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Uranium One: FBI Refuses To Release Three-Dozen Secret Memos Involving Clintons, Russia And Obama

Posted: 01 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

The FBI has refused to declassify 37 pages of materials related to the Uranium One deal, citing national security and the privacy issues, reports The Hill’s John Solomon. The documents are thought to contain information regarding then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s involvement, as well as the Obama administration’s knowledge of the controversial deal.

Facebook, Google, and Amazon are big winners in the new NAFTA deal

Posted: 01 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

The new “USMCA” deal the US, Canada, and Mexico tentatively agreed to provides wide-reaching protection to internet giants from lawsuits and liabilities for what appears on their services.

As Saudis Defend Against War Crimes Allegations, Saudi Airstrike in Yemen Kills Entire Family

Posted: 01 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

Saudi Arabia, backed by the United States, carried out an airstrike targeting a displaced family in the Mustaba district in the province of Hajjah, southwestern Yemen early Tuesday morning. A man, his wife, and their nine-year old only-daughter were killed in the strike, along with 10 others.

Military and U.S. Law Enforcement Establishing Joint Communication Network for Biometric Databases

Posted: 01 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

Does anyone remember that it used to be considered a conspiracy theory to warn people about biometric databases? Well, now that it is an accepted reality, we should be looking even farther down the slippery slope for new signposts indicating even greater plans to track, trace and database all human beings. Apparently it is neither sufficient — nor efficient — to have the myriad databases currently at the disposal of agencies like the Department of Defense, FBI or Homeland Security.

This Is What It Looks and Sounds Like When Thousands of Amazon Workers Learn They Just Won $15 an Hour

Posted: 01 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

What does it look and sound like when thousands of Amazon workers learn that CEO and world’s richest man Jeff Bezos has finally relented to widespread grassroots pressure and raised the company’s minimum wage to $15 an hour? In a video posted to Twitter on Tuesday, Dave Clark—Amazon’s senior vice president for worldwide operations and customer service—captured the moment he announced to California warehouse workers early Tuesday that Amazon has decided, in the face of intensifying political scrutiny, to raise its entry-level wage to $15 an hour for all of its 350,000 U.S. workers.

Anthrax False Flag Redux?

Posted: 01 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

Immediately after the anthrax attacks in 2001, Bush neocons put pressure on FBI Director Robert Mueller to prove the mysterious attack was the work of al-Qaeda, a fantasy on par with Saddam’s WMDs. This story—the essence of fake news—left out something important: it takes complex equipment to prepare anthrax spores for weaponization and it was highly unlikely if not impossible for Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda to produce the substance in a remote Afghan cave.

How the Super-Rich Are Gutting What Remains of US Democracy

Posted: 01 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

If you, like most Americans, believe you’re being screwed by the U.S. political system, and would like to know exactly how the screwing functions, tune into “Dark Money,” a new documentary premiering Monday, October 1 on PBS. The film, directed by Kimberly Reed, is one of the most expert dissections ever conducted of the subterranean tentacles quietly strangling U.S. democracy. (“Dark Money” was co-funded by Topic Studios, which is part of First Look Media, along with The Intercept.)

Why you should be worried about Five Eyes having access to every electronic device

Posted: 01 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

According to an article in the National Post the Five Eyes intelligence network is demanding tech companies provide a backdoor into all their electronic devices. “Canada joined its intelligence allies recently in demanding that technology companies co-operate with law enforcement agencies in allowing access to encrypted communications.”

“Hillary Said So”: Iran Quotes WikiLeaks At U.N. To Prove Saudis Are State Sponsors Of Terror

Posted: 01 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

Those rare moments that WikiLeaks gets invoked at the United Nations are always fun, especially when part of a tense feud between Middle East rivals and involving Hillary Clinton. Iranian Ambassador to the UN Gholamali Khoshroo gave a fiery speech during the final days of the UN General Assembly meeting in New York wherein he responded to specific charges of Saudi Arabia that Iran sponsors terrorism and is waging proxy wars on Riyadh throughout the Middle East, saying that global terrorism actually originates with the Saudis.

California Passes First U.S. Ban on Animal-Tested Cosmetics

Posted: 01 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

California Governor Jerry Brown signed a first-of-its-kind law banning the sale of animal tested cosmetics Friday, the Huffington Post reported. “We are grateful to Governor Brown for signing this bill,” California state director for the Humane Society of the United States Crystal Moreland said in a press release. “I am proud that California is the first state in the nation to take a stand against cruel cosmetic animal testing.”

FBI agent shot by booby-trapped wheelchair inside southern Oregon home

Posted: 01 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

They slipped by the minivan outfitted with the spring-loaded jaws of animal snares and avoided a circular hot tub turned on its side and designed to roll over trespassers who triggered a tripwire — something reminiscent of “a scene from the movie ‘Indiana Jones.’” But the FBI special agent and three state police bomb technicians never made it past the empty wheelchair inside the manufactured home they entered on the southern Oregon property, court records say.

400 guns stolen from UPS, ATF offering cash reward

Posted: 01 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

Police are searching for the people who stole 400 guns from a UPS facility. The burglary happened Sunday on Brooks Road. One of the two suspects was seen wearing a black and gray jacket with dark pants. The other was wearing all black. They left the scene in a U-Haul.

This gender reveal party went seriously wrong and started a huge fire

Posted: 01 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

It turns out that an Arizona fire that caused millions of dollars in damage began when a gender reveal celebration went awry. When off-duty Border Patrol agent Dennis Dickey used a high-velocity firearm in April 2017 to shoot a target filled with either blue or pink powder, he caused an explosion that set the Coronado National Fore ablaze and ultimately damaged more than 45,000 acres of land.

Saudi state spies on dissidents in Canada using software built by Israeli firm

Posted: 01 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

The government of Saudi Arabia is spying on expatriate dissidents in Canada using commercially available software designed by an Israeli company, according to researchers at the University of Toronto. This is alleged in a new report published on Monday by the Citizen Lab, a research unit of the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, which focuses on information technology, international security and human rights. The report’s authors say they have “high confidence” that intrusive surveillance software is being deployed to target the electronic communications of Saudi dissidents, including Omar Abdulaziz, a Saudi activist who has been living in Canada’s Quebec province for nearly 10 years.

WATCH: What Tailgaiting in a Police State Looks Like, Police Helicopter Rains Down Hell on Tailgaters

Posted: 01 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

In all of our years reporting on police conduct and activity at the Free Thought Project, we have never seen anything like we are reporting today. Several utterly insane videos show police officers from Penn State University using their helicopter to rain down hell from above on hundreds of students and parents alike who were tailgaiting for the game.

Travelers to New Zealand who refuse a digital strip search will be fined $5000

Posted: 01 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

New Zealand’s Customs and Excise Act 2018 went into effect today. That means travelers who refuse to give their phone or laptop password to customs officials will be fined NZ$5000. In addition, their devices will be confiscated and forensically searched.

As facial-recognition technology grows, so does wariness about privacy. Use at a school in Seattle fuels debate.

Posted: 01 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

As Mike Vance approaches the glass door that leads to RealNetworks’ engineering office, he smiles slightly at a small camera mounted in front of him. Click. The door unlocks, responding to a command from software powering the camera that recognized Vance’s face and confirmed his identity.

US Gross National Debt Jumps by $1.27 Trillion in Fiscal 2018, Hits $21.5 Trillion

Posted: 01 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

The US gross national debt jumped by $84 billion on September 28, the last business day of fiscal year 2018, the Treasury Department reported Monday afternoon. During the entire fiscal year 2018, the gross national debt ballooned by $1.271 trillion to a breath-taking height of $21.52 trillion.

Medical malpractice kills 500 times more Americans than accidental gun deaths
Mike Adams Modern medicine kills 500 times more Americans than accidental gun deaths, according to government statistics. So where are the heartfelt protests against Big Pharma, the toxic cancer industry and surgery quackery?

Nowhere to be found. See the full story here.

On the political front, given that America is tearing itself apart this week over the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, I’ve got two important updates.

First, this claim that “all women must be believed” is irreconcilable with the progressive claim that any man can decide to be a woman at any time, via transgenderism. We must only believe women, we’re told, but we’re also told that the very concepts of “men” and “women” have no objective definitions in the first place.

So it doesn’t add up. See my hilarious dismantling of the lunacy here.

Finally today: The creepy lawyer Avenatti has rolled out a desperate “rape train” accusation against Kavanaugh in a last-ditch effort to stop his confirmation.

As you might expect, it’s all a last-minute hoax. There’s no lie they won’t push to stop the nomination at this point.

See the breaking news report here.

Dear friends,

Election Security Crisis.

Explore below key excerpts of revealing news articles on the ongoing elections security crisis in the US due to vulnerable electronic voting machines, a warning by the American Academy of Pediatrics that chemicals contained in processed foods may cause health problems for kids, the reduction of the overall monarch butterfly population by over 80 percent since the introduction of Monsanto’s RoundUp weedkiller, and more.

Read also wonderfully inspiring articles on pictures sent back to Earth from the surface of an asteroid by a Japanese spacecraft, how a popular figure in America’s white nationalist movement learned to change his prejudicial ways, research showing the psychoactive drug MDMA has a surprisingly pro-social effect on octopus behavior, and more. You can also skip to this section now.

Each excerpt is taken verbatim from the major media website listed at the link provided. If any link fails, see this page. The most important sentences are highlighted. And don’t miss the “What you can do” section below the summaries. By educating ourselves and spreading the word, we can and will build a brighter future.

With best wishes for a transformed world,
Mark Bailey and Fred Burks for PEERS and WantToKnow.info

Special note (sources may be less reliable): Learn how Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk was severely bullied as a child. Read an excellent article on how to end the autism epidemic. This revealing 40-minute documentary presents powerful evidence that Pizzagate is more real than most would ever believe. Watch a video showing how censorship is being used even to keep people from finding the truth about the Federal Reserve. Read a great article exploring the inner workings of the U.S. government and how the transition to Trump was incredibly rocky.

Quote of the week: “The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.”  ~~  Gloria Steinem

The Crisis of Election Security
September 26, 2018, New York Times

As the 2018 elections approach, the American intelligence community is issuing increasingly dire warnings about potential interference from Russia and other countries. D.H.S. has now conducted remote-scanning and on-site assessments of state and county election systems. These [measures] don’t address core vulnerabilities in voting machines or the systems used to program them. And they ignore the fact that many voting machines that elections officials insist are disconnected from the internet — and therefore beyond the reach of hackers — are in fact accessible by way of the modems they use to transmit vote totals on election night. Add to this the fact that states don’t conduct robust postelection audits … and there’s a good chance we simply won’t know if someone has altered the digital votes in the next election. How did our election system get so vulnerable, and why haven’t officials tried harder to fix it? The answer, ultimately, comes down to politics and money: The voting machines are made by well-connected private companies that wield immense control over their proprietary software, often fighting vigorously in court to prevent anyone from examining it when things go awry. The stakes are high. But the focus on Russia, or any would-be election manipulators, ignores the underlying issue — the myriad vulnerabilities that riddle the system and the ill-considered decisions that got us here.

Note: The major media have severely neglected reporting on elections manipulations that have been going on for many decades. For undeniable evidence of this, see our Elections Information Center.

Chemicals in Food May Harm Children, Pediatricians’ Group Says
July 23, 2018, New York Times

A major pediatricians’ group is urging families to limit the use of plastic food containers, cut down on processed meat during pregnancy and consume more whole fruits and vegetables rather than processed food. The American Academy of Pediatrics issued the guidelines. Certain chemicals that enter foods may interfere with the body’s natural hormones in ways that may affect long-term growth and development. Among the chemicals that raised particular concern are nitrates and nitrites, which are used as preservatives, primarily in meat products; phthalates, which are used to make plastic packaging; and bisphenols, used in the lining of metal cans. Also of concern to the pediatricians are perfluoroalkyl chemicals, or PFCs, used in grease-proof paper and packaging, and perchlorates, an antistatic agent used in plastic packaging. “Avoiding canned food is a great way to reduce your bisphenol exposure in general, and avoiding packaged and processed food is a good way to avoid phthalates exposures,” [guidelines author] Dr. Trasande said. He also suggested wrapping foods in wax paper in lieu of plastic wrap. The A.A.P. statement was particularly critical of a regulatory process by which the F.D.A. designates food additives “generally recognized as safe,” citing a … review of the program that determined “the F.D.A. is not able to ensure the safety of existing or new additives through this approval mechanism.”

Note: For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on food system corruption and health.

There Were 1 Billion Monarch Butterflies. Now There Are 93 Million.
September 26, 2018, Yahoo/Esquire

The Congressional Pollinator Protection Caucus, which is an actual thing, held a bipartisan twilight event that involved the release of 50 monarch butterflies into the darkening sky. This was a nice moment. As Rep. Marcy Kaptur, Democrat of Ohio, said, “We should all be able to agree on butterflies.” The CPPC is serious business. Between the destruction of monarch habitats … and the ongoing mystery of colony collapse among the bees, American agriculture is endangered. In 2017, according to the Center For Biological Diversity, the overwintering population of monarchs dropped by a third. The butterfly’s dramatic decline has been driven in large part by the widespread planting of genetically engineered crops. The vast majority of U.S. corn and soybeans are genetically engineered for resistance to Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, a potent killer of milkweed, the monarch caterpillar’s only food. The dramatic surge in the use of Roundup … has virtually wiped out milkweed plants in the Midwest’s corn and soybean fields. Overall monarchs have declined by more than 80 percent over the past two decades. In the mid-1990s the population was estimated at nearly one billion butterflies, but this year’s population is down to approximately 93 million butterflies. The [Trump] administration is determined to defang the Endangered Species Act while a review of the monarch’s status under the ESA is pending.

Note: Recently, Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide was also linked to the rapid decline of bee populations by a major study. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on food system corruption and GMOs.

The man who beat Monsanto: ‘They have to pay for not being honest’
September 26, 2018, The Guardian (One of the UK’s leading newspapers)

Dewayne Johnson tries not to think about dying. Doctors have said the 46-year-old cancer patient could have months to live. The father of three and former school groundskeeper has been learning to live with the gift and burden of being in the spotlight in the month since a California jury ruled that Monsanto caused his terminal cancer. The historic verdict against the agrochemical corporation, which included an award of $289m, has ignited widespread health concerns about the world’s most popular weedkiller. Johnson … was the first person to take Monsanto to trial on allegations that the global seed and chemical company spent decades hiding the cancer risks of its herbicide. He is also the first to win. The groundbreaking verdict further stated that Monsanto “acted with malice” and knew or should have known that its chemicals were “dangerous”. The chemical that changed Johnson’s life is glyphosate, which Monsanto began marketing as Roundup in 1974. The corporation presented the herbicide as a technological breakthrough that could kill nearly every weed without posing dangers to humans or the environment. Roundup products are now registered in 130 countries. Glyphosate can be found in foodwater sources and agricultural workers’ urine. Research … has repeatedly raised concerns about potential harms linked to the herbicide. In 2015, the World Health Organization’s international agency for research on cancer classified glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic to humans”.

Note: The EPA continues to use industry studies to declare Roundup safe while ignoring independent scientists. A recent independent study published in a scientific journal also found a link between glyphosate and gluten intolerance. Internal FDA emails suggest that the food supply contains far more glyphosate than government reports indicate. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on corporate corruption and health.

The Catholic Church’s Unholy Stain
September 13, 2018, New York Times

Pope Francis has summoned senior bishops from around the world for the first global gathering of Roman Catholic leaders to address the crisis of clerical pedophilia. The action is long overdue. The latest barrage of revelations and developments – including a gut-wrenching report by a grand jury in Pennsylvania detailing seven decades of sexual abuse of at least 1,000 children, and probably thousands more, by more than 300 Catholic priests – has left no question that Pope Francis’ legacy will be decided by how he confronts this crisis. To be meaningful, any further response must include openly addressing allegations that the pope was himself party to a cover-up. The president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, met with the pope on Thursday to demand a full investigation into how the former archbishop of Washington, Theodore McCarrick, rose to high rank despite a long and apparently well-known history of sexual predation. The crisis has been further complicated by a scathing public letter from a former Vatican envoy to the United States, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, accusing Francis of lifting sanctions against Cardinal McCarrick. The Viganò letter, the culture wars it reveals within the church, the McCarrick affair and even the Pennsylvania grand jury report must not deflect attention from the core of the crisis. This is a pattern of widespread and gross violations … and of cover-ups stretching [to every corner of] the world.

Note: For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing sexual abuse scandal news articles from reliable major media sources.

Shell and Exxon’s secret 1980s climate change warnings
September 19, 2018, The Guardian (One of the UK’s leading newspapers)

Recently, secret documents have been unearthed detailing what the energy industry knew about the links between their products and global warming. In the 1980s, oil companies like Exxon and Shell carried out internal assessments of the carbon dioxide released by fossil fuels, and forecast the planetary consequences of these emissions. In 1982, for example, Exxon predicted that by about 2060, CO2 levels would reach around 560 parts per million – double the preindustrial level – and that this would push the planet’s average temperatures up by about 2°C over then-current levels. in 1988, an internal report by Shell projected similar effects but also found that CO2 could double even earlier, by 2030. Privately, these companies did not dispute the links between their products, global warming, and ecological calamity. On the contrary, their research confirmed the connections. The effect is all the more chilling in view of the oil giants’ refusal to warn the public about the damage that their own researchers predicted. Although the details of global warming were foreign to most people in the 1980s, among the few who had a better idea than most were the companies contributing the most to it. Despite scientific uncertainties, the bottom line was this: oil firms recognized that their products added CO2 to the atmosphere, understood that this would lead to warming, and calculated the likely consequences. And then they chose to accept those risks on our behalf, at our expense, and without our knowledge.

Note: For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on corporate corruption and climate change.

How the Koch brothers built the most powerful rightwing group you’ve never heard of
September 26, 2018, The Guardian (One of the UK’s leading newspapers)

A little-known, billionaire-funded organization, called Americans for Prosperity (AFP), has tilted American politics to the right. [It] is at the center of the political network created and directed by the billionaire conservative industrialists, Charles and David Koch. AFP has quietly pushed behind the scenes for many of the most important conservative victories across the nation, including the anti-union bills that passed in former union strongholds such as Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ohio. AFP’s laser-like focus on anti-union legislation … reflects strategic calculations. AFP has recognized that to make lasting change in US politics, the Koch network would need to permanently weaken the organizations that support liberal candidates and causes – and above all, the labor movement. Inconstructing AFP, the Kochs have created a vehicle that is perfectly positioned to reshape American politics. AFP focuses on both elections and policy battles at all levels of government. Its activities are mostly centrally directed. And even though grassroots participants do not have much say in the direction of the group, AFP has nearly 3 million citizen activists signed up to mobilize for candidates and policy causes. Taken together, AFP’s grassroots volunteers and staffing rival those of the Republican party itself. By providing resources to support GOP candidates and officials, and exerting leverage on them once elected, AFP has been able to pull the Republican party to the far right on economic, tax and regulatory issues.

Note: The Koch brothers’ secretive empire spent nearly $1 billion on US elections in 2016. Along with opposing organized labor, this empire has been killing public transit projects across the country. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on government corruption and the manipulation of public perception.

Death at Delta Sig: Heiress Wages a Million-Dollar War on Frats
September 24, 2018, Bloomberg

Deborah Tipton settles down to study the evidence once again. She pores over the [pages] containing text messages from her dead son. “Getting hazed bad now and need Xanax. I didn’t even sleep last night and was shaking … What could they do that’s so bad in two hours. They’re just going to yell at us a bunch and maybe make us work out or eat something nasty. They can’t kill us.” Tipton has struggled to untangle the last hours of her son’s life ever since March 26, 2012. Robert [was] a junior at High Point University in North Carolina. The authorities would later rule his death an accident, a drug overdose, another example of fraternity partying run amok. Case closed. To his mother, however, it remains very much open. Her singular quest to solve it may test the power of America’s college fraternities, which … tap into an unrivaled alumni network of presidents, members of Congress, corporate executives and Wall Street investors. Tipton says she has found plenty to make her question the official story. Autopsy photos showed … bruises on his face, around his neck and on his legs and buttocks, as well as a jagged gash on his head. A police detective had jotted down notes. “Bruises?’” she scrawled. “Talk to Frat Brothers.” Tipton says the university is covering up the truth. Parents like Deborah Tipton are fighting to pierce the veil of secrecy that has protected fraternities for two centuries on American college campuses. Grieving families are pushing to investigate deaths once dismissed as roughhousing gone wrong.

Note: For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing secret societies news articles from reliable major media sources.

Governments Can Spy on Journalists in the U.S. Using Invasive Foreign Intelligence Process
September 17, 2018, The Intercept

The U.S. government can monitor journalists under a foreign intelligence law that allows invasive spying and operates outside the traditional court system, according to newly released documents. Targeting members of the press under the law, known as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, requires approval from the Justice Department’s highest-ranking officials. Prior to the release of these documents, little was known about the use of FISA court orders against journalists. Previous attention had been focused on the use of National Security Letters against members of the press; the letters are administrative orders with which the FBI can obtain certain … records without a judge’s oversight. FISA court orders can authorize much more invasive searches and collection, including the content of communications, and do so through hearings conducted in secret and outside the sort of … judicial process that allows journalists and other targets of regular criminal warrants to eventually challenge their validity. The rules apply to media entities or journalists who are thought to be agents of a foreign government, or … possess foreign intelligence information. “There’s a lack of clarity on the circumstances when the government might consider a journalist an agent of a foreign power,” said [Knight Institute staff attorney Ramya] Krishnan. “Think about WikiLeaks; the government has said they are an intelligence operation.”

Note: In its latest instruction manual for federal prosecutors, the US Justice Department removed a subsection titled “Need for Free Press and Public Trial”. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on judicial system corruption and the erosion of civil liberties.

Key Articles From Years Past

Failing grades
November 17, 2016, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

In every state, patient protection is supposed to be the prime directive when it comes to licensing and disciplining doctors. But a 50-state examination by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution found that only a few states have anything close to a comprehensive set of laws that put patients first. “Instead of looking out for victims or possible victims or protecting our society, we’re protecting doctors,” said Rep. Kimberly Williams, a member of the Delaware General Assembly, who sponsored a patient-protection bill last year that was blocked with a veto. The AJC studied five categories of laws in every state in the nation to determine which states are the best – and the worst – at shielding patients from sexually abusive doctors. The statutes examined covered everything from the duty to report bad doctors and the power to revoke the licenses of the worst, to the laws that decide who gets to serve on medical licensing boards and how much information consumers can know about doctors who have gotten into trouble. Not a single state met the highest bar in every category. The AJC’s findings explain how it’s possible for a doctor who has served time on felony charges, molested patients or demanded sex in exchange for prescription drugs to continue seeing patients: In most states, there’s no law against it. It often takes a horrific case or a public expose to get pro-patient legislation passed.

Note: See a list of powerful articles revealing egregious and rampant sexual abuse by doctors around the US. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on sexual abuse scandals and health.

Georgia parole board’s secret votes forgive sex offenders
September 13, 2014, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Barry Davis stood before a judge and admitted to a horrific crime: aggravated sodomy of a 6-year-old girl. Davis served two years in prison and eight on probation, and his name was to live forever on an ignominious list: Georgia’s sex offender registry. But suddenly last year, all was forgiven. Georgia’s parole board granted Davis an unconditional pardon, recognizing his restored reputation and absolving … him of his crime. The board did so without notifying Davis’ victim, her family, or the prosecutor and judge who sent him to prison. And now Davis, like at least one other pardoned child molester from Georgia, says he no longer has to comply with the state’s restrictions on sex offenders. Davis’ case underscores the near-absolute autonomy exercised by Georgia’s Board of Pardons and Paroles, a government agency that is not accountable to legislators, judges, or even the governor who appoints its members. The board classifies almost all material in its files as “confidential state secrets.” The board does not meet in public to consider cases. It announces no justification for its decisions. Without oversight or transparency, the board quietly restored the firearms rights of more than 1,400 felons in six years. In Davis’ case, the board apparently relied only on information that Davis himself assembled. So the board didn’t hear about his victim’s years of psychological therapy. And it learned nothing about Davis’ efforts, as late as 2011, to persuade the victim to claim the crime never happened.

Note: Some progress has been made in years since this article was published, but there are still serious problems. For more along these lines, see concise summaries of deeply revealing news articles on sexual abuse scandals and judicial system corruption.

Inspiring Articles

Japan’s Space Rovers Send Pictures Back After First Ever Successful Landing On Asteroid
September 25, 2018, The Independent (One of the UK’s leading newspapers)

Two tiny robots have landed safely on an asteroid after a Japanese spacecraft dropped them there on Friday. The scientists behind the historic mission expressed their delight as the rovers sent back the first images from the surface of the space rock Ryugu. Dubbed MINERVA-II1, the robotic explorers are the first of their kind to be successfully landed on an asteroid. The Japanese space agency JAXA announced that both units were operational after a period of silence between the unmanned spacecraft Hayabusa-2 depositing them and connection being established with the team on Earth. “I cannot find words to express how happy I am that we were able to realise mobile exploration on the surface of an asteroid,” said Hayabusa-2 project manager Dr Yuichi Tsuda. The rovers will use the low gravity conditions on Ryugu to hop across the asteroid’s surface, measuring temperatures and sending images back to Earth via Hayabusa-2. “I was so moved to see these small rovers successfully explore an asteroid surface because we could not achieve this at the time of Hayabusa, 13 years ago,” said project mission manager Dr Makoto Yoshikawa. The small rovers are the first component of Hayabusa-2’s mission to Ryugu. Next month the spacecraft will deploy an explosive device to blast a hole in the asteroid, allowing rock samples to be taken from its depths. Following that it will release a French-German landing vehicle known as the Mobile Asteroid Surface Scout (MASCOT) to explore the surface in greater detail.

Note: Check out the fascinating photos of an actual asteroid at the link above. Explore a treasure trove of concise summaries of incredibly inspiring news articles which will inspire you to make a difference.

Meet The White Nationalist Who Walked Away From It All
September 24, 2018, Huffington Post

Derek Black was the heir apparent to America’s white nationalist movement. He was the son of Don Black, the founder of the hate site Stormfront and the godson of David Duke, a former grand wizard of the KKK. The kingdom was Derek Black’s for the taking. One day, seemingly out of nowhere, he walked away from it all. In the new book “Rising Out of Hatred” by Washington Post investigative reporter Eli Saslow, the story of how Black came to leave it all behind is told. Saslow dives deep into Black’s transformation, which took place at a small liberal arts college. When members of the student body discovered a white nationalist living in their midst, many of them publicly shamed him. But a handful of students did the opposite, practicing a form of extreme acceptance. “When I first found [Derek Black], he was unequivocal that he did not want to be written about,” [said Saslow]. “He naively thought he could leave it all behind. Meanwhile, white nationalism was seeing a rise in the political space. There were … phrases he had helped popularize becoming mainstream. Derek felt increasingly culpable. He was haunted by it. That’s when he decided he needed to start talking about it more openly.” Derek was on a campus that was … social justice minded. Students were smart enough to be able to explain concepts like systematic oppression and privilege. But coming from people he respected, those ideas suddenly had real merit to him. He took time to engage and really think about it.”

Note: Explore a treasure trove of concise summaries of incredibly inspiring news articles which will inspire you to make a difference.

Octopuses Get Strangely Cuddly On The Mood Drug Ecstasy
September 20, 2018, NPR

The psychoactive drug known as ecstasy can make people feel extra loving toward others. A study published Thursday suggests it has the same effect on octopuses. Octopuses are almost entirely antisocial, except when they’re mating. Scientists who study them have to house them separately so they don’t kill or eat each other. However, octopuses given the drug known as MDMA (or ecstasy, E, Molly or a number of other slang terms) wanted to spend more time close to other octopuses and even hugged them. Octopuses’ … brains have a host of strange structures that evolved on a completely different trajectory from the human path. “They have this huge complex brain that … has absolutely no business acting like ours does — but here they show that it does,” says [neuroscientist Judit] Pungor. “This … gentle, cuddly behavior is really pretty fascinating.” The idea to test the drug’s effect in octopuses came from Gul Dolen, a neuroscientist at Johns Hopkins University. “My lab has been studying MDMA for a long time, she says, “and we have worked out a lot of neural mechanisms that enable MDMA to have … pro-social effects.” Dolen got interested in octopuses a few years ago, when scientists sequenced the full genetic code of a … California two-spot octopus. It turns out that octopuses and people have almost identical genes for a protein that binds the signaling molecule serotonin to brain cells. This protein is also the target of MDMA, so Dolen wondered how the drug would affect this usually unfriendly animal.

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This Startup Is Building the Techiest Indoor Farm in the World
February 28, 2018, Fortune

Indoor vertical farming startup Bowery is in the process of building a second facility which it claims will be the most technologically sophisticated indoor farm in the world. The operation will be in Kearny, N.J., and grow 30 times more produce than its current indoor farm that’s located nearby, and supply 100 types of leafy greens and herbs. Bowery is applying robotics, machine learning, and predictive analytics to the agriculture sector, a segment of the economy that has been slow to adopt technology and digital advancements. “Software is the brains of the farm,” says Bowery CEO and founder Irving Fain. Small adjustments—water flow, light intensity, temperature, humidity—can then be made in response to data inputs to impact outcomes like taste and flavor, such as growing a mustard green that’s got a spicier pick. “These changes get pushed out automatically into our system,” says Fain. “The precision and level of control is unparalleled.” Fain says that Bowery is more than 100 times more efficient than a square foot of farmland, in large part because the startup can grow 365 days a year. Bowery doesn’t use any pesticides or agri-chemicals. Normally out in a field that would lead to reduction in yield, but Bowery has more crop cycles per year, grows twice as fast as a field, and has higher yield per crop cycle, says Fain. “It’s a better product for us and better way of growing and less destructive to the earth,” says Fain. “We’re using technology to grow the purest food possible.”

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Father Of World Wide Web Launches Platform Which Aims To Radically Decentralize The Internet

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

“For people who want to make sure the Web serves humanity, we have to concern ourselves with what people are building on top of it,” Tim Berners-Lee told Vanity Fair last month. “I was devastated” he said while going through a litany of harmful and dangerous developments of the past three decades of the web.

That’s why “the Father of the World Wide Web” has launched a start-up that intends to end the dominance of Facebook, Google, and Amazon, while in the process letting individuals take back control of their own data.  

Berners-Lee’s new online platform and company Inrupt is being described as a “personal online data store,” or pod, where everything from messages, music, contacts or other personal data will be stored in one place overseen by the user instead of an array of platforms and apps run by corporations seeking to profit off personal information. The project seeks “personal empowerment through data” and aims to “take back” the web, according to company statements.

The man who created the world wide web by implementing the first ever successful communication between a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) client and server via the internet in 1989 lamented that his creation has been abused by powerful entities for everything mass surveillance to fake news to psychological manipulation to corporations commodifying individuals’ information.

But he’s long been at work on a new project to take the web back, described in depth by the business technology magazine Fast Company:

This week, Berners-Lee will launch, Inrupt, a startup that he has been building, in stealth mode, for the past nine months. Backed by Glasswing Ventures, its mission is to turbocharge a broader movement afoot, among developers around the world, to decentralize the web and take back power from the forces that have profited from centralizing it. In other words, it’s game on for Facebook, Google, Amazon.

“We have to do it now,” Berners-Lee said of the newly launched project. “It’s a historical moment.” He identified the main impetus behind his recent announcement that he’ll be going on sabbatical from his research professor post at MIT to work full-time on the project as the recent revelation that Facebook allowed political operatives to gain access to some 50 million users’ private data.

At MIT Berners-Lee has for years led a team on designing and building a decentralized web platform called ‘Solid’ — which will underlie the Inrupt platform. The Inrupt venture will serve as users’ first access to the new Solid decentralized web:

If all goes as planned, Inrupt will be to Solid what Netscape once was for many first-time users of the web: an easy way in. And like with Netscape, Berners-Lee hopes Inrupt will be just the first of many companies to emerge from Solid.

“I have been imagining this for a very long time,” says Berners-Lee.

As described on the Solid and Inrupt websites the new platform will allow users to have complete control over their information ‘pods’ (an acronym for “personal online data store”) — it is only they who will decide whether outside apps and sites will be granted access to it, and to what extent.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter where all user information ultimately resides in centralized data centers and servers under control of the companies, applications on Inrupt will compete for users based on the services they can offer, and only the users can grant these apps “views” into their data, making personal data instantly portable between similar applications.

“The main enhancement is that the web becomes a collaborative read-write space, passing control from owners of a server, to the users of that system. The Solid specification provides this functionality,” the Solid websitesays.

Visual of the Inrupt prototype platform

Berners-Lee explained to Fast Company one example currently under development that could radically changed a popular product that has been prone to overstepping privacy boundaries and compromising data:

For example, one idea Berners-Lee is currently working on is a way to create a decentralized version of Alexa, Amazon’s increasingly ubiquitous digital assistant. He calls it Charlie. Unlike with Alexa, on Charlie people would own all their data. That means they could trust Charlie with, for example, health records, children’s school events, or financial records. That is the kind of machine Berners-Lee hopes will spring up all over Solid to flip the power dynamics of the web from corporation to individuals.

With the weekend launch of Inrupt, developers across the globe this week will be invited to begin building their own decentralized apps through the Inrupt site. As its popularity grows the company will move forward to raise more funds, though it’s currently backed by a venture capital firm.

Yet as his latest interview notes, “his plans could impact billion-dollar business models that profit off of control over data. It’s not likely that the big powers of the web will give up control without a fight.”

When this major potential disruptor was noted, Berners-Lee shot back: “We are not talking to Facebook and Google about whether or not to introduce a complete change where all their business models are completely upended overnight. We are not asking their permission.”


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Legislative Update on Battle to Oppose Mandatory Vaccines in Each State

Posted: 01 Oct 2018 08:31 AM PDT

Legislative Update on Battle to Oppose Mandatory Vaccines in Each State

Comments by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News
The corporate-sponsored “mainstream” media, along with Big Pharma and the U.S. Government, would like the public to believe that the “science is settled” when it comes to vaccines, and that all vaccines are safe and effective. They spend a great deal of effort to try to convince the public that this is the only view held by medical doctors and scientists.
This message to the public, however, is not true, and can be properly called “propaganda.”
As we have previously written, there are a variety of opinions and viewpoints regarding the science of vaccines among medical doctors and researchers. See:

Medical Doctors Opposed to Forced Vaccinations – Should Their Views be Silenced?

The extremist view regarding vaccines, and not the one necessarily held by most doctors and scientists, is the view that ALL vaccines are safe and effective for ALL people, ALL the time, by force if necessary.
Propaganda is used to try and achieve their agenda, which is a form of medical tyranny by taking away people’s choice to refuse vaccines for themselves or their children.
Fortunately, the National Vaccine Information Center has volunteers in all 50 states opposing legislative efforts to impose mandatory vaccines and take away informed consent and the freedom to refuse medical treatments like vaccines.
They have successfully mobilized the American public through grassroots efforts to oppose most of these bills that have been proposed in recent years.
The following is their 2018 annual report. To keep up to date on what is going on in your state regarding vaccine laws, be sure to sign up for their portal here.

U.S. Vaccine Exemptions Remain Secure in 2018

NVIC’s 2018 Annual Report on U.S. State Vaccine Legislation: Breakdown, Trends and Predictions

by NVIC Advocacy Team
National Vaccine Information Center

Protection of the human right to exercise informed consent to vaccination continues to be a topic that is of great concern for many people in America. In a 2018 Annual Report on U.S. State Vaccine Legislation, the non-profit charity National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) reports that during this year’s legislative session, no state eliminated or restricted existing medical, religious and conscientious or philosophical exemptions for daycare or school attendance.
This is the third year in a row that state legislatures have rejected the efforts of vaccine industry lobbyists to persuade more state governments to do what California did in 2015 and eliminate the legal right of citizens to exercise freedom of thought, conscience and informed consent when making vaccine decisions for themselves and their children.
Working to prevent vaccine injuries and deaths through public education since 1982, NVIC is the largest and oldest U.S. charity disseminating information about diseases, vaccines and informed consent to vaccination. NVIC provides well-referenced, accurate information to the public about vaccination and health but does not make vaccine use recommendations. In 2010, NVIC launched the NVIC Advocacy Portal (NVICAP), a free online vaccine choice advocacy network, for the purpose of securing and defending informed consent protections in state vaccine policies and laws.
NVIC works alongside and shares legislative information with many health freedom groups that support NVIC’s more than three-decade call for the protection of vaccine informed consent rights in America. The NVIC Advocacy Portal team, including key NVIC Advocacy directors in many states, works with families and enlightened health care professionals to educate legislators and protect vaccine informed consent rights.
During the 2018 legislative session, NVIC analyzed, tracked and issued positions on 143 vaccine related bills in 36 states through the NVICAP.1
If you live in one of the following 36 states, your state had one or more of the 143 vaccine bills being considered in the 2018 legislative session and tracked by NVIC: Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Virginia, Vermont, Washington, Wisconsin, and West Virginia.
Bills referenced in this report are published on the NVICAP and registered users can obtain a more detailed bill analysis, including current status, NVIC’s position on the bill, and recommended action.

Highlights from 2018

There were three significant positive take away points from the outcome of the 2018 legislative session:

  • No state lost or restricted existing vaccine exemptions for school, daycare, or other statewide requirements;
  • Out of the 82 vaccine-related bills that NVIC opposed, only 17 bills passed. Out of the 17 bills that did pass, only four bills had elements that NVIC targeted for strong opposition; and
  • The 2018 legislative session featured more proposed vaccine-related bills worthy of support (47) than any session since the launching of NVIC’s Advocacy Portal in 2010.

There were three states with 10 or more bills filed this session. Oklahoma set the record with 13 bills, but they all died. Minnesota had 10 bills filed that all died.  New York also had 10 bills filed and only one bad bill passed (A 9507), which allows pharmacists to give flu shots to young children two years and older and compels pharmacists administering vaccines to children to not only report and track the shots they administer, but to track vaccine refusals as well.
The three other bills passed that NVIC strongly opposed: a meningitis vaccine mandate in Louisiana (HB 176) and Maine (LD 1664), and a bill in Alabama (HB 76), which requires religiously-affiliated private daycares and preschools to give the Department of Human Services vaccine records on request.  The remaining 13 bills that NVIC opposed fall into the category of Required Vaccine Marketing and Promotion.
The vaccine-related bills that either passed or were defeated in states during the 2018 legislative session are broken out and described below by category.

2018 Bill Analysis by Category

The four main areas that NVIC focuses on when tracking proposed bills are: (1) vaccine exemptions and informed consent rights; (2) vaccine mandates; (3) vaccine tracking and reporting and (4) vaccines in general.  Some bills may be included in multiple categories. For example, a proposed bill attempting to mandate a vaccine may also have a requirement for vaccine tracking so it would be counted in both categories but only counted once in the total bill count.
The breakout and analysis of bills in these different categories identifies trends across the states and serves as a guide if you want to become active by joining the NVIC Advocacy Portal (NVICAP) and educating your state legislators and community in 2019 about why it is so important to protect vaccine informed consent rights.

Vaccine Exemptions and Informed Consent (61 bills)

The majority of the 61 vaccine-related bills filed in state legislatures in 2018 had components that affected vaccine exemptions and informed consent rights. NVIC opposed 20 of the proposed bills, supported 37, and “watched” four of them.  This is a huge improvement from 2017, when NVIC tracked 81 bills, opposed 42 and supported 39 bills.  This shift can be directly credited to positive action taken by forward thinking state legislators, who were given fact based information about vaccination and diseases by concerned citizens who took the time to make one-on-one personal contact with their elected representatives.
The NVIC Advocacy team provides referenced, accurate vaccine information and talking points for NVICAP users to background legislators. Some of the position statements NVIC posted on the Advocacy Portal in 2018 were listed as bills to “watch” because our analysis indicated they contained sections that could be vulnerable to amendments that would conflict with NVIC’s mission.
Eliminating or Restricting Vaccine Exemptions
Vaccine choice advocates successfully held the line on protecting vaccine exemptions in 2018 and no state legislature repealed or restricted existing school, daycare or statewide vaccine exemptions.
Only three bills and one resolution spanning two states proposed to eliminate vaccine exemptions, and these attempts failed. In Minnesota, two bills that tried to eliminate conscientious vaccine exemptions (SF 3977 and HF 4406) failed to secure even a single hearing. The same thing happened in Oklahoma, where a bill (SB 1123) that would have eliminated all exemptions to vaccination except for limited medical reasons, along with a resolution (SJR 57), which would have placed the elimination of all non-medical exemptions on the next general election ballot, were both rejected.
Minnesota HF 96 and SF 143 would have required parents to get a physician to sign off on the conscientious belief exemption and would have replaced the language “conscientious belief” with “personal belief,” but both of these bills died. Government health officials do not like vaccine exemption language that includes the words “religious” or “conscientious” because freedom of religion and freedom of conscience are defined as human rights.
At the time this report was written (September 8, 2018), there were two bills still pending in Ohio and New Jersey that would restrict vaccine exemptions. A bill in Ohio (HB 559) proposed to mandate that parents use a state form to file a vaccine exemption for their child, which requires the signature of a health care provider, and two bills in New Jersey (A 3818 and S 2173) proposed to restrict religious belief exemptions to vaccination. New Jersey families supporting the legal right to take a religious vaccine exemption will need to watch these bills closely and be ready to immediately take action to oppose them in order to protect that right. NVICAP is watching those bills and will post new information on the status of those bills as it becomes available.
It is critical that vaccine choice advocates residing in states, which currently have philosophical or conscientious vaccine exemptions, be aware that NVIC predicts there will be renewed unjustified attacks on those exemptions by the vaccine industry and medical trade associations next year. Now is the time to educate your legislators through the end of this year and early next year so you can be ready to counter bills that will restrict or eliminate those exemptions. Recently, certain states have been heavily targeted for criticism by the mainstream media and forced vaccination proponents for allowing philosophical or conscientious vaccine exemptions, including Arkansas, Arizona, Idaho, Maine, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas and Utah.2
Exemption Disclosure and School Shaming
One way vaccine industry lobbyists place disruptive pressure on schools allowing students to enroll with vaccine exemptions is to lobby for legislation that requires individual schools to publish vaccine exemption rates and post that information online.  These bills are promoted under the guise of educating parents, but they are really about government-sponsored shaming that pits school against school and parent against parent for the purpose of marginalizing and increasing peer pressure on families whose children have vaccine exemptions.
Fortunately, there were only three school shaming bills filed this session with two in New York (A 3912 and S 2955) and one in Arizona (SB 1358), and none of these passed.  This is a big improvement compared to the 11 school shaming bills filed in 2017.
Children Vaccinating Themselves?
A very troubling area of proposed legislative changes are bills that allow minor children to be vaccinated without the knowledge or informed consent of their parents.  A child is less likely than an adult parent to understand their personal and family medical history, including a history of vaccine reactions, allergies and autoimmune or neurological disorders. Minor children do not have the same kind of critical thinking skills or emotional maturity required to make a vaccine benefit-risk decision compared to an adult. In addition, if a child receives a vaccination without a parent’s knowledge or informed consent and experiences a vaccine reaction, a parent might not recognize the potential cause of their child’s sudden decline in health. This lack of knowledge by parents could be life threatening for the child.
The Minnesota legislature saw four bills introduced that would have allowed minor children to consent to HPV vaccinations without their parents’ knowledge or approval  and none of them even garnered enough support among legislators to schedule a hearing. A child vaccine consent bill, which covered the HPV vaccine and vaccines for other sexually transmitted diseases, was introduced in Connecticut but failed to move out of committee. New Hampshire went even further with another unsuccessful child consent bill that proposed granting permission to minor teens aged 16 and older to agree to all medical procedures, including for vaccinations, without parental knowledge or consent.
Expanding Vaccine Exemptions and Informed Consent
Hard working vaccine and health freedom advocates and open minded legislators came together to introduce 16 bills filed in eight states to expand vaccine exemptions and protect informed consent rights.
Legislators in Hawaii, Mississippi, Rhode Island and West Virginia introduced bills to add philosophical or conscientious belief exemptions.  Mississippi and West Virginia legislators proposed bills to add religious exemptions to vaccine laws that currently only allow a narrow medical exemption, while New York considered a bill to streamline and simplify the obtaining of a religious exemption.   None of these bills passed this session.
Regarding adult employees, Illinois successfully passed a religious exemption (HB 2984) for annual flu vaccination requirements for health care workers.  Minnesota, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and West Virginia had bills filed adding exemptions for other adult employees, but none of them passed.
Expanding vaccine informed consent rights is an area that 10 states took on during 2018.  Although none of these bills passed (Pennsylvania is still pending), bills to obtain informed consent prior to vaccination were introduced in Hawaii, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island, and bills that would require disclosure of vaccine exemptions were introduced in Indiana and Pennsylvania. These are examples of bills protecting informed consent rights that more legislators have been receptive to filing in state legislatures.
Oklahoma broke important ground this session taking a stand for parental rights. A bill was filed (SB 1432) to remove the ability of the Department of Human Services to vaccinate children in protective custody and another bill (SB 1433) was filed to clarify that refusing to vaccinate or delaying vaccination is not child abuse.  While these bills did not pass, reigning in state child protective services offices attempting to criminalize voluntary vaccine decision making and override parental rights is another area state legislators have expressed an interested in addressing with proactive legislation.
Since the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) came out squarely against conscientious and religious vaccine exemptions in 2016, 3 more families have experienced their children being “fired” from pediatric practices if parents decline to give their children every one of the 69 doses of 16 federally recommended vaccines on a vaccine schedule endorsed by the CDC and AAP. 4  In two states, legislators introduced bills that addressed this kind of physician discrimination and withholding of medical care from different perspectives, although neither of the bills passed.  In Missouri, a bill (HB 1560) was proposed to prohibit discrimination against children by preventing doctors from expelling patients based on vaccination status. In Oklahoma, a bill (HB 3444) was introduced prohibiting health insurance companies from (1) requiring the administration vaccines; (2) penalizing doctors for not administering vaccines, or (3) providing financial incentives to physicians to issue a vaccination protocol.
Threats and outright denial of healthcare by physicians based on a patient’s vaccination status is a growing problem in America and a number of state legislators are justifiably concerned about it and have become more open to considering bills to prohibit such abusive practices.  NVIC encourages families to educate their legislators about harassment and discriminatory practices by physicians and to share personal experiences related to threats and sanctions by physicians – or anyone else – for exercising vaccine informed consent rights by posting on NVIC’s Cry For Vaccine Freedom Wall.

Vaccine Mandates (30 bills)

In 2018, out of 19 bills that proposed to expand and add new vaccine mandates, only bills adding a meningitis vaccine mandate for 11th graders attending school in Louisiana (HB 176) and a legislative rule review bill (LD 1664) approving a health department rule requiring meningitis vaccinations in Maine for 7th and 12th grade students were passed. Bills to mandate meningitis vaccinations for school students failed in Kansas, Oregon and Virginia.
An HPV vaccine mandate in Florida (HB 1343 and SB 1558) was defeated after significant vocal opposition. Hawaii, Missouri, and West Virginia all failed to pass bills mandating more vaccines for various health care workers.
In Arizona, a bill (SB 1383) attempting to repeal the legal protection clarifying that foster parents are not required to vaccinate their natural or adoptive children as a condition of foster home licensure was defeated.  This was the same as SB 1268 from 2017 that failed to move forward as well.  We are grateful that Arizona legislators have consistently upheld the rights of parents to make informed vaccination decisions for their own children while they are helping to provide temporary homes for foster children.
New Jersey has bills (A 3587 and S 634) still pending that would mandate more vaccines for healthcare workers and healthcare vendors (A 2397), as well as mandate meningitis vaccinations for college students (A 1991 and S 941), and HPV vaccinations for students 6th through 12th grade (A 1847).  NVIC opposes all of these bills and will continue to post information about their movement on the NVICAP.
NVIC supported seven bills in five states that would have restricted vaccine mandates.  Bills were introduced in Missouri, Mississippi and New Hampshire to eliminate Hepatitis B vaccine mandates but none passed.  Bills in both Michigan (HB 5162 and HB 5163) and Oklahoma (HB 2623) sought to return the power to add new vaccines to the mandated schedule back to a vote by the legislature instead of continuing to allow state health department officials to add new vaccine mandates through an administrative rule making process. The Oklahoma bill died, and Michigan HB 5162 and HB 5163 have not seen action since hearings at the end of 2017.

Vaccine Tracking and Reporting (22 bills)

Forced inclusion and OPT-OUT electronic vaccine tracking registries and enforcement systems continue to threaten the medical privacy of citizens and the legal right to delay or decline one or more federally recommended vaccines without harassment or punishment.  The 2018 legislative session included 22 bills in this category that NVICAP posted and tracked. This included six bills proposed in three states to expand government operated childhood vaccine tracking databases to also require the vaccination status of adults to be tracked.
Florida, the third most populous state, saw multiple bills (CS/CS/HB 1045, CS/CS/HB 1047, and CS/CS/SB 1680) introduced proposing to legally require the vaccination status of every state resident to be stored and tracked in Florida’s government run electronic vaccine tracking registry for the purpose of reaching a 100% vaccine compliance rate by all children and adults. Requiring doctors to automatically upload the vaccine status of their patients into the state vaccine tracking system without securing their expressed OPT-IN informed consent of the person violates Section 23 of the Florida Constitution, which guarantees Florida residents the Right of Privacy: “Every natural person has the right to be let alone and free from governmental intrusion into the person’s private life except as otherwise provided herein.”  5
Medical privacy and vaccine choice advocates worked together in Florida to educate legislators about the intrusive nature of these vaccine tracking bills.  Although none of these bills ultimately passed during the 2018 legislative session, Florida residents need to be ready next year during the 2019 session to continue to educate legislators about the importance of protecting medical privacy and vaccine informed consent rights in Florida.
In Kansas, a bill (HB 2121) was introduced that would have required all vaccines administered in the state to be entered into the state’s electronic vaccine tracking system. Two bills (H 7882 and S 2530A) introduced in Rhode Island would have expanded the state’s vaccine tracking registry to include all adults. NVIC opposed all of these bills because they didn’t require an adult’s OPT-IN written informed consent prior to being included in the vaccine tracking system. Fortunately, none of these bills passed.
Medical privacy and informed consent rights of Nebraska residents were protected when a resolution, which proposed to conduct an interim study on mandating the reporting of the vaccination status of all children and adults to the state’s electronic vaccine tracking registry, failed to pass. Pharmacists in Hawaii, who are already administering vaccines, were unsuccessfully targeted by a bill (HB 1950) that would have required them to report all vaccines given to the Hawaii Immunization Registry.
In Massachusetts, unsuccessful bills (H 3224 and S 1219) were introduced to expand the scope of the state’s vaccine tracking system to include vision screening and, in New York, bills (A3899A and S3941) proposed to make the blood lead levels of children already inappropriately stored in the vaccine registry available to schools. The stated purpose of the New York bills, which was to provide children with “appropriate educational services,” is a fallacy.  There is no blood test that can accurately determine a child’s educational needs.
The New York legislature did, however, pass a bill (A 9507) that not only authorizes pharmacists to give children as young as two years old annual flu shots, it mandates the reporting and recording of the administration of the vaccine as well as vaccine refusals to the state’s electronic vaccine tracking registry.  The passage of this bill will make it very difficult for families in New York City to enroll their children in daycare and preschool without annual influenza vaccinations. Just two months after the passage of A 9507, a 2013 rule invoked by the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene requiring annual flu shots for preschoolers was upheld by the New York Court of Appeals. 6
In Vermont, a bill (H 247) was introduced and supported by NVIC that would have required the Department of Health to submit vaccine adverse reaction reports to the General Assembly. The bill did not pass.

Vaccines (37 bills)

Authorizing Pharmacists to Administer More Vaccines
More states continue to authorize pharmacists to expand services to include the administration of vaccines to younger and younger children.  In 2018, Missouri passed bills (SB 776 and SB 826) that now allow pharmacists to give all CDC recommended vaccines to children seven years and older, and New York passed a bill (A 9507) that now allows pharmacists to give influenza vaccinations to children as young as two years old.
Requiring Vaccine Promotion/Marketing 
The overall single most active category in expansion of vaccine-related state legislation so far this year has been bills proposing to legally require the marketing and promotion of specific vaccines. Unlike legal requirements to be vaccinated, these mandates require either public or private businesses to advertise and promote vaccine use.
During this year’s legislative session, the vaccine to receive the most state-backed legislative support for active marketing and promotion by schools and medical and residential facilities has been influenza vaccine. This is the same under-performing vaccine that CDC officials themselves admit has one of the worst vaccine effectiveness outcomes on record: 36% effectiveness for the 2016/2017 flu season and ranging between a dismal 10% and 60% effectiveness over the last 14 years.7
Perhaps the vaccine industry is trying to combat the well earned negative impression of the flu vaccine’s poor performance by lobbying for bills aimed at marketing and promoting use of the vaccine by children and adults. In 2018, bills were passed that now require daycare facilities in Alabama, schools in Illinois and Louisiana, and hospitals in Rhode Island, and long term and residential care facilities in Delaware and Indiana to promote annual influenza vaccinations. Similar bills to push flu vaccines in Florida, Massachusetts, Missouri, and Oklahoma all failed.
Fortunately Florida and Maryland legislators were smart enough to reject bills requiring schools to promote student use of the highly reactive HPV vaccine, 8 but a bill passed in Illinois that targets boys for HPV vaccine promotion programs.
One of the more controversial attempts to market vaccines at taxpayer expense occurred in New York this year, when a bill proposing to grant a tax exemption for dependents fully vaccinated according to state health department recommendations was defeated.
A new legislative twist to save vaccine manufacturers from having to spend as much of their own money on advertising came up this legislative session when multiple resolutions targeting adults for shingles vaccination were passed in a number of states.  The CDC admits that shingles (herpes zoster) is increasing among adults in the United States.9 Some research suggests that the chickenpox (varicella zoster) vaccine licensed in 1995 and mandated in most states for children to attend school may have contributed to the increase in reported cases of shingles in older children and adults.10 This raises the question of whether the vaccine industry has been behind an orchestrated effort to get states to market shingles vaccine since so many resolutions were filed and passed in state legislatures in 2018.
The following 13 states filed resolutions to “encourage” shingles vaccinations or to declare certain months as shingles “awareness” or “improvement” months: Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.  The only two states that did not pass a filed shingles vaccine resolution were Wisconsin and New Jersey (still in session at the time this report was prepared).
Even Congress has jumped into the vaccine promotion resolution game to increase shingles vaccination uptake by adults.  A federal bill (HR 4297) known as the Protecting Seniors Through Immunization Act of 2017, was filed in November last year, but it hasn’t moved yet.
Three more vaccine promotion resolutions were filed and passed in California (SR 120), Kentucky (HR 278) and New York (AR 1403) aimed at increasing adult vaccination rates with all vaccines the CDC recommends for adults (seasonal influenza, Tdap, Td, shingles, HPV, pneumococcal).
While resolutions passed by state legislatures are different from bills that are passed because they don’t carry the force of law, these vaccine promotion resolutions still cost taxpayers money in terms of state resources devoted to the legislative process and for employees in state agencies to implement the resolution by creating ways to promote the message contained in the resolution.  These vaccine promotion messages tend to adopt a one-size-fits all approach and rarely do vaccine marketing materials contain information about vaccine risks or how to prevent vaccine injuries.

Comparing Recent Sessions to 2018

143 bills filed in state legislatures in 2018 represents a sharp decline in vaccine related legislation compared to the 184 bills filed in 2017; however it is still above the average of 135 bills filed per year when looking at the total number of state bills filed between 2014 and 2017 as reported in NVIC’s in depth analysis State Vaccine Legislation in America 2015-2017.  The number of states proposing bills that affected NVIC’s mission has declined as well since last year, from 42 to 36 states.
Some of the decline in numbers of vaccine-related bills filed can be attributed to four states: Montana, Nevada, North Dakota and Texas. These state legislatures meet biannually to consider new bills and do not hold a legislative session in even years. 11  In 2017, 26 of the 184 bills filed were in Montana (2), Nevada (1) and Texas (23).  If this trend continues, we should expect to see more vaccine-related bills introduced in 2019 than we have ever seen since the NVICAP was launched in 2010.

There were more positive bills filed in 2018 to expand vaccine informed consent rights, to restrict addition of new vaccine mandates and to restrict automatic inclusion of children and adults in electronic vaccine tracking systems than were introduced in 2017. There were also fewer bills that NVIC opposed this legislative session compared to 2017, such as bills proposing to eliminate or restrict vaccine exemptions, to increase vaccine tracking or to add new vaccines to school mandates, all of which had been steadily increasing before this year.
Enlightened legislators are not only listening to concerned constituents in greater numbers, they are resisting aggressive lobbying efforts by the vaccine industry to force the purchase and use of every vaccine produced by pharmaceutical companies and recommended by public health officials.

Slowly but surely as a result of many years of hard work, grassroots vaccine education and informed consent advocacy in the U.S. is achieving tangible results. It is a trend that the vaccine industry pushing for more oppressive forced vaccination legislation does not want to continue. It may help explain why there has been a recent increase in biased media articles 12 and newspaper OpEds 13 that minimize or deny very real vaccine risks 14 and attack vaccine exemptions, while marginalizing families and trying to delegitimize vaccine exemptions. 15


NVIC expects that the vaccine industry will step up lobbying efforts and that there will be many more vaccine-related bills filed in the states in 2019. Please become a registered user of the NVIC Advocacy Portal and check in often to learn about ways to personally educate your legislators when vaccine bills that affect your rights are moving in your state. Please encourage your family and all of your friends to do the same.
Clearly your efforts are making a much more significant difference than the media and those pushing “no exceptions” forced vaccination policies and laws are willing to admit, and your active participation is vital to protecting informed consent rights and vaccine choices in America. If you see inaccurate information in the media, please take the time to respond by making a constructive comment online. You can also email the journalist or call the media outlet and provide accurate, well referenced Diseases and Vaccines information and accurate state vaccine law information, which you can find on our website NVIC.org. NVIC’s updated, illustrated and fully referenced Guide to Reforming Vaccine Policy and Law is another good vaccine education tool for legislators and friends and family, too.
Yes, the challenges are great but so are the opportunities to educate and empower legislators and residents of every state to defend vaccine freedom of choice. NVIC is committed to continuing to make that happen and we look forward to working with you through the NVIC Advocacy Portal to help you protect vaccine informed consent rights in your state in 2019.
Read the full article at NVIC.org.
Comment on this article at VaccineImpact.com.


1 This analysis covers Some states still have legislative action pending at the time this report is issued, so final 2018 results may change
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Dr. Andrew Moulden: Every Vaccine Produces Harm

eBook – Available for immediate download.
Canadian physician Dr. Andrew Moulden provided clear scientific evidence to prove that every dose of vaccine given to a child or an adult produces harm. The truth that he uncovered was rejected by the conventional medical system and the pharmaceutical industry. Nevertheless, his warning and his message to America remains as a solid legacy of the man who stood up against big pharma and their program to vaccinate every person on the Earth.
Dr. Moulden died unexpectedly in November of 2013 at age 49.
Because of the strong opposition from big pharma concerning Dr. Moulden’s research, we became concerned that the name of this brilliant researcher and his life’s work had nearly been deleted from the internet. His reputation was being disparaged, and his message of warning and hope was being distorted and buried without a tombstone. This book summarizes his teaching and is a must-read for everyone who wants to learn the “other-side” of the vaccine debate that the mainstream media routinely censors.
Read Dr. Andrew Moulden: Every Vaccine Produces Harm on your mobile device or computer by ordering the eBook!

Thanks to: http://healthimpactnews.com

This is a real photo of the surface of a comet

Posted: 01 Oct 2018 02:23 PM PDT

This is a real photo of the surface of a comet
Strange Sounds

Oct 1, 2018

Released today by ESA, from the 2014 Rosetta Philae mission landing a probe on comet 67P.
Real picture of the surface of a comet. Image: ESA/Rosetta/MPS for OSIRIS Team MPS/UPD/LAM/IAA/SSO/INTA/UPM/DASP/IDA; J. Roger – CC BY SA 4.0
On 30 September 2016, ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft came closer than ever to the target it had studied from afar for more than two years, concluding its mission with a controlled impact onto the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko (67P/C-G).
This second comet landing followed the pioneering endeavour of Rosetta’s lander, Philae, which became the first probe to successfully touch down on a comet on 12 November 2014.
With a suite of 11 scientific instruments on board, Rosetta collected an impressive amount of images and other data at this now iconic comet, scanning its surface, probing its interior, scrutinising the gas and dust in its surroundings, and exploring its plasma environment. Scientists have been using these measurements to advance our understanding of comets as well as of the history of our Solar System.
This image shows a portion of 67P/C-G as viewed by Rosetta on 22 September 2014, only one and a half months after the spacecraft had made its rendezvous with the comet. At the time, the spacecraft was 28.2 km from the comet centre (around 26.2 km from the surface). Amateur astronomer Jacint Roger Perez, from Spain, selected and processed this view by combining three images taken in different wavelengths by the OSIRIS narrow-angle camera on Rosetta.
Seen in the centre and left of the frame is Seth, one of the geological regions on the larger of the two comet lobes, which declines towards the smoother Hapi region on the comet’s ‘neck’ that connects the two lobes. The landscape in the background reveals hints of the Babi and Aker regions, both located on the large lobe of 67P/C-G. For a wider image of this region in the overall context of the comet see here.
The sharp profile in the lower part of the image shows the Aswan cliff, a 134 m-high scarp separating the Seth and Hapi regions. Observations performed by Rosetta not long before the comet’s perihelion, which took place on 13 August 2015, revealed that a chunk of this cliff had collapsed – a consequence of increased activity as the comet drew closer to the Sun along its orbit.

Thanks to: http://strangesounds.org

Study Shows How Doctors GET PAID to Fuel the Opioid Crisis

Posted: 01 Oct 2018 10:15 AM PDT

opioidsMost doctors are wonderful people and consummate professionals who truly want the best for their patients. But a recent study suggests much of the blame for the opioid crisis lies squarely on the shoulders of doctors who write prescriptions for hard-hitting opioids when other simpler pain-relieving methods would suffice.

The study shows that as recently as 2015, doctors were still prescribing the addictive and potentially deadly painkillers even for minor injuries in great numbers.

Researchers wrote in the Annals of Emergency Medicine that 1/4 of patients treated for ankle sprains between 2011 and 2015 were prescribed an opioid to deal with the pain.

For the study, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania analyzed private insurance claims filed by nearly 31,000 patients who had been treated in the emergency room for a sprained ankle. The patients were over the age of 18 and had not been prescribed an opioid in the 6 months prior to their injury.

Researchers looked at prescriber habits shortly before 2016, when the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued guidelinesurging doctors to only prescribe opioids in dire situations and the federal government announced it would limit the length of first-time opioid prescriptions. [2]

Read: The DEA Will Slash Opioid Production 25% in 2017

Study leader Kit Delgado, an assistant professor of emergency medicine and epidemiology at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine, said:

“There was this leap to opioids, either in perception of patient expectations or to meet patient expectations.”

The team found that:

  • Overall, 25.1% of the patients studied received an opioid prescription.
  • Most of the opioid prescriptions were for short-term use – about 15 pills (enough for 3 days) and low-dose. However, a small number of patients received a prescription equivalent to more than 30 tablets of medium-strength oxycodone – a drug with “high potential for abuse,” according to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).
  • Nearly 5% of patients who received a mid-strength opioid prescription progressed to prolonged opioid use, compared to about 1% of patients who were given a more moderate prescription, and 0.5% of patients who did not receive an opioid prescription.

Where a patient lived played a significant role in whether or not they would be prescribed one of the powerful analgesics. In Arkansas, 40% of patients left the ER with an opioid prescription, compared to just 3% of patients in North Dakota. All but 1 of the 9 states that recorded above-average opioid prescribing is in the South or Southwest. [1] [2]

Above-average prescribing was documented in North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Arizona. [2]

Fortunately, during the study period, overall prescription rates fell from 28% of patients in 2011 to 20.4% in 2015. [1]

Read: Opioid Prescriptions Down for 1st Time in 20 Years

Most opioid prescriptions are written by primary care physicians; emergency room doctors are a blip on the entire map. Overall, there were about 215 million prescriptions for the painkillers in 2016, according to the CDC. [2]

In light of the opioid epidemic that wipes out thousands of lives a year in the U.S., why did doctors prescribe such addictive drugs in such large amounts and doses to so many people? There are 4 possible explanations.

Read: This NJ Hospital Will Do Anything to Avoid Prescribing Opioids

Freebies and Financial Perks

Click for larger version.

No one likes to think their doctor is prescribing them a drug because he or she stands to gain from it, but the disturbing reality is that it happens all the time.

In 2014 and 2015, opioid makers had no problem paying doctors 6-figure sums for speaking, consulting, and other services. The companies paid thousands of other dollars $25,000 sums during that time. [3]

Click for larger version.

Doctors who hocked the most pain pills to their patients were the most likely to bring in big bucks. It’s not hard to imagine how tempting a 6-figure sum could be to someone with a prescription pad. It’s also not hard to imagine how a doctor would feel beholden to a pharmaceutical company after being paid such exorbitant amounts.

You could almost say the drug companies were the drug kingpins, the doctors were the dealers, and in tragically too many cases, the patients became – unwittingly – the junkies. And if the dealers wanted to get paid, they had to keep moving the kingpins’ product.

Click for larger version.


It’s possible that some of those doctors during the study period offered more opioids because they lacked the medical training to know the full addictive nature of the drugs. [2]

It is a doctor’s job to ease suffering, after all, and physicians have been taught to aggressively treat pain.

In 1980, a 101-word letter written by Boston University Medical Center researchers published in the New England Journal of Medicineserved as the foundation for doctors’ opioid prescribing habitsfor decades.

In the letter, the scientists claimed that “despite widespread use of narcotic drugs in hospitals, the development of addiction is rare in medical patients with no history of addiction.”

Based on these promises of safety, opioid prescriptions exploded.

The scientists went on to say in the letter that in a review of 11,882 hospitalized patients treated with narcotics, they found “only four cases of reasonably well-documented addiction.”

That letter went on to be cited in hundreds of reputable medical journals.

Clueless Prescribing


Doctors don’t always know how many pills to prescribe in individual cases. [2]

Yale University study found that hospitals were able to successfully decrease opioid prescriptions by going into electronic medical records and lowering default settings for pill limits.

Previous studies show that when surgeons have specific guidelines for how many pills they should prescribe after common procedures, opioid use decreased sharply.

Yet other studies show that long-time use may partly depend on whether an individual was treated by a “low-intensity” or a “high-intensity” prescriber in the ER.


Anyone can go online and give a doctor a positive or negative review. Delgado and his colleagues believe that in some cases, doctors prescribe more opioids in pursuit of glowing reviews.


[1] Time

[2] The Washington Post

[3] CNN

Author: Julie Fidler
Originally posted: http://naturalsociety.com/study-shows-doctors-fueled-opioid-epidemic-9413/

The post Study Shows How Doctors GET PAID to Fuel the Opioid Crisis appeared first on Dr. Leonard Coldwell.com.

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A Story About How America Was Almost Destroyed By Criminals

by Angel4Light

A Story About How America Was Almost Destroyed By Criminals

By Storm Is Upon Us

Published on 30 Dec 2017

This is a story about how America was almost destroyed by criminals. Based on the work by @_ImperatorRex_

1. Let me tell you a story about how America was almost destroyed by criminals.

2. It one that should shock anyone who reads it, but like any good thriller, it has a happy ending.

3. This story is fully researched and has no affiliation with any political party, religion or ideology – nor does it need it.

4. May 4th, 2016.

5. TV Billionaire Donald J Trump, against all the odds, wins the unofficial nomination as Republican candidate for the Presidential election.

6. Even happier at the news than Trump himself was none other than the Democratic National Committee and their candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

7. Their so called ‘Pied Piper’ strategy had worked.

8. Clinton announced her candidacy on April 12, 2015 & became the presumptive Democratic nominee on June 7, 2016.

9. From the moment she announced, Clinton & her team set themselves 2 objectives.

10. 1 – destroy Bernie Sanders.

11. 2 – weaken strong Republican rivals, strengthen weak ones.

12. The DNC, Clinton & their media proxies worked together to achieve both.

13. And it worked : the Sanders campaign was destroyed & the Republicans nominated Trump.

Now is the time to heal.

If you have fallen out with someone over the past few years over political differences, or if you have pushed away someone close to you because of their opinions, now is the time to realize that it wasn’t their fault, and they were tricked.

Don’t school them anymore, just love so we can start to heal.

Anti-Defamation League, Facebook, Google & Youtube Appoint Themselves As Official Internet Censor

by Karma Yoga Daily

The Anti-Defamation League is joining with Facebook, Google and others to further attempt to ‘curb hate speech and abuse’ on the internet.

Read more of this post

Star Chamber Democrats Sabotage Trump Nominee

Anyone remember Tawana Brawley?  How about the Duke lacrosse players?  The democrat Star Chamber was active in both cases, Brawley and her three advisors were successfully sued for defamation.  The three former Duke lacrosse players falsely accused of rape filed several lawsuits, including a federal suit against disgraced prosecutor Mike Nifong, the city of Durham and the police detectives who handled the investigation. The suits are still pending……….
by Kelleigh Nelson.

The Democratic Party: A History Of Anarchy, Part 1

While character assassination is as old as mankind itself, the Democratic Party has excelled in it over the years with notable examples of Thomas Jefferson hiring James T. Callender to smear John Adams and Lyndon B. Johnson destroying Barry Goldwater in the 1964 Presidential campaign. But their new tactics are not intended to only destroy a person or a candidate, but also to create a standard of guilty unless proven innocent………
by Steven Neill

America’s Diminishing IQ

Wherever one goes on social media or any other public forum, one of the main thrusts of conversation is the apparent mental deterioration of the American public. Today’s Americans are not only more ignorant than previous generations, but as illustrated by our violent politics and social chaos, we appear to have lost the ability to function as civilized people………
by Sidney Secular



President Trump Just Signed a Law That Radically Changes Life for Airline Passengers, Flight Attendants, and Airlines (Almost Nobody Even Noticed)

Inc.com – by Bill Murphy Jr.

There’s giant news out of Washington today that will radically affect life for airline passengersflight attendants, and other employees. And it has nothing to do with that “other” big Washington story–the one about the Supreme Court.

Instead, this is about the Federal Aviation Administration bill that President Trump signed into law a little before 3 p.m. Friday–right at almost the exact moment that everyone else in Washington was watching a key senator’s speech about Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

To be clear, there’s no suggestion that the White House intentionally picked a time when people weren’t paying attention to sign the bill. This law had passed Congress with overwhelming support, and industry players and airline lobbyists have been watching it like hawks for a long time.

But it is striking, given that Congress passed this bill at literally 2:52 in the morning on a Saturday two weeks ago, that it would also be signed at the White House in relative obscurity.

It seems very few people even noticed. I only knew about it because I’d emailed the White House asking for an update on the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 earlier in the day.

The story of this law has been dominated largely by what isn’t in it: no restrictions on what airlines can charge for baggage or change fees. But it still changes a lot of things. Here’s a quick summary of what’s included.

You’ll notice that some of these new laws are the direct result of some viral incidents that happened on planes in the last year or two. The new law:




NASA and Skywatcher caught same Huge Object near the Sun

Posted: 02 Oct 2018 09:14 PM PDT

NASA and Skywatcher caught same Huge Object near the Sun

on October 02, 2018 

NASA’s Satellite EI 284 captured on Sep 30, 2018 01.06 AM a huge bright object that seemly leaves the Sun’s surface.

On the evening of September 29, skywatcher Stefano Farigu in Italy was witnessing the sunset phase and started to photograph the Sun with a Nikon D800 camera.

Only after viewing the images Stefano noticed the presence of a bright unknown object near the Sun.

Image left: NASA images of the object – Image right: Skywatcher images of the object.

Stefano talks about a celestial body, like the infamous planet X, Nibiru or planet Nine but since the images from NASA as well as from the skywatcher were taken within the same time frame we may assume that they have captured the same object (UFO?) near the sun.


Thanks to: http://ufosightingshotspot.blogspot.com

Here’s what the affected area in Indonesia looked like before and after the earthquake struck

Posted: 03 Oct 2018 02:12 PM PDT

Here’s what the affected area in Indonesia looked like before and after the earthquake struck
Strange Sounds

Oct 3, 2018

The magnitude 7.5 earthquake hit Indonesia on Friday, sparking a tsunami that grew to nearly 20 feet in some places. Officials said that as of Tuesday, 1,234 people have died, a death toll expected to rise as more communities are uncovered. Photographs released by DigitalGlobe show the destruction caused by the earthquake and tsunami.
Before and after satellite images of the Sulawesi earthquake. Before and after GIFs of the Sulawesi earthquake. Before and after pictures of the Sulawesi earthquake. Before and after images of the Sulawesi earthquake. Before and after photos of the Sulawesi earthquake.

Thanks to: http://strangesounds.org

Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated: Mawson Homeschooled Study Reveals Who is Sicker

Children’s Medical Research Safety Institute – by Celeste McGovern

It’s never been done before.The first-of-its-kind study of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated American homeschooled children shows who is really ailing…and parents should be worried

Something is wrong with America’s children. They are sick – allergic, asthmatic, anxious, autoimmune, autistic, hyperactive, distracted and learning disabled. Thirty-two million American children – a full 43% of them – suffer from at least one of 20 chronic illnesses not including obesity. Across the board, once rare pediatric disorders from autism and ADD to Type 1 diabetes and Tourette’s syndrome are soaring, though few studies pool the data. Compared to their parents, children today are four times more likely to have achronic illness. And while their grandparents might never have swallowed a pill as children, the current generation of kids is a pharmaceutical sales rep’s dream come true: More than one million American children under five years old takes a psychiatric drug. More than 8.3 million kids under 17 have consumed psychiatric drugs, and in any given month one in four is taking at least one prescription drug for something. 

Fast food, bad genes, too much TV, video games, pesticides, plastics – name the environmental factor and it has been implicated in the surge of sickness, although none adequately explains the scale or scope of the epidemic. There is one exposure, however, that has evaded the search, despite that children have received it by direct injection in steadily accumulating doses far beyond anything past generations ever saw: 50 doses of 14 vaccines by age six, 69 doses of 16 pharmaceutical vaccines containing powerfully immune-altering ingredients by age 18.

We’re assured vaccines are “safe and effective” even though public health officials acknowledge they sometimes have serious side-effects including death and despite the troubling fact that no long-term study of their effects on overall health has ever been conducted.  Remarkably, not a single published study has ever compared vaccinated kids to unvaccinated kids to see who is healthier years after the shots. Until now.

pilot study of 666 homeschooled six to 12-year-olds from four American states published on April 27th in the Journal of Translational Sciences, compared 261 unvaccinated children with 405 partially or fully vaccinated children, and assessed their overall health based on their mothers’ reports of vaccinations and physician-diagnosed illnesses. What it found about increases in immune-mediated diseases like allergies and neurodevelopmental diseases including autism, should make all parents think twice before they ever vaccinate again:

*Vaccinated children were over four-fold more likely to be diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum (OR 4.3)

*Vaccinated children were 30-fold more likely to be diagnosed with allergic rhinitis (hay fever) than non-vaccinated children

* Vaccinated children were 22-fold more likely to require an allergy medication than unvaccinated children

*Vaccinated children were over five-fold more likely to be diagnosed with a learning disability than unvaccinated children (OR 5.2)

*Vaccinated children were 340 percent more likely to be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder than unvaccinated children (OR 4.3)

* Vaccinated children were 5.9-fold more likely to have been diagnosed withpneumonia than unvaccinated children

*Vaccinated children were 3.8-fold more likely to be diagnosed with middle earinfection (otitis media) than unvaccinated children (OR 3.8)

*Vaccinated children were 700 percent more likely to have had surgery to insert ear drainage tubes than unvaccinated children (OR 8.1)

* Vaccinated children were 2.4-fold more likely to have been diagnosed with any chronic illness than unvaccinated children

Homeschooler vs. Homeschooler

The trouble with doing a vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study a century or so after it should have been done is that virtually all American children are vaccinated today. When 95 percent of children get injections, there are few ‘controls’ left for studying long-term outcomes. Comparing American children at large to small pockets of unvaccinated children like those in the Amish community is revealing, but critics say they are comparing apples to oranges. There are too many other variables — diet, fresh air, computer time, for example – that might explain differences in health besides vaccination status.

So, Anthony Mawson, a professor in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics in the School of Public Health, Jackson State University, along with colleagues Azad Bhuiyan and Binu Jacob, collaborated with Brian D. Ray, president of the National Home Education Research Institute in Salem, OR, to engage and enrol homeschooling families to participate in the study. In this way, homeschoolers were compared to homeschoolers (apples to apples), but with the added advantage that homeschoolers as a population match the profiles of American families at large. The families who responded to the anonymous online survey were recruited through homeschooling associations in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oregon.

The Disease Trade

Both vaccinated and unvaccinated children in the study got sick sometimes. As expected, vaccinated children were less likely to have some infections they were vaccinated against: they were significantly less likely to have had chickenpox (Odds Ratio 0.26) and whooping cough (pertussis) (OR 0.3) (see Table 2).

However, in spite of public health hysteria over outbreaks of measles at Disneyland and mumps resurgence, there was no evidence that vaccinated children were any more protected against these so-called “vaccine-preventable diseases”. Children in both groups had about the same rates of infection with measles, mumps, Hepatitis A and B, influenza, rotavirus and meningitis (both viral and bacterial).

Unvaccinated children in the study were actually better protected against some “vaccine-preventable diseases” than children who got the shots. Since 2000, the CDC has recommended four shots against seven different strains of pneumococcal infections before age 15 months (13 strains since 2010), but vaccinated children in the study were 490 percent more likely to have been diagnosed with pneumonia compared to unvaccinated children (OR 5.9).

Brain Drain

So, what is the cost for this weak vaccine protection against chickenpox and pertussis?

The link between autism and vaccination is the biggest tornado in the vaccine storm. Autism has soared from a rare disorder to something affecting a child in every other classroom: in the 80s, it struck one in 10,000 children, by the early 1990s, one in 2,500. Five years ago, one in 88 children was diagnosed as autistic and today it is one in 68.

In the homeschooler study, the risk of being diagnosed on the autism spectrum was over four-fold higher among vaccinated children than unvaccinated children (OR 4.2).

“We do not know all of the causes of ASD,” the Centers for Disease Control says– which avoids saying they haven’t identified any cause for it. Or any treatment.

They still quote a 2004 Pediatrics study claiming to refute a link between autism and vaccines even though one of its authors, their own top scientist William Thompson, has admitted that he and his colleagues colluded to obscure and then shred data (he kept copies) which showed a link between autism and the MMR vaccine. “Oh my God, I can’t believe we did what we did,” Thompson confessed in one taped telephone chat to Brian Hooker, a bioengineer professor at Simpson University and the father of an autistic child.

The Thompson whistleblower case is the basis of the 2016 documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe by Andrew Wakefield, the gastroenterologist who was among the first to suggest a possible link between the MMR vaccine and autism  in the late ‘90s, and who has become a symbol of how the system deals with dissenters. It’s the film the CDC does not want anyone to see.

The CDC also fails to mention that the federal government has been forced to acknowledge vaccination’s role in inducing autism and has awarded compensation to some parents of damaged children. Other courts have recognized the connection between autism and vaccination too. Besides that, there are the thousands of parents  the courts and federal government pretend don’t exist who all tell the same story over and over again: that they watched their children regress into autism following vaccination.

Brain and nervous system damage from vaccines is nothing new. Crippling and potentially blinding Acute Disseminated Encephalomyelitis, for example, (which causes MRI-visible white spots on the brain and can progress to multiple sclerosis,) has been described in the medical literature for decades and is a documented side effect of virtually every vaccine. Narcolepsy and Guillain Barré Syndrome are other examples.

So, what role might vaccines have in subtler brain damage? Don’t ask the CDC because they’ve never looked. But the JSU study found the odds for vaccinated children having a learning disability were over five-fold that of unvaccinated children (OR 5.2), over four-fold for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) (OR 4.3) and over three-fold for any neurodevelopmental disorder (i.e., impairment of growth and development of the brain or central nervous system associated with a diagnosis of Learning Disability, ADHD and/or ASD) (OR 3.67).

Mercury, Aluminum and What Else?

Vaccine ingredients are known to cause brain damage. Robert Kennedy Jr. has been highlighting the dangers of mercury as thimerosal used as a preservative in vaccines and its relationship to autism.

Aluminium is another well-documented neurotoxin added to vaccines as an adjuvant to evoke an immune system response.  Recent research has thrown everything scientists used to say about it (and the CDC still does) in the bin: aluminum is not excreted from the body within hours or days, but it persists for years and can migrate to organs including lymph, spleen and brain. Aluminum in vaccines has been implicated in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Macrophagic Myofasciitis in numerous autoimmune diseasesAlzheimer’s disease, in sudden deaths following vaccination and in autism.

The FDA does not deny its toxicity – just that there is enough aluminum toxin in vaccines to cause harm. But it calculates risk based on oral exposure. Even so it describes memory impairment in lab mice and “very young animals [which] appeared weaker and less active [and] less coordinated when their mothers were exposed to large amounts of aluminum during pregnancy and while nursing.”

Injected exposure can hardly be safer.  “It should be obvious that the route of exposure which bypasses the protective barriers of the gastrointestinal tract and/or the skin will likely require a much lower dose to produce a toxic outcome,” says a 2014 reviewimplicating aluminium in the autism epidemic.

Besides toxic metals like aluminum and mercury, vaccines may contain contaminants from DNA from human aborted fetus cells, animal DNA and retroviruses and a host of debris and metal contaminants that are not measured by oversight agencies and whose health effects have never been studied.

The Ear Infection Connection

Vaccinated children in the study were nearly four-fold more likely than   unvaccinated children in the study to have had a doctor-diagnosed ear infection (OR 3.8), and they were 700% more likely to have had surgery to insert ear drainage tubes for repeat or persistent infections (OR 8.0).

Acute ear infections have increased worldwide in recent decades and are so common they are almost unremarkable now; they affect 80% of American children by age three and are the leading reason for child doctor visits, antibiotic use and the number one pediatric surgical procedure –insertion of plastic tubes in the ears. Childhood ear infections cost the health care system almost three billion dollars a year.

The study points to reports of middle ear infection filed with the government’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS). A VAERS database search for children younger than one year of age who developed otitis media within one week of vaccination revealed 438,573 cases reported between 1990 and 2011, “often with fever and other signs and symptoms of inflammation and central nervous system involvement.” If that was the reported number for children under a year old within one week, how many children of all ages get common ear infections following vaccination? No one knows.

Messed-Up Microbiomes

As a possible mechanism for vaccine-induced ear infection, study authors Mawson and colleagues cite a 2006 study that looked at the types of bacteria in the nasal passages of children immunized with pneumococcal vaccine vs. “historical controls”  – kids from the prePCV-7 era — and found an increased colonization of a bacteria called M. catarrhalis in the vaccinated group. M. catarrhalis, it turns out, is associated with an increased risk of ear infection.

No surprise then that vaccinated children in the study were over two-fold more likely to have taken antibiotics (OR 2.4). They were also hospitalized more often (OR 1.8).

Broad spectrum antibiotics like those frequently used for ear infections are like napalm on the microbiome — they may wipe out bugs that cause ear infections but they affect many other microbes as well, shifting microbiome composition in ways that science is only beginning to understand how profoundly this impacts health. New research links microbiome shifts to a growing list of diseases from irritable bowel syndrome, obesity,  Crohn’s diseasediabetes and multiple sclerosis to mood disorders such as anxiety and depression, mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and  autism.

In a 2011 Lancet study, Danish researchers concluded the pneumococcal vaccine had a “much broader effect…on the microbial community than currently assumed, and highlights the need for careful monitoring when implementing vaccines…”

Another recent study found it isn’t just pneumococcal bugs that are affected, but several unexpected types of infectious bugs rush in to colonize where vaccines have been. What is the net effect of 69 vaccines on a developing child’s microbiome? Public health officials haven’t even asked the question.

Wheezy and Itchy

The JSU study shows that vaccinated children were thirty-fold more likely to have been diagnosed with allergic rhinitis (hay fever)  than unvaccinated children (OR 30.1), which exceeds the strength of the association between smoking and lung cancer. They also had a higher odds of overall allergies (OR 3.9), and three-fold higher odds of being diagnosed with eczema. (OR 3.1).

All this allergic disease was leading to more medication. The vaccinated children in the study were 22-fold more likely to have taken allergy medicine than the unvaccinated.

Allergic rhinitis (hay fever) is another of those current inexplicably soaring pediatric plagues; in 2012, it affected 6.6 million children. It is strongly associated with another spiking childhood disorder, asthma. More than three million American kids have a food allergy and one in four children have eczema. Worldwide, allergies have been increasing and they now affect almost half of all American school kids.

As with autism, public health authorities have no answers to explain the explosion of immune-mediated allergic disease. But researchers routinely create animal models of allergic disease by exposing them to aluminum adjuvants – the sort used in vaccines – at the same time as allergens. Recent experiments (here , here and here, for example) describe how scientists use aluminum to stimulate allergic rhinitis (hay fever) in mice.

This 2014 study describes how researchers used aluminum hydroxide bound to a bordetella pertussis  (that’s whooping cough bacteria in every child’s two, four, six and 18-month DTaP which also contains aluminum) and exposed the animal to an oral antigen (ie., food, like peanuts or soya)  to produce rats with food allergies.

Studies like these (here and here) describe how aluminum hydroxide linked to egg white protein (another vaccine ingredient) is used to create animal models of asthma.

So how does the CDC fail to consider if the very thing scientists are using to create allergic disease in animals is also creating allergic disease in children?

No Explanation?

“There was no explanation for the differences in health outcomes observed between the vaccinated and unvaccinated groups of children other than vaccination itself,” the study’s authors concluded.  Although the design of the study limits causal interpretation, they added, there is an apparent dose-response relationship between vaccination and chronic illness too, with the partially vaccinated showing intermediate odds of being diagnosed with chickenpox and whooping cough as well as ear infection, pneumonia, allergic rhinitis, ADHD, eczema, and learning disability (see Table 4).

“The extent to which these findings apply to the population of homeschooled children as well as the general population awaits further research on vaccinated and unvaccinated children,” Mawson and colleagues say. “Investigating and understanding the biological basis of these unexpected nonspecific outcomes of vaccination is essential for ensuring evidence-based vaccine policies and decisions.”

There is little evidence, however, that the mainstream medical establishment has any interest in understanding unexpected outcomes. Its message is clear: vaccines are modern medicine’s greatest miracle, an intervention that has saved millions of lives and improved quality of life for millions more. The fine print, acknowledged since vaccines began, is that a few children will suffer serious consequences from vaccines, including death, but their lives are a small sacrifice for the greater good of protecting of humanity from plagues of infectious disease.

For more than a century it has been accepted public health dogma that vaccine benefits outweigh risks. What’s more, with the introduction of five new vaccines since 1995, bringing the total inoculations to 35 by kindergarten age, studies of the combined effect of vaccines have never been done. The reality is: real vaccine benefits are theoretical and real vaccine risks are unknown.

The emerging “vaccine war” is really just growing numbers of “hesitant” parents (and health practitioners) questioning the CDC vaccine schedule for good reasons: Why are doctors who profit from vaccines the spokesmen for public health? Can government health agencies really be trusted to protect our children when they are so wedded to the pharmaceutical industry?  Why are toxins in vaccines? Does my kid really need this vaccine or is somebody selling it, like Coca Cola and video games? Why is it acceptable to knowingly sacrifice some children for the greater good? Is that greater good real or is it a mirage?

That vaccines may sometimes curb natural infections like chickenpox sometimes appears to be the case. What’s not been answered is the cost? What else do vaccines do? And if they are such a miracle, then why are American kids so sick?

This pilot study shows us that if mainstream medicine and our public health agencies are really interested in children’s health, not just vaccine profits or defending vaccine religion against blasphemy, what is needed is not the will to make everyone believe, but the courage to find out.




Liberalization is not Freedom

by regensordo

The main illness in first world societies is that they think they have achieved “freedom”. They think they have the best of all possible worlds, flawed as it is and favoring the ruling class as it does. Every revolution that ushered in modern “democratic” capitalism was dominated by interests that had two priorities in mind, neither of which was freedom or democracy for the masses.

The first and primary goal was to replace the existing ruling class with itself as the new master of society. The second follows naturally from the first: prevent these newly gained social and economic advantages from inevitably trickling down to those below them. The prioritization of trade and commerce over aristocracy and birth was an inherently progressive movement in society. It did “liberate” the masses from the direct control of their masters. It relaxed their grip on the them for greater flexibility. Thus, the lower orders were “liberated” from feudalism.

But the same chains that bound the masses to their masters under the old system were also the basis of their security and ancient common rights. The lower orders were freed from their chains but not their condition.  The new masters, for their part, did what they could to prevent as much meaningful freedom as possible from spilling out onto the greater masses. There was no concern for the material discrepancies that remained and put the lower masses at a disadvantage from the more fortunate middling classes. The grand merchants and very rich, in turn, tried to prevent as much of their gains trickling down to the middle sorts. Consider, the necessity of keeping the “liberated” masses down was the primary cause for bringing slavery to the U.S. (see The Anti-Democratic Origins Of Capitalism: Colonial Virginia).

The leaders tell their masses that liberalization is meant to liberate the individual and the productive forces of society. The masses mistake this for true freedom, and they are encouraged in this delusion. But there is more going on. The logic of the great spirit of the ruling class, The Supreme Executive, dictates that “liberalization” also says, “why should I pay for the up keep of my servants, when they sleep half the time, complain the other half and will slit my throat the first chance they get? Why let them occupy valuable land, which could make me much richer?”

The masses are the ruling class’s are naturally enemy. We are always threatened by the violent hordes. The lower orders do not seem register this aspect of their relationship with the ruling class, if they really do acknowledge the ruling class’s existence in the first place. Evil deeds of the higher orders are attributed to evil individuals, or their corrupt democracies that merely need tweaking. But then, many of the same individuals accept endemic corruption as a part of civic life.

The masses are bred to believe that corruption, which is a preventable thing,  is human nature, while usually taking for granted that they themselves are decent people. The the ruling class remains in the background. But what if the masses en masse began to consciously process the fact that the ruling class was their real enemy, their murderer, their jailer and the limitations that is their “liberated” individual lives. The Preservation Society shudders at the possibilities that such realizations might have, but the masses desperately need awakening if Our society is to survive, weather permitting of course.

At the very least, the existence of a ruling class ought to tell the comfortable masses of higher consciousness that they are de facto accessories in the criminal zeitgeist that is ruling class society, the crimes of which often hurt those who supported it in the first place. Did  middling Conservatives want a massive tax break for Trump’s friends (including Liberals)? Did Liberals who voted for him think Obama was going to abandon homeowners who were foreclosed on while bailing out the criminal bankers? Many Conservatives like to think homeowners were guilty of irresponsibility, rather than the bankers who perpetrated illegal schemes. Obama is still considered a deity by many today. A testament to the success of ruling class breeding.

* * *

No doubt had the smaller middling classes of the English Revolution succeeded Western “democracies” might be much freer than they are today. This is very difficult to convey. The ruling class has carefully cultivated liberalization as freedom from religious obligations, medieval structures, and the the coercion of others. Liberalization is freedom divorced from questions of individual autonomy and “political” power. Liberalization as freedom is the illusion of liberation from these institutions. But the “liberalized” individual does not automatically gain materially nor in status, and it is this lack which deprives the individual of freedom in the first place. “Liberalization” is abstract freedom. At its best, from the masses’ perspective, it can be incrementally positive.

During the English Revolution many lower order individuals were liberalized, that is, they were freed in the abstract but they remained in their same basic condition. This can be okay for the middling class, who can use their modest assets for their own advancement. The poverty, material and social depravity caused throughout the ages by the ravages of ruling class supremacy were never truly addressed by the two parties that came to dominate the Revolution.

The middling sorts who made up the democratic body of the New Model Army and their political counterparts, the Levellers being the most prominent. Their opponents were their allies against the King: many of the senior officers known as the grandees and the large rich merchants who controlled parliament. Neither group wanted to extend the political franchise to servants, beggars or criminals. Nor was there a significant proposal of land reform. At the top the large merchants and landowners wanted a much more limited franchise. Henry Ireton, speaking for the bigger interests of the country, gave the game away when he said:

No person hath a right to an interest or share in the disposing of the affairs of the kingdom, and in determining or choosing those that shall determine what laws we shall be ruled by here — no person hath a right to this, that hath not a permanent fixed interest in this kingdom.

John Jay, the first Supreme Court Justice of the United States, agreed “Those who own the country ought to govern it.

And on and on . . .

Can anything be more clear?

* * *

Expecting the masses to accept the reality that they have not achieved freedom but a mere liberalization that expanded the ruling class’s reach and capabilities, is like asking them to throw away all that they hold dear in life. It is easy for the well-bred masses to mistake their  gilded cages for the dream of democratic liberty. Being largely limited to the ability to willfully open a beer, sit on a couch and watch TV and not think much further is the gold standard of a liberalized society.

Asking the masses to accept that the ruling class plays an incalculable part in shaping their thoughts and tastes and hatreds, would be like asking them to part the seas. Ask them to admit that the blood, sweat and tears are all for the ruling class! A lifetime chained to a mediocre interest called a career! The very thought would shred their identity and self-respect they had built over a lifetime of work. The success of the deluded middling classes does much to dampen the uphill struggle for an as yet abstract freedom compared to their real comfort in “success”.

Yet liberalization has opened doors. No one can deny that. The individual can earn respect and be independent. The liberalization valve transforms energies into ruling class benefits through the illusion of freedom. In return the liberalized individual is left more or less alone in their little lives, “protected” by their “rights”. They can earn more money and gain a title, professor, doctor, Senator. Then they may even retire with distinction or at least in modest comfort. These are the lucky ones, making it easy to deceive oneself. The illusion is powerful, for movement seems to be occurring.

The possibility exists that you can be “free”, which is what underlines the use of words like “successful” and “independent”. Wealth is “success”. It is “freedom”, and you too can be “free” if you just work hard enough and dedicated enough. This is the subtext in the struggles of the lower orders: the better off are “freer” than the less better off. But We don’t say that in the context of the ruling class. The masses have been bred to understand freedom and power in in terms of justice and rights.

We may speculate what a truly free society might look like. But the possibility must first be there. Are there things that prove the existence of the ruling class directly affecting lower order lives? Many of Us at the Preservation Society still cannot fathom why with technology today why the masses don’t mind toiling so much? Why haven’t the extraordinary efficiencies produced by combustion engines and computers eliminated unemployment, eliminated basic wants, eliminated destructive fossil fuels? Why do “democracies” constantly engage in wars that are pointless from a lower order perspective? Why do they always elect to transfer wealth from unprivileged labor to the already privileged rich? What if the masses processed this in an intelligent way?

Aside from ideologies that tell us we “can’t”, and especially when reason does not necessarily exclude these possibilities, what is stopping the masses from knowing they are dogs on a leash held by the ruling class? Their breeding? When will it dawn on them that they are not truly free, but have merely been liberalized? Perhaps when they deserve to be free?

National Emergency / Act of War…

Published on Sep 26, 2018

EMERGENCY REPORT: Signed Executive Orders reveal Trump is planning mass arrests, military tribunals for deep state traitors like Comey, Clinton and Obama – UPDATENatural News) THIS IS A NATIONAL EMERGENCY SPECIAL REPORT

As the documents cited here clearly show, President Trump is planning to carry out mass arrests of deep state traitors, including Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, James Comey and even Barack Obama.

This is fully covered, with accompanying documentation from the U.S. Federal Register, in the links and video below. (This author is fully supportive of this effort to save America and arrest the traitors.)

The confirmation of Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court is the key to getting this done in a timely manner, which explains why the deranged Left is going to such outrageous extremes to fabricate false allegations against Kavanaugh and stage coordinated, well-funded protests to try to block the U.S. Senate from confirming him.

Once Kavanaugh is on the court, it will add the necessary support for constitutional “emergency powers” that concentrate power in the executive branch of government (currently headed by President Trump) during times of war and national emergencies.

FACT: The United States has been operating under a state of declared war since September, 2001, following the 9/11 attacks.

FACT: The United States has been operating under a declared national emergency, signed by President Trump, since December 20, 2017 (see proof document, below). In this detailed video analysis, I lay out the evidence for President Trump’s plan to issue mass arrests of deep state traitors, then try them for treason under military tribunals.

This is justified and lawful because the acts being committed against the United States of America by deep state traitors are acts of treason during a time of declared war.

It is no coincidence that President Trump has deliberately funded the U.S. Pentagon with its most massive budgets ever conceived. This is because the Pentagon has agreed to run the military arrests of deep state traitors, under the direction of the Commander-In-Chief, President Trump.

President Trump, I believe, has decided to go to bat for America and utterly destroy the anti-American deep state crime ring that has been working for years to destroy this nation and end its national sovereignty. This will be Trump’s legacy. He may not even run for re-election after 2020, since his entire plan to arrest the traitors and restore the rule of law in America will require him to step aside once certain goals are accomplished (see detailed explanation below).

Note that in order to accomplish this, President Trump will need to declare temporary martial law. (UPDATE: See clarification about “martial law” in the video appended to the end of this article.)

He will need our support during this time to maintain order and civility across the nation as the arrests and trials of deep state traitors are under way. We should all expect mass violence and chaos from the Left, which is following the “Rules for Radicals,” a blueprint for communist revolts and violent overthrow attempts of governments.

See the documents for yourself… this is all posted on the U.S. Federal Register government website

Here are the links to the documents cited in this comprehensive video: Document #1: Executive Order 13818, signed December 20, 2017. “Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption”

This document specifically describes the crimes of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, James Comey and Robert Mueller under the “corruption” section, alluding to the Uranium One scandal and Obama’s multi-billion dollar money laundering operation that handed nuclear weapons capabilities to Iran.

It says that the executive order targets, “any foreign person determined by the Secretary of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of State and the Attorney General… to be a current or former government official, or a person acting for or on behalf of such an official, who is responsible for or complicit in, or has directly or indirectly engaged in… corruption, including the misappropriation of state assets, the expropriation of private assets for personal gain, corruption related to government contracts or the extraction of natural resources, or bribery…”

This describes precisely what Clinton, Comey, Mueller, Obama, Brennan, McCabe and others carried out under the Obama regime. These are more than just felony federal crimes; they are acts of treason against the United States of America, carried out during a time of declared war.

Shocking New Studies Find Young Americans Are Overweight, Unhealthy, Suicidal, & Addicted To Alcohol And Drugs

Posted: 05 Oct 2018 09:00 PM PDT

After reading the information contained in this article, you will probably find yourself questioning if America is going to be able to survive for much longer, because our young people are a complete and total mess.  Yes, all generations of Americans have had their problems, but this generation appears to be particularly screwed up.  Obesity rates are at all-time highs, a third of all American teens have not read a single book within the past year, and the average high school senior spends six hours a day on the Internet.  On top of all that, we are seeing unprecedented levels of suicide, drug overdoses and liver disease (due to heavy drinking) among our young people.

Why was the Dangerous and Contagious FluMist Vaccine Approved by CDC?

Posted: 04 Oct 2018 06:54 AM PDT

Why was the Dangerous and Contagious FluMist Vaccine Approved by CDC?

FluMist Vaccine Approved by CDC Without Proof It Works
by Rishma Parpia
The Vaccine Reaction
In February 2018, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) voted to re-recommend the live virus nasal spray influenza vaccine, FluMist, for the 2018-19 “flu season” after a two-year hiatus.
FluMist, manufactured by MedImmune/AstraZeneca, was first licensed in the U.S. in 2003 as a trivalent vaccine and was approved for use in healthy children and adults between the ages of five to 49 years old.2
The live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) is popular, particularly with children, since it is sprayed up the nose and does not require a needle for administration.
The ACIP voted against recommending the quadrivalent FluMist for the 2016-17 and 2017-18 influenza seasons due to the vaccine’s ineffectiveness in protecting against the H1N1 strain (Influenza A).According to the CDC:

While data from 2010-2011 through 2016-2017 indicated that LAIV lacked effectiveness among 2 through 17-year-olds against H1N1pdm09 influenza viruses (2009 H1N1) in the U.S., LAIV was effective against influenza B viruses, and was similarly effective against H3N2 viruses as inactivated influenza vaccines.3

Effectiveness of influenza vaccines varies every year because the influenza virus mutates rapidly and there are many strains. Flu vaccines must be manufactured each “flu season” to match the circulating strains of influenza that health officials predict will be most prevalent. The CDC has stated:

How well the flu vaccine works (or its ability to prevent flu illness) can range widely from season to season and can be affected by a number of factors, including characteristics of the person being vaccinated, the similarity between vaccine viruses and circulating viruses, and even which vaccine is used.4

In 2017, data from a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine supported the federal recommendation that live virus FluMist should not be used on patients in the U.S.Brendan Flannery, PhD, author of the study and epidemiologist at the CDC’s Influenza Division discusses why the FluMist vaccine was ineffective during the 2015-16 season:

The simple explanation is that the vaccine virus in the live vaccine didn’t work the way it should have worked, whereas in the inactivated vaccine, that same virus worked well against the circulating viruses.6

He adds that, “When the virus was killed in the inactivated vaccine, it worked. When it was a live vaccine, that live virus didn’t perform like a live virus. Something happened.”6
Live virus vaccines are known to cause vaccine strain virus infections, shedding and transmission.
It is important to note that there are cases reported in the medical literature that FluMist has resulted in shedding and transmission of vaccine strain influenza virus.8

Why Did ACIP Reinstate FluMist for the 2018-19 “Flu Season”?

The ACIP meets three times a year to review and discuss new evidence on vaccines and make adjustments to the recommended vaccine schedule based on this evidence.2
In February 2018, the ACIP members voted 12-2 to include FluMist LAIV4 as an option for influenza vaccination for the 2018-19 influenza season for children and adults.
In a 14-0 vote, the vaccine was also added back into the Vaccine For Children Program (VFC),9 which is a federally funded program that provides vaccines at no cost to children who might not be vaccinated because of inability to pay.
Studies have shown that that effectiveness of LAIV in previous years was approximately 45 percent against Influenza A and B with 25 percent protection against Influenza A (H1N1pdm09) when compared with unvaccinated children.9
Researchers also found that although the inactivated influenza vaccine was “better” in all age groups against Influenza A (H1N1pdm09) when compared with LAIV, there was no statistically significant difference in protection between the two vaccines for the Influenza A (H3N2) and Influenza B viruses.9
This year, Raburn Mallory, MD, a representative from MedImmune/AstraZeneca attended the ACIP meeting to present information and data to the CDC’s vaccine policymaking committee on a new formulation of the nasal spray vaccine and the ways in which the manufacturer has corrected errors that were encountered in the prior version.9
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP):

On Wednesday, Raburn Mallory, M.D., senior director of clinical development for FluMist manufacturer MedImmune, told the committee it had changed to a new H1N1 strain (A/Slovenia) that is producing better antibody responses than the previous strain (A/Bolivia). He also presented data on shedding of the vaccine strain and on seroconversion.
However, because there has been little circulation of influenza A/H1N1 in the past two years, there are no efficacy data for the new formulation against H1N1 which was the strain for which LAIV performed poorly in the 2013-’14 and 2015-’16 seasons.10

As AstraZeneca’s Dr. Mallory has clearly pointed out, the problem is that there is no vaccine efficacy data available on the new formulation of LAIV4 and it is unknown whether FluMist will be effective this flu season.
Lisa Grohskopf, MD at the CDC acknowledged this by stating that,

“effectiveness is likely to remain unknown until the next H1N1-predominant season” and that decisions to recommend influenza vaccines “is not generally based upon effectiveness comparisons to other products.”10

News reports highlight that ACIP’s discussion was centered on giving FluMist another try.9
One of the “No” votes was that of Henry Bernstein, DO, at Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra/Northwell. Berstein expressed his concerns by stating the following:

The part that really worries me the most is the fact if we reinstate LAIV4 without knowing its vaccine effectiveness during an H1N1 season and then we have an H1N1 season and it results in increased morbidity and mortality … that is likely to undermine administration of flu vaccine for the public, potentially lowering all coverage rates and negatively impacting the country’s overall flu vaccine program.10

The second “No” vote was from David Stephens, MD, at Emory University School of Medicine. Stephens stated,

“I’m really concerned about what message this [approval] sends.”9

Interestingly, the AAP has expressed the strongest concerns regarding the reinstating of FluMist. According to an article published on MedPage Today:

AAP liaison member David Kimberlin, MD, of the University of Alabama Birmingham, pointed out that the CDC meta-analysis was “too blended” to pull out strong consideration that LAIV has the kind of effectiveness they are hoping for.
Also, the shedding data presented by the manufacturer does not correlate with effectiveness, he said.9

Dr. Kimberlin further added,

“If we have an H1N1 year, and this vaccine has been recommended for use again and it doesn’t work, that’s a sobering sentence for me.”9

In response, ACIP committee member Edward Belongia, MD, at the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Population Health in Wisconsin pointed out that decisions to recommend influenza vaccines are generally based on immunogenicity and not effectiveness.
He stated

“Given what we know, this is a reasonable approach. We always have to make the decision based on the best science available at the time, and I do think the manufacturer has made a good faith effort to understand the root causes of what was going on.”9

Despite the fact that the efficacy and effectiveness of this vaccine is unknown, another ACIP member Cynthia Pellegrini, senior vice president of public policy and government affairs for March of Dimes stated,

“I think the evidence is pretty clear this vaccine is better than not being vaccinated and there are kids who will not be vaccinated without this option…”10

The ACIP also voted against giving preferential treatment to the inactivated influenza vaccine and the recombinant influenza vaccine over LAIV4.8
According to Laura Riley, MD, at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, the reason cited for voting against giving the other influenza vaccines preference over LAIV4 is,

“We need to give people as many options to be vaccinated, because being vaccinated is better than not being vaccinated.”9

The assumption that using FluMist is better than not being vaccinated given the lack of data on the efficacy of LAIV4 is not rational because it is not based on scientific evidence.

The AAP is Encouraging Parents to Opt for Other Influenza Vaccines Instead of FluMist

Given the AAP’s objection to reinstating FluMist, the organization is recommending that children should be vaccinated with injectable influenza vaccines rather than FluMist. (It is important to note that injectable influenza vaccines also have their own set of problems that the CDC and AAP choose to ignore.)
This recommendation conflicts with that of the CDC’s recommendation of FluMist. ACIP member Henry Bernstein, MD said:

The AAP feels that the flu shot should be the primary vaccine choice for all children.” He goes on to add, “There’s no question that ideally we would like for the CDC and the AAP to be completely harmonized.
Both groups are harmonized in wanting as many children to receive flu vaccine as possible each and every year. When recommendations are not perfectly harmonized, it does pose the possibility for confusion.11

The fact that FluMist (LAIV4) is reinstated back into the CDC’s recommended influenza vaccine schedule for children and adults, despite lack of data that it actually works to prevent influenza, calls into question the CDC’s commitment to ensuring that all recommended vaccines are safe and effective.
Read the full article at TheVaccineReaction.org.


1 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Prevention and Control of Seasonal Influenza with Vaccines: Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices—United States, 2018–19 Influenza SeasonMorbidity and Mortality Weekly Report 2018; 67(3): 1-20.
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9 Walker M. ACIP Reinstates FluMist for 2018-2019 Flu SeasonMedPage Today Feb. 21, 2018.
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11 Branswell H. Pediatrics Group Encourages Parents to Steer Clear of Popular FluMist in Favor of ShotsSTAT Sept. 3, 2018.

Thanks to: http://vaccineimpact.com

BLASEYGATE: A Democrat Deep State Scandal Also Designed as a HUGE Distraction

How to Turn the Tables on Authority Like a F@*%ing Genius

100 children evacuated from school as giant cracks and sinkhole fissure the ground in Ireland

Posted: 04 Oct 2018 12:55 PM PDT

100 children evacuated from school as giant cracks and sinkhole fissure the ground in Ireland
Strange Sounds

Oct 4, 2018

Nearly 100 children were evacuated from their classrooms on September 24, 2018 when a huge sinkhole opened up at Drumgossatt National School, near Carrickmacross in Monaghan, Ireland.
School evacuated after giant sinkhole and cracks open up in the ground. via Twitter
The collapse of a disused Gypsum mine in the region has been cited as the cause of the subsidence.
While the school was closed immediately, and an appeal was made for parents to collect their children, there were no injuries.
More than 100 children have been evacuated after these cracks and the ground collapsed in Ireland. via Twitter
The Health and Safety Authority said they will follow up on the incident with the owner of the mine: “We are aware that an old section of the Gypsum mine in the area (no longer in use) has collapsed. We are not aware of injuries as a result and we will follow up with the company as appropriate,” the HSA said.


Here some more pictures of the ground collapse:

via Twitter via Twitter via Twitter
That was a close shot! These children have been really lucky!

MORE HERE: http://strangesounds.org/2018/10/100-children-evacuated-from-school-as-giant-cracks-and-sinkhole-fissure-the-ground-in-ireland.html

Thanks to: http://strangesounds.org



3 September 2018 | Draft

Prohibition of Reference to Overpopulation of the Planet

Draft Proposal for an International Convention

– / –

Produced in anticipation of debate by the UN General Assembly (December 2018) on the proposed Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration,
and in the light of the previous United Nations Global Compact (2000) on corporate social responsibility, and criticism thereof with respect to enabling globalization


It can be readily argued that many conventional crises are a consequence of increasing population — unemployment, environmental degradation, access to food and water resources, failing social security services, disease, inaccessibility of education, refugees, security threats, violence, waste, and the like. Such arguments derive primarily from marginal groups and are readily deprecated. Their presentation however introduces a further destabilizing dynamic into societies already faced with instability and the challenge of achieving sustainability.

This pattern has already been recognized to a degree and has given rise to informal measures to restrict reference to the challenge of overpopulation wherever possible. There is however a need to formalize this understanding in order to clarify any ambiguity which may give rise to unnecessary confusion and panic through the dissemination of fake news regarding the purported dangers of overpopulation. Appropriate sanctions call for articulation.

These concerns could be readily associated with elaboration of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM).  This is being developed as a consequence of the first meeting of Heads of State and Government to discuss, at the global level within the UN General Assembly, issues related to migration and refugees (19 September 2016). This sent an important political message that migration and refugee matters have become major issues in the international agenda. In adopting the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants (13 September 2016), the 193 UN Member States recognized the need for a comprehensive approach to human mobility and enhanced cooperation at the global level. However, as in that framing articulation, it is vital that reference to overpopulation should be excluded from any final agreement.


1. Religion: The scriptures and spiritual teachings of the major religions of the world make no reference to the problematic consequences of overpopulation and indeed are consistent with the formulation favoured by the Abrahamic religions: Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth (Genesis 1-28). With that mandate, religions are consequently appropriately encouraged to promote the birth rates of their adherents and those they aspire to convert. Constraint on population growth is therefore legitimately held to be tantamount to blasphemy, and therefore to be sanctioned accordingly.

2. Labour requirements: The aging populations of developed countries call for a sustained approach to increasing their numbers, whether to provide essential labour for business and other services currently unable to fill vacant positions, or to ensure care for the increasing proportion of the elderly. Such requirements notably extend to the military and security services in anticipation of future social unrest.

3. Need for consumers: Economies and business enterprises, dependent for their health on continuous growth and market development, have a fundamental need for an expanding pool of consumers.

4. Human rights: Reproduction is a fundamental human right which it is totally inappropriate to call into question in any way.

5. Discrimination: Any suggestion that increase in population should be constrained, especially in underprivileged countries with a high birth rate, is fundamentally discriminatory. Suggestions to the contrary recall the imperial abuses of colonialism, if not the more extreme ideologies of fascism and eugenics — especially when proposed constraints impact most on the poorest segments of the population.

6. Culture: Individuals in many cultures, notably those with the highest birth rates, tend to associate their identity, self-esteem and status with larger families — the larger the better. Constraints on reproduction are therefore an inappropriate criticism of modalities to which fundamental significance is attached. It merits recognition as a form of cultural violence.

7. Politics: Political ideologies and platforms responsive to the “will of the people”, and the pressures for re-relection, must necessarily reflect the need for population increase in their policies, however implicitly — especially those with a populist bias

8. Humanitarian: The condition of those in extremely deprived circumstances evokes a healthy global caring response, a valuable dimension of the global conscience, which would otherwise be inhibited.

10. Collective learning: Given the undeclared commitment to unconstrained increase in population, it is clearly appropriate to allow the trend to evoke whatever consequences will enable new dimensions of collective learning appropriate to that situation.


1. Arguments have already been well-developed to the effect that overpopulation is a myth — even a dangerous myth — unsubstantiated by any adequate evidence and readily associated with vested interests with questionable agendas.

2. Although unconstrained reproduction is a fundamental human right, as implied by the Universal Declaration of u Rights (1948), it is completely inappropriate to draw inferences to the contrary from the fact that the global population was 2.4 billion at that time, whereas 50 years later it is now 7.6 billion, and is predicted to be between 10 and 13 billion by the end of the century.

3. Authorities, notably at the regional or international level, already cultivate implicit internal policies to avoid reference to overpopulation and its consequences — whether or not this is also clarified in guidelines of any form.

4. Mass media, whether local, national or international, already avoid reference to overpopulation and its consequences — whether as a result of pressure from political sponsors, funders, advertisers, lobbies, readership, or recommendations from government — however articulated.

5. Research through think tanks and academic institutions already carefully avoids more than passing reference to population growth as a factor of significance (Confronting the Global Forced Migration Crisis, May 2018). This has been notably relevant in relation to climate change through the appropriately selective consideration of that dimension in the Kaya Identity (Introduction. In Climate Change 2007: Mitigation. Contribution of Working Group III to the Fourth Assessment Report of the IPCC). This crafting of concern contrasts with that of the early study for the Club of Rome, now to be deemed completely irresponsible (Paul Ratner. In 1973, an MIT computer predicted the end of civilization: so far, it’s on targetBig Think, 23 August 2018).

6. Funding agencies are already assiduous in avoiding any assistance to programs of research or aid which can be interpreted as a controversial constraint on birth rates.

7. Undertaking initiatives in favour of constraints on population growth is already recognized as guaranteed to undermine opportunities for institutional development, as well as for the individual career advancement of those associated with that process

8. Governments and other institutions faced with a variety of pressing challenges are already resigned to the fact that population growth is a reality to be accepted — and about which nothing effective can be appropriately done. This sense of reality includes the recognition that pressures on migration from countries with high birth rates will be unstoppable for the foreseeable future because of the disadvantageous conditions experienced there. The flow of migrants will in all probability continue to increase although reference to this is avoided.

9. Governments and funding agencies already have a marked tendency to withdraw support from institutions highlighting issues relating to overpopulation and birth control. Increasingly these take the form of measures effectively to be recognized as sanctions on such initiatives.

10. Challenges to the governability of societies are widely experienced, as a consequence of their increasing complexity and the variety of disruptive processes. It is however completely inappropriate to suggest that population growth exacerbates ungovernability in any manner.

Agreement by Signatory States:

1. Religions should not be subject in any way to criticism for their promotion of larger families, opposition to abortion or birth control — and to natalism, especially when faced with pressures from other religions.

2. Political programs should avoid any reference to overpopulation as a constraint on the implementation of their policies towards full employment, economic growth, security, and sustainability — whether in the short term or the longer term.

3. Business corporations should in no way be subject to sanctions for strategies encouraging larger families as a means of ensuring both market development and the labour force to meet the resulting needs for production.

4. Advocacy groups promoting policies in relation to population constraint in any form should be strongly discouraged by whatever means possible, if not prohibited. As with disruptive political ideologies, apologists for such perspectives should be similarly constrained.

5. Research, notably through think tanks, should avoid including population growth as a factor for consideration in elaborating fruitful strategic policies for consideration by government. Foresight studies and statistical reporting should minimize reference to future population growth and any conclusions that might otherwise be drawn from it — most notably with respect to migration pressures.

6. Documentation systems and libraries should reclassify or withdraw materials on any challenges explicitly framed as arising from overpopulation — treating them as is done with highly controversial and deprecated themes (fascism, pornography, blasphemy, and the like). Publishers should be strongly discouraged from producing materials reflecting this questionable concern.

7. Media and search engines should subject materials referring to overpopulation to the patterns of censorship already in place, or envisaged with respect to misleading advertising and fake news.

8. Entertainment and comedy should be strongly discouraged from making reference to overpopulation as a matter of concern, especially in the light of widespread past protest regarding perceptions of blasphemy.

9. Legislation should be envisaged at the national, regional or international level to provide a formal framework for this prohibition. With respect to the proposed framework to be provided by the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, it is vital that no mention should be made of overpopulation in taking into account all dimensions of the migration/refugee issue for the foreseeable future, as with the articulation of the preliminary New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants (13 September 2016).

10. Withdrawal of accreditation and appropriate sanctions should be envisaged in the event of failure to respect these strategic principles. Beyond the conventional use of injunctions, consideration should be given to the use of superinjunctions to reduce attention to these provisions in order to avoid exacerbation of global insecurity.


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MiG-31: The Near-Space Plane. Russia’s super-fast interceptor

Published on Sep 30, 2018

Imagine flying a plane so high that the world looks spherical and the sky is pitch-black. The Mikoyan Mig-31 fighter is the only jet plane in the world to make it possible to fly on the very edge of space.

With an incredible speed of 3,000 km/h, the Soviet-designed interceptor is the world’s fastest serving aircraft, and it can fly twice as high as a commercial flight. Travelling at more than twice the speed of sound, the MiG-31 can touch the stratosphere and breach what’s known as the Armstrong limit. beyond which a pilot’s tears and saliva would boil without a pressure suit.

Even at such incredible heights, the MiG-31 can still deal with its enemies. The fighter is armed with long and short-range missiles that can be launched against high-speed targets.

At Khotilovo air base, RTD attempts to give viewers a first-hand experience of near-space travel aboard this unique aircraft by mounting cameras on the airframe and inside the cockpit. See what breaking the sound barrier looks like and why, despite being designed in the 1970s, the MiG-31remains at the top of its game and unrivalled to this day.


MMXVIII Vol. 260 – October 4, 2018


New Trade Model – USMCA

Despite the tirades against imbalances in imports, the tweets threatening to pull out of international pacts, and undiplomatic statements about foreign negotiators, President Trump is starting to put together a string of deals that tell where his administration is headed on foreign trade.

For example, the agreements focus on manufacturing but they are not backward-looking. The US-Mexico-Canada deal, reached on Sunday, devotes large sections to the digital economy and other language that modernizes provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Mr. Trump’s “America First” approach by definition departs from a globalist worldview. Yet trade is more than a political punching bag to rev up his base. The timing of the just announced three-nation deal, officially the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), was determined by the exigencies of Mexican politics, not the US midterm elections.

China’s hopes of negotiating a free trade pact with Canada or Mexico were dealt a sharp setback by a provision deep in the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada trade agreement that aims to forbid such deals with “non-market” countries, trade experts said on Tuesday.

The provision specifies that if one of the current North American Free Trade Agreement partners enters a free trade deal with a “non-market” country such as China, the others can quit in six months and form their own bilateral trade pact.

The clause, which has stirred controversy in Canada, fits in with U.S. President Donald Trump’s efforts to isolate China economically and prevent Chinese companies from using Canada or Mexico as a “back door” to ship products tariff-free to the United States.

USMCA, Trump’s new NAFTA deal, explained in 500 words

Here are the biggest changes:

  • Country of origin rules: Automobiles must have 75 percent of their components manufactured in Mexico, the US, or Canada to qualify for zero tariffs (up from 62.5 percent under NAFTA).
  • Labor provisions: 40 to 45 percent of automobile parts have to be made by workers who earn at least $16 an hour by 2023. Mexico has also agreed to pass laws giving workers the right to union representation, extend labor protections to migrant workers, and protect women from discrimination. The countries can also sanction one another for labor violations.
  • US farmers get more access to the Canadian dairy market: The US got Canada to open up its dairy market to US farmers, which was a big issue for Trump.
  • Intellectual property and digital trade: The deal extends the terms of copyright to 70 years beyond the life of the author (up from 50). It also extends the period that a pharmaceutical drug can be protected from generic competition.

It also includes new provisions to deal with the digital economy, including prohibiting duties on things like music and e-books, and protections for internet companies so they’re not liable for content their users produce.

  • No section 232 tariff protections: Section 232 is a trade loophole that Trump has used to impose steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada, Mexico, and the European Union. Both Canada and Mexico wanted protections from these tariffs, but they didn’t get them. They did get the US to make a side agreement that protects them from possible auto tariffs under 232, though.
  • Sunset clause: The agreement puts in a 16-year “sunset” clause — meaning the terms of the agreement expire, or “sunset,” after a set period of time. The deal is also subject to a review every six years, at which point the US, Mexico, and Canada can decide to extend USMCA.

The new United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement includes key victories for American manufacturers, agriculture, businesses, and workers.
  • BUSINESS INSIDER: Trump’s New Trade Deal with Canada and Mexico is Winning Early Praise
  • FOX BUSINESS: US Stocks Surge as US, Canada, Mexico Reach Trade Deal
  • THE WASHINGTON TIMES: Trump Trade Deal with Canada, Mexico Gets American Farmers’ Stamp of Approval
  • WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Canada Gave Ground on the Key Issue of Dairy in New Trade Agreement
  • THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: New NAFTA Shows Trump’s Trade Strategy for Balancing Labor, Business Interests
  • NEW YORK POST EDITORIAL BOARD: NAFTA 2.0: Trump Delivers on Another Big Promise THE VIRGINIAN-PILOT EDITORIAL BOARD: Trade Pact Rings up Trump Victory
  • TOM ROGAN IN WASHINGTON EXAMINER: From NAFTA to USMCA, Trump Just Got a Win for America
  • STEVE CORTES IN REAL CLEAR POLITICS: Make North America Great Again
  • CHRISTIAN WHITON ON FOX NEWS: Trump Has Just Revolutionized Global Trade by Replacing NAFTA with USMCALIZ PEEK IN THE HILL: Trump’s ‘America First’ Policy Scores a Big Win with New NAFTA Deal

The US-Mexico-Canada Trade Deal Is a Weapon Against Chinese Imperialism

The Trump administration’s USMCA gives Washington a powerful economic and diplomatic tool for achieving the U.S. and its key allies’ most vital long-range goal in the Indo-Pacific region: preventing the rise of a hegemonic regional power, in this case China. Key U.S. allies in the Indo-Pacific is shorthand for Canada, Japan, Australia, South Korea and Singapore. India is a quiet ally, though continued Chinese misbehavior will ensure India morphs from quiet to key.

U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement

Now that the most disastrous aspects of NAFTA have been removed from the new U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement; traders, business managers and the public will get to see the true sentiments of the globalists, who will feel the pain of losing their special commercial protections. Restricting genuine free trade has always been the main objective of the corporatists and internationalists. The basic question: has President Trump bucked the financial monopolists and transformed commerce with a dose of business reciprocity or is USMCA just a back door to establish a North American Union?


Global Fair Trade
Do you view the world from the perspective of a globalist? If you consider yourself a progressive you may answer that the entire earth needs to be taken as a whole. But if you are a rational and reflective person, your reply should always be conditional. If we are talking about an impending collision with a deadly asteroid, a planetary response would be sensible. However, if the topic is world trade, a blanket universality of equivalence, defies reasonable judgment.

Presidents are selected
by Blood and Banksters

In the previous essay, The CIA’s Presidents, the influence of the intelligence community in directing and controlling the office of the presidency is presented. But before the clandestine spooks developed their sway on policy and intrigue, the absolute power behind the throne, crowned their lineage selection with the full mashaḥ anointing from the Bankster tribe. The masses are not part of this universe. Their role is to bow down to the chief executive that has been picked for them to obey. The actual person is less important than keeping the line of authority in the family.

Read the entire article on the “Forbidden History” archives

Oct 03, 2018 06:48 am | SARTRE

Unfolding exactly as I warned last Friday in a widely viewed video, radical left-wing lunatics have unleashed coordinated “intimidate and terrorize” attacks today, targeting two U.S. Senators, a Congressman, the Secretary of Defense and the U.S. President. The anti-America media is barely reporting any of this, because in just one day: Source: Left-wing operatives just unleashed coordinated […]

Oct 03, 2018 06:41 am | SARTRE

A satanic cult dedicated to our enslavement and destruction controls society. Yet because they also control the mass media, the influence of Freemasonry is kept hidden from the masses, causing a cognitive dissonance. We can’t see it because we are part of it. This malevolent power is evidenced every day.  Leftist disdain for common decency, […]

Oct 03, 2018 06:34 am | SARTRE

American feminists have finally broken the spirit of the American white heterosexual male. I have been watching for some time the American male, or what little is left of him, meekly accept feminists’ definitions of words and male behavior. First the feminists turned the male respect for, and politeness toward, women, respect inculcated into my […]

Oct 03, 2018 06:30 am | SARTRE

Now that the most disastrous aspects of NAFTA have been removed from the new U.S. Mexico Canada Agreement; traders, business managers and the public will get to see the true sentiments of the globalists, who will feel the pain of losing their special commercial protections. Restricting genuine free trade has always been the main objective […]

Oct 03, 2018 06:23 am | SARTRE

It’s a given that Big Brother is always watching us. Unfortunately, thanks to the government’s ongoing efforts to build massive databases using emerging surveillance, DNA and biometrics technologies, Big Brother (and his corporate partners in crime) is getting even creepier and more invasive, intrusive and stalker-like. Indeed, every dystopian sci-fi film (and horror film, for […]


She didn’t directly accuse Kavanaugh or Judge of assaulting her — but did place them at the same party where she was violated.

“I cannot specifically say that he [Kavanaugh] was one of the ones who assaulted me,” she said. “But before this happened to me at that party, I saw Brett Kavanaugh there. I saw Mark Judge there and they were hanging about the area where I started to feel disoriented, where the room was and where the other boys were hanging out and laughing.”

“I will not be intimidated into withdrawing from this process. You’ve tried hard. You’ve given it your all. No one can question your effort, but your coordinated and well-funded effort to destroy my good name and to destroy my family will not drive me out. The vile threats of violence against my family will not drive me out. You may defeat me in the final vote, but you’ll never get me to quit. Never.”








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George Soros Funds and Aids Anti-Kavanaugh Smear Campaign

Dozens of Marxist and liberal organizations have ties to Soros including the newly organized “antifa” type radical political street protest group — Demand Justice — whose top officials vowed to put upwards of $5,000,000.00 behind an effort to totally block Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • Progressives have formed a new political outfit to mobilize left-wing energy on judicial confirmations, including Judge Kavanaugh
  • The group, Demand Justice, is financed and administratively supported by the Sixteen Thirty Fund
  • George Soros’ advocacy network has given millions to the Sixteen Thirty Fund in recent years

Medical cannabis treats cancer and boosts the immune system, say scientists after reviewing more than 100 studies

Posted: 03 Oct 2018 09:26 AM PDT

medical cannabisA recently authored review of over 100 studies has shown that cannabis really is medicinal — even if the U.S federal government refuses to recognize it. Indeed, scientific analysis has shown that the cannabinoid compounds found in marijuana can stop cancer cells from dividing and spreading — and can even cut off blood supply to tumors. These friendly plant compounds also serve to support and boost the immune system, too. The researchers say that their findings prove that cannabis can be used as a cancer treatment. Does that mean plants will finally start getting recognized for their medicinal powers? One can only hope.

While the scientists say that there is still a “need” for conventional cancer drugs, the day when plant medicines are given their due may be on the horizon. Given the slew of damaging side effects incurred at the hands of chemo and radiation treatment, patients are increasingly turning to cannabis and other medicinal plants like turmeric to get the treatment they need with less harm.

Cannabis fights cancer, according to science

A team of German researchers, led by Professor Burkhard Hinz, have concluded that cannabis compounds can fight cancer. The scientists, hailing from Rostock University Medical Centre in Germany, say that an array of cannabinoids have medicinal value. While many proponents of mainstream medicine have reluctantly agreed that cannabidiol (CBD) is of medicinal value, other compounds, like the controversial tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) remain subject to scorn.

THC is the compound in cannabis which produces a feeling of euphoria or a “high,” but research has shown that THC, CBD, and the other compounds in cannabis act in concert, and that these compounds tend to work better together than alone as single molecules.

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And now, Professor Hinz and his team have shown that over 100 different studies have indicated cannabis has the ability to treat cancer.

“In this context accumulating data from preclinical models suggest that cannabinoids elicit anti-cancer effects on several levels of cancer progression,” Hinz explained.

“Clinical studies are now urgently needed to investigate the impact of cannabinoids on cancer growth and progression in patients,” he added.

While clinical research on cannabis in cancer treatment may be lacking, there are many anecdotal accounts of cancer being cured with plant medicine and nothing else.

Plant medicines heal when Big Pharma fails

While the cancer industry is loath to admit it, many patients have had success in treating their cancer at home with cannabis —  after conventional therapies like chemo and radiation failed. In 2015, it was reported a three-year-old boy in Utah had his leukemia successfully treated with cannabis.

That same year, a 33-year-old father from the U.K. reportedly revealed he had treated his “terminal” bowel cancer with cannabis oil — after chemo, radiation therapy and surgery all failed to remedy his disease. After being told by doctors that he had just 18 months to live, David Hibbitt turned to cannabis and never looked back: In January 2015, medical scans showed he was totally cancer-free.

Cannabis continues to reign king of cancer treatment in 2018, with 52-year-old Joy Smith revealing that she too treated her “incurable” cancer with medical marijuana in spring 2018. Smith was diagnosed with stomach and bowel cancer, and was told by medical professionals that she most likely had just six weeks left to live.

Many of her tumors were deemed inoperable, and chemotherapy was just making her cancer worse. So, Smith turned to cannabis as a last-ditch effort — and it worked miraculously.

Smith told reporters, “When you’re told you have six weeks to live you’ll try anything, trust me.”

“I was a bit skeptical about the oil at first as I’d never taken drugs or anything like that – but I know I would not be here today without it. I want to tell everybody.”

“Cannabis oil should be legalised for medical purposes – people are dying and the chemotherapy isn’t curing them,” the cancer survivor contended.

See more coverage of stories about the cancer industry at Cancer.news.

Sources for this article include:




Originally published: https://www.naturalnews.com/2018-10-01-medical-cannabis-treats-cancer-and-boosts-the-immune-system-say-scientists-after-reviewing-more-than-100-studies.html

Author: Vicki Batts

The post Medical cannabis treats cancer and boosts the immune system, say scientists after reviewing more than 100 studiesappeared first on Dr. Leonard Coldwell.com.



Ed Jewett: Child abuse leaves molecular ‘scars’ in DNA of victims’ sperm, new study suggests

06 Family07 Other Atrocities11 Society

Child abuse leaves molecular ‘scars’ in DNA of victims’ sperm, new study suggests

Child abuse may leave marks that go even deeper than psychological trauma by physically etching itself into people’s DNA, according to a new Harvard study.

Research based on a small sample of men found differences in chemical marks within the genetic code of those who have experienced abuse as children.

The scientists examined a chemical process termed methylation in DNA from sperm samples, and found noticeable differences that appeared to distinguish victims and non-victims.

Not only do these findings suggest a long-term physical impact of trauma, the presence of these changes in sperm cells suggests its legacy may even be passed between generations.

Read full article.

Dems New America: Guilty Until You Prove Your Innocence

That phrase…guilty until proven innocent… has been getting a lot of attention lately with the reputation-mugging of Judge Kavanaugh. But we shouldn’t be surprised because the presumption of guilt is evident every time I try to board an airplane. In the eyes of the TSA we are all considered guilty.  We have to prove our innocence before we can set foot in the plane……….
by Coach Dave Daubenmire.

My Father Said That If You Tell A Lie, You Must Keep Lying To Cover Your Lie

He then said, “You get caught in your own lie for the rest of your life.” When I was a kid, I lied to my father once about going to a Cub Scout meeting.  He dropped me off at the den meeting house. He brought me 30 minutes early. I sat around until I couldn’t sit around anymore. So, I skipped down the street and made my way back home………
by Frosty Wooldridge



The Secret U.S. Government Scheme to Confiscate Your Savings

Unsuspecting Americans to be Hit Hard by this U.S. Confiscation Scheme
The 20-year head of the U.S. Fed has revealed Washington’s nasty trick to confiscate the savings of unsuspecting Americans… Are you one of them?

==> Here’s the ONE THING Greenspan Says Can Protect Your Savings

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Hurricane Florence Makes Landfall in the Carolinas
Tropical Storm Gordon Lands in US
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Want a Copy of Mark Judge’s High School Memoir? It’ll Cost You a Pretty Penny. 
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The War Over Kavanaugh on the Judiciary Committee Has Made Its Way to Twitter 
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Oh, Brother: An Unredacted Version of Kavanaugh’s 1983 Yearbook Was Just Published 
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California Drought and Fires Caused by USAF Pillar Point Radar? 2018 09 27

Published on Sep 27, 2018

This is just a quick video showing a blockage in the jet stream, preventing rain from reaching California. This blockage APPEARS to be closely related to the Pillar Point US Air Force Station, just south of San Francisco.

You folks in California can shut down these drought machines, by going to Mavericks Beach, noting when the big transmitter is running, and comparing the run times with offshore weather patterns.

Then, make the results public! That will mothball the station in a hurry!

There are several of these giant, SBX-type, million-watt microwave phased array transmitters, up and down the west coast. Y’all who live near them, need to take on the task of monitoring them, using a cheap, handheld meter.

At 12:50, the wind lines coming together means UNEXPLAINED CONVERGENCE, so the winds at 34,000 feet are colliding, and going downward. This is exactly what the Ionospheric Heater technology does, and that map is proof of anomalous high pressure! Ionospheric Heaters can only drive high altitude air, down towards the surface.

The falling air shows up as circular rings, and artificial high pressure in the jet stream. This is explained in my earlier videos, like Physics of Ionospheric Heaters, etc.

Check out the security at the front gate of the Pillar Point Air Force Station (someone trespassed and put the picture on Google Maps): https://www.google.com/maps/@37.49958…

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Mongoose: The Hill Exposes DNC-FBI COllusion on Russia Witchhunt — DNC Lawyers (Who Funded the Fake Dossier) Met FBI Officials BEFORE FBI Sought a Surveillance Warrant

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Collusion bombshell: DNC lawyers met with FBI on Russia allegations before surveillance warrant

John Solomon, The Hill, 3 OCT 2018

Congressional investigators have confirmed that a top FBI official met with Democratic Party lawyers to talk about allegations of Donald Trump-Russia collusion weeks before the 2016 election, and before the bureau secured a search warrant targeting Trump’s campaign.

Former FBI general counsel James Baker met during the 2016 season with at least one attorney from Perkins Coie, the Democratic National Committee’s private law firm.

That’s the firm used by the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign to secretly pay research firm Fusion GPS and Christopher Steele, a former British intelligence operative, to compile a dossier of uncorroborated raw intelligence alleging Trump and Moscow were colluding to hijack the presidential election.

The dossier, though mostly unverified, was then used by the FBI as the main evidence seeking a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant targeting the Trump campaign in the final days of the campaign.

Read full article.

Tip of the Hat to Ray Songree.

Phi Beta Iota: We have consistently documented the fact that James Clapper and John Brennan and related FBI officials concocted a fake news false narrative about Russian collusion. The President has made an error in not insisting that all of the documents, without redaction, be published. Such publication would bury the British government as well as the Democratic Party.

See Also:

Robert Steele: The Soft Coup Collapses – Blackmail Revealed – What Next? CIA was bluffing, produced no evidence – Russians did not “hack” the election. Is this the beginning of the end of the Deep State in the USA? Can Trump clean house & wage peace? (Trump Revolution 06)

Robert Steele: US IC Allegations Against Russians Are Crap — Our Own Traitors, Not the Russians, Are the Real Enemy, Fake Evidence & Fake News – UPDATE 22

Dem insider arrested for Kavanaugh stunt
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The Presidential Alert Text Is Everything You Need to Know About the US Government

Anti-Media – by Carey Wedler

The internet erupted in a flurry of posts about President Trump’s message to millions of people Tuesday afternoon. The text, which was announced prior to its transmission, served as a test to a new national alert system enacted by FEMA for the purposes of alerting citizens about natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and other emergencies.  

People were quick to express their desire to opt out (you can’t) and their general disgust at receiving direct texts from the president. Others condescendingly claimed the alerts will be for our own good— because apparently no one ever got word of national emergencies until the day Donald Trump and FEMA decided they were going sound the alarm.

While the national alert has people issuing a glut of social media posts focused on Trump, the single message actually tells you everything you need to know about the government.

1. No one ever asked if you wanted it: Because of a law passed in 2006, the government can assertsthe president’s right to text you even if you turn off other government notifications. Similarly, the increasingly omnipotent government at large never asks if you’d like to participate. Despite popular rhetoric about the “social contract,” at no point in a person’s life does the government send a consent form to the people it taxes and rules over asking if they would, in fact, like to engage in the system. Though politicians and their supporters can claim “we are the government” all they want, we were never given a chance to actually voluntarily agree.

2. You don’t have a choice over these impositions on your property: Even though we own our phones and our data plans, there is no way to opt out of the presidential alert. Just as owning your own home does not preclude the government from taxing it and confiscating it if you refuse to pay, the government can also apparently invade your private phone. The same mechanism applies to taxation in general: the government asserts its right to impose itself on your property (money). This is the basis of how it sustains itself and all of its operations, including sending you annoying texts with screeching alarms.

3. You can’t opt out: You might be able to opt out of annoying cold calls from private companies, but when it comes to government, you have no choice. You were never asked if you want to participate, you can’t prevent the state from infringing on your private property, and you also can’t peacefully excuse yourself. If you, for example, decided you didn’t want your tax dollars to fund imperial wars that kill innocent people, well, too bad. If you don’t want to fund mass surveillance, tough luck. And if you refuse to pay, you will be thrown in a cage. If you don’t want to go through the TSA’s body scanners, you can technically “opt out,” but only insofar as you’re willing to have your private parts groped by a government agent. This is what defines government: its ability to force you to submit without requiring your permission and without giving you an alternative. You can’t even “leave if you don’t like it” without paying a compulsory, exorbitant fee.

4. It’s for your safety!: Many are convinced the alerts are necessary in order to protect us. But just as FEMA is certain these texts will help in emergency situations, the government at large insists it is there to protect you. The previously mentioned wars, mass surveillance, and state-sanctioned sexual assault are all in place to preserve public safety, just like President Trump’s text.

presidential alert

presidential alert

presidential alert

The memes mocking Trump’s new alert system are already flooding the internet, and most people have already formed an opinion on it. If only they would opt out of the mentality that their participation in this entire system is voluntary.




Google: Privacy May Be a Relative Concept

October 3, 2018

Google is concerned about its users privacy. It has options for users to turn off data sharing to protect their privacy. Google says it has these options…supposedly. Fortune shares how Google is breaking its privacy promises in the article, “Google Admits That It Lets Outside Services Share Your Gmail Data.” Google said last year that it would stop scanning users’ emails for keywords to use for targeted ads, but they lied.

When confronted with the deception, Google admitted to the subterfuge and also that they allow third parties to share user information with other third parties. The third parties are supposed to alert users how their information is being used. Does that happen? Probably not.

We learned:

“As Google explained in a blog post following the initial story, the kinds of third-party services that it allows to plug into Gmail include email clients, trip planners and customer relationship management systems. These services, which Google claims to thoroughly vet, typically read emails in an automated way, although humans do sometimes read them too. Users need to actively permit the apps to access their Gmail accounts, and they can revoke permission afterwards. However, Google’s blog post did not talk about the possibility of those third-party services sharing users’ data with other third parties.”

Users apparently had no idea that their data was being shared and Google did not inform them. Google’s privacy policy is broken and they might get away with it in the US, but Europe requires way more transparency. Once again this more proof that the almighty dollar trumps user protection.

Whitney Grace, October 3, 2018


Cancer: Busting the Myths – Part 2 (Natural Cancer Cures)

Cancer: Busting the Myths – Part 2 (Natural Cancer Cures)

Natural Cancer Cures exist, and are even widely known, but the first things to get past are your own doubts and fears. It can be hard to step out of the box of orthodox, conventional, mainstream, allopathic Western Medicine, especially when faced with a serious illness like cancer. However, the prospect of facing surgery, radiation or chemo, each with its own set of toxic and even lethal side effects, is not appealing. Below is a summary of a variety of natural cancer cures; many are proven natural cancer treatments with a solid record of efficacy, while others are natural cancer remedies which are promising enough to consider.

Numerous Natural Cancer Cures with Solid Evidence of Efficacy

Humanity has a very good idea of how to handle cancer for a long time – it’s just the top natural cancer cures have been suppressed because there was no money in them (couldn’t be patented by Big Pharma) and because they threatened the Big Pharma monopoly, which is carefully guarded by the likes of the CDC and FDA.

Natural Cancer Cures #1: Frequency Machines

The brilliant discoveries of Royal Raymond Rife were suppressed by the FDA and AMA, but luckily Rife Frequency Therapy has survived. It uses radio frequencies to kill germs. There is always a frequency at which a germ will vibrate until its structure is destroyed, just as the opera singer can shatter a wine glass with her voice. Most bacteria, viruses and other pathogens have very weak outer cell walls; when the right frequency is aimed at them, they dissolve. There are also a range of zappers, blood purifiers and devices based on this principle, either made by or named after Bob Beck and Hulda Clark.

Natural Cancer Cures #2: Laetrile / Amygdalin / Vitamin B17

In my earlier article Natural Cancer Cure Laetrile (Amygdalin, Vitamin B17) Works Better than Chemotherapy, I outlined how laetrile has the prized ability to target cancerous cells while leaving healthy ones intact. In this way, it is far superior to chemotherapy which is an indiscriminate killer. I am still amazed by the fact that the solutions to cancer are to be found in Nature right in front of our noses, if we just care to broaden our perspective. Here’s exactly how laetrile works:

“Laetrile is made of 4 parts, two of which are glucose, the third of which is benzaldehyde and the fourth of which is cyanide. The mere mention of the word “cyanide” tends to send people into mild shock since it is a well know poison. However, the cyanide and benzaldehyde in laetrile are not free molecules, and come naturally bound within other molecular formations. In fact there are many foods including vitamin B12 that contain cyanide, but they are safe since the cyanide remains locked up as part of another molecule.

Now here’s the brilliant part: cancer cells contain an enzyme that healthy cells do not, beta-glucosidase, called the “unlocking enzyme”. This enzyme causes the release of both the benzaldehyde and the cyanide, thus destroying the cancer cell, but cannot occur in a healthy cell, since it doesn’t contain this unlocking enzyme. Additionally, there is an enzyme in healthy cells, rhodanese, which catches free cyanide molecules and renders them harmless by combining them with sulfur. By binding the cyanide to sulfuric rhodanese, it is converted to a cyanate, which is a neutral substance. Cancer cells don’t contain enough sulfur to do this!”

Another important aspect to laetrile are the 2 glucose parts. Recall that cancer cells do not gain energy aerobically (through oxygen) but rather anaerobically (by fermenting sugar); in fact, cancer cells consume around 15 times more sugar than normal healthy cells. This means they steal the energy from the food you eat, but you can use this fact against them. Cancer cells are way more attracted to sugar molecules, so when you pair a cancer-killing molecule with the sugar molecule, the cancer cell will consume both and end up dying. It’s a kind of Trojan Horse killing method and is the exact same principle by which the other natural cancer cures work, such as ones with baking soda.

Natural Cancer Cures #3: Baking Soda

Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate or NaHCO3) has been used in a variety of ways to heal cancer. As mentioned in part 1, the Italian medic Dr. Tullio Simoncini believes cancer is a fungus and has had great success in treating patients with IV (intravenous) baking soda. Others have paired baking soda with a sweetener such as maple syrup, in a Trojan horse like way. Since cancer cells consume 15 times more sugar than normal cells, they are attracted to and gobble up the maple syrup, which is bound to the baking soda. Then the baking soda (a very alkaline substance) forces a rapid shift in the pH of the cancer cells, killing them. The cancer cells can’t withstand such alkalinity.

Natural Cancer Cures #4: DCA

DCA (short for Sodium Dichloroacetate) became widely known after cardiologist Dr. Evangelos D. Michelakis, working at the Department of Medicine at the University of Alberta, Canada, found in 2007 that it led to regression in lung, breast, and brain cancers – sometimes causing the tumor mass to shrink by 70% in just 3 weeks! As discussed in part 1, one of the hallmarks of cancer is that the cancer cells have overridden the command to commit suicide (apoptosis). DCA corrects this by turning on the mitochondria of cancerous cells, which directs them to commit apoptosis.

DCA is an ordinary molecule with extraordinary abilities. It is non-toxic, odorless and colorless. DCA is a small, simple compound that cannot be patented – and so, since it is not a drug and does not require a prescription, it threatens the profits of Big Pharma, who don’t want you to know about it. It only affects cancerous cells and leaves healthy cells intact.

Natural Cancer Cures #5: The Gerson Therapy

Dr. Max Gerson was a brilliant German doctor who took in weak cancer patients after Western Medicine was done with them and said “You’ve tried all our treatments. There’s nothing more we can do for you.” Gerson then managed to heal an amazing percentage of them. In his day, skin TB was the scariest thing, not cancer. Gerson cured 446 out of 450 skin TB patients, which is a greater-than-99% cure rate!

The Gerson Therapy is predicated on the fact that the 2 main causes of cancerare deficiency and toxicity. The Gerson Therapy is basically 3 things:

1. Salt and Water Management (restrict sodium, increase potassium)

2. Toxin Removal (performs coffee enemas, restrict animal protein)

3. Energy (ATP) Production (add iodine, perform hyperalimentation [best nutrition in largest possible quantity])

The Gerson cancer protocol basically consists of 13 vegetable juices (8 oz each) per day, 1 vegetable soup, herbal teas and coffee enemas. There are no animal products, no alcohol, no caffeine, no salt, no white sugar (a little honey is OK), no grains (except a little rye), no legumes, no berries, no pineapple and no mushrooms allowed. The tumors do not grow on the sugar in the vegetable juice, because the enzymes keep them in check.

Gerson’s work has continued on under the watchful eye of his daughter Charlotte, who has fine-tuned the protocol. They discovered that cancer tumors grow on sodium, animal protein and fat (the one exception is flax oil which is the only oil that does not grow tumors but helps supply patients with essential fatty acids). Charlotte claims that salt/sodium is a type of poison (since it’s an enzyme inhibitor), and unnecessary for human nutrition needs, and therefore not part of the Gerson cancer protocol. In 1957 Danish scientist Professor Jens Christian Skou of Aarhus University discovered there is a sodium-potassium pump in the cell (for which he later received the Nobel Prize in 1997). Sodium resides outside of the cell (saltwater), whereas potassium is inside of cell (freshwater). Cancer patients need to eat lots of foods with high potassium/sodium ratios (e.g. banana, guava, fig, nectarine, peach) to rebalance the sodium overload. Just as there is a big lack of potassium and overuse of sodium in modern diets, there is likewise a lack of magnesium and overuse of calcium. The Gerson approach is very scientific in deliberately increasing the potassium and magnesium levels of its patients to starve the cancer of fuel. The results have been very impressive.

Natural Cancer Cures #6: The Budwig Diet

Another German doctor (Dr. Johanna Budwig) came up with a clever cancer cure based on combining 2 relatively common foods. In 1951, she found that the blood of seriously ill cancer patients was deficient in some essential substances (e.g. phosphatides and lipoproteins) which a healthy person’s blood always contained. She discovered a way to easily replace these substances using just 2 common foods, flax oil and cottage cheese. When mixed together, amazing results can be achieved, such as the disappearance of anemia and weakness, and the healing of diabetes and cancer.

The Budwig Diet works because it recognizes that the human body is electric, and that we acquire cancer when we let our inner voltage get too low:

“In Germany in 1952, [Dr. Budwig] was the [German] central government’s senior expert for fats and pharmaceutical drugs … considered one of the world’s leading authorities on fats and oils. Her research has shown the tremendous effects that commercially processed fats and oils have in destroying cell membranes and lowering the voltage in the cells of our bodies, which then result in chronic and terminal disease … The cells of our body fire electrically. They have a nucleus in the center of the cell which is positively charged, and the cell membrane, which is the outer lining of the cell, is negatively charged … when unsaturated fats have been chemically treated, their unsaturated qualities are destroyed and the field of electrons removed. This commercial processing of fats destroys the field of electrons that the cell membranes (60-75 trillion cells) in our bodies must have to fire properly (i.e. function properly). The fats’ ability to associate with protein and thereby to achieve water solubility in the fluids of the living body—all this is destroyed.”

It’s all about polarity. When the polarity is missing (due to the lack of electron-rich highly unsaturated fat), your body can’t make new cells properly. This can be reversed by providing flax oil and cottage cheese which together revive the stagnated growth process. This naturally causes any tumors present to dissolve.

Natural Cancer Cures #7: The Hoxsey Cure

Harry Hoxsey reportedly had a flamboyant personality, and he was certainly not the first (nor the last) natural cancer healer to go up against the Big Pharma-Western Medicine establishment, including the AMA and its guard-dog the FDA. After the AMA/FDA forced him out the US, he set up a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. Hoxsey cured many people of cancer with a concotion based on roots and bark that had worked for his family (of veteranians) to cure their horses of cancer. Ty Bollinger writes that the Hoxsey formula contained:

“A solution of cascara (Rhamnus purshiana) and potassium iodide served as a base for the following herbs, added according to individual cancer cases:

  • Burdock root (Arctium lappa)
  • Barberry or berberis root (Berberis vulgaris)
  • Buckthorn bark (Rhamnus frangula)
  • Stillingia root (Stillingia sylvatica)
  • Prickly ash bark (Zanthoxylum americanum)
  • Poke root (Phytolacca americana)

Hoxsey’s understanding of cancer was that it is a systemic disease created from metabolic imbalances that needed to be restored. His tonics were meant to help create homeostasis (internal stability), kill cancer cells, and remove the toxins created from killing cancer cells. This perspective is in line with almost all natural cancer treatments and practitioners.”

Interestingly, both Hoxsey and Dr. Gerson emphasized the importance of iodinein their natural cancer protocols.

Natural Cancer Cures #8: Essiac Tea

Former Canadian cancer nurse Rene Caisse successfully treated the terminally ill for over 50 years with her remarkable plant-based formula. It removes toxic accumulation in the lymphs, bone marrow, bladder and alimentary canal, clears the respiratory channel, purifies the blood, protects the body against radiation, relieves pain, increases appetite and boosts energy levels – as well as curing cancer. Her formula came to be known as “Essiac” tea (which is her last name Caisse spelt backwards). The basic components of Essiac are sheep sorrel and burdock root which are known to kill cancer cells.

Essiac Tea is a long-proven method of curing cancer. It dates back to the 1920s and earlier. There are several brands on the market, however what is most important are the quality and freshness of the herbs (and how well they are processed so as to keep their nutrients intact), not the exact secret recipe or secret formula with certain proportions.

The ICRF rates the Essiac Tea treatment as only being effective on newly diagnosed cancer patients who do not have fast-growing cancer.

Natural Cancer Cures #9: Graviola (Soursop) and Paw Paw

There are also certain fruits which have been known to kill cancer, including graviola (also known as soursop) and paw paw:

“We [the ICRF] recommend graviola on the basis of several scientific articles, several testimonials, and several comments by practitioners (mostly from Brazil), however, Paw Paw is actually stronger than graviola at treating cancer. Paw Paw is the more potent of the two because of its more sophisticated and larger molecular structures. Graviola is sometimes called “Brazilian Paw Paw,” which can cause some confusion … Graviola only has single ring compounds, while the Paw Paw’s acetogenins have several double ring compounds (e.g. bullatacin) which makes Paw Paw much more powerful.”

These fruits work by decreasing or eliminating the production of ATP (the main energy fuel of a cell). This in turn lowers the voltage of the cell. For normal cells, there is plenty of ATP, thus lowering the level of ATP has no real effect. However, with cancer cells, due to the fact they create energy by fermentation, ATP is far more critical. When the ATP level of the cancer cell falls to a critical level, the cell falls apart.

These Central and South American fruits kill cancer in a different way to other protocols, and thus should never be combined with them.

Just as with the Essiac Tea treatment above, the ICRF rates the graviola/paw paw treatment as only being effective on newly diagnosed cancer patients who do not have fast-growing cancer.

Natural Cancer Cures #10: IP6

IP6 is short for inositol hexaphosphate. It’s a natural carbohydrate molecule present in most plant and animal cells. Your body makes IP6 from inositol, and you can also intake it from grains, legumes and meat. It regulates numerous intracellular functions, such as signal transduction, cell growth  and differentiation, platelet function and cholesterol metabolism. Its anticarcinogenic properties are based on its ability to stimulate the immune system, act as a powerful antioxidant and its capacity to stop angiogenesis (one of the 6 hallmarks of cancer in part 1).

Stay tuned for part 3 where we continue to list more of the natural cancer cures that are abundant in our world.

About the Author

Makia Freeman is the editor of The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at ToolsForFreedom.com (FaceBook here), writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the worldwide conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance

**Sources embedded throughout article.

This article (Cancer: Busting the Myths – Part 2 (Natural Cancer Cures)) was originally created and published by The Freedom Articles and is re-posted here with permission. 

Cancer: Busting the Myths – More Natural Cancer Treatments

Natural cancer treatments abound if you care to look hard enough. It just goes to show that Nature has provided us with all the answers. We don’t need Big Pharma pushing its synthetic agenda to make us well or treat our diseases. The Western Medicine-Big Pharma conglomerate (including the AMA, FDA, CDC, etc.) would like you to believe there is no scientific evidence that natural substances are useful in treating cancer. This is in spite of the fact that Big Pharma companies routinely use natural substances to inspire the design of their synthetic “medicines”, which almost always have toxic side effects. This article is the last in the series (part 1 here) and continues the list of natural cancer treatments begun in part 2.

Natural Cancer Cures #10: Cannabis

One of the most controversial natural cancer treatments to spring to public consciousness has been the cannabis plant. It has gone from being shunned to embraced in many US states due to its potent medical properties. Cannabis has been shown to help with a variety of ailments including cancer. There are many medical studies now proving the cancer-fighting ability of THC. For one example out of many, look at the 2010 Spanish study which found that THC reduced “tumor growth, tumor number, and the amount/severity of lung metastases” in mice. Rick Simpson (Run From the Cure) famously made cannabis oil with THC, however the non-THC varieties which are high in CBD also have anti-cancer properties.

Cannabinoids (the phytochemicals or plant chemicals found in the cannabis plant) can cross the blood-brain barrier, and therefore show great promise as a brain cancer cure. Cannabis arrests the growth of cancer in these 4 key ways (all of which directly combat the hallmarks of cancer outlined in part 1):

  • antiproliferative (prevents cancer cells from reproducing)
  • apoptotic (induces cancer cells to self-destruct)
  • antiangiogenic (prevents formation of new blood vessels needed by tumor to grow)
  • antimetastatic (prevents cancer from spreading to other organs)

Natural Cancer Cures #11: Cesium Chloride

Cesium chloride is another natural cancer treatment which is both simple and astounding. To understand how it works, you need to remember that cancer cells, as discussed in part 1, function in a very different way to healthy cells. Healthy cells use oxygen to burn glucose (oxidation), whereas cancer cells use fermentation to burn the glucose. Dr. Otto Warburg won the 1931 Nobel Prize for discovering that cancer is anaerobic, not aerobic. Oxygen (O2), and ozone for that matter (O3), are the archenemies of cancer. It can’t stand them. So, as the cancer cells ferment the glucose, they produce the byproduct lactic acid, which begins to flood the surrounding cells. This naturally lowers the pH of the cells, taking them from a healthy alkaline state (around 7.3) to an acidic state (around 5.7). The newly created acidity also destroys the ability of DNA and RNA to control cell division, so the cancerous cells begin to multiply without limit.

A vicious cycle of cachexia can begin in some cancer patients. The body sends the excess lactic acid is sent to the liver to detoxify it; the liver converts the lactic acid into glucose then sends it back into the rest of the body; and the cancerous cells are likely to pick it up again since they consume 15 more times glucose than normal cells.

Cesium chloride works by smashing this entire situation and cycle. Specifically, it works in 4 key ways:

  1. Cesium is a very alkaline substance, so it dramatically increases the alkalinity of the body, boosting the pH back above 7 into an alkaline state where cancerous are less likely to thrive;
  2. Cesium starves the cancer cells by limiting the body’s uptake of glucose. They end up starving to death;
  3. Cesium halts the process of fermentation, the means by which cancer cells metabolize glucose;
  4. Cesium neutralizes the lactic acid, thus breaking the cachexic cycle and preventing the liver form inadvertently feeding the cancer with more glucose.

Natural Cancer Cures #12: DMSO / MSM

DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide) and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane, or just “organic sulfur”) are 2 different but related natural sulfur substances. In the interests of brevity, I have grouped them together here. DMSO, a non-toxic natural byproduct of the wood industry, has an amazing affinity to target cancer cells. It has been combined successfully with MSM, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and cesium chloride. MSM is an sulfur compound which occurs naturally in food. It offers an amazing range of benefits, such relieving pain, reducing inflammation, and supporting healthy muscles, tendons, ligaments, hair, skin and nails. MSM improves your body’s ability to make its own antioxidants, especially the master antioxidant glutathione. It is impossible to overdose on either DMSO or MSM since the body automatically flushes out excess after 12 hours.

MSM tackles cancer in the following 3 ways:

  1. It transports oxygen deep into the cells (remember, oxygen is to cancer like garlic to a vampire);
  2. It kills microbes in the bloodstream;
  3. It helps get rid of lactic acid from the bloodstream to prevent cachexia (as discussed above with the natural cancer treatment cesium chloride).

CancerTutor.com notes:

“DMSO and MSM, when used together, have been shown to cause cancer cells in vitro to revert back to being normal cells. The only way this can happen is if they kill the microbe(s) inside of the cancer cell and/or completely reverse the anaerobic metabolism.

However, the only treatment designed to take advantage of this discovery is still an experimental treatment. It is not experimental due to toxicity, it is perfectly safe to use, it is only experimental in the sense that no one knows yet how to convert what was discovered in the lab into an actual cancer treatment.

It is also not known whether MSM actually helps the DMSO revert cancer cells into normal cells. DMSO, by itself, has been shown to revert many types of cancer cells into normal cells.”

Natural Cancer Cures #13: Modified Citrus Pectin

You may associate pectin with apples and as the binding agent within jams. It turns out that pectin is also found within citrus fruit such as oranges, lemons and limes. Modified citrus pectin refers to the pectin (a type of fiber) taken from citrus and made more digestible (by changing its temperature and pH, and shortening its soluble fibers). It becomes one of the simpler natural cancer treatments by virtue of the way it can stick to a certain kind of protein (galectin-3) which is associated with cancer growth. The website TheTruthAboutCancer.com explains:

“Researchers have long known that galectins, and in particular galectin-3, cause cells to clump together because of their sticky consistency. Over the last decade, however, studies have shown that these proteins, found especially in epithelial and immune cells, are also associated with cancer growth and metastasis.

A study conducted at the Karmanos Cancer Institute at Wayne State University in Detroit suggested that the presence of galectin-3 contributed to “cancer aggressiveness, metastasis, cell growth, adhesion, differentiation, angiogenesis, apoptosis, invasion, cell-matrix interaction, and dissemination of cancer cells through blood flow and extravasation [i.e. the beginning stages of cancer tumor spread].” Their findings also suggested that galectin-3 plays a role in cancer cell longevity.

In addition:

  • A previous study at the University of Alberta in Canada found that higher levels of galectins in the bloodstream equated with more frequent rates of cancer cell proliferation for breast and prostate cancer cells as well as for melanoma.”

The modified citrus pectin sticks to the cancer cell’s galectin-3, thus preventing angiogenesis (the cancer cells forming new blood vessels to grow more or larger tumors). Modified citrus pectin is also an excellent chelator, meaning it can binding with toxic metals in the body (such as lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium etc.) and safely remove them without affecting the levels of essential metals in the body such as iron and zinc. Heavy metals (mercury, lead, etc.) are immunosuppressants and can lead to genetic mutations and cancer. Chelation itself via the substance EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) has been used as a successful complimentary or adjunctive natural cancer treatment. EDTA safely removes heavy metals from the body, just like modified citrus pectin, zeolite and certain kinds of clay.

Natural Cancer Cures #14: UV Light Protocol

The very simple and cheap UV light protocol works in a similar way to the radio frequency/zapping protocols of Royal Rife, Bob Beck, Hulda Clark and others listed in part 2. The UV light kills microbes using ultraviolet light (instead of a frequency or electrical current). According to the ICRF, you can use the UV light protocol for a variety of different ailments and conditions, including serious ones such as influenza, viral pneumonia, staph infections and ebola. Once the light strikes the cancerous cells, it begins to cause a die-off. Many of the dead cancer cells end up in the bloodstream, and may lead to an intense healing reaction. The ICRF lists 8 warnings to heed when using this treatment.

Natural Cancer Cures #15: Antineoplastons (Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski)

The story of medical doctor and PhD biochemist, Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, is incredible. He discovered the genetic mechanism that can cure most human cancers: antineoplastons. Burzynski set up a clinic in Houston, Texas, where he has been harassed by the FDA and AMA ever since its inception. He defined antineoplastons as naturally occurring peptides and amino acid derivatives that inhibit the growth of malignant cells while leaving normal cells unaffected, which is a trait of all effective natural cancer cures. The antineoplastons correct the cancer cells by reprogramming them.

In the movie made about his cancer remedy (The Burzynski Movie), we learn about Burzynski’s medical records of various cancer survivors who chose his treatment instead of surgery, chemotherapy or radiation – and were completely cured. Even though the FDA’s own clinical trials show this treatment, with no side-effects, outperformed conventional cancer treatments on all counts, the FDA still strongly opposed it.

Natural Cancer Cures #16: Salvestrols

As detailed in my article Is This Why Only Organic Fruit & Veg Stops Cancer?salvestrols are the wonder nutrients found in fruit and vegetables that hold potential as yet another effective natural cancer cure. They are only found in organic plants since other plants sprayed with pesticides don’t produce them. Salvestrols belong to a subcategory called phytoalexins, substances produced by plants to protect themselves against bacteria, viruses, fungi, insects and ultraviolet light. Salvestrols interact with CYP1B1 (the gene and protein enzyme which becomes over-expressed in cancer cells) to become cancer-killing agents. Like many other proven natural cancer cures above, especially laetrile or B17, salvestrols are a targeted and selective cancer killer.

Natural Cancer Treatments: Great Alternative Doctors and Cancer Healers

There are many healers and doctors, alive and dead, who have successfully healed many people of cancer using natural cancer treatments. Some of these doctors have their own protocols, whereas some use a combination of the natural cures listed in this 3-part series. There are too many to mention here, but here are 4 such people. Dr. Francisco Contreras heals thousands of cancer patients in his hospital Oasis of Hope in Mexico, and after battling the AMA and FDA he was able to open his current branch in Irvine, California. The late Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez offered nutritional protocols for patients with cancer and other degenerative diseases through his Foundation, which still promotes his work today. Gonzalez studied the cancer treatment of the late Dr. William Kelley, who treated pancreatic cancer with enzymes with an amazingly high cure rate. The late Bill Henderson developed his own cancer cure which built on the Budwig diet (part 2  of cottage cheese and flax oil, and specified the cancer patient follow a very strict diet which would lead to maximum alkalinity within the cells. He outlined the protocol in his book Cancer-Free.

Natural Cancer Treatments: Other Honorable Mentions

There are way too many natural cancer treatments to explain in detail, so we will finish up by highlighting a few. Walter Wainright has researched how fermented soy (e.g. tempeh, natto, miso) can reverse carcinogenic cells to normal cells. Soy contains phytoestrogens which can prevent breast, ovarian and prostate cancers; soy proteins mimic the powerful antioxidant enzyme SOD (Super Oxide Dismutase), the body’s first line of defense against cancer-inducing free radicals. Recently it was found that prostate cancer could be prevented by combining ursolic acid (a waxy natural chemical found in apple peelings and rosemary), curcumin (turmeric) and resveratrol (the longevity molecule found in peanuts, pistachios, grapes, berries, cinnamon and cacao). These 3 ingredients work together to block the cancer cells accessing glutamine, which cancer cells need to break down nutrients and get energy. Vitamin D is another very important nutrient which is often overlooked but which some studies have revealed can slash your cancer risk by 77%. It’s important not to get too much sun, but just as important not to get too little and become scared of the sun either.

Cancer cures are more flashy and attention-grabbing than the simple things you can do every day to protect yourself against cancer, such as avoiding carcinogens like fluoride, mercury, aluminum, tobacco and glyphosate. Eating an organic, whole-foods based diet is obviously very important, however we can single out some foods above the others for their outstanding cancer-killing propertiesTurmeric is at the top of this list. Other foods and herbs such as ashwagandha, aloe vera, carrot, wormwood and sheep sorrel are also noteworthy.

Natural News published this short list of natural cancer treatments recently too:

  • For colorectal cancers, it’s legumes and leafy vegetables. Beans, chickpeas, lentils, and split peas are brimming with anti-cancer compounds called phytates.

  • Spices are also attributed with anti-cancer properties. Turmeric, for example, is an important ingredient in Indian curries and Okinawan tea.

  • If you’re a pre-menopausal woman who’s worried about breast cancer, a daily serving of beans or lentils can cut the risk by two-thirds. Adding legumes or wholegrains like bulgur wheat and brown rice to your meals will raise your protection to more than 90 percent.

  • Mushrooms are rich in amino acids that supercharge the immune system. According to Australian researchers, they can protect against viral infections and breast cancer in women.

  • Citrus fruits have a phytonutrient called hesperidin. In addition to healing and shielding your DNA against carcinogens, citrus zest also lower the risk of skin and breast cancers.

  • The entire allium family share anti-cancer properties. Like turmeric, red onion has quercetin, a phytonutrient that reduces the growth of bower cancer polyps. Garlic exhibits similar suppressive properties.

  • Cruciferous vegetables can minimize the risk of colon cancer for weeks after consumption. Brussels sprouts, especially, is an anti-cancer superweapon. Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and kale are almost as good.

  • Soya bean and flaxseed have phytoestrogens. Different from oestrogens, phytoestrogens do the work of two by reducing the risk of breast tumors and menopausal hot-flush.

  • Then there is the ever-popular antioxidant-rich apple. Eating one a day (peel and pulp and all) actually keeps various cancers away by reactivating an anti-tumor gene called maspin.”

Natural Cancer Treatments: Final Thoughts

In conclusion, cancer is something you need not fear any longer. Yes, it’s a serious disease, but it doesn’t have to be a life sentence. There are so many natural and effective options you can explore if you or your loved ones get cancer. Like it or not, cancer has or will become a major reality in the lives of close to two-fifths of Americans. Education is essential. Remember, cancer can be beaten – and it can be done without subjecting yourself to AMA “cures” which are just as deadly as the disease itself.

About the Author

Makia Freeman is the editor of The Freedom Articles and senior researcher at ToolsForFreedom.com (FaceBook here), writing on many aspects of truth and freedom, from exposing aspects of the worldwide conspiracy to suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system of peace and abundance

**Sources embedded throughout article.

This article (Cancer: Busting the Myths – More Natural Cancer Treatments) was originally created and published by The Freedom Articles and is re-posted here with permission. 



Fox News

Pontiac once made a car called The Judge, but soon there may be a car that judges you.

Criminals should dread it.

Mobile communications company Motorola has filed a patent for an autonomous police car outfitted with all of the equipment needed to process a suspect and even hold a court hearing for them from the back seat, The Sunday Times reports.  

The “mobile law enforcement communication system” features a built-in metal detector that can scan for weapons, an air filter that passively screens for alcohol and drugs, and both a fingerprint scanner and facial recognition system to conduct background checks.


Several video screens are mounted in the passenger compartment that can then provide a live feed form a courthouse, from which a hearing is conducted complete with a public defender and judge, while a virtual assistant explains the process to the suspect.

Fines for minor infractions can be paid on the spot, but if the court decides the accused should be remanded into custody, the vehicle can take them there on its own while the arresting officer who summoned the car goes back to work.

For now, it’s just a concept, but so were automated license plate readers and speed cameras that send you a ticket in the mail not long ago, so you never know what the future, dystopian or otherwise, holds.





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