost Burden Report, nearly half — 49.5 percent — of all renter households nationwide are “cost-burdened.” The report stated that moderately burdened households spend 30 percent to 50 percent of household income on rent, while severely burdened households spend more than half their income on rent.

In the U.S., the number of rent-burdened households in 2017 was 3.1 million greater than in 2007, the report stated, with Florida registering the highest cost-burden rate at 56.4 percent. A household earning the median renter income would be burdened by the median rent in 20 of the nation’s 25 largest metro areas, explained report author Chris Salviati, senior economist for Apartment List.

“Half (of all renters) are cost-burdened, and 1 in 4 are severely cost-burdened — spending more than half their income on rent,” he said. “When you’re spending that much of your gross income on rent, it really doesn’t leave much for even covering basic necessities, let alone planning for the future.”

Rental Rates by County (Photo: Aaron Thorup, CBRE Research, H2 2017)

A major factor in the rising rents has been the increase in the number of renter households while homebuying households have declined, Salviati noted. Additionally, the number of high-income renter households has grown as well.

“Keeping the higher income households in the rental market are driving rents up, and making it even tougher for people that are at the lower end of the (overall) income distribution,” he said.

That dynamic is occurring in Utah as well, he noted. Last year, the overall rate of cost-burdened renters in the Beehive State was 44.3 percent — 5.2 percentage points below the national average. The percent of moderately cost-burdened renters was 25.3 percent, virtually even with the national average, with the rate of severely cost-burdened Utah renters at 19 percent — 4.9 points below the U.S. rate.

Related story:

Despite the state’s below-average rent-burden rates, the data still points to a larger challenge confronting renters.

“You could be doing much better than the national average, but still be facing a severe and overwhelming issue,” Salviati said.

Housing affordability is a growing concern in Utah, said Mary Jane Fine, chief operating and financial officer with Utah Nonprofit Housing Corp. — a Salt Lake City-based organization that helps low- and very-low income individuals and families find decent, affordable housing.

“Because of the shortage of rentals, people are really, really increasing the rents,” she said. Noting the average one bedroom apartment rental rate in Utah is just over $1,000, she said people making minimum wage are hard-pressed to afford such accommodations.

“This is what the populations that we deal with are facing every day,” she said. “Sometimes you find yourself, in order to afford housing, working two and three minimum wage jobs just to survive.”

Central 9 Lofts under construction in Salt Lake City are pictured on Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018. (Photo: Kristin Murphy, KSL)
Luis Delgado, with Kyco Services, works on a unit at Central 9 Lofts in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018. (Photo: Kristin Murphy, KSL)

Utah County newlywed Hanna Miller, 21, lives in an apartment with her husband, who attends Utah Valley University and also works part time. While Miller has a full-time job, the couple spends nearly half of their income on rent for a one-bedroom unit.

“Honestly, it’s something we kind of accepted because we wanted something that wasn’t broken,” she said with a laugh. “An apartment that was actually decent to live in and didn’t have any problems.”

She said their first rental was an old unit that was drafty and had mold, so they vowed to avoid a similar circumstance in their next place. Keeping that promise to themselves has come at a cost, she added.

“We found a place that had a pretty good base rent and then the fees started adding to the cost,” she said. The base rent was $1,029, but the monthly cost also included fees for parking, an electronic security system and other expenses, she said.

“All of those fees added up to another $300 or $400 more,” Miller said. “And it was mandatory!”

Utilities also add to the monthly cost, she noted.

One thing she would like to see is cities encourage developers to build more affordable units so that families like hers don’t have to pay half their monthly income just to keep a roof over their heads.

“People are being forced into paying more than 30 percent of their income, which is not allowing them to save (anything),” Miller said. “I honestly think there is a lack of affordable housing and nobody is doing anything about it.”








“There is no vaccination or specific treatment for enteroviruses. People with mild illness typically need treatment only for symptoms,” Barbare said in a statement.










LOGAN — A Logan man is facing criminal charges after allegedly raping and threatening to tie down a woman he matched with on the dating app Tinder.

Wyatt Dean Martin, 21, was charged Tuesday in 1st District Court with aggravated kidnapping and rape, both first-degree felonies, and forcible sexual abuse and obstructing justice, both second-degree felonies.

Logan Police Capt. Tyson Budge confirmed Tuesday evening that police have been contacted by other possible victims and believe more assaults may have occurred. Anyone with information is asked to call 435-753-7555.




Snowhub  –

Uber-like app available for Utah snow cleanup















Jesus was once asked when the kingdom of God would come.

The kingdom of God, Jesus answered, is not something people will be able to see and point at, instead, he said:

Neither shall they say, Lo here! Or, lo there! For, behold, the kingdom of God is within you. ~ (Luke 17:21)

Jesus spoke a truth that is timeless and universal.  I have read through many religious holy books and spiritual scripts and often they all share the same precept — that life’s greatest treasure, its ultimate truth, resides within us.

But what about the Kingdom of Hell and the Devil?  Is hell within us?

My experience is that Hell is not a flaming hole under the earth.  Hell is actually a spiritual place of torment that we carry around every day.

The Gates of Sin

You see glimpses of Heaven and glimpses of Hell around us every day.  We see heaven in the magnificent beauty and acts of goodness we experience, and Hell in the wretched feelings we experience and injustices we perceive.

Few people know that the word ‘sin’ comes from the Greek word Hamartia (ἁμαρτία), which, when translated actually means “to miss the mark” or “to miss the target“.  This changes the whole modern-day concept of sin.  When we are small, we’re taught that to sin is to be a terrible person.  So many of us carry around the guilt of the mistakes we’ve made, thinking we’re horrid people.

I grew up in a Catholic household and the discovery of the true definition of Sin revolutionized my perception of life entirely. I had been taught sinning was to do something wrong, to be a bad person.  But the true definition means to make a mistake, it means that I wasn’t a bad person (guilt), and I had only done something misguidedly (shame).  Sins were meant to be a guideline to help us go through life in such a way as to cause the least amount of harm possible, to ourselves and others.
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Deep down before I discovered this revelation, I only felt constant guilt for being a bad person.  If sin is seen as an act of badness, it makes you feel guilty and dirty.  I couldn’t feel like a religious person at all with this mindset.

In fact, guilt became a barrier to experience any divine feelings of gratitude and love.

The Devil Called Karma

If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away.  It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. ~ (Matthew 5:29)

If you were to take Jesus’ words literally at face value, he would sound like a ruthless brute.  But Jesus was a loving man, and with this new understanding of sin, you see what he was really trying to say: if one eye is making you perceive the world sinfully, get rid of it.  It’s a metaphor that tries to teach us to become aware of whatever is making us sin and remove it.

Karma is often thought of as an external force that creates justice, that balances the world out.  It teaches us that bad people have bad things happen to them.

The mistake of the ‘sins’ concept is thinking that changing the external acts will change the internal being as well.  Changing the surface of something by making you afraid of it cannot change its core, or the source of the behavior.  To change where it ends (external actions) you have to change where it begins (the way you perceive it).

You also often see people complain about the same mistakes, for example, women complaining that they always end up with the wrong guys that cheat on them or take them for granted.  Repeat offenses are also very common amongst criminals who, according to statistics, re-offend almost 50% of the time (of the ones that are caught).

Why does this happen?  The mystical religion of the Upanishads consider the concept of ‘sin’ as darkness.  They teach that the reason why we sin, the reason why we cause harm to ourselves and others is because we are unaware.  But if you shed some light into your darkness, if you become more alert and start questioning your continuous unconscious habits, then you will stop sinning.

Karma is wrongly confused with the notion of having a fixed destiny.  The truth is that Karma is constantly in the making, and we have an accumulation of tendencies (all the way back to childhood) that can lock us into particular behaviour patterns.  If I’m a criminal, commit crimes and have surrounded myself with other criminals from a young age, I shouldn’t be surprised if something bad happens to me.  Not because I’m a bad person, but because my negative behaviour and perception of life attracts negative forces around me.

If you are alert, if you are mindful of everything that you do, then bad things stop happening as much as they do when you live with unmindfulness.  In fact, you begin to see the true consequences of your ‘sinful’ actions or impulses to both yourself and other people, and you begin to make decisions to avoid doing them.

For instance, giving into ‘sinful’ temptation by seeking quick stimulation by cheating on my partner will have long lasting consequences in the form of guilt and negative emotions.  These will affect my relationship, possibly resulting in its termination and both of our unhappiness.  Instead, with mindfulness, I could become aware of my dissatisfaction, communicate it, and try to create stronger bonds through new activities with my partner to find greater stimulation again.

It’s easy to blame karma for all the bad things that happen to us.  It’s easy to attribute our suffering to external forces that are out of our control.  But these aren’t responsible, in fact, we carry out karma with our lack of mindfulness and awareness.  It’s our actions that cause our mistakes, and our ‘sins’.

The Devil Comes In Many Forms

Aimless television watching, eating fast food instead of preparing your own, playing vacuous games on your smartphone or holding grudges instead of communicating them.  There are many ways we commit sins against ourselves every day.

We all carry a Devil inside, trying to trick us into indulging primitive pleasure impulses (violence, stimulation, sex) or habitual addictive behaviours.  We’ve all experienced this inner conflict, this duality, of Good versus Evil, refraining ourselves from wanting to do something because we know it’s bad.

Hell is a place that is ever present, it exists when you ‘miss the mark’ of being mindful of your ‘sinful’ temptations that harm yourself and others.  Hell is a cycle of endless suffering.  If you’ve ever found yourself inside one of those life cycles where you’ve hit rock bottom, making mistake after mistake, it feels eternal with no way out.

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If the Kingdom of Heaven/God is only a mindful action away, then why not try it?  Religion’s only concern should be with your behaviour and personal responsibility, and deep down, isn’t that what religion is all about?  Yet somehow we always focus on other people and their sins.  Preoccupying ourselves with other people’s mistakes is a good way to feel relief by avoiding the focus on our own.

Once you see sin as a transgression to yourself, without the ‘deadly’ religious punishment element, it becomes a very helpful tool to enhance the quality of your life.  Start by asking yourself: is what I’m doing right now harming myself or someone else in some way?  Could I be doing something that would benefit me more?  There’s a reason why Sloth is on that seven sinful mistakes list.

Thinking of ‘sin’ as creating harm against ourselves is much more useful than thinking of it as violating a spiritual ‘code of conduct’ or destined Karma force.  You’ll see the results in this lifetime as well.





There’s a certain addiction that many of us have in this modern culture – that of becoming self-help junkies.

In essence, we receive a little bit of a ‘high’ when reading a book and discovering about the possibilities for a better life, but often the improvement ends there; and so we move on to the next ‘high’.  Don’t get me wrong, some self-help books have good and extremely useful advice, but it’s our failure in executing these changes that are to blame.

Did you know that the Amazon “Self-Help” book section has over 300,000 search results, 40,000 results on the keyword “happiness” alone?  Improving our lives is undoubtedly something we all want, but why is it so difficult?

Before Tony Robbins, countless religions for centuries have been trying to send us on a path of ‘self-improvement’ … you’d think we would have figured out how to do it well by now, wouldn’t you?

Knowledge Is Not The Same As Knowing

If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants. ~ Isaac Newton

Whenever I’m hosting one of our Involution groups I have someone who asks the difference between the Involution paths of Self-Discovery and Self-Understanding.

The difference lies in the process of assimilation.  Memorized knowledge is not the same as assimilated knowledge.  If you think of knowledge in terms of nourishing food, memorizing knowledge is like carrying the food in your backpack, whereas assimilating it is eating, digesting and absorbing the food so that it becomes a part of your person.

Assimilated knowledge becomes “knowing” – it nourishes our being.  What Newton meant in the quote above was that what distinguishes us from animals in our evolution, is that we don’t have to re-discover the use of penicillin or how to make fires, we have the ability to assimilate and build upon the work of other human beings from the past; from Lao Tzu and Buddha, to Einstein and Jobs.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that intellectually registering your self-discovery (through your self-exploration) is the same as actively experiencing self-understanding through applied use.  Almost everyday I come across someone who recommends to me a ‘revealing’ book on Gratitude or Ego-Awareness, but after a few days of excitement, returns to their habitually complaining egocentric selves.
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Self-Improvement Is Not Self-Understanding

All men plume themselves on the improvement of society, and no man improves. ~ Ralpho Waldo Emerson (Essential Writings)

One of the first observations I encountered when I came to live in a Western country like Australia is the association that exists between Success and Happiness.  It’s as if success in your career or studies is synonymous with being happy.

Whenever I ask someone how they are in such a country, I’m met with a response similar to: “You know, busy busy”, implying that was a good thing.  Trying to explain the process of Involution to a psyche and mindset that is goal-and-success oriented can become very tricky.

The process of Involution, especially that of Self-Understanding, has much more to do with ‘Self-Growth’ than it does with ‘Self-Improvement’.  On the surface the two sound very similar but there is one subtle major distinction.

On one hand, Self-Improvement is absolutely goal driven – you have an ideal in mind that you’d like to live up to, let’s say; becoming more confident, or as muscular as Arnold Schwarzenegger, or financially secure and independent.  When you’re improving, you’re improving towards an ideal objective.  It’s a tunnel-focused vision that you progressively improve towards reaching.

On the other hand, Self-Growth which is the essence of Involution works in a completely different way.  When you go on a personal-growth journey for Self-Understanding, you have no objective in mind.  You’re planting an unknown seed into a soil mix and nurturing it, watching it grow.  You don’t know what type of tree will sprout from it or how big it will be, or even when it will stop growing (if it ever stops at all).  It’s a mystery.

It’s important to learn the nature of this distinction between Self-Improvement and Self-Understanding as it will provide your Involutionary journey with an open acceptance of who you are, without any objective to measure yourself against, free from unnecessary tensions that can hinder and limit you along the way.

The Secret To Self-Understanding . . .

I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me.
Hermann Hesse, (Demian)

Once you embrace the perception of Self-Growth in your journey, you’ll find out exactly how interconnected everything is within you.  We fool ourselves into wanting to change something specific in us without being aware that every function is counterbalanced by another function inside ourselves.

You change your diet and suddenly you feel in a better mood.  You liberate yourself from a false belief because you see through its fallacy, and now you suddenly feel depressed.

This is also the nature of Involution: each one of the seven paths of Involution is interdependent in relation to the other.  It’s quite impossible to study any one function or path without studying all the others.  In order to know one thing truly and deeply, we have to know everything else about ourselves.  To know everything is possible, but it requires much time and labor, and above all, the application of the right methods and guidance.

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It’s important to remember that there are two main reasons why we so often fail to execute what we learn on our journey of Involution: procrastination and poor self-discipline.  On the other hand, the two secret ingredients that we need to be aware of in order to mindfully apply the knowledge that we encounter along our journeys, is action and responsibility.

Taking action, or having willful determination, first requires you to be capable of holding yourself accountable for the many failures, miseries and struggles you experience.  You need immense motivation to provide yourself with enough incentive to continue on a path that involves such difficult and drastic changes in your attitude and perception towards life.

But where does this motivation come from?  It comes from the development of respect and love for yourself; for your body, mind, spirit and life.  And in order to develop these qualities, you’ll need to wander through the Involutionary path of Self-Love, which we’ll explore next.



Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these. ~ Jesus of Nazareth

I was 8 years old when I was first taught Catholic ideals, coupled with a strange mix of shamanic teachings.  The above passage from the bible was my first taste of the concept of Self-Love.

My teacher Don Angel saw my confusion and explained: “This is where we vary from Catholicism. We learn to love ourselves alongside Mother earth. How can you love your neighbour as yourself if you don’t love yourself first?”  It took me a few years to understand what he meant.

As I grew older I observed how common it was for people to advise others who were struggling with themselves to “accept who they are in order to live happily”.  I’d observe that many would take this advice on board; they’d build up enthusiastic momentum, but something would happen.  Their enthusiasm would fade, and they returned again to their old patterns.

Self-Love is at the core of learning anything that will improve your life.  If you don’t have enough esteem for yourself, what will motivate your pursuit for a better you?

Loving Others Requires Selfishness

It sounds like a paradox, but unless you’re selfish, you cannot be altruistic.  Unless you’re capable of truly and honestly loving yourself first, even the darkest side of your being, you can never love somebody else.

Egotism and selfishness are preached in all societies as sinful behavior.  We encourage the virtues of self-sacrifice towards a ‘greater good’.  History, (including many modern films), is plagued with stories of the individual hero’s willingness to sacrifice his life for the survival of a group or collective of people.  If these ‘selfless’ virtues hadn’t been imposed, none of our societies would have prevailed.

The truth is that the purpose of our society’s social conditioning is to preserve and develop society as a whole, not to allow individuals to reach their full potential, or get what they want if that will affect the basic structure of society.

The virtue of Selflessness essentially allows for the physical survival of the collective, but not for the soulful and peaceful happiness of the individual.
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First we must be able to truly see through this conditioning if we are to make any change to our life through Self-Love.  As a theory, Altruism implies that the purpose of life is to serve other people.  What are these people you are serving doing here?  They are here to serve you.  Doesn’t it make more sense to serve yourself in what you truly want instead of what others think that you might want, just as long as it doesn’t result in violence, chaos or death?

Otherwise we have a situation where the blind are guiding the blind.  But someone must be ‘selfish’ enough to learn how to see first, to learn how to read a map (even if reading will give him individual ‘power’ above the rest) in order to guide others.

If you can’t love yourself – where your love originates from in the first place – how will you ever be capable of true altruism, or of loving anybody else?  You can’t give away that which you don’t actually have.

Selfishness Does Not Mean Egotism

On the surface it’s understandable how the word ‘Self-Love’ could be confused with the words ‘Egotism’ or ‘Narcissism’.  But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

A person who loves themselves wants to become the best they can be, they want to explore themselves using techniques such as Involution in order to see their faults, deepen their lives, and in doing so they discover how harmful gaining their self worth from the ego can be.

We are taught to believe that being “selfish” will jeopardize society as a whole – regardless of what you actually do – so it is condemned unconditionally.  This attitude is evident when we describe the behaviour of a person who succeeds at the expense of the well-being of others, with words like ‘selfish’.  But this isn’t selfish, this is foolish and idiotic!

A person with mindful Self-Love is aware that they aren’t actually looking after their own interests if they step on other people, because they’re causing pain and suffering while also creating enemies and negative consequences in the long term, which makes life a lot more difficult for them.  This behaviour is actually Self-Destructive, which is the complete opposite of selfish Self-Love.

Also, is there any such thing as Altruism, really?  The actual act of helping other people does benefit us: it makes us feel good.  In a way Altruism can also be thought of as a ‘selfish’ act, which in a way is what we want.  If you truly love yourself you want to take care of yourself.  It’s only self-hating egotistical people that harm themselves physically or mentally.

Self-Love has nothing to do with egotism.  On the contrary, the desire for honest self-exploration requires immense respect and love for yourself.  Egotism revolves around the ego, and the ego depends upon the respect of others, not yourself.

Active Authenticity

You can’t just decide to suddenly feel good about yourself.  It will never work.

As I mentioned in my previous Self-Understanding article, there are two important elements to Self-Love; love and respect for yourself.  But don’t make the mistake of confusing self-love with feeling love and respect for yourself by itself.  The way you behave is just as important.

Incongruent living is exhausting.  Many of us claim we love and respect ourselves, yet we work in jobs we don’t find fulfilling, we don’t take care of our bodies or minds, and we ignore the exploration of our deeper selves to find out who we truly are.  Self-love is action, not just believing or feeling it, but proving it with your being.  The more active you are and the more you practice, the greater the feelings of Self-Love you’ll experience.

Here are some suggestions you can use to begin your cultivation of active Self-Love:

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  • Take care of your body: Everything you do in life begins first with your physical well-being, from mental to spiritual matters.  Be nice to your body.  Stay in good shape.  Don’t poison, abuse or neglect it.  The only way you can be authentically you is if there’s no interference from external physical factors such as grogginess, bad moods, fatigue, hangovers or ill-health.
  • De-construct who you think you are: You may idealize being an artist and waste your life trying to become one without finding fulfillment.  Alternatively, you might be naturally artistic yet fail to understand and measure the difficulty of following that career.  One of Buddha’s observations applies perfectly here in that the main cause of suffering is our desires, that is; wanting to be something other than what we truly are, or the constant attempt to escape our own intrinsic nature in both what we are, and what comes naturally to us.
  • Be true to your emotions: We all carry around an incredibly ‘fragmented’ individual self within us.  A person who is afraid or who has not honestly faced their anger, or their sexuality, or their controlling tendencies, or their fear, or their jealousy, and so on, tends to handle adversity poorly.  People who have psychological breakdowns do so because they ignored or rejected too many parts of their personalities.  Be authentic to your emotions, if you’re sad, accept it and allow yourself to be sad.  Don’t pretend to be happy, to smile and put on social masks.
  • Respect your surroundings: Respect everything from the environment that you live in, to the little mushrooms that push their way through the ground at your local park.  Respect everything and everyone around you.
  • Cultivate knowledge and qualities: For example, you could try furthering yourself with skills, languages, abilities and art crafts you are interested in.  Feeling as though you have a variety of skills is a great way to build your self-esteem.  Are there any qualities you admire in other people, for example: compassion, generosity, humour, thoughtfulness?  Cultivate and improve these qualities within yourself.
  • Respect your time: Put aside the action that provides immediate gratification for the action that bestows you with long term benefits.  Spend time pursuing things that build a better future for you, rather than running around doing aimless activities that provide momentary stimulation.
  • Don’t confuse indulgence for self-love:  In the marketing age that we live in, we’ve been taught that buying ourselves ‘things’ is the best way to prove how much we love ourselves. While rewarding yourself when you’ve achieved something every so often is a good idea, don’t confuse things like seeking comfort from your fears through food or material objects, with that of acts of self-love.


Cultivating Self-Love is essential if you ever hope to improve your relationship with yourself and the people around you.

Are there any activities that you find help you increase love and respect for yourself?  Please feel free to share them below!



We are often referred to as “Social Creatures” because of our innate desire to feel like we belong to a group or community of other people.

This feeling of “belonging” comes in the form of identification, of believing that the group we belong to is an extension of our individual self.

Last night I found myself staying up all night watching Soccer matches from the World Cup.  Growing up in a Latin family it’s become somewhat of a tradition through the years.

In fact, in High School Soccer was an obligatory sport to participate in.  Through time I grew fairly proficient at playing it, receiving a few scholarships to travel and play in junior leagues.  But I never quite fully understood the fanaticism that surrounds this game, or any game for that matter.

The Beauty of Sports

For me, playing Soccer provided an opportunity to channel all my adolescent excess of energy into, an outlet to immerse myself in with complete absorption in the present moment.

The feeling is like when you experience an adrenaline rush: there’s no room for thoughts in your mind, your brain automatically becomes overwhelmed by the present stimulation.

But I always wondered, why do other people enjoy watching us play?  Or why do so many people I know get so absorbed and aggressively defensive of their teams?

In the mean time, the more I watched sports, the more I developed the appreciation for the structuring of the game. A sport field is almost like a self-contained mini-world in which there exists an order that we cannot experience in our real, chaotic life.
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The mental allure in sports is well-refined; there’s a clear set of rules that we can all understand.  Nowhere else will you find  a mini-world that is so sharply defined and the parameters so firm.  Every action has clear implications and makes the viewers certain of what is really good and bad.  Apart from that, each team has a Hero or group of Heroic individuals that are idolized because of their superior talents or skills.

Emotionally, the attraction is much more beneficial.  It provides an environment for us to release any repressed or built up emotions by cheering for our teams. The team we support becomes a catalyst for arousing emotions within us that we can express as part of a group.

I also noticed that the more I played, the more I began to feel like a soldier going to war. Sports are a modern battlefield.  While it is more civilized and gentlemanly, it is still an Us Versus Them mentality.

At the end of each match half the stadium would leave celebrating and the other crying; a roller coaster of emotions that they had played no part in to earn or deserve except from passive-aggressive observance.  That’s when I realized I didn’t enjoy playing competitive sports any more.

The Risks of Identification

The moment you identify with a belief, a team or a country you are giving up control by putting your happiness in the hands of others.  Not only that, but it encourages and supports the attitude of group separation, of “Us Versus Them” and in doing so creates endless strife and friction.

An example of this can be found in military and political leader Simón Bolívar.  Bolivar was a  man who led Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia to independence from the Spanish Empire. Many claim he helped lay the foundations for democracy in most of Latin America.

Simón Bolívar had a dream; that of uniting the five main Latin american republics into one whole free and independent county much like the USA, in order to make it a world power.  His dream could have provided an immense economical wealth for South America that suffers from such great poverty and economical imbalance.

But unfortunately his dream failed.  It’s amazing: it seems illogical that the European Nations having countries that speak different languages, have different religions and different origins could unite together successfully – but five countries that speak the same language, have the same religion and origins couldn’t.

Interestingly, most of the failure is attributed to the immense, passionate identification that exists in the Latin culture with their own countries, resulting in absurd xenophobias (dislike of people from other countries and cultures), ridiculous regionalisms and petty founded wars between themselves.

Another reason for the failure of uniting these countries was the immense social corruption that existed (and still exists) within these countries.  Social statuses and appearances are the foundation of these Latin countries.  The desire for egotistical admiration from others due to superior economical or genetic status rules at large.

This is exactly all that defines identification: the desire to feel part of a large, usually elite, group of people: from teams and religions, to countries and psychological types.

The irrational idea is that your country is better that others simply because you were born into it.  That your belief is better than others just because YOU chose it.  This implies that whatever you identify with is superior to others identifications because you consider it an extension of yourself.

Life Without Identification

Identification is merely an extension of your ego, it is not a true act of Self-Love.

The more you travel, the more you experience, the more you’ll realize that we all have a tendency to identify ourselves with our origins, without being aware of it.  It is our primal instinct to feel we have a “home turf”, just as every animal protects his own territory.

But as we evolve, as we grow and develop the understanding we have of ourselves, and in the process others as well, we see through the superficial instincts of embracing beliefs that create friction between ourselves and others. They become less appealing.

We also learn to find more healthier outlets of emotions, new ways of catharsis; perhaps in the form of meditation, dancing or exercising, to name a few.

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You’ll also begin to notice that when you simply appreciate sports, you don’t have that necessity to identify with a team.  Your appreciation of sports becomes much more centred, much more whole and free from the attachment of expectations.

You don’t feel dragged around in stimulation seeking roller-coasters of happiness or sadness, but instead simply admire the skills of both teams and support the one that exhibits the most talent, without pre-conceived ideas of who should win versus who shouldn’t.

This, at least, is my own experience and I’ve found it to be immensely beneficial in the way I perceive life now. Without any limiting borders or boundaries that identification creates, life is much more whole.

Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences regarding identification below!


All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ~ Edmund Burke

Intuitively I’ve always felt that there was something wrong with the popular quote above.  In fact, the deeper I’ve ventured into exploring myself the more I’ve come to dislike the concepts of “good” and “bad”.

In my life I have come across countless thieves, a few psychopaths and rapists, and a murderer, but in my conversations with them I concluded that none of these people had ever actually set themselves out to do “evil” for the sake of evil.  Instead, they were all acting out of what they felt and could justify as goodness, whether that was as self-preservation, pleasure, or something else.

Morality as a Collective Guideline

Little evil would be done in the world if evil never could be done in the name of good. ~ Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Morality is a collective attempt to create a ‘system’ or structure of what is “good” and what is “bad” – it’s a way we can rationalize arguing with life itself.  Morality makes it easier for us to look at reality and say, “this shouldn’t be!” and believe that we are right.

However, the truth is that there is no general morality, but rather, morality is relative from culture to culture.

For example, what is moral in an Italian restaurant is immoral in a vegan one.  What is moral in Australia is immoral in some Arabic countries.  Not only that, but what we call “bad” now can also become “good” at any point in time.  For example, killing other people is normally immoral.  But when wartime begins, we suddenly rationalize that killing is not only OK, but the more “enemies” you kill, the more respectable you become.

Morality serves to justify whatever we collectively consider an ideal: in this case self-preservation and protection of our “ideals”.  What we fail to realize is that on the other side of  war, the enemies also consider themselves to be the ‘good’ guys protecting their ideals, beliefs and ways of life.

Most of the people around us will agree with us on what’s moral and what is not, but the people around us can change as easily as a trip to the “ghetto” areas of our city.  In that case, good and bad is simply what is popular at the time.

You may be wondering “Surely there are some acts that are unquestionably immoral?  Crimes against children perhaps?”  Our emotions and personal values are always the determiners of our moral assessments, and these two factors are entirely different from person to person.  In fact, within the same person ideas of morality can change throughout our lives.  For instance, what I thought of as “bad” many years ago now I consider to be “good”.  So although there are some acts that are unquestionably immoral for the majority of us in this moment in time, it still comes down to popularity and cannot serve as an “absolute” rule.
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How can there be a sturdy moral “baseline” from which we all make the same measurements, when man himself is so volatile in his perceptions of reality?  A static idea of good and evil can only be accepted by a man who is static, stagnant in self-growth, and has a static permanent aim and a permanent understanding.

For such an unchanging person, belief systems are created.

Religion as a Morality

For many people in the world there is a very absolute and definite baseline for morality and that is Religion.

The same morality as the one mentioned above applies here as well: what the most popular opinion around you is, is generally what you consider to be moral, and anyone who believes in a different faith or has other ideas is considered to be wrong, or along a “bad” path and is in need of saving (think of The Great Inquisition for example).  There are roughly 4,200 religions in the world so you better choose carefully!

The problem with identifying yourself with anything other than your own experience is that it is difficult to talk about these subjects without creating friction.  Whenever there is a great emotional investment in any element of life, analyzing it is a difficult and confronting experience because our very basis for life and existence is being examined.

Personally, I was raised Catholic and still hold a few of their teachings to be full of insight and wisdom.  However to live a life of spiritual truth I’m willing to go to great depths and be ruthless in my exploration of what I hold to be true and untrue, and analysis contributes to either reaffirming my belief that I am on the best path, or helps to open my eyes to new perceptions.

At its core morality – religious or otherwise – is basically judgment of other people.  Morality establishes the idea that there is an objective way to assess another person based on the values they hold.  This makes morality a tool for the devaluation of other people, to estrange, divide and dehumanize someone in the name of the state, the religion or as a species at large.  Once we’ve morally assessed someone, any form of disdain, or even cruelty, can be rationalized (wars, prisoner interrogation tactics, social alienation, etc.)

And yet the underlying premise behind all the great prophets’ teachings is that of non-judgment, love, respect for others, forgiveness, charity, and tolerance.  How can that be?  At some point in time, the original message behind most of these prophet’s words was lost or misinterpreted.

The word “sin” for example came to mean “against the rules” and deserving of punishment, when in fact, as mentioned in a previous article, “sin” actually means in the original biblical Hebrew language: “to miss the mark“.

Sinning was to make a stupid mistake, a transgression against ourselves – it didn’t have anything to do with being a bad person.  If the only reason we avoid killing someone is that we don’t want to go to Hell, then maybe Hell would be the best place for us.

So, how can we avoid making mistakes that harm ourselves and others in the process?

The Highest Morality

Intelligence is not enough to live a wise and sensitive life.

Some of the most famous serial killers and dictators were highly intelligent people, for example, but failed to feel any sense of compassion or sympathy for their victims.

So, why do people suffer, and why do people feel pain at the hands of these people if there is no “evil” in the world?

The answer?  Because these “evil” people lack sensitivity of soul.  They lack wisdom.

Intelligence and knowledge are tools that help us process and play with the ideas of the fragmented reality that our minds create.  Wisdom, on the other hand, is the sensor that experiences a direct connection to it, it is the sentient perceiver of our existence, the pathway straight to the heart.

These misguided and unwise people are incapable of cultivating peace and harmony in their lives, so instead they act on whatever provides a fleeting sense of fulfillment: money, power, gratification.  To them these feelings are “good”; they provide security and a false sense of fulfillment, and so they are willing to do anything to anyone to continue feeling these things.

This, to me, is the message our major religions were trying to teach: there are wise ways to live and unwise ways to live.  Many people can argue that without a ‘moral code’ the world would go to hell, and it’s true to some degree.  There are fear-focused and love-focused courses of action as incentives in life, and our purpose is to grow in wisdom to the point where we can realize the benefits of being kind to others, and the drawbacks of being unkind.

As I’ve previously mentioned, Karma is not an external force that balances the world, but is rather an internal one where we create our own Hell.  We attract into our life the same energy we put out into it.

“Good” could be said to be conscious, loving and wise behavior while “Evil” could be considered egotistical, fearful and unconscious behavior.  These words work as metaphors for personal growth, as measurements for the quality of life you’re attracting.  For example, anything which helps you ‘awaken’ to this wisdom, to experience yourself, to become more authentic and experience something higher than yourself is “good”, while anything that hinders this is “evil”.

The wiser people will realize that “evil” behavior will attract many problems into their lives – such things as enemies, low self-esteem, paranoia, addictions, attachments, persistent dissatisfaction and suffering, world-weariness and cynicism to name a few.

Essentially, those people who do “good” in life aren’t perfectly saintly beings, but are people who realize, if only intuitively, that doing good benefits them, that being compassionate results in less suffering for themselves and produces a deeper sense of fulfillment and connection to others.

If we keep all of this in mind, we realize that people who misbehave due to lack of wisdom aren’t deserving of our judgment, but are in fact letting us know that they are the ones who are in most need of compassion, forgiveness and support.  These are the people who have never truly tasted peace or love in their lives, only glimpses of gratification, and therefore act in ways that harm others, and in the process harm themselves.


The cultivation of wisdom often comes to those who are willing to struggle with themselves and work on themselves for a very long time in order to attain it.  To develop our wisdom is to create a conscience.

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Morality and wisdom are quite different things.  One person’s morality can contradict another person’s morality, but one person’s wisdom can never contradict another person’s wisdom (although many confuse their beliefs with wisdom).

Morality is created and sourced from collective beliefs, and prevents the individual from feeling any true freedom.  To become authentic, to be a true individual, we require a thirst for freedom, freedom from the unwise, from psychological traumas, from self-pity, from self-preserving fearful ideas, from primitive instinctual behavior, and from dogmatic beliefs, ideals and values that have been taught to us throughout our entire lives.

Forget about morality, become consciously aware and search for the evolution, or the Involution, of your inner wisdom.


How can you make arrests [non military] prior to first fully cleaning out corrupt elements [at the top] of those departments [FBI][DOJ] that oversee ‘investigation & prosecution’ in the United States [they [themselves] are the very ones engaged in the illegal treasonous acts]?

James Comey, Director – FIRED

Andrew McCabe, Deputy Director – FIRED

Jim Rybicki, Chief of Staff and Senior Counselor – FIRED

James Baker, General Counsel – FIRED

Bill Priestap, Director of Counterintelligence (Strzok’s boss) – Cooperating witness [power removed]

Peter Strzok, Deputy Assistant Director of Counterintelligence – FIRED

Lisa Page, Office of General Counsel – FIRED/FORCED

Mike Kortan, Assistant Director for Public Affairs – FIRED

Josh Campbell, Special Assistant to Comey – FIRED

David Laufman, Chief of the Justice Department’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section [NAT SEC – HRC email invest] – FIRED/FORCE

John Carlin, Assistant Attorney General – Head of DOJ’s National Security Division – FIRED/FORCED

Sally Yates, Deputy Attorney General & Acting Attorney General – FIRED

Mary McCord, Acting Assistant Attorney General – Acting Head of DOJ’s National Security Division – FIRED/FORCED

Bruce Ohr, Associate Deputy Attorney General – Demoted 2x – cooperating witness [power removed] – TERMINATION IMMINENT Rachel Brand, Associate Attorney General – No. 3 official behind Deputy AG Rosenstein – FIRED/FORCED


Africa Studio, Shutterstock

‘The political pressure will be very interesting:’ What happens next with Proposition 2?

By Carter Williams, KSL.com | Posted – Oct 11th, 2018 @ 7:40am

SALT LAKE CITY — Medical marijuana is shaping up to be a major topic for Utahns this November, even with a deal in place between those who support and those who oppose an initiative to legalize the medicinal use of the drug on Utah’s ballots come election day.

That deal, which was reached last week, called for Proposition 2, the medical marijuana initiative on Utah ballots, to remain untouched for the November election but also for a special legislative session to be held to address the issue after the general election.

The deal centers around how medical marijuana is consumed, how it’s sold, and defines conditions for how a medical cannabis card would be issued, according to a report by the Deseret News.

It was a compromise agreed upon by parties on both sides of the initiative, including the Drug Safe Utah and the Utah Patients Coalition, two of the leading coalitions for and against the initiative, respectively.

“Whether (Proposition 2) passes or fails, we’re going to arrive at the same point and conclusion, which is going to be (of) benefit to the people of Utah,” Gov. Gary Herbert said during a press conference announcing the deal last Thursday.

Prop 2 in the polls

The deal didn’t seem to impact the overall opinion of the proposition. The Deseret News released results from a poll on Tuesday that found 43 percent strongly supported and 21 percent somewhat favored Proposition 2, as compared to 21 percent who strongly opposed and 12 percent somewhat opposed. The polling was conducted by ScottRasmussen.com/HarrisX on behalf of the newspaper.

The results were strikingly similar to the results of a poll conducted by Dan Jones & Associates for Utah Policy Sept. 4 that also found 64 percent in favor of the initiative and 33 percent opposed. The results of that poll showed a change from 73 percent in favor of it and 25 percent opposed in May.

Some of the shift in attitude came at the same time as those against the proposition publicly ramped up their opposition toward it. Drug Safe Utah held a press conference Aug. 23 to voice concerns about the proposal, after which groups on both sides to begin to air ads for or against Proposition 2.

Being informed is 100 percent the issue. There’s so much misinformation out there currently and most of it gets mired and bogged down in minutiae of what the laws may or may not include down the road.

–John Saltas, Salt Lake City Weekly founder

Proponents and opponents of the initiative both said their views of the initiative haven’t changed, but planned to pull ads after last week’s agreement was reached.

While public opinion appears to be set in stone on the topic, Boyd Matheson, opinion editor for the Deseret News, said on KSL Newsradio’s “Dave and Dujanovic” Wednesday that the polling results don’t mean everyone has made up their minds on the issue and it’s all resolved.

“It doesn’t mean that everyone is locked and loaded and there’s no more conversations to be had,” he said.

The debate moving forward

There’s been plenty of debate regarding medical marijuana and the initiative this year, especially prior to the agreement reached last week.

It was the main reason John Saltas, founder and publisher of Salt Lake City Weekly and a supporter of medical marijuana, announced the state’s first ever Medical Cannabis Conference back in August. The event, which features speakers and panels, was intended to educate Utahns on what exactly medical marijuana is and does for those who use it in the weeks before the election, Saltas said.

The event is still slated to be held at the Mountain America Expo Center in Sandy Oct. 19-20. The discussions at the event are expected to be centered on the different medical uses for marijuana, including as an alternative to prescription opioid drugs.

“Being informed is 100 percent the issue,” Saltas told KSL.com in September. “There’s so much misinformation out there currently and most of it gets mired and bogged down in minutiae of what the laws may or may not include down the road. … There’s just a broad, broad, broad range of medical relief to be had.”

Read more:

The Deseret News poll released Tuesday signaled to a possible concern Utahns have with medical marijuana. It stated 57 percent of those polled were “at least somewhat concerned” the proposition could clear the way for recreational marijuana, which is legal in two of Utah’s neighboring states, Colorado and Nevada.

“I think that’s one of the bigger concerns out there,” Matheson said Wednesday. “Is this the glide path in? We’ve seen the impacts on places like (Nevada) and Colorado and California in terms of where that leads to the recreational use of marijuana.”

A portion of the compromise was to ensure central pharmacies would distribute marijuana so Utah could move away from the “pot shop mentality,” he added.

Does the vote matter?

Saltas noted prior to the agreement that Utahns were fed up with legislatures that weren’t addressing the issue.

“The state had their chance many times over the past few years to collectively get together and fix a path to this and they didn’t,” he said. “It’s only through the referendum that forced the vote, then they finally make a rational attempt to make something happen. The people have to do it or it’s not going to happen.”

If Proposition 2 passes untouched, it would go into law 2019. The plan under the agreement is to piece together a new law on medical marijuana whether or not the bill passes.

Sen. Todd Weiler, R-Woods Cross, explained the process.

“An initiative that passes, like Proposition 2, that’s one bill. The citizens collectively have an equal power to the legislature to pass bills. If I pass a bill in 2017, the legislature can pass another bill in 2018 that changes my bill or revokes my bill or amends my bill or whatever,” Weiler said in an interview on KSLNewsradio Wednesday.

He said he supports medical marijuana, but the problem he saw in Proposition 2 was that it wasn’t a yes or no question; it asked how medical marijuana should be distributed in Utah.

“I think by Proposition 2 having the support in passing, it sends a clear signal ‘yes, we want medical marijuana,'” he added. “Proposition 2, I think, had some fatal defects, but it did advance the discussion and I think we’re going to land in a good place.”

Medical marijuana poll

A recent Deseret News poll showed 64 percent of likely Utah voters support Proposition 2. Thirty-three percent of respondents said they were against it.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • 43 percent strongly support Proposition 2
  • 21 percent somewhat support Proposition 2
  • 12 percent somewhat oppose Proposition 2
  • 21 percent strongly oppose Proposition 2
  • 3 percent were not sure

The poll questioned 1,087 likely Utah voters from Sept. 30 to Oct. 7. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.97 percentage points.

The compromise, while public and something agreed upon from both sides, isn’t quite set in stone since lawmakers will have to wait for the November vote before holding the special session.

In fact, when state lawmakers return to the Utah State Capitol for the special session, they will have to decide whether and how to make changes to the proposition passed by the people.

“The political pressure will be very interesting coming out of this,” Matheson said. “I think that’s why you’re seeing (Drug Safe Utah), including The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, still saying ‘we want people to vote no’ for that very reason. It isn’t a binding agreement, in terms of the compromise with the legislature, so that could be suspect once we get past the vote.”

Contributing: Debbie Dujanovic and Dave Noriega, KSL Newsradio

Editor’s note: A quote in the article previously had the typo of “wired” instead of “mired.” That has been corrected to reflect that the person said “mired.”








Bizarre Particles Keep Flying out of Antarctica's Ice, and They Might Shatter Modern Physics
The balloon-borne Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA), pictured here shortly before a launch in 2014, is a physics experiment that has detected mysterious emissions from deep within Antarctica’s ice. Credit: NASA and Balloon Program Office

There’s something mysterious coming up from the frozen ground in Antarctica, and it could break physics as we know it.

Physicists don’t know what it is exactly. But they do know it’s some sort of cosmic ray—a high-energy particle that’s blasted its way through space, into the Earth, and back out again. But the particles physicists know about—the collection of particles that make up what scientists call the Standard Model (SM) of particle physics—shouldn’t be able to do that. Sure, there are low-energy neutrinos that can pierce through miles upon miles of rock unaffected. But high-energy neutrinos, as well as other high-energy particles, have “large cross-sections.” That means that they’ll almost always crash into something soon after zipping into the Earth and never make it out the other side.

And yet, since March 2016, researchers have been puzzling over two events in Antarctica where cosmic rays did burst out from the Earth, and were detected by NASA’s Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA)—a balloon-borne antenna drifting over the southern continent.


ANITA is designed to hunt cosmic rays from outer space, so the high-energy neutrino community was buzzing with excitement when the instrument detected particles that seemed to be blasting up from Earth instead of zooming down from space. Because cosmic rays shouldn’t do that, scientists began to wonder whether these mysterious beams are made of particles never seen before.

Since then, physicists have proposed all sorts of explanations for these “upward going” cosmic rays, from sterile neutrinos (neutrinos that rarely ever bang into matter) to “atypical dark matter distributions inside the Earth,” referencing the mysterious form of matter that doesn’t interact with light [The 18 Biggest Unsolved Mysteries in Physics]

All the explanations were intriguing, and suggested that ANITA might have detected a particle not accounted for in the Standard Model. But none of the explanations demonstrated conclusively that something more ordinary couldn’t have caused the signal at ANITA.

A new paper uploaded today (Sept. 26) to the preprint server arXiv changes that. In it, a team of astrophysicists from Penn State University showed that there have been more upward-going high-energy particles than those detected during the two ANITA events. Three times, they wrote, IceCube (another, larger neutrino observatory in Antarctica) detected similar particles, though no one had yet connected those events to the mystery at ANITA. And, combining the IceCube and ANITA data sets, the Penn State researchers calculated that, whatever particle is bursting up from the Earth, it has much less than a 1-in-3.5 million chance of being part of the Standard Model. (In technical, statistical terms, their results had confidences of 5.8 and 7.0 sigma, depending on which of their calculations you’re looking at.)


Derek Fox, the lead author on the new paper, said that he first came across the ANITA events in May 2018, in one of the earlier papers attempting to explain them.


“I was like, ’Well this model doesn’t make much sense,’” Fox told Live Science, “but the [ANITA] result is very intriguing, so I started checking up on it. I started talking to my office neighbor Steinn Sigurdsson [the second author on the paper, who is also at Penn State] about whether maybe we could gin up some more plausible explanations than the papers that have been published to date.”

Fox, Sigurdsson and their colleagues started looking for similar events in data collected by other detectors. When they came across possible upward-going events in IceCube data, he said, he realized that he might have come across something really game-changing for physics. [5 Mysterious Particles Lurking Underground]

“That’s what really got me going, and looking at the ANITA events with the utmost seriousness,” he said, later adding, “This is what physicists live for. Breaking models, setting new constraints [on reality], learning things about the universe we didn’t know.”

As Live Science has previously reported, experimental, high-energy particle physics has been at a standstill for the last several years. When the 17-mile (27 kilometers), $10 billion Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was completed on the border between France and Switzerland in 2009, scientists thought it would unlock the mysteries of supersymmetry—the mysterious, theoretical class of particles that scientists suspect might exist outside of current physics, but had never detected. According to supersymmetry, every existing particle in the Standard Model has a supersymmetric partner. Researchers suspect these partners exist because the masses of known particles are out of wack—not symmetric with one another.

“Even though the SM works very well in explaining a plethora of phenomena, it still has many handicaps,” said Seyda Ipek, a particle physicist at UC Irvine, who was not involved in the current research. “For example, it cannot account for the existence of dark matter, [explain  mathematical weirdness in] neutrino masses, or the matter-antimatter asymmetry of the universe.”


Instead, the LHC confirmed the Higgs boson, the final undetected part of the Standard Model, in 2012. And then it stopped detecting anything else that important or interesting. Researchers began to question whether any existing physics experiment could ever detect a supersymmetric particle.

“We need new ideas,” Jessie Shelton, a theoretical physicist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, told Live Science in May, around the same time that Fox first became interested in the ANITA data.

Now, several scientists not involved in the Penn State paper told Live Science that it offers solid (if incomplete) evidence that something new has really arrived.

“It was clear from the start that if the ANITA anomalous events are due to particles that had propagated through thousands of kilometers of Earth, then those particles were very likely not SM particles,” said Mauricio Bustamante, an astrophysicist at the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen, who was not an author on the new paper.

“The paper that appeared today is the first systematic calculation of how unlikely is that these events were due to SM neutrinos,” he added. “Their result strongly disfavors a SM explanation.”


“I think it’s very compelling,” said Bill Louis, a neutrino physicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory who was not involved in the paper and has been following research into the ANITA events for several months.

If standard model particle created these anomalies, they should have been neutrinos. Researchers know that both because of the particles they decayed into, and because no other standard model particle would even have a fragment of a chance in a million of making it through the Earth.

But neutrinos of this energy, Louis said, just shouldn’t make it through the Earth often enough for ANITA or IceCube to detect. It’s not how they work. But neutrino detectors like ANITA and IceCube don’t detect neutrinos directly. Instead, they detect the particles that neutrinos decay into after smashing into Earth’s atmosphere or Antarctic ice. And there are other events that can generate those particles, triggering the detectors. This paper strongly suggests that those events must have been supersymmetric, Louis said, though he added that more data is necessary.

Fox and his colleagues went on to argue that the particles are most likely to be a sort of theoretical supersymmetric particle called “stau sleptons.” Stau sleptons are supersymmetric versions of a Standard Model particle called the tau lepton. The “S” is for “supersymmetric” (really). [Sparticles to Neutrinos: The Coolest Little Particles in the Universe]

Louis said that at this stage he thinks that level of specificity is “a bit of a stretch.”


The authors make a strong statistical case that no conventional particle would be likely to travel through the Earth in this way, he said, but there isn’t yet enough data to be certain. And there’s certainly not enough that they could definitively figure out what particle made the trip.

Fox didn’t dispute that.

“As an observer, there’s no way that I can know that this is a stau,” he said. “From my perspective, I go trawling around trying to discover new things about the universe, I come upon some really bizarre phenomenon, and then with my colleagues, we do a little literature search to see if anybody has ever thought that this might happen. And then if we find papers in the literature, including one from 14 years ago that predict something just like this phenomenon, then that gets really high weight from me.”

He and his colleagues did find a long chain of papers from theorists predicting that stau sleptons might turn up like this in neutrino observatories. And because those papers were written before the ANITA anomaly, Fox said, that suggests strongly to him that those theorists were onto something.

But there remains a lot of uncertainty on that front, he said. Right now, researchers just know that whatever this particle is, it interacts very weakly with other particles, or else it would have never survived the trip through the planet’s dense mass.


Every physicist who spoke with Live Science agreed that researchers need to collect more data to verify that ANITA and IceCube have cracked supersymmetry. It’s possible, Fox said, that when IceCube researchers dig into their data archives they’ll find more, similar events that had previously gone unnoticed. Louis and Bustamante both said that NASA should run more ANITA flights to see if similar upward-going particles turn up.

“For us to be certain that these events are not due to unknown unknowns—say, unmapped properties of the Antarctic ice—we would like other instruments to also detect these sort of events,” Bustamante said.

Over the long-term, if these results are confirmed and the details of what particle is causing them are nailed down, several researchers said that the ANITA anomaly might unlock even more new physics at the LHC.

“Any observation a non-SM particle would be a game changer, because it would tell us which path we should take after the SM,” Ipek said. “The type of [supersymmetric] particle they claim to have produced the signals of, sleptons, are very hard to produce and detect at LHC.”

“So, it is very interesting if they can be observed by other types of experiments. Of course, if this is true, then we will expect a ladder of other [supersymmetric] particles to be observed at the LHC, which would be a complementary test of the claims.”

In other words, the ANITA anomalies could offer scientists the key information necessary to properly tune the LHC to unlock more of supersymmetry. Those experiments might even turn up an explanation for dark matter.

Right now, Fox said, he’s just hungry for more data.

Copyright 2018 LiveScience.com, a Purch company. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.



Evan Vucci, AP Photo

Music bill puts Kid Rock, Mike Love, Donald Trump and Orrin Hatch on the same stage

By Dennis Romboy, KSL | Posted – Oct 11th, 2018 @ 1:54pm

1 photo

SALT LAKE CITY — For years, Sen. Orrin Hatch has moonlighted as a songwriter, even penning a tune that found its way into a Hollywood movie soundtrack.

On Thursday, the 84-year-old Utah Republican stood next to the likes of Kid Rock, Beach Boys’ Mike Love and “Soul Man” singer Sam Moore as President Donald Trump signed Hatch’s bill to help songwriters get paid fair value for their songs.

“They’ve been working on this for years and years and years, and I guess certain entertainers have been taken advantage of for a long time, but no longer, because of Trump, can you believe it?” the president said before signing the Music Modernization Act in a ceremony at the White House.

Calling him a “legendary” senator, Trump recognized Hatch as an “accomplished musician and songwriter in his own right, which I heard, but I haven’t heard his music. I’ll let you know when I do.”

Hatch has written dozens of songs, often with religious or patriotic themes. He wrote a love song for the late Sen. Ted Kennedy and his wife, Vickie, titled “Souls Along the Way.” His lullaby “Little Angel of Mine” was used in the movie “Stuart Little 2.”

The senator even has a song written about him. Rock musician Frank Zappa recorded an instrumental on his 1988 album “Guitar” called “Orrin Hatch on Skis.”

Hatch called the bill, which passed the House and Senate unanimously, the most important copyright legislation in a generation.

“It’s going to renew the interest in music throughout the country and throughout the world,” he said.

Hatch also used the occasion to praise Trump, saying, “you’re making a real helluva difference in this country, it’s a good difference.”

The law will improve the lives of songwriters, recording artists, producers, sound engineers and just about everyone who works in the music industry, the senator said.

The legislation updates music licensing laws to make it easier for songwriters to get paid when their music is streamed or purchased online. It ensures that songwriters are paid a fair market rate when their songs are played, and that recording artists and producers are fairly compensated for their work. It also revises outdated songwriter royalty standards.

According to Standard and Poor’s, there were 86 million paying subscribers to digital streaming services in 2016 who streamed music 252 billion times.

Revenues generated from online music accounted for half the music industry’s revenues in 2016. As digital streaming has increased in popularity, the number of individual song downloads and compact discs sold has fallen.

Between 2015 and 2016, individual song downloads dropped 24 percent, and CD sales fell below 100 million units, resulting in less royalties paid to songwriters.







Reverse payment patent settlement

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Reverse payment patent settlements, also known as “pay-for-delay” agreements,[1] are a kind of an agreement that settles patent infringement litigation, in which the company that has brought the suit agrees to pay the company it sued. That is, the patentee pays the alleged infringer to end the lawsuit and stop challenging the validity of the disputed patent. These agreements are distinct from most patent settlements, which usually involve the alleged infringer paying the patent holder.[2][3]

Reverse payment patent settlements result from a peculiarity in US regulatory law arising from the Hatch-Waxman Act passed in 1984. The law encourages patent infringement litigation with incentives outside the patent system.[4] Under the Act, the first generic company to successfully challenge the patents of the innovative company, and that has its Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) accepted by the FDA, is awarded with six months of exclusivity. During that time that FDA is not allowed to approve any other company’s ANDA, and only the originator company and the winning generics company can market the drug. Because of the lack of competition, the price that the generic company can charge during this period is much higher than it eventually will be when other generic companies are allowed to sell the drug as well.[4][5] In settling the litigation, the generics company can calculate the income it would get due to that 6 month administrative exclusivity, and the innovator can calculate the amount of money it would lose from sales to the generic company. The parties might agree that a cash payment from the innovator to the generic company is an arrangement in which both parties benefit more than they would if the litigation were to continue.[4][6]

The settlements have been criticized as anti-competitive and thus violating United States antitrust law, and contrary to the public interest, principally because they frustrate the purpose of the Hatch-Waxman Act, which was to increase competition and incentive the entry of generic drugs.[6][7]

The first ruling by the US Supreme Court in relation to reverse payment settlements came in 2013, in which the Court ruled that the “Federal Trade Commission can sue pharmaceutical companies for potential antitrust violations” in the face of such settlements.[8][9] Following that case, which involved Solvay Pharmaceutical’s drug AndroGel and a reverse payment settlement between Solvay and Actavis, the number of academic papers about reverse payment patent settlement greatly increased.[10]


Prescription drugs[edit]

Clinton has proposed to redirect subsidies that go to direct-to-consumer drug company advertising to research and development of drugs.[97][99] According to her plan, health insurance plans will be required to place a monthly limit of $250 on covered out-of-pocket prescription drug costs for individuals.[97][99] She proposes to “fully fund the FDA’s Office of Generic Drugs to clear out their multi-year generic drug approval backlog.”[97][99] She proposes to lower the exclusivity period of “biologics” from 12 to 7 years to “spur greater competition” and save government spending.[97][99] Her prescription drug plan says that she will seek to prohibit “pay for delay” arrangements, referring to arrangements where patent holders make payments to potential competitors to stop them from entering the market with generic drugs.[97][99]

In June 2015, when TPP was still being negotiated, Clinton said that drug firms that benefit from deal should offer discounts.[104] One of her stated reasons for opposing the final version of the TPP agreement is that it puts “the interests of drug companies ahead of patients and consumers”.[105]




Explaining the On and Off-Planet Strategies of Liberation: Ground Crew Command Radio Tonight Oct 3 with the Unknown Light Warrior

If you are growing more confused by the day, this may clear up some of the fog. These are fascinating and frustrating times, my friends.

On the surface we have the Christine Blasey-Ford/ Kavanaugh standoff, but it goes much deeper. It always does.

As Jim alludes below, the relentless attack on women, symbolic of the Goddess, is so often at the forefront of the cabal’s attacks. Combine that with the dark’s ability to completely confuse the issue for so many people, polarizing them so they can’t agree or can’t see to the bottom of it, and you have a recipe for chaos.

Do you ever wonder what the MOSS and EXMOSS covert operations Cobra talks about are? We’re going to find out. The fact that this is an Interdimensional war further complicates matters for Humans. It’s not only about the physical, although that’s all we can see. In truth, that’s the least of it.

Read below and then tune in tonight to Ground Crew Command Radio when Jim will explain many things that relate to our liberation process, including the on and off-planet sit-rep.

It is important for multiple reasons that Humanity takes control of the liberation process as much as possible. Since the ones reading this are aware of the reality, it’s up to us. As Q commands—Fight! Fight! Fight!  Any way you can.  ~ BP

Reaching The Frequency of The Event, to Manifest It… The Whole Moss & ExMoss Business Explained & Why It’s Made Victory Nigh + Blasey Ford’s CIA/MK Ultra Connections + Much More

October 2, 2018

The Unknown Lightwarrior

Lot’s happening as always, the ramifications of which is yet again reminding us that planetary liberation ain’t for the faint-of-heart.

But DO hang-in there … and ‘keep it together’ … because here’s why.

On this week’s show, I’ll be putting needed focus on analyzing the whole Moss & ExMoss business Cobra has been reporting on.

I’ll reveal:

  • what Moss & ExMoss actually is, and how it was used to suppress consciousness of the kind that’s crucial to a more smoother – not just quicker – planetary ascension.
  • how it’s affected us individually & as a collective to unite at a whole new level to expedite planetary liberation.
  • the powers it unleashes for those who are consistently doing their internal work

These are critical breakthroughs for planetary liberation.

… with our minds not freed, it’s ‘a wee bit hard’ to unleash our power & expedite planetary liberation … (what, did you think our off-world brethren were going to do it for us??). This is just one (of MANY) parts to manifesting the Event sooner, rather than later.

Physical & Non-physical darkness has placed so many layers of interferences on us, that the situation  was – beyond stupid -. And that’s the off-world’s perspective, because they see things a lot more clearly than us.

Actually … they’re surprised we’re still standing.

BIG kudos to us!

All-in-all … it’s been full steam ahead with winning the war on the non-physical planes. The unavoidable pre-requisite to liberation on the physical plane.


The Cabal’s Frame-Job, To Prevent It’s Arrests & Quick Incarceration … and thus, prevent humanity’s freedom.

Of course, it’s nothing short of sickening & disgusting how the Cabal is using rape – the utmost terrifying crime against the Goddess… as a weapon to frame someone they fear could take action against them, … thus trivializing & making it harder for women who really were raped, to be believed – whenever there’s little or no evidence to go on.

Yep … Sure enough, it’s beginning to look like the whole thing could all be a lie, to prevent Kavanaugh’s nomination & thus the Supreme Court’s ability to decide on military tribunals (instead of civilian criminal trails that would last a decade) and for the civilian majority named in the sealed indictments to be quickly incarcerated, (see 5min video below).

Thanks to Blasey Ford’s CIA farther & MK Ultra connections (watch the video) there’s little or no doubt she was raped & tortured when she was young. But for those of us who’ve done their homework on MILABS … an umbrella of the trauma based MK ULTRA Mind Control program … you’ll know that she’s probably had at least one of her ‘alters’ activated (alternate personality created from the torture) in order to make a false accusation.

…..and then there’s the fact that all the named witnesses insist that they didn’t see anything happen….

Have a look at this 7min video by journalist & documentary film maker … Bill Still, best known for his documentary on the Cabal’s control of The Fed, and how it creates artificial scarcity/poverty, through it. (1 Hr. 50 min) A documentary I strongly recommend you watch if you haven’t.

Here’s Bill’s recent update on Christine Ford and her CIA Connections.

(Skip to: 1 min: 25 seconds)

More damning info about some of the evidence, from Q.

The lies that bring about – or maintain – tyranny, are what we’re fighting against.

What To Shine The Transmutational Light of Your Consciousness On, This Week

This week I also get into…

  • for the Liberals among us (as far as our 3D false persona is concerned) … get crucial clarity on why Q is asking for all Americans to vote Republican these mid-terms. And it’s not what you think.
  • Q confirm’s that Trump is part of the Q-Team
  • US White Hats promise a ‘bloody October’ in retaliation for Cabal’s latest attempt to assassinate Trump, (yet again weakening theories that “Trump is a Rothschild/Black Nobility agent pretending to be a good guy”). And what it means to us, that the Cabal had to use an Israeli sub in order to launch the missile against Air Force One.
  • White Hats fight back in the Kavanaugh hearings circus as they & their Senate colleagues not working for the Cabal prepare legal charges against those propped up by the Cabal who made false accusations. Find out how Lightworkers helped bring this development about.
  • Find out what one Lightwarrior did to the replica of the Babylonian Arch of Ba’al, known as the Gate of Satan, erected in Washington, D.C. ‘just as the slander fest against Judge Kavanaugh ramped up’.

… and as always much, much more on – Ground Crew Command (live broadcasts every Wed 9pm EDT) … YOUR central support network; and your weekly dose of empowering clarity, inspiration & motivation to get you through the Archon invented “work week” –

click here for the reminder & to listen in-http://www.blogtalkradio.com/groundcrewcommandradio





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