Vegan GMO Burger That “Bleeds” Hits Hundreds of Fast Food Locations Including ‘Organic’ Ones


Consider that wheat protein is one of the most well-established allergens that exist in the Western diet today, containing not one, but over 23,000 different potentially problematic proteins. We’ve collected a vast array of data on the adverse effects associated with its consumption, and have written extensively about how this food has a dark side that has a deep history stretching all the way back to Roman times when it was a critical tool in cultural/biological imperialism. There is also growing awareness that Roundup herbicide, which is often used in wheat production as a pre-harvest desiccant, contaminates thousands of consumer products, amplifying its allergenicity and toxicity. Potato is also EPA-approved for Roundup herbicidedessicant treatment. The soy protein isolate in this formula is also genetically modified, making this one of the least natural and least healthy products on the market today.

The Impossible Burger is a great example of how the pro-GMO agenda has shifted it’s marketing message from “saving the world from hunger” to a “save the planet through sustainability.”


Veganism and so-called plant-based diets have become increasingly trendy expressions of an over-simplification of complex environmental and ethical issues that face humankind today. By proclaiming wheat, soy, and lab-grown GM fungal proteins, as “sustainable” and “planet saving,” while ignoring the obvious devastation that modern monoculturing and GM farming methods have exacted upon the arable surface of the planet (which incidentally displaces and kills billions of animals each year), Bill Gates-backed Impossible Foods and it’s Impossible Burger are just another example of an intrinsically unhealthy food being marketed as healthy and sustainable to the masses without any of the safety precautions necessary to represent the interests of the consumer.

via Vegan GMO Burger That “Bleeds” Hits Hundreds of Fast Food Locations Including ‘Organic’ Ones

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