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Sandy Hook: The doors of deception, Part 1.

Posted: 27 Sep 2018 06:47 AM PDT

Sandy Hook: The doors of deception, Part 1.
Posted on September 26, 2018 by Cinderella Broom

Note: This article is based on collaborative research by Anne Berg, Alison Maynard and the author. For many readers, it will be a rehash. Its value, we believe, lies in evidence that the mainstream media and other official sources effectively confused the public with contradictory reports and photographic overload, on the one hand, and photographic obscurity on the other. It appears that we are supposed to attribute the official sources’ many blunders and mistakes to human error while remaining convinced that only establishment media are qualified interpreters and reporters of the 12-14-12 incident. ~C.
The doors at the Sandy Hook Elementary School were once subjects for rigorous discussion. Think back to those early days when controversy raged over locked bathroom doors and front entrance door cameras. But like Huxley’s “doors of perception,” Sandy Hook’s seem to have had a hallucinatory effect on most, supplanting critical thought with a one-way trip to oblivion.
Those peek-a-boo port-holed classroom doors, for instance, that could only be locked from the outside. How inconvenient if you’re attempting to keep a raging lunatic out. Yet, how convenient if you’re shooting for a particular mortality outcome while constructing a scene from a thriller.
Sandy Hook’s interior doors were perfect for the plot. You could easily picture Adam Lanza’s goggle eyes (with or without sunglasses?), Beatle helmet hair and cartilaginous neck framed in those windows, like a mescaline-induced nightmare.

With the horror behind the doors in the spotlight, the bass-ackwards locking mechanisms were mostly ignored (apparently by [url=https://www.cga.ct.gov/asaferconnecticut/tmy/0125/GeraldStomski – Woodbury.pdf]safety-conscious SHES Principal Dawn Hochsprung[/url] as well as the sleepy-headed public), until the Sandy Hook Advisory Commission recommended that school hardware should lock from inside. You have to marvel at such blinding hindsight.
       ABOVE: Room 12 door handles at the Sandy Hook Elementary school as photographed by Gunsalus for the CT State Police report. Room 12 was Kaitlin Roig’s classroom. Left: Interior door handle; Middle: Exterior door handle; Right: Interior closet handle. Why does the closet door lock from the inside while the room door handle doesn’t?
A theme of confusion and illusion. The official/media portrayal of other doors at the school and other buildings involved in the incident deserves a review, too. Through their keyhole, one can spy a theme of confusion and illusion; whether the outcome is purposeful obfuscation or mere carelessness is a matter of opinion.
What was shown? What was hidden? Why a particular door, as opposed to another? Asking those questions so late in the game may actually be well-timed, since all of the mainstream media (MSM) reports are now in.
The doors tell a similar story. So let’s begin at the entrance to the Sandy Hook School, the one described in an excerpt from a police report provided via a FOIA request by Wolfgang Halbig:

That’s the one I mean.
A gaping hole. Nearly everyone has seen the famous Connecticut State Police photo of the Sandy Hook Elementary window near the entrance doors of the school. Nearly everyone knows it was shot out, allegedly by Adam Lanza, to allow entrance either by ducking forward or bending over backward, being careful not to catch one’s crotch on the shards.
The window in the photo is a fright, but the furnishings appear nice and intact, perfectly aligned and tidy. Even the magazines on the table are squarely stacked.
We’re expected to believe that the six-foot+ Lanza (and, later, a limbo line of police) entered this peaceful sanctum through the hole, crunching forward on glass fragments, without leaving the chaotic signs that violence usually marks its territory with. No boot prints. No stained upholstery, no upside-down furniture, no destruction of anything fragile, such as a flimsy magazine rack that Lanza, it’s presumed, painstakingly slid out of the way and arranged at a nearly perfect 90-degree angle to the window.
Here’s one perspective:

ABOVE: From the CT State Police report via Getty Images
According to sworn affidavits in the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Reports (CT Dept. of Emergency Services and Public Protection), a long line of policemen entered through the window hole.1 If that’s true, as Wolfgang Halbig has asked, why didn’t one of them think to unlock the main door for his chums?
Improbable as this scene seems to Halbig (and likely everyone reading this), certain Sandy Hook believers have insisted on its authenticity over the years. From the cleverly named “Crisis Actors Guild,” for instance, a voluminous wag, “Shill Murray,” claims that the magazine rack sustained a bullet hole. S/He even provides the images below:

ABOVE: From Crisis Actors Guild, “Sandy Hook Elementary Was Open,” Part 1
Shill Murray is an urbane enough writer through most of it, until a reader challenges him/her. Then s/he spurts acid and scurrilous language:

[Screen shot above can be found in the Comments section at this link.]
CB: Do you see a bullet hole in the magazines depicted in the photos above? I don’t.
What I do see is a flimsy prop, possibly set in place as a “time capsule” to substantiate the official report that SHES was open in December 2012. All of the magazines but one were 2012 editions, as Shill Murray demonstrates in the first of his/her 15-part series, “Sandy Hook Elementary Was Open.”
Shill is so punctilious in his/her examination of those neatly arrayed magazines that you can’t help but marvel. Such timeliness and orderliness are in stark contrast with the dated-looking, chaotic piles we see in other areas of the school.
(Images below are by Walkley for the CT State Police report, from IMGUR, https://imgur.com/a/sBfhz#HnhZkk9)

So it seems justifiable to place the magazine rack on the already long list of Sandy Hook anomalies.
A shattered door window. A 2017 yahoo.com article provides a very different picture of a SHES door, creating more mental clutter and confusion. Below is the photo and caption from the article:

Note that the caption refers to “a door,” not the front entrance door “of the Sandy Hook Elementary School” damaged in the “shooting rampage.” You might understandably conclude that this door was one of Adam Lanza’s targets.
These brown doors are nothing like the metallic silver doors in the entrance photo shown previously. Yet the Yahoo article treats them as if they were the same doors, with a paragraph directly below the photo referring to “the front doors of Sandy Hook.”
Maybe the confusion created by Yahoo is unintentional; maybe not. But why not show the doors and window being discussed? Surely a hole with the circumference of a tire would get more reader views than a window that simply looks vandalized.
The same brown doors depicted above can be found in several other Sandy Hook Elementary photos from the Connecticut State Police report, identified by IMGUR as having been broken out by police officers.

When were they taken? There are no dates, so we can’t be sure. Nothing specific is provided about these doors in the State’s Attorney report except for this (page 21): The conditions of windows and doors were documented, but some may have been disturbed by police and emergency personnel during the emergency response and protective sweep of the building.”
But what if the photos were taken before 12-14-12. If so, why? For a commissioned architectural study prior to demolition of the ratty-looking school? It’s anyone’s guess, but if so, vandals could easily have been the door-smashers, given the frangible nature of the glass.
It’s also possible that the vandalism occurred on 12-14-12. According to this article, based on the Connecticut State Police report (which took five years to complete), certain “dignitaries” trampled evidence at the crime scene and “heavily armed officers not clearly identifiable as police” were hanging about. What happens to the thin blue line in such circumstances?
Another shattered door window. The media trotted out yet another Sandy Hook Elementary door perspective in a video that competes with the ones above. This one is compliments of MailOnline. See below, noting that the left-hand door’s glass is shattered while side windows remain intact.

Closer examination reveals that this is an interior view of the brown doors discussed above.
The photo below of the same type of brown door at yet another SHES entrance reveals the interior door’s push-bar handle. (You have to zoom in on the left-hand door to see it.)

Photo Credit: IMGUR archive of SHESFarr – Scene Photo #9
Interesting, once again, that these doors – ostensibly shot out by police – were featured instead of the front entrance photo with the blown-out window. Why? Perhaps it was because of that dang magazine rack.
Whoever broke through the brown door must have had one heck of a time getting his/her hand through the gap over that nasty-looking shard to reach the inside push bar. Not an easy maneuver.
Circling the doors. Sandy Hook doubters are already familiar with the circle dance performed around the Sandy Hook firehouse that was captured on videotape by a police helicopter. Around and around people went, out one door, in another and out the door again, creating the illusion that there were mobs of people and mass confusion. This deserves much more discussion and readers can still find some of it on YouTube, notably, Sofia Smallstorm’s “Unraveling Sandy Hook.”
Hidden doors. There are more doors of interest at Chalk Hill Middle School (375 Fan Hill Road in Monroe, CT), which was Sandy Hook Elementary’s twin, made into an “exact replica” according to one ABC report. (You may well ask why, given the horrors that allegedly occurred in the school, anyone would want children in a replica environment.)
Chalk Hill is where Sandy Hook survivors were bused a few weeks after the 12-14-12 incident to finish out the school year. And, according to various sources, they were there well before the incident, too, leaving a breadcrumb trail of invoices behind them.
Unlike Sandy Hook, however, Chalk Hill has done a splendid job of hiding its doors in all of the online photos from U.S. news sources that we were able to find. A large metallic overhang makes it next to impossible to view the entrance where SH children were escorted inside before and after 12-14-12.

Photo Credit: Bill Bittar, Patch.com, Nov. 18, 2010
Below is the same school as a Sandy Hook “replica.” Confusing, but at least this is honest. Chalk Hill’s use as a Sandy Hook replica before 12-14-12 was cleverly concealed from the public.

Photo Credit: Bill Bittar, Patch.com, Jan. 3, 2013
It isn’t clear from the above photos whether or not Chalk Hill has any front entrance doors at all. However, here is a photo that proves the existence of Chalk Hill’s back entrance doors, compliments of Google Maps.

ABOVE: Chalk Hill Middle School; Photo Credit: Google Maps
Insights from Israel. While U.S. media largely failed to capture pictures of the Chalk Hill school’s exits and entrances, Israel succeeded in the window category. Always at the ready to record disasters waiting to happen, the Israeli press (Times of Israel) came up with this beauty (below), crediting AP. Peaked and window-heavy, it bears no resemblance to the shuttered-looking, flat-topped Chalk Hill Middle on Fan Hill Road in Monroe.

The caption reads: “Chalk Hill School in Monroe, Conn., where Sandy Hook Elementary School students from neighboring Newtown began classes on Thursday (photo credit: AP/Jessica Hill).”
It turns out to be Jockey Hollow Middle School in Monroe, photographed by Jessica Hill on Jan. 3, 2013. Ms. Hill either photographed the wrong school despite the likely presence of signs outside – or the sign outside read “Chalk Hill Middle School.” If the former is true, chalk it up to human error. If the latter, you must wonder: Why all of this identity confusion?
Were children in the Sandy Hook and Monroe school systems regularly being shuffled around from one town to the other, swapping classrooms and buildings like germs? Silly notion, but consider the very real evidence that Chalk Hill Middle’s address (375 Fan Hill Road, Monroe) appeared on invoices for Sandy Hook Elementary long before 12-14-12.
Shape-shifting. Sandy Hook Elementary’s identity crisis began long before it became mixed up with Chalk Hill. In a 2003 Newtown Community Facilities document no longer available online, it was once mistaken for Hawley Elementary School.

Cinderella grabbed the above photo and caption from the document PDF early in 2016. Here it is again from a screen capture by researcher Mona Alexis Pressley in her article, “Sandy Hook Had 2 Principals, 2 School Buildings, but 0 CAPT Scores for 2009”:

Big honking typo? Could be – if the Newtown Ministry of Proofreading was on holiday when the document was released.
Or is this part of the same bizarre theme noted above, in which Sandy Hook Elementary was whatever certain people said it was? A school whose doors, windows and magazine racks obeyed certain laws of physics, yet not others; a school on the move, as it were, jumping around from one address to the next, while effortlessly migrating its phone number; a school that could be counted on as a storehouse and a prop for a horror show.
Speaking of props, what about the safety system camera that was supposedly at the front entrance? More about that in Part 2.

1Excerpted from Connecticut’s Dept. of Emergency Services and Public Protection Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Reports, here are several quotes by various law enforcers on the scene during 12-14-12:
“A group of State Troopers then started to walk into the school from the front door. I believe they walked in through the broken front window. They each had their guns drawn and were asking what was going on.” 
“I entered the school through the broken glass window on the right side of the main doors.”
“TFC Blumenthal and I entered the building through the hole in the glass window.” 
“I do not remember how I entered the school, but it may have been through the window.” 
“I entered the main entrance of the school either through the front door or the broken window.” 
“I am not sure if I checked the doors to see if they were locked but I eventually entered the school through the broken glass windows.” 
“We all entered the building through the broken window and entered into the lobby of the school.” 
“We entered the main entrance through either the front door or broken window.” 
“Utilizing the blown out window, we joined other officers and entered/secured the lobby area.”
“We all entered the building through the broken window and entered into the lobby of the school.”

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Nursing Student Expelled for Questioning Directives to Lie to Patients About Vaccines

Posted: 27 Sep 2018 08:39 AM PDT

Nursing Student Expelled for Questioning Directives to Lie to Patients About Vaccines – Article and Commentary

Source: Organic Lifestyle Magazine

Published: April 20, 2015

By: Allene Edwards

Nichole Rolfe (formerly Bruff) was expelled from the nursing program at Baker College in 2013 for “harassment of staff.” Rolfe readily admits that she had respectfully questioned two of her teachers during classroom discussions when each of them instructed the students to use diversion, misinformation, threats, and blatant lies to coerce their patients (not theoretical patients- current hospital patients) to comply with vaccination demands. Within two weeks of these incidences, Rolfe was expelled from the program with no warning, no recourse, and no right to appeal.

On April 5, 2015, Rolfe and her lawyer filed charges against the college.

First Instructor: Lie About Reason for Vaccinations – Give Misinformation – Deflect Fears and Concerns

The first instructor named in the complaint, Connie Smith, Assistant Director of Nursing, instructed the students to tell expectant mothers and their partners that they were not allowed access to the labor and delivery floor until they received a Tdap vaccine. The reason given for this demand was the safety and protection the vaccine would give to the newborns. The instructor was clear in her directives that the nursing students were to misrepresent facts and disregard patients’ concerns, including fears of vaccine injuries.

See also – India Sues Bill Gates for Injuries and Deaths Linked to Illegal Vaccine Testing on Tribal Children – Article and Commentary

Rolfe questioned the deception- the reality that vaccinations would not provide protection for 4-6 weeks, therefore they would not in any way protect the hospital newborns from disease. She asked why she would be required to participate in behavior contrary to ethical and legal standards regarding informed consent. The instructor ended the discussion, stating they would pick it up at a later time.

Code of Ethics for Nurses, American Nurses Association

Respect for human dignity requires the recognition of specific patient rights, in particular, the right to self-determination. Patients have the moral and legal right to determine what will be done with and to their own person; to be given accurate, complete, and understandable information in a manner that facilitates an informed decision; and to be assisted with weighing the benefits, burdens, and available options in their treatment, including the choice of no treatment. They also have the right to accept, refuse, or terminate treatment without deceit, undue influence, duress, coercion, or prejudice, and to be given necessary support throughout the decision- making and treatment process. Such support includes the opportunity to make decisions with family and significant others and to obtain advice from expert, knowledgeable nurses and other health professionals.” – Excerpt – 1.4 The Right to Self-Determination

Instructor Two: Give Sick Children Vaccines and Threaten Medicaid Recipients

Two days after this incident, the second instructor named in the complaint, Alysia Osoff, gave instructions for the students to use any means necessary to bring pediatric patients up-to-date on their vaccines before their discharge from the hospital. She told the students to lie to the parents receiving Medicaid and to threaten them by telling them that non-compliance could result in Medicaid refusing to pay their hospital bill, making them liable for the charges.

Again, Rolfe questioned the instruction. First she questioned why sick children would be targeted for vaccination when the drug inserts (instructions) clearly warn against vaccinating sick children. Then Rolfe questioned the ethics and legality of lying to parents and threatening them to gain vaccination compliance.

Rolfe maintains that she remained calm and professional throughout this exchange while Osoff “… became completely unhinged…”

The directions given by these two instructors were in complete contradiction to the training these nursing students had received including written information in their textbooks. More importantly, the instructions violated the law, ethics, and morality. This lack of integrity mirrors the doctrine of the pro-vaccine camp with its endemic lies, manipulations, and threats.

Read more at: OrganicLifestyleMagazine.com

* * * * *

It is unfortunate to see what has become of the modern medical establishment. Oftentimes, advancements in medicine and health are not determined by actual objective science. According to research, they are not even determined through any intent to heal those who are sick. Rather, many of the decisions behind medicineboth within education and implementationare made by Big Pharma and corporate manufacturers.

According to reports, the center of the problem has been a corrupt and compromised federal government that places more interest in profit margins and bribery than it does in actual health. This problem has continued for decades and yet, there has still been little to no opposition to bad policies in medicine. After all, practically speaking, there can be no success in drug manufacturing when no one is sick. Consequently, “measures” are reportedly taken to ensure a “faithful customer base” for drug companies.

Thanks to the long-running greed and corporate compromise of Big Pharma, much of the controversy and skepticism surrounding the safety of vaccines have proved to be well-founded. In fact, many companies reportedly add hazardous substances to their vaccines seemingly without cause. Many of these substances have remained untested and in some cases, are reported to cause severe problems in patientsmainly children.

The reason that such controversy exists surrounding vaccines is that corporate media and many state and federal agencies have ignored the actual science surrounding these drugs. It is suspected that this is due to their corporate compromise and corruption. However, the specific reasoning tends to vary.

See also – COVER-UP REVEALED – Monsanto ‘Bullied Scientists’ and Hid Weedkiller Cancer Risk, According to Records

As significant as this topic has been, there are understandably several professionals who have taken it upon themselves to delve into these subjects of science and to share what they have learned with the public. We might keep in mind the fact that many of these professionals have died under extremely strange circumstances after sharing their findings. This is why the following excerpt may be of particular interest to us.

Up until this point, Dr. Tim O’Shea has managed to remain largely safe with regard to the material he shares. He has had a tendency not to discredit vaccines altogether, but rather, to offer scientific evidence which reveals the hazards of particular substances found within certain vaccines. This may explain the reasoning behind his apparent ability to remain safe from the alleged deadly reprisal of the corporate vaccine machine.

The following excerpt comes from the website, Immunitionltd.com, and features Dr. O’Shea’s research into the difference between the effects of vaccines and those which have been scientifically proven to be dangerous.

From the Desk of Tim O’Shea DC Author and Instructor, Childhood Immunology

Originator of The Doctor Within

This is not an anti-vaccine textbook. It is in favor of any vaccines that have proven to be 100% safe, effective, and necessary when tested by independent, third-party research that is wholly unconnected with vaccine manufacturers.

The new Edition of Vaccination Is Not Immunization: The War On Children available… 

In addition to the historical data and the problems with individual vaccines, the new book has sections on

  • what happens when the federal government takes over vaccine research from actual scientists
  • the new US schedule of 69 vaccines for kids
  • evidence why 54% of US children already have a chronic disease
  • reservoirs for disease: the vaccinated or the unvaccinated?
  • motivated vaccine investors: Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg
  • “fast-tracked”- the new synonym for untested
  • the science behind individual vaccines

Much of this research is effectively banned from mainstream media. Yet each fact, each statistic is meticulously documented from the best sources available. There is nothing sensationalistic or conspiracy based about the actual physical science behind brain injury and vaccines. The solid mainstream references make this information bulletproof: it is virtually unassailable.

The vaccine industry today is in a panic. It can no longer keep these secrets hidden. More and more people are learning about the real brain effects in their children, and they’re opting out, signing exemptions. That’s what all the hysterical new laws about school vaccines are really about.


Thanks to: http://www.discerningthemystery.com

The taboo against paranormal experience is a taboo against freedom

Posted: 27 Sep 2018 09:45 AM PDT

The taboo against paranormal experience is a taboo against freedom

Sep27  by Jon Rappoport

by Jon Rappoport
September 27, 2018
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For those who want to examine a rigorous presentation of the paranormal, based on a long history of laboratory experiments, I recommend Dean Radin’s classic, The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena. (HarperCollins, 1997)
This article is not about that.
It’s about a taboo.
On the one side, we have people who denigrate the possibility of the paranormal. On the other side, we have people who, ungrounded in the physical world, try to stage what amounts to a paranormal escape operation, only to fall back into their increasingly chaotic circumstances.
In the middle are persons who have genuinely experienced the paranormal, know it, feel no obsession to shout it from the rooftops, and go on with their lives.
With the rapid decay of organized religion throughout the 20th century, huge numbers of people felt a need to attach themselves to new and old ideologies proclaiming The Extraordinary was at hand. Assertions of paranormal import accompanied this faux revolution.
At the same time, 20th-century life was shaping up in a world of National Security States, and was all about citizen behaviorism, repression, operant conditioning, and various forms of mind control—aimed at curtailing the freedom to experience whatever might lie beyond the prescriptions and slogans of governments.
What exists outside a psychic prison defined by rabid consumerism, limited and false science, and pressure from peers to accept idealized and cartoonish middle-class imagery without question, without deviation?
What is paranormal?
Is it, in childhood, an ecstatic hour’s walk through a park on a summer afternoon, when every leaf, flower, and cloud is irresistible? When space itself is so present that every shred and iota of anxiety or confusion disappears?
Is it the foreshadowing moment when you know what a person is going to say next, how he is going to say it, how he is going to move, how he is going to look as he says it?
Is it the sudden realization that the entire realm and round of emotions you have been experiencing has vanished, leaving in its place an escalating joy that can’t be contained?
Is it in standing at a window, late at night, looking out at a city, possessed of a vision of what you most profoundly want to do for the rest of your life, realizing that you will, in fact, do it?
Is it in standing in a room, where a researcher is showing you a pack of photos, one of which a person, in another room, six miles away, has just tried to send you, telepathically—and knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt which photo it is?
Is it in getting out of bed in the morning and becoming aware that you, non-material you, exist forever?
Is it in watching a cat walk away from you, across a carpet, sending him a silent message to roll over, and watching him do it?
Is it in the easy and majestic silence you feel, after sitting on the floor and breathing in and out for a half-hour?
Is it in your child’s face?
The truth is, paranormal experiences are everywhere, and people have them. The experiences exceed the ordinary boundaries material reality.
They tend to lead to a new view about life, and they certainly go beyond societal tenets about what one is supposed to know and feel.
And yes, the waters are muddied by people who feel compelled to chime in and report experiences they only wish they had, hoping for badges of honor. But no matter.
In certain respects, this is, in fact a prison planet. Through upbringing, education, peer pressure, training, indoctrination, propaganda, citizens are expected to maintain “normal status.”
Steady-state normal.
No leaking of fuel, no blowing of gaskets.
People condition themselves with the goal of fitting in.
It’s a grand stage play, and one picks a role and lives it out.
But one day something happens, and if you admit it, everything has changed.
What then? Do you continue to obey and subscribe to the taboo?
Or confess that the true normal is paranormal?
Do you tighten your grip on the card that identifies you as a citizen of the realm? Or do you drop it in a waste basket?
Do you cling to the old? Or do you opt for possibilities wider than you previously imagined and shove in all your chips on a new life?
The taboo against the non-ordinary is as old as the hills. In many cases, the establishment was a State religion, and the priest-class labeled paranormal experiences heretical witchery. Why? Because, of course, free consciousness, unburdened of church doctrine, was a threat to priestly power.
Modern science, with ridicule as its primary method, attacks the paranormal because it cuts too close to home. It tends to expose what science cannot explain.
For example: freedom.
Nowhere in the lexicon of conventional physics is there room for such a concept. The predetermined and inexorable flow of tiny particles is assumed to be everywhere at all times, even in the composition of the brain…and therefore, all thought and feeling and action, which stem from the brain, are predetermined and inexorable as well.
No choice. No freedom.
The absurdity of this notion is plain to anyone who can think.
If the brain and the body are just another collection of sub-atomic particles, then the capacity to make a free and independent choice about anything is null and void—unless the entity doing the choosing, YOU, is beyond those particles, beyond matter and energy.
When I say paranormal experience is everywhere, this is what I mean. Freedom exists. Freedom is paranormal. It always was.
It takes a severely limited state of affairs not to recognize it.
It takes a long, long history of repressive societies not to recognize it.
It takes a considerable amount of indoctrination and mind control not to recognize it.
The notion that various key political documents established freedom is extremely short-sighted. Heroic though the efforts were, they only uncovered what was already there in a natural state.
That natural state is anything but normal. It speaks of the human ability to move out of the chain of cause and effect and make choices.
Changing lives, changing futures.
For most people, most of the time, the sense of their own freedom is a rather dull given. There is nothing thrilling about it. They choose A or B within a grossly limited context.
This fact is, in itself, an indication that a monitor has been placed on their own experience, on their own emotions.
If, however, this cover is blown, a transformation occurs; and then they know, in an entirely different way, that freedom is, and is supposed to be, the most natural kind of ecstasy in the world.

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Lord Rothschild: A New World Currency Will Arise On 10/10/18

Posted: 27 Sep 2018 04:12 PM PDT

Lord Rothschild: A New World Currency Will Arise On 10/10/18
Date: September 27, 2018Author: Nwo Report

30 years ago Lord Jacob Rothschild predicted that a one world currency would arise in October 2018 and replace nations’ sovereign currencies. 
The 1998 Rothschild-owned Economist magazine said that 2018 would be the year of a new currency named ‘Phoenix.
King World News reports: So what could be the events that will lead to a major disruption in currency markets and in the world economy in 2018?

The demise of the dollar as the reserve currency of the world is a certainty. It is only a question of when it will take place. The dollar does not qualify as the rock of the world currency system. Since the gold backing of the dollar ceased in 1971, it has lost 98% in real terms when measured against gold. But also against most currencies, the dollar has lost greatly. In Swiss francs for example, the dollar is down 77% since 1971.
The dollar is backed by massive debts and deficits. The US has not had a real budget surplus since 1960 and has been running Trade deficits since 1975. The dollar is backed by nothing but debts and a strong military. It is living on borrowed time.

In 1974, the US agreed to support Saudi Arabia financially and militarily on the condition that the Saudis priced oil in dollars. Since most of the world bought oil from Saudi Arabia at that time, it led to a major demand for dollars, which is still the case today. That was the beginning of the Petrodollar which has enabled the US to live above its means for 44 years. But from 2018 the Petrodollar will gradually be replaced by the Petroyuan and also the Petroruble.
China, the world’s largest oil importer, will, together with Russia and Iran, switch from trading oil in dollars. Trading will be backed by a futures contract in Petroyuan with a potential convertibility to gold. Except for further military intervention in the Middle East, the US now has little chance of stopping this major strike against the dollar. The US is currently virtually self-sufficient in oil production and is no longer a major trading partner of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, the US neither can nor will stop Saudi Arabia moving its sphere of activity from West to East.
The major event this year that has convinced many that we have a new currency system which is controlled by no country and no central bank is of course the Cryptocurrencies led by Bitcoin. In 2017, we have seen a mania in cryptos of massive proportions. At the beginning of the year, the market cap of all cryptos was $17 billion. As of today, there are 1,360 cryptos with a total value of $588 billion. That is a 34-fold or 3,300% increase in the value of cryptocurrencies in just one year. There are 589 cryptos over $1 million with Bitcoin being the biggest at $312 billion.

How can anyone believe that the world can function with a payment system that has 1,360 currencies which is continuing to grow exponentially with a new ICO (Initial Coin Offering) virtually every day. Cryptos in their present form will never be accepted as currencies. Bitcoin is up 20X in 2017. If that were a currency, it would indicate a 1,900% inflation or more precisely hyperinflation. But Bitcoin is not a currency. Also, it could never be used as a payment system due to the very slow speed of transaction. Bitcoin and other cryptos are just an electronic form of tulip bulbs. Like the tulip bulbs, the Bitcoin bubble can get bigger although the Bitcoin mania is now bigger than Tulipomania as the chart Indicates.

So if there will be a new currency in 2018 as the Economist forecast, it is unlikely to be Bitcoin or any of the 1,360 cryptos. It is possible that Bitcoin was constructed by a government in order to experiment with how a cryptocurrency would work. Or it could be as Catherine Austin-Fitts believes that governments are closely watching the crypto mania and letting private enterprise develop the market before they step in and ban all cryptos in order to install their own.
I would not be surprised to see the US government introducing a Cryptodollar in 2018 or later to replace the current dollar which they know will soon collapse. All existing debt would remain in the Old Dollar. The US government would then encourage and assist a fast appreciation of the Cryptodollar, just like Bitcoin. This would enable repayment of the Old Dollar with the new inflated Crypto$. Obviously, this scheme would not work but for a while a euphoric crypto world might buy it, hook line and sinker.
Neither China, nor Russia would fall for this trick. China would lose massively on their US Treasury holdings. This would drive these two countries to introduce some form of gold backing of their currencies or payment system. If the paper gold trading and exchanges are still standing a that point, China and Russia will use all their resources to break the gold and silver paper market. This would drive up the price of gold and silver into a mania that the world has not seen before.
So will the Phoenix currency, (which the Economist forecast in 1988 would rise in 2018), be a Crypto$? Or will it be gold backed trading in Yuan and Ruble? Or will it be the Bitcoin mania going to $1million? We don’t know of course. But what we do know is that 2018 is likely to contain many surprises on the currency front with massive volatility not only in currencies but also in most other markets.
What we also know is that although cryptos can go a lot higher before they collapse, they offer no protection for investors seeking wealth preservation. Very few of the holders of the current $588 billion in cryptos will be able to get out before these reach zero. Greed is one of the 7 deadly sins and it always punishes mania investors.
Gold will continue to be the only currency to survive in history just as it has for almost 5,000 years. Physical gold and silver are the ultimate form of wealth preservation as well as insurance against the economic and financial calamities that the world will experience in coming years.”

Thanks to: https://nworeport.me


Grab the Popcorn! It’s Time To Watch The Circus!

Posted: 27 Sep 2018 04:09 PM PDT

September 27, 2018

It’s Time To Watch The Circus! The Lines Have Been Drawn, The Protesters Have Been Paid And The LIVE Stream Kavanaugh And Accuser Hearing Videos Are HERE!

By John C. Velisek USN Ret – All News Pipeline
Today will clearly turn into a circus. Under enormous pressure and lies and threats, the next Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh will be pilloried by the progressive socialist Democrats looking for a seat on the 2020 Presidential train.

The lines have been drawn, the protesters have been paid and the low information voters are acting like bobble-heads to the lies being told by the leftists and the helpful media. Our public discourse has been debased, our legal system is lying in tatters, and the leftists have shown their true colors. Agree with us or suffer the consequences.

The progressive socialist that today call themselves Democrats will allow no opposition but will seek revenge that has no decency, ignore the facts and impugn the integrity of one the greatest jurists in our country’s history all in a dance to retain and grow the power that they feel should only belong to them.

(ANP: Tom Fitton with Judicial Watch talks with us about the Kavanaugh hearings in the 1st video at the bottom of this story while the following videos are all embed live streams of the live hearings going on now!)

Today will starkly show that the accuser is lying. There can be no proven credibility to the accusations when even a place, date and time cannot be established. They clutch their pearls and demand that the FBI investigate while stomping their feet. Just what is there to investigate? The where, when, and who combined with the fact that the accuser can’t even tell who she went there with or how she got home, do not give a great many details for the FBI to investigate.

Yet it is not a federal crime, and there would be no reason for the FBI to investigate. The accuser’s lawyers have been making demands that are not feasible, even to the point of what media may cover the proceedings this Thursday. Do they think that will keep the real story from getting out? Or do they have such a low opinion of the citizenry, (much like the Democrats) that they think they can control the narrative?

Of course, you will always have to put up with people that will always insist that she must be telling the truth. Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, and Maize Horono actually think that telling her therapist about something sometime in the past, and even then did not name Judge Kavanaugh, is enough proof for a conviction of a man who has shown no inclination to do what he is accused of doing.

The story has collapsed, even the witnesses that the accuser claims were there do not corroborate her story. Mr. Judge, Patrick J. Smith both have issued statements to the committee, and most damaging of all is Ms. Leland Ingham Keyser, obviously a female, stated she did not have knowledge of the party, does not know Judge Kavanaugh and has no recollection of attending any party that Kavanaugh may have attended. If Sen, Gillibrand proclaims that all women must be believed, she needs to explain why Ms. Keyser is ignored.

And where is the media coverage of the accuser working for a company, Corcept Therapeutics that manufactures an abortion-inducing pill? As first reported at the site Gateway Pundit, the company makes mifepristone, commonly called RU-486, and the first accuser has coauthored at least eight publications to promote the company’s pill.

Now that the first accuser has been shown to be a failure, there is now a second accuser that has admitted to her friends that she doesn’t even know if Judge Kavanaugh was the person in question, but after a few days of talking to a Democrat operative who has been assigned as her lawyer, now is convinced that the Judge was indeed the culprit.

Her story was so poor that after investigating the New York Times, a paper that is no friend to Trump or Kavanaugh, wouldn’t consider running it. It was then shopped to The New Yorker, and the bomb throwers there were all too happy to put it out as a further smear to Judge Kavanaugh. Now this morning, three ladies are supposedly ready to claim that the first accuser told her about the incident. More than convenient, they are now going to be used with no corroboration to further smear the Judge and be used in an attempt to delay the proceeding further.

I place even money on the first accuser even showing up on Thursday. Contrary to the rules of the Senate, the accuser has made demands that are irrelevant. You don’t get to pick and choose or make demands. But then again, the progressive socialist Democrats have already found Judge Kavanaugh guilty, so it really doesn’t matter if she says anything at this point.

The main objective here is to smear Judge Kavanaugh to the point that the public turns against him. There are already “polls” put out by left-wing organizations that declare that women are against his nomination. True numbers show that over 70% of voting age women are behind Judge Kavanaugh and will not fall for the lie that he will overturn Roe V Wade. We cannot allow this debacle to continue. Nor can we allow the progressive socialists to devalue the intent of the millions of Americans that voted for our President.

The Republican leadership needs to put an end to this now. The hearing on Thursday, if she shows up and does actually testify truthfully, will be another Democrat circus complete with Kamala Harris and Cory Booker pontificating on how Kavanaugh is some sort of serial rapist and should not be elected even dog catcher. Let them whine and cry, stomp their feet and then have the vote of Friday. These games the progressive socialist play, complete with protests, disruptions, and violence must stop. The will of the people must be done.





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Posted: 24 Sep 2018 06:43 PM PDT

Unknown laser beams being fired from Saturn into deep space!

Posted: 24 Sep 2018 09:22 PM PDT

Unknown laser beams being fired from Saturn into deep space!

on September 23, 2018 

Paula Gilley has been watching the skies for quite some time looking for anomalies in the skies, besides she is watching and monitoring the Moon, Sun and other planets with her telescope.

On September 11, 2018 at 6.59pm while monitoring Saturn Paula saw something she had never seen before, more precisely, the recording shows unknown laser beams coming from Saturn.

Paula: “I bumped up contrast and saturation; I have seen many forms of pixels even square one but never have seen laser beampixels?” “That’s a new one!”

Besides the interesting first video which also shows the laser beams coming from Saturn, starting at about the 2.57 mark, the second short video below clearly shows several laser beams or energy waves being fired from Saturn into deep space.


Thanks to: http://ufosightingshotspot.blogspot.com


It is astonishing the number of Marine species dead along the entire Florida west coast

Posted: 25 Sep 2018 06:24 AM PDT

It is astonishing, jaw-dropping! THOUSANDS OF TONS (MILLIONS MAYBE BILLIONS) of Marine species dead along the entire Florida west coast since May

Google Maps

It is astonishing, jaw-dropping even, it should be world news or at least national news but the fact is since May this year the entire west coast of Florida, from Navarre Beach in the north all the way down to Collier County in the south has witnessed the death of millions, maybe billions of marine species from birds to fish, manatees, dolphins and turtles due to a red tide algae bloom and it only made local news.

Below is a list of die-offs, (with links attached) along the entire west coast of Florida since May, the list is frightening.

It started off slowly…And then exploded.

Below is not a true figure as many more species will have died out at sea.

On May 4th A Navarre woman spotted nearly 100 dead birds within a one-mile radius on Navarre Beach Full story

On the 3rd of June, The Tampa Bay Times reported Freshwater turtles began turning up dead along the St. Johns River in January. Now about 100 dead or dying turtles have been found in water bodies in Orange, Seminole and Putnam counties. A few reports have come in from other locations, such as Trout Lake near Eustis in Lake County. Full story

On the 27th of June, a Florida beach was littered with ‘hundreds’ of dead fish, manatees and other marine life. Hundreds of dead fish, manatees, sea turtles, eels and other types of marine life were found washed ashore on Boca Grande beach. Full story

On the 1st of July, Fox4 reported, Red Tide caused large fish kills in Englewood. Manatees, turtles, and snook were popping up everywhere. The most recent Red Tide event to hit Southwest Florida has been devastating for the beaches and the people who make their living off of them. Full story

On July the 31st, Miami Herald reported dead fish, birds, manatees, even a whale shark washed up dead at Cape Coral as the toll from worst red tide in decades grows. Dead fish by the thousands have clogged inlets and canals. 10 dead Goliath grouper, the massive reef fish that can live four decades or more, have floated to the surface. At least 90 sea turtles have been found stranded as the tide stretches well into nesting season. Full story

On August the 1st News-Press announced Lee County had opened fish disposal sites as the Florida algae crisis continued. Dead sea turtle count at 400. A local fisherman claimed:“There’s lots of dead everything here,” Wasno said. “I’m watching a sea trout die right at my feet. There’s mullet, snook, pinfish, sea snakes, small grouper, and there’s a lot of it.” Full story

On August the 6th Fox13 announced tons of dead fish shovelled from beaches along Sarasota County. Dead fish are now washing ashore on Anna Maria Island after the red tide bloom drifted slightly north over the weekend. Meanwhile, crews in Sarasota County say they removed several tons of dead fish over the last two days alone. Full story

16th August – 3 MILLION lbs of dead fish washed up on beaches in Lee County, Florida: The latest numbers from Lee County officials on Thursday reveal that well over 3 million pounds of fish have been removed from local coastlines. The county reports that contractors removing fish from Lee County beaches have amassed more than 1,400 tons of fish,and that crews in Sanibel have collected an additional 309 tons. Among the dead fish found include one dead Whale Shark on Sanibel, and numerous large goliath grouper and tarpon. Full story

22nd August – 15 dead bottlenose dolphins wash up dead in Sarasota:  “I have never come across something like this ever,” Master Police Officer, Paul Joyce, with the Venice Police Marine Patrol Unit said. Full story

23rd August – Thousands of dead fish wash up again in Sarasota. A witnessed claimed she’s seen everything from pinfish to puffer fish to catfish float up in the marina. Red tide isn’t just stinking up Sarasota — over the last day or so most of Bradenton has been smelling like a pile of dead fish. The algae bloom sets off a distinguishable stench, one that readers told the Bradenton Herald they could smell from downtown. Full story

27th August-240 TONS of dead fish wash up, due to red tide in Manatee County, as of Monday, the county had already collected about 241 tons of red tide-related debris left on Manatee County beaches, parks and waterways, cleaning up the majority of fish kills, officials announced during a news conference. Full story 

10th September – 33 TONS of dead fish wash up, due to red tide in Pinellas: Red tide is officially impacting Pinellas County. Crews have picked up a total of 33.48 tons of dead fish and hauled them off to the county dump. Tests conducted Monday show the highest levels of the toxic algae bloom near John’s Pass and Madeira Beach. Low levels were also found near the Bellair Boat Ramp and Sand Key near Clearwater Pass.

17th September – Thousands of dead fish wash up due to red tide on Panama City:
Beachgoers in Panama City Beach were greeted by a grisly sight this weekend: Thousands of dead fish spanning the coastline. The killer? Red tide. Full story

Earth has crossed its own tipping point and is creaking under the strain: Two-thirds of animals extinct by 2020! 

Thanks to: http://www.thebigwobble.org


Exploring Trichomes, the Key to the Power of Cannabis

Posted: 25 Sep 2018 07:29 AM PDT

Exploring Trichomes, the Key to the Power of Cannabis

by HelenaSeptember 19, 2018

If you’ve ever taken a look at a high quality cannabis bud, you might have wondered why it looks like it’s sprinkled with sugar and what actually makes the bud so sticky.
The answer is trichomes – the tiny, hair-like bumps that cover the cannabis plant.
These outgrowths evolved to protect the plant from external threats and they are what allow cannabis to survive in extreme conditions. Trichomes are rich in both terpenes and cannabinoids which are the compounds that provide the plant with protection from UV rays and predators.
Luckily for us, the plant’s protection system is also extremely beneficial to our health, and cannabis growers have developed mechanisms to maximize the production of these tiny parts of the cannabis plant.
This current era of growing techniques has given birth to the more than 800 cannabis strains we enjoy today, which all have different cannabinoid and terpene profiles.
Since trichomes are so important to our cannabis-enriched lives, it’s super important to fully understand them and their place in the botanical world.
I’ll explore the functions and types of trichomes found in cannabis, and also discuss ways to maximize their growth (if you’re growing your own medicine), and how to separate them from the rest of the plant material for use in everyday consumption.

Definition and function

Trichomes are found on many plant species. The word “trichome” comes from the Greek word “trichōma” which means “hair”, and to the naked eye trichomes do look like fine, tiny hairs.

Trichomes grow on almost every part of the plant as a defense mechanism from potential threats. This coating of hairs protects the plant from UV radiation, repels insects, prevents growth of fungus, and regulates temperature.
Trichomes located on the root of the plant help absorb necessary minerals and water from the soil.
Some carnivorous plants even produce trichomes to catch prey (hence the stickiness of those plants).
When it comes to cannabis, trichomes have many functions, but most importantly to us trichomes produce pot’s active substances called cannabinoids, like THCand CBD, as well as terpenes and resin.
The resin and aromatic terpenes repel insects and other animals. For more persistent predators, it is suspected that the psychoactive THC plays a role in preventing their attacks, as some insects die when they ingest THC.

Trichome development

Most trichomes begin to grow in the flowering stage. When a female cannabis plant begins to reproduce and form flowers it grows trichomes as self defense – they grow all over the plant, but especially on the flowers, the most important part for the plant’s reproduction.
And at this point, trichomes start to produce substances which later develop into cannabinoids.

Types of trichomes

There are three basic types of trichomes on the surface of the cannabis plant:

  • Bulbous trichomes consists of a tiny “stalk” and a gland where resin is produced. These are the smallest trichomes on the plant.
  • Capitate sessile (meaning globular-shaped head) trichomes are larger, more numerous, and grow more densely.
  • Capitate-stalked are the most valuable for us consumers since they contain the highest levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. They are the largest trichomes and can be seen with the naked eye – these are the so-called ‘crystals’ which stick to your fingers when you touch the bud.

Variables in Trichome Development

The amount of trichomes a plant will produce in its life depends on several factors, including the plant’s genetics, the amount of light it’s exposed to and environmental factors. Of course, growing expertise plays an important role in trichome development as well.


Genetics play an important role in the development of trichomes. Some strains like White Widow or G13 are known to have more trichomes than others. However, choosing the right seeds doesn’t necessarily guarantee you’ll have as many of these powerful white crystals as you’d expect.


When it comes to growing cannabis and making sure the plant produces as many trichomes as possible, light exposure is probably the most important aspect.
When the plant is exposed to light, especially UV light, it tends to produce more trichomes, in order to protect the stems and flowers from radiation. That’s why strains that are grown in regions with more sunlight and UV rays, like equatorial regions, produce more trichomes.
Also, those in the cannabis cultivation business use UVB fluorescent lights to maximize growth, since UVB positively affects the synthesis of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Humidity and temperature

The right combination of temperature and humidity can also alter the number of trichomes that grow around the flowers. By decreasing the humidity level to 30%, and by not allowing the temperature to go over 26°C (80°F), growers can trick the plant to produce more trichomes in order to protect itself.
Higher temperature will not reduce the formation of crystals, but it can potentially ruin the potency of cannabinoids and other substances inside.
You can easily check if the temperature is right by smelling the buds. If the smell is too pungent, the temperature is probably too high and should be turned down.

Other factors

Besides the ones I mentioned, there are other factors that play into the production of trichomes. Airflow, water and oxygen levels all need to be optimized for trichomes to fully develop.
However, trichomes are very fragile. They can easily be damaged, by exposing plants to either too much or not enough light, and by touching the buds too much.

Trichomes and harvesting

Trichomes, like the cannabis plant itself, have a lifecycle — as the plant matures, so do the trichomes. We can identify this through the changes in their color.
The color of trichomes tells us a lot about the development of the plant, including the cannabinoid contents. Many growers look at trichomes to find the best time to harvest their plant.
The change in color is difficult to see without a magnifying glass. During the last weeks of flowering, trichomes are checked regularly for clues about their development.
When trichomes are still completely translucent, they are in the process of producing cannabinoids and the plant is not yet ready for harvest. When they begin to turn milky white, it’s time to get ready for the harvesting window.
When most of the trichomes have turned cloudy white, the trichomes have reached peak levels of cannabinoids – harvesting the plants now will give you the maximum psychoactive effects later on, once the buds have been dried and cured.
Once the plant reaches full maturity, its trichomes begin to turn amber and there is a brief harvesting window before degradation starts. At this point the buds will offer more of a body high, like most indica strains.

Trichomes and flower potency

Keep in mind that more trichomes does not necessarily equal more THC. Because of genetics and cross-breeding, every strain is unique, with different levels of terpenes and cannabinoids. Trichomes can also contain higher levels of CBD which is known to diminish the psychoactive effects of THC.
As you can see, a lot of pieces of the puzzle have to come together to get trichomes with the exact cannabinoid levels that we are looking for. Fortunately enough, licensed producers of cannabis are experts in developing/growing strains with all sorts of different cannabinoid levels, so we can reap the benefits of their expertise.

How to separate trichomes from the bud

When we smoke dried flowers we want to keep as many trichomes on them as possible. But that is sometimes tricky to do, because as we touch and grind the buds, trichomes fall off, robbing us of weed’s precious effects.
That’s why many users prefer to use vaporizers to avoid losing these precious crystals. There are also “crystal catcher grinders”, which have a special chamber designed to collect trichomes, resulting in a powdery substance known as kief.
Many other cannabis products are made from trichomes. The fine art of making hashish relies on separating the plant’s trichomes from the flowers itself, using several techniques we’ll touch upon right now.

Hand rolling

Hand rolling is definitely the easiest way to separate trichomes from the buds and almost everyone with a little bit of patience can do it. If you decide to give it a go, know that it’s better to use fresh flowers instead of dried.
To start separating the trichomes, just gently compress and roll the buds in your palms for a few minutes to break the trichomes from the plant and to gently squeeze out oils and resin. After awhile, you’ll notice a dark sticky layer on your palms. That’s what we want.
When you get enough material gathered, just rub your palms together (without the weed, of course) to form small pieces of “finger hash”. The hash should be black and should look like a worm, sort of. This is a very popular method of making hash in Nepal, India and Kashmir.

Dry sifting

Dry sifting is a very ancient and traditional technique of making hashish, and it originated in Morocco. This type of trichome separation is a bit different, as it requires an additional piece of equipment — a sieve.
To get started, put some dried buds in a sieve and move them around. The powder that falls out are the trichomes (or commonly known as kief), which you can sprinkle on a joint, pack a bowl, or process it further into hash.

Hot pressing (rosin-tech)

By pressing the buds between two hot surfaces you’ll separate the trichomes and juices from the plant and, best of all, you can do this at home by using a regular hair straightener.
Just put a bud between two pieces of parchment paper and then press them with hair straightener plates. The rosin you get from heat and pressure is full of trichomes and more potent, compared to just smoking dried flowers on their own. Once you collect enough rosin, you can dab it or vape it.

Ice water

This is a similar technique to alcohol extraction, and is what is used when making “bubble hash” or “ice water hash” as some call it.
Ice water extraction is done by fully soaking the buds with cold water and ice, until the water temperature goes down to about 0-2°C, after which it is stirred and sifted through several screens of different densities. The finest sieve holds the highest quality hash, which is then dried for about a week.

Thanks to: https://greencamp.com


This Ancient Hindu Temple Was Carved Out Of A Single Rock, And No One Knows How

Posted: 25 Sep 2018 07:21 AM PDT

This Ancient Hindu Temple Was Carved Out Of A Single Rock, And No One Knows How


September 24, 2018

by Ivan
In Brief: The temple was carved out of a mountain, by vertical excavations meaning the builders started from the top to the bottom. Around 400,000 tons of rock were removed from the mountain. The temple is considered one of the largest monolithic temples ever carved out of a single rock.
There’s a temple in India that’ll give you goosebumps. Not because it’s haunted or scary, but because its design and construction are beyond anything we thought humans were capable of.
The Temple itself was carved into the mountain, 164 feet deep, 109 feet wide, and 98 feet high. This means that the Kailasa Temple is ONE of the BIGGEST MONOLITHIC structures on the planet, carved out of a single rock.
Carved. Not Built.
This magnificent temple, located in Ellora, Maharashtra, India, the temple itself is known as The Kailasa Temple. Some refer to it as the Kailasanatha temple.
The temple is dedicated to Hindu worship and was commissioned by King Krishna I of the Rashtrakuta dynasty in ancient India.
Rightfully, the Kailasa Temple is considered one of the most remarkable cave temples ever built in India because of its size, architecture and sculptural treatment.
The Kailasanatha temple is part of 32 cave temples and monasteries which are collectively referred to as the Ellora Caves. The Kailasa Temple occupies cave 16.
Their construction is generally acknowledged as having started during the eighth century.
And while many scholars are convinced that the construction is attributed to the Rashtrakuta king Krishna I, based on the multiple distinct architectural and sculptural layouts, combined with its massive size, and peculiar design, some scholars argue that its construction spanned the reigns of multiple kings.
Vertical Excavation—Carving a Mountain
The temple looks totally bada**. In fact, this is one of my favorite temples in India. It looks impressive, it looks different, and it looks majestic.
The most notable feature of the Kailasa Temple is ‘Vertical Excavation.’
When the temple was built, its carvers started at the top of the mountain and excavated downward. As explained by Rajan, K.V. Soundara, in the bookRockcut Temple Styles, traditional methods were precisely followed by the master architect of the project, and could not have been achieved if its builders excavated the temple out of the front.
This fact makes the Kailasa unique and different from other temples.
Ground Plan of the Kailasa Temple. Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons.
An ancient legend speaks of the construction of the Kailasa Temple. According to Katha-Kalpataru by Krishna Yajnavalki (c. 1470-1535 CE), the local king had suffered from a terrible disease. His wife, the queen, decides to pray to the God Shiva, to cure her husband.
The queen promised to build a temple if her wish was granted and promised to observe a fast until she could see the shikhara (top) of this temple.
Eventually, the king was cured, and the queen requested for the temple to be built immediately.
However, each and every architect who was introduced to the project explained that it would take months to build a temple complete with a shikhara (top).
Then, one architect called Kokasa explained to the King and Queen that they would see the shikhara of a temple within a week’s time.
Eventually, Kokasa started but using a different technique. Instead of carving from the side, he went for the top, and excavated the mountaintop vertically, from the top. Eventually, within a week, he finished the shikhara allowing the queen to conclude her fast.
One of the most notorious elements of the Kailsaaa temple depicts Ravana shaking the Kailasa mountain. The sculpture is recognized as one of the finest pieces of Hindu art, and it is possible that the temple came to be known as Kailasa after it.
Some authors argue that the temple was completed in eighteen years’ time.
More than 400,000 tons of rock were removed from the mountain.
It is estimated that around 60 tons of rock were removed each day during the temple’s initial construction phase.
It is believed that the builders worked for more than twelve hours a day, hauling around 5 tons of rock (average) out from the mountain each hour.
And while we do know how the temple was planned and most likely how it was completed, we still don’t exactly know how the designers, architects, and builders managed to achieve all of this with relatively limited technology available to them at that time.
As I’ve written in previous articles, it seems very plausible that whoever built these fascinating caves thousands of years ago surely had more than just ordinary hammers, chisels, and picks.

Source: https://www.ancient-code.com

Thanks to zIKY at: http://awakeandaware.ca


“The Truth About Pepe the Frog and the Cult of Kek”

Posted: 25 Sep 2018 07:07 AM PDT

PepetheFrogFaith.wordpress.com, September, 2018… “The Truth About Pepe the Frog and the Cult of Kek”

Posted on 2018/09/24 by Kauilapele
Well, this one is off the standard blogging path (sort of), although it relates to some images and terms I have seen floating around the 8chan Q posts and so on. I’ve seen “Pepe the Frog”, and really had no idea where this all came from. I’ve also seen the phrase “KEK“, which I found out is an alternative way of writing “lol” (Laughing out Loud). But I never really knew where these things came from, until I was pointed to this article.
This is one story I found absolutely “fascinating”… Perhaps others will feel the same.

“Pepe the Frog is, in fact, the modern-day avatar of an ancient Egyptian deity accidentally resurrected by online imageboard culture. Does that sound like the most b@tsh#t crazy thing you’ve ever heard?
“…sometime around 2010, a sad-looking cartoon frog began to trend among posters on 4chan.org and similar “underground” imageboards. Shortly after, the age-old piece of online vernacular used to express laughter—”LOL”—fell out of favor on these sites. In its place a new slang term of synonymous meaning rose to common use: “KEK.”
“The origins of this trend are much more important. It comes from an odd technicality involving the Korean language and the popular video game World of Warcraft.
“…the 2016 Election… By this time, Pepe the Frog had become the unofficial mascot for 4chan’s political discussion board (a highly despised corner of the Internet fittingly entitled “Politically Incorrect”)… /Pol/ is a place where the unspoken outsiders of Millennial culture gather en masse. Here you’ll find the lonely and depressed, the socially inept, the generational dropouts, and all shades of disenfranchised youth—every one of them united with an unshakable underdog mentality…
“when Donald J. Trump strolled onto the political scene in 2015, it was a match made in heaven. He immediately became /pol/’s candidate of choice. And it wasn’t long before Trump was mated with /pol/’s beloved mascot, in typical imageboard fashion:
“Every post on 4chan and similar venues comes with an 8-digit numerical stamp. This number represents that post’s entry position in the entire posting lineage of the imageboard. With the amount of traffic these sites get, the last couple digits of this number are essentially a random roll. When a poster gets repeated digits, its called “dubs”, “trips”, “quads”, and so on.
“Out of this practice, a strange phenomenon began to take place on /pol/: discussion threads associated with Trump displayed noticeably frequent GETs. [double digits]… Soon, it became all the rage on /pol/ to hail Trump as nothing less than god’s chosen candidate.
“…it turns out Kek is also—and always has been—an ancient Egyptian deity… A frog-headed one… Kuk’s [Kek’s] male form was depicted as a frog, or as a frog-headed man… As a symbol of darkness, Kuk also represented obscurity and the unknown, and thus chaos. Also, Kuk [Kek] was seen as that which occurred before light, thus was known as the bringer-in of light.
“[It] all… came to a head on September 11th, 2016, when three major, mind-blowing events transpired within 48 hours of each other. Three events that would change the face of Kek worship forever: [1] Hillary Clinton fainted or nearly fainted in New York. The overwhelming sentiment of /Pol/ —still reeling from the event—is captured two days later… [2] Hillary Clinton literally declares Pepe the Frog an enemy of the state with paper-thin reasoning… [3] Kek/Pepe’s musical anthem is discovered on YouTube… one or a few anonymous 4chan contributors discovered an old track from the 80’s on YouTube. A track stamped all over with a very familiar face… A B-side vinyl by performer “P. E. P. E.”, sporting a frog with a magic wand.
“Okay, What The Hell Is Going On? Most likely? Chaos Magick. You see, one of the core tenets of Chaos Magick practice (the only mainstay, really) is the creation of magic sigils (also called “glyphs”) to “codify and project one’s Will into the Universe.” Basically, you make an image that represents your “will” (desire fueled by powerful emotions or altered states) and the universe will take care of the rest.”

The Truth About Pepe The Frog And The Cult Of Kek

The Real Story Behind Hillary Clinton’s “CARTOON Nazi Frog” Will Blow Your mind
I’ll cut right to the chase:
Pepe the Frog isn’t a white nationalist symbol.
Pepe the Frog isn’t a harmless meme propagated by teenagers on the internet.
Pepe the Frog is, in fact, the modern-day avatar of an ancient Egyptian deity accidentally resurrected by online imageboard culture. 
Does that sound like the most b@tsh#t crazy thing you’ve ever heard?
Strap in, friendo. You’re in for one hell of a ride.
(UPDATE 11/9/16: Well memed, America, well memed. A post-election follow-up to this article has been added here.)
When Memes Collide: The Origins of Pepe the Frog
The precise origins of Pepe the Frog are, like all imageboards memes, obscure and unimportant.
All you really need to know is that sometime around 2010, a sad-looking cartoon frog began to trend among posters on 4chan.org and similar “underground” imageboards.
Shortly after, the age-old piece of online vernacular used to express laughter—”LOL”—fell out of favor on these sites.
In its place a new slang term of synonymous meaning rose to common use: “KEK.”
The origins of this trend are much more important. It comes from an odd technicality involving the Korean language and the popular video game World of Warcraft.
Keep that in mind for later.
And so, just like that, two seemingly unrelated elements that would later give life to a deity were arranged in piecemeal fashion. But they remained dormant for several years, up until…
Donald Trump and the 2016 Election
By this time, Pepe the Frog had become the unofficial mascot for 4chan’s political discussion board (a highly despised corner of the Internet fittingly entitled “Politically Incorrect”).
/Pol/ is a place where the unspoken outsiders of Millennial culture gather en masse. Here you’ll find the lonely and depressed, the socially inept, the generational dropouts, and all shades of disenfranchised youth—every one of them united with an unshakable underdog mentality that pervades the forum’s every kilobyte.
To call this place a “white nationalist” or “alt-right” message board is categorically incorrect. /Pol/, above all else, is place where our society’s status quo is mercilessly challenged. It’s a melting pot for well-meaning free thinkers and misguided mad men alike.
It is a place of chaos. 
So when Donald J. Trump strolled onto the political scene in 2015, it was a match made in heaven. He immediately became /pol/’s candidate of choice.
And it wasn’t long before Trump was mated with /pol/’s beloved mascot, in typical imageboard fashion:

And then, something very strange began to happen…
The Digits Declare a Deity
One last thing you need to understand about imageboard culture: dubs.
Every post on 4chan and similar venues comes with an 8-digit numerical stamp. This number represents that post’s entry position in the entire posting lineage of the imageboard.
With the amount of traffic these sites get, the last couple digits of this number are essentially a random roll. When a poster gets repeated digits, its called “dubs”, “trips”, “quads”, and so on.
Since a poster can’t know their post number until after they’ve submitted the post, its common for people to “bet” the contents of their message on the occurrence of repeating digits, like so:

When that endeavor proves a successful, a “GET” has been made and the stroke of luck is celebrated.
Out of this practice, a strange phenomenon began to take place on /pol/: discussion threads associated with Trump displayed noticeably frequent GETs. 

It wasn’t long before all of these seemingly random elements discussed so far became irreparably tied together within imageboard culture:

  • Pepe the Frog (now /pol/’s unofficial mascot)
  • Donald Trump (/pol/’s overwhelming candidate of choice)
  • Repeating digit post numbers (“GETS”)
  • “KEK” (used as an expression of delight, particular in response to Trump’s “trolling” of the establishment, as well as in reaction to unlikely GETs in general)

…and a god was born.

Here’s Where It Starts To Get Weird: The Queer Coincidence of Kek
Soon, it became all the rage on /pol/ to hail Trump as nothing less than god’s chosen candidate.
But which god’s chosen candidate exactly?
The answer is obvious: Kek.
Remember how we learned that “kek” the meme came about from an obscure Korean language onomatopoeia, completely independently from Pepe the Frog?
Well, it turns out Kek is also—and always has been—an ancient Egyptian deity…
A frog-headed one. 

Quite the coincidence, wouldn’t you say? “A little,” perhaps you reply.
“A little” indeed, but that’s just the very tip of the synchronicity iceberg. That’s just where this unfathomable string of “coincidences” begins. And where it ends? We just don’t know. Day by day this all getting stranger…
The second major (“little”) coincidence can be found when one looks into what Kek stood for among the ancient Egyptian pantheon:

Kuk (also spelled as Kek or Keku) is the deification of the primordial concept of darkness in ancient Egyptian religion…
…Like all four dualistic concepts in the Ogdoad, Kuk’s male form was depicted as a frog, or as a frog-headed man, and the female form as a snake, or a snake-headed woman. As a symbol of darkness, Kuk also represented obscurity and the unknown, and thus chaos. Also, Kuk was seen as that which occurred before light, thus was known as the bringer-in of light.

And who else, at this point, had been declared a “bringer of light” into the world by enthusiastic supporters (mainstream and imageboard alike)?

It gets even weirder.
The pot really started to boil when this bizarre misprint statuette was dug up from a mysterious vendor called “Ancient Treasures” on Amazon. For years the product had been coincidentally mislabeled a “KEK” statue, despite actually bearing the hieroglyphics for the frog goddess HEQET.
And ya know, the thing about this ONE unique arrangement of hieroglyphics…they bear an undeniable resemblance to a certain special something:

Do you see it?
A person sitting down. In front of a computer.
Like say, to post on an imageboard? 
And what’s that on the other side of the computer?

With this “holy talisman’s” discovery, The Cult of Kek suddenly took on a concrete form. This new digital “faith” is summed up neatly in this image passed around on all the major imageboards of the day:

It Gets Weirder: Pepe/Keke “Emerges” in Plain Sight on September 11th, 2016
Soon, /pol/’s users were—quite ironically, at first—attributing all strokes of luck for the Trump campaign (and likewise, all strokes of misfortune for the Hillary campaign) to their benevolent frog-headed deity that spoke to them in dubs.
But all of that came to a head on September 11th, 2016, when three major, mind-blowing events transpired within 48 hours of each other. Three events that would change the face of Kek worship forever:

  1. Hillary Clinton fainted or nearly fainted in New York. The overwhelming sentiment of /Pol/ —still reeling from the event—is captured two days later in this post:

(Note this person’s post number)
[*]Hillary Clinton literally declares Pepe the Frog an enemy of the state with paper-thin reasoning:

Here’s the short version: Pepe is a cartoon frog who began his internet life as an innocent meme enjoyed by teenagers and pop stars alike.
But in recent months, Pepe’s been almost entirely co-opted by the white supremacists who call themselves the “alt-right.” They’ve decided to take back Pepe by adding swastikas and other symbols of anti-semitism and white supremacy.

What can I or anyone else hope to add here? How bizarre does reality get? How deep does the rabbit hole go?
Oh, I see how deep…
[*](REALLY F#CKI’N WEIRD)Kek/Pepe’s musical anthem is discovered on YouTube:
Now get a load of this one.
While all of this was happening, one or a few anonymous 4chan contributors discovered an old track from the 80’s on YouTube. A track stamped all over with a very familiar face:

That’s right folks. A B-side vinyl by performer “P. E. P. E.”, sporting a frog with a magic wand.
A frog. 
And what’s P. E. P. E. stand for?

  • Point
  • Emerging
  • Probably
  • Entering

“Probably.” What are sweet repeating digit GETs all about? Probability.
What is this “gist” of Kekism on /pol/? He speaks to them through dubs. Their ancient egyptian god of obscurity and chaos “emerges/enters” at “points” of “probability.”
Feel like that’s a stretch? Check out what the full-length vocal version’s album artwork is adorned with:

Don’t see the significance? Let 4chan help you:

(Again, note the post’s number)
And—hey—who’s that fair-haired man pointed towards Trump Tower’s clock in the artwork?
Gee, I wonder who.
Okay, What The Hell Is Going On?
Most likely? Chaos Magick.
You see, one of the core tenets of Chaos Magick practice (the only mainstay, really) is the creation of magic sigils (also called “glyphs”) to “codify and project one’s Will into the Universe.”
Basically, you make an image that represents your “will” (desire fueled by powerful emotions or altered states) and the universe will take care of the rest.
When a lot of people pool their united willpower towards a single sigil, its called a Hypersigil, and its exponentially more potent.
Pepe/Kek is 4chan’s hypersigil. 
Millions of the “little people” that browse 4chan have embedded the image of Pepe with their hatred for Hillary’s alleged corruption, and their hope for Trump’s victory over her in November. Whether they did this consciously or not, its exactly what has happened.
And so far, their hypersigil seems to be working.
Hold Up: You’re Seriously Telling Me Magic Is Real?
Absolutely I am. But you must understand, “magic” probably isn’t what you think it is. It’s not about wand-waving or pentagrams or sacrificing babies.
Magick is actually much less involved than that. As a matter of fact, you’re casting magick right now. You pretty much always are, whether you like it or not.
That’s because the REAL magic comes from plain and simple human attention. How you look at reality shapes it in ways that we’re only now beginning to fully understand. Ironically, the science of quantum physics is rapidly bringing the reality of magick to light (shadilay).
In my book You’re Imagining Things, I’ll tell you how it works–and WHY it works–in plain-spoken English. I’ll also explain how you can use your attention to alter your own little pocket of reality in extraordinary ways. Click here to check out You’re Imagining Things on Amazon.
So What Happens Next?
Most likely? Kek will continue to grow in power and continue to oppose Hillary Clinton and the corrupt political establishment. Will the Lord of Light win out over the powers that be? We shall find out very soon. (UPDATE 11/9/16: We found out what happened, didn’t we?)
This is awesome.
What can I do to help?
(And spread this around on social media.)
(And keep an eye on TheCultofKek.com for big things on the horizon.)
(More questions? Click the triangle at the bottom of the page.)

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The Rover Curiosity sent an image where you clearly see a Shelter

Posted: 25 Sep 2018 07:00 AM PDT

The Rover Curiosity sent an image where you clearly see a Shelter with a Martian inside it


While I was searching the images sent by the rover Curiosity on Mars, I came across this curious building or shelter with a Martian peering through a window.


Thanks to: https://helenastales.weebly.com


Posted: 12 Sep 2018 04:30 PM PDT


Mr. V.T. spotted this one, and I simply have to pass it along, because needless to say, it occasions some high octane speculation.
For it’s all about engineering the weather, you see, and that’s a topic that has been and off-and-on subject of blogging and discussion here, both in vidchats and in the Dialogues with Daniel DiGriz, where one or the other of us occasionally brings it up.  The subject intrigues me, because with the recent invention of “weather derivatives” added to the arsenal of financial schemes and scams of Mr. Globaloney, controlling the weather on which those derivatives are based would seem a surefire bet for some unique new twists on insider trading, especially since most people don’t believe that humanity is capable of controlling the weather.
The subject also intrigues me for a very different reason, and that’s the technologies involved with it, which seem to me to increasingly substantiate the view that weather, and in particular major storms such as hurricanes and tornadoes, are fundamentally electromagnetically-based phenomena, and not the hot-air-got-trapped-by-cold-air sort of stuff we learned in school (that was back when they were still trying to teach something. OK, it may have been incorrect, but at least they were still trying). I, and many others who have researched the phenomenon of weather engineering far more deeply than I, have concluded that much of the spraying, or “chemtrails” as they are more popularly known, is designed in part at least for this purpose: the modification of the electrical conductive properties of the atmosphere for a variety of purposes: mind manipulation, weather control, and even in some cases, “Star Wars.”
The article is “Short Pulse Lasers for Weather Control,” by JP Wolf, and unfortunately, as is often the case, all we get to see is the abstract (I not having the money to purchase the scientific papers of everything I’d like to read). In this case, the abstract says a mouthful, and here our attention will be focused on the second paragraph:

While non-linearly propagating in air, these filamentary structures produce a coherent supercontinuum (from 230 nm to 4 µm, for a 800 nm laser wavelength) by self-phase modulation (SPM), which can be used for remote 3D-monitoring of atmospheric components by Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging). However, due to their high intensity (1013–1014W cm−2), they also modify the chemical composition of the air via photo-ionization and photo-dissociation of the molecules and aerosols present in the laser path. These unique properties were recently exploited for investigating the capability of modulating some key atmospheric processes, like lightning from thunderclouds, water vapor condensation, fog formation and dissipation, and light scattering (albedo) from high altitude clouds for radiative forcing management. Here we review recent spectacular advances in this context, achieved both in the laboratory and in the field, reveal their underlying mechanisms, and discuss the applicability of using these new non-linear photonic catalysts for real scale weather control. (Emphasis added)

Ok, we’ve all known about the fact that lasers can “modify the chemical compositions of the air via photo-ionization” for some time, and we’ve also known that lasers can thus “photo-dissociate molucules,” i.e., basically disintegrate them. LIDAR – light detection and ranging – has also been around for a while too. But then there’s this:

These unique properties were recently exploited for investigating the capability of modulating some key atmospheric processes, like lightning from thunderclouds, water vapor condensation, fog formation and dissipation, and light scattering (albedo) from high altitude clouds for radiative forcing management.

Let that one sink in for a moment, and then ponder the euphemistic end of the abstract, that they want to use “these new non-linear photonic catalysts for real scale weather control.” Yes, I’d call “investigating” such “unique properties” for the possibility of having “the capability” to modulate “some key atmospheric processes, like lightning from thunderclouds” is quite a capability. In other words, imagine being able to steer lightning, to target it, via a plasma channel created by a charged laser beam, creating a columnated channel of charge differential for the lightning to travel on. Build up enough charge differential by some means – oh, I don’t know, like HAARP or some other ionospheric heater – build up a massive charge, and then use a space-based laser to create a channel for that charge to discharge to the ground. To make the whole process more efficient, one could also increase the electrical conductivity of the medium (in this case the atmosphere) by – oh, I don’t know – maybe spraying it with all sorts of electrically conductive heavy metal particulates.
Sounds a bit like science fiction (and it is, of course, today’s little bit of high octane speculation), and a bit like the ancient gods, like Zeus and Marduk, with their “thunderbolt” weapons. And if I can think of it, and you can think of it, rest assured, they can think of it and probably already have (funny how they seem to be building, piece by piece, the capability outlined above). And if such lightning bolt weapons seem to be “no big deal”, look at the Valle Marineris on Mars, a vast scar running along the equator of the planet Mars, which some believe to have been caused precisely by such electrical arcing.
Of course, some will tell you this was all just natural catastrophism created by an electrically dynamic solar system, when the planets were bunched up much closed together and electricity arced from one planet to another. But the same techniques I outlined above could be used just about anywhere, by anyone, “anywhen”, who had the technology to engineer systems of a planetary scale. And we’re doing it.
On earth.
See you on the flip side…

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People Are “Fighting For Food” As Authorities Warn Florence “Could Produce A Disaster Comparable” To Hurricane Katrina

Posted: 12 Sep 2018 04:27 PM PDT

People Are “Fighting For Food” As Authorities Warn Florence “Could Produce A Disaster Comparable” To Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Florence is about to make a “direct hit” on the east coast, and public officials are making one ominous declaration about this storm after another.  Florence is being called “extremely dangerous”“a monster”“the worst in 60 years” and “the storm of a lifetime”.  By the end of this week we shall see if this storm lives up to the hype, but at this point it is definitely an immensely powerful storm.  Hurricanes of this magnitude very rarely come this far north, and panic is starting to set in all across the mid-Atlantic region as people realize that this is really happening.  Over a million people are in the process of evacuating, and it is being reported that there is “fighting for food” at the stores that still have some supplies left…

“It was chaotic! Oh my goodness, long lines!” said Fatimah Spivey.
Reilly Norman described it as “a mess in there; it’s wiped out clean.”
The water aisles were especially bare — empty shelf after empty shelf.
“We came around 1 and all the waters were gone,” said Blake Swain. “Now, it’s just people fighting for food.”

Interestingly, federal officials actually conducted a “simulation” that involved a category 4 hurricane hitting the mid-Atlantic region back in late April and early May

Just months ago, disaster planners simulated a Category 4 hurricane strike alarmingly similar to the real-word scenario now unfolding on a dangerously vulnerable stretch of the East Coast.

That “simulation” produced “catastrophic damage” along the east coast, and as a result some experts are now concerned “that Hurricane Florence could produce a disaster comparable to 2005’s Hurricane Katrina“…

A fictional “Hurricane Cora” barreled into southeast Virginia and up the Chesapeake Bay to strike Washington, D.C., in the narrative created by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Argonne National Laboratory.
The result was catastrophic damage, which has some experts concerned that Hurricane Florence could produce a disaster comparable to 2005’s Hurricane Katrina and in a part of the country that is famously difficult to evacuate.

Let us hope that does not happen, because New Orleans still has not fully recovered from Hurricane Katrina after all this time.
But at this point things look very grim.  The computer models are predicting a storm surge of somewhere around 20 feet and up to 45 inches of rain in some parts of North Carolina.
In addition, it is being projected that the insurance industry could be facing up to 20 billion dollars in losses.
And all of those numbers assume that this will remain a Category 4 storm.  According to CNN, there is still a possibility that Florence “could become close to a Category 5 storm” before it slams into the Carolinas…

As of Tuesday morning, Florence was hurling 130-mph winds. Before it pummels the US coastline, Florence could become close to a Category 5 storm — meaning winds could approach 157 mph.

But even a Category 4 storm would be immensely devastating.
A 20 foot storm surge would cause more damage than the wind or the rain from the hurricane would.  It would essentially be a giant “wall of water” that would “swallow parts of the coast”

“Storm surge has the highest potential to kill the most amount of people,” FEMA Administrator Brock Long said. “It also has the highest potential to cause the most destruction.”
Storm surge is basically a wall of water that could swallow parts of the coast.
“This will have a storm surge in the 20-foot range,” Myers said.

And meteorologists are warning that in a worst-case scenario we could actually see Florence stall along the east coast for an extended period of time.  According to the Weather Underground, this is how that could happen…

The steering currents driving Florence toward the East Coast will collapse on Friday, and models now agree the storm is likely to stall somewhere within 100 miles on either side of the coast, perhaps for one or two days.
The 12Z Tuesday run of the European model introduced a new and very distressing possibility: Florence stalling just offshore of North Carolina near Wilmington for roughly a day, then moving southwestward along and just off the South Carolina coast on Saturday, and finally making landfall close to Savannah, Georgia, on Sunday—all while still a hurricane. This outlandish-seeming prospect gained support from the 18Z run of the GFS model. It painted a very similar picture, with a landfall a bit farther north, near Charleston, on Sunday. The 18Z track from the experimental GFS FV3 model is very similar to the GFS track.

In such a scenario, the damage caused by this storm would be multiplied.
To say that this storm is “dangerous” would be a major understatement.  And let us not forget that there are 12 nuclear power reactors directly in the path of this storm.  If things go bad, they could go really, really bad.
As the storm draws closer to the coast, federal officials are begging people to get prepared…

Federal officials begged residents to put together emergency kits and have a plan on where to go.
“This storm is going to knock out power days into weeks. It’s going to destroy infrastructure. It’s going to destroy homes,” said Jeff Byard, an official at the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Of course those that have waited until now may find that it is already too late.
Gasoline stations all over the mid-Atlantic are already running out of gas, and store shelves are being “picked clean” of essential supplies…

Long lines formed at service stations, and some started running out of gas as far west as Raleigh, with bright yellow bags, signs or rags placed over the pumps to show they were out of order. Some store shelves were picked clean.
“There’s no water. There’s no juices. There’s no canned goods,” Kristin Harrington said as she shopped at a Walmart in Wilmington.

A “perfect storm” is literally heading for the east coast, and some believe that this could be a metaphor for what is happening to the nation as a whole.
For those of you living in the mid-Atlantic, please get out of the path of this storm, and our prayers are with you.
This article originally appeared on The Economic Collapse Blog.  About the author: Michael Snyder is a nationally syndicated writer, media personality and political activist. He is publisher of The Most Important News and the author of four books including The Beginning Of The End and Living A Life That Really Matters.

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Denver International Airport Conspiracy: Rocking People to Sleep

Posted: 12 Sep 2018 04:22 PM PDT

Denver International Airport Conspiracy: Rocking People to Sleep

Posted on September 12, 2018 by Doreen Agostino

Globalists don’t care if you know

15 Potential Illuminati Headquarters Around the World

No. 1 City: Denver, CO

The Denver International Airport might be the last place you’d expect to be home base for the genocidal maniacs behind the illuminati. That is, if you’re completely oblivious to the world around you. For one, the sprawling facility is crawling with NWO iconography. Take a second and glance at the photograph above. What’s that ominous-looking thing superimposed over the picture, you say—a swastika? Yeah, if you totally ignore the alignment of the runways, it’s overwhelmingly clear that the runways align in a swastika.

Gargoyle hangs out by baggage claim

Source: KWReinsch/VisualHunt

In your face demonic art, shrouded in secrecy, and abounding in myth, welcome to Denver International Airport


Thanks to: https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com


National Solar Observatory Mysteriously Closed As Geomagnetic Storm Looms But Why Were Blackhawk Choppers at the Observatory ???

Posted: 12 Sep 2018 04:15 PM PDT

National Solar Observatory Mysteriously Closed As Geomagnetic Storm Looms

Posted on September 12, 2018 by David Nova

Source: Zero Hedge
The National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico has been closed since last Thursday.
ABC-7 Monday spoke with Shari Lifson, who is with AURA, the company that co-manages the Observatory with NMSU.

“The Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy who manages the facility is addressing a security issue at this time. We have decided to vacate the facility at this time as precautionary measure. It was our decision to evacuate the facility.”

Lifson told ABC 7 there is no time-table for the Observatory to be re-opened.
ABC-7 also reached out to the FBI, but did not hear back from the federal agency in time for deadline. The FBI did speak with local law enforcement about the length of the observatory closure.

“The FBI is refusing to tell us what’s going on. We’ve got people up there (at Sunspot) that requested us to standby while they evacuate it. Nobody would really elaborate on any of the circumstances as to why.
The FBI were up there. What their purpose was nobody will say. But for the FBI to get involved that quick and be so secretive about it, there was a lot of stuff going on up there.
There was a Blackhawk helicopter, a bunch of people around antennas and work crews on towers but nobody would tell us anything.”

The FBI did not tell Sheriff House the reason for the closure. Sheriff Benny House did tell ABC 7 that his local law enforcement did not have anything to do with either the observatory closure.
For the conspiracy-mindedSunspot is a mere 130 miles from Roswell, New Mexico, and about 90 miles from the White Sands Missile Range. Established in 1958, the observatory predates the unincorporated area in the Sacramento Mountains that was named for it.

All of which would be odd enough, but as SHTFplan.com’s Mac Slavo details below, the observatory is closed just as a massive hole has opened up in the Sun’s corona, which means we’re officially on watch for a geomagnetic storm.  Auroras will be likely across much of North America as the sun heads into a solar minimum.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has issued a storm watch for a G2-level solar storm on September 11.

MORE HERE: https://deusnexus.wordpress.com/2018/09/12/national-solar-observatory/


Synchronicity: Meaning and Quantum Origins

Posted: 12 Sep 2018 08:31 AM PDT

Synchronicity: Meaning and Quantum Origins
Posted on September 12, 2018 by David Nova



Let’s talk about synchronicities, why they happen, and what they mean.
A synchronicity, or synch for short, is a strange coincidence that you’re meant to notice. Carl Jung defined them as meaningful coincidences, as two or more events that are physically unrelated yet somehow connected in a spooky or metaphysical way. I prefer to think of them in a more general way as meaningful improbabilities. So they’re not just random coincidences or products of confirmation bias, but genuine anomalies in experience that grab your attention.
Now, synchs are really important; they’re personal proof that reality is sometimes malleable, sometime unstable, sometimes responsive to consciousness. Einstein was right when he said reality is illusion, albeit a persistent one. Synchs prove that this world behaves more like a collective dream or a Matrix simulation than an independent physical construct.
The idea that physical reality is somehow its own independent thing is based on outdated 1800s science. For over a century now, quantum physics has proven that physical events are ultimately determined by metaphysical factors, meaning reality is shaped by consciousness. Synchronicities are one manifestation of that fact.
So why do synchs happen and what do they mean? That actually depends on the type of synch. There are different kinds with different causes. Let’s look at a few.

Precursor Synchs

The first are Precursor Synchs. These show up a couple hours or days before a troubling, distressing, or precarious event in your life, almost like rolling thunder preceding an impending storm. That’s because the upcoming event is a messy energetic spot on your timeline and your corner of reality is becoming unstable in advance of it.
Precursor synchs also happen when your future is in flux, like when you’re going back and forth on a major life decision that greatly affects your future. When the future is indeterminate and massively fluctuating like that, it’s unstable, and so the present becomes unstable too by proximity since time is one big continuum.
Unstable conditions mean that improbabilities happen. Why? Well, according to quantum physics, what we call normal reality is simply the most stable, probable, and predictable path that everyone and everything can take. So when reality becomes unstable, that means it becomes less normal meaning more weird. It becomes less predictable meaning more surprising. And it becomes less probable meaning more synchronistic. So to recap, Precursor Synchs are a side-effect of an upcoming instability, which tends to be a distressing or precarious situation where the outcome is in flux.

Deviation Synchs

Then there are Deviation Synchs, which happen when you suddenly deviate from your most probable course of action. That means doing something genuinely improbable, something that in most of your immediate probable futures you didn’t do. For example, it can be something that goes against the momentum of your programming, your circumstance, your habits and your feelings at that moment. All these things are pushing you towards your most mechanical and probable outcome, so going against them means defying determinism.
When you do something unlikely for an extended period, you deviate onto a less probable future, and this produces other improbabilities which we experience as Deviation Synchs.
So whereas Precursor Synchs come before an unstable area of your timeline, Deviation Synchs typically come during and after.
Now, one of the keys to understanding synchronicty is that improbabilities tend to come in clusters. One improbability begets another. If you do something improbable, chances are that you’ll attract another improbability. That’s because you’re deviating onto an improbable timeline that, due to its improbability, likely contains other improbable aspects.

Consciousness and Nondeterminism

This brings up an important point, which is that something outside this reality, something beyond linear time, is needed if events are to deviate from their default outcome.
Without that metaphysical factor, everything would be mechanically deterministic. Everything would be mere material cause and effect, dominoes knocking down dominoes from the beginning to the end of time, with no surprises or deviations. For the dominoes to change direction and touch off a new chain, a hand must reach down and rotate one so that it falls into a new line. That’s what happens every time we exercise our freewill.
So consciousness is the nonphysical factor that creates improbabilities. Or, as quantum physics would say, the conscious observer is what produces nondeterminism and piecewise stochastic behavior.
What this ultimately means is that the more sentient you are, the more volition or agency you have, the more of an improbability you represent in this world. And since improbabilities beget more improbabilities, the lives of such walking anomalies are… anomalous.

Entities Outside Time

But in truth it’s not just our consciousness that can create improbabilities and therefore synchronicities. Anything at all from outside linear time that tampers with the course of events here can do that. Examples include aliens and occult entities who meddle in our lives. Think about it… They are outside linear time, and if what they do affects what you do, then you’re no longer doing the original thing you would have done. Rather, you are now doing what wasn’t originally supposed to happen, meaning you’re going down an improbable pathway, and as a result you will experience improbabilities like Deviation Synchs.
So if you’re someone who has a high degree of agency and you’ve been influenced by entities outside time, you become a real anomaly in this world and that comes with experiencing more anomalies in life.
It’s worth noting that since otherworldly beings are themselves anomalous, and like attracts like, a big feedback loop can arise where the more they affect you the more you attract them.
Now, some beings purposely seek out people who are already anomalous due to having a greater degree of sentience and awareness. That includes benevolent aliens and positive spiritual entities, who are looking to guide and influence those among us who stand out. But it also includes negative aliens and demonic entities looking to study and suppress those who aren’t following the program. These negative forces also go after people who are of low awareness and are easily manipulated, to use them as puppets or probes to manipulate the rest of us.
I mention all this because certain people experience a high degree of paranormal activity and synchronicity in their lives, and there are reasons why those two phenomena go hand in hand in their case. It might have to do with the uncommon quality of their consciousness and choices, and the fact that their lives have been heavily altered by influences beyond time.

Expansion Synchs

Alright, let’s get back to synchronicities and talk about Expansion Synchs. These happen when we go through a significant moment of spiritual growth or transformation. That includes going through a period of insight and revelation regarding higher truths about existence or about yourself.
The sudden change in your being, your essence, acts like a bubble suddenly expanding and sending ripples out in all directions. Not only is that an improbable event where you’re shifting to a new set of futures due to the change in your personal characteristics, but your being is expanding and perturbing the very fabric of existence. These things can induce Expansion Synchs.
Expansion Synchs tend to be symbolic, linked at the archetypal level to the nature of the transformation. So you can use a dream dictionary to decode them, as the archetypes exist at the subconscious level which is also where dreams derive their symbols from.

Message Synchs

Related to Expansion Synchs are Message Synchs, which are symbolic messages sent in the form of a meaningful improbability. Message Synchs are better known as signs or omens. They’re like dream symbols except they happen while we’re awake. It can be a recurring number you keep seeing, or a certain animal or insect or anything really that fulfills the function of a sign that conveys a meaningful message.
Message Synchs can be encouraging in the sense of confirming a decision you just made, or letting you know that all is good and that you’re going in the right direction. Or they can be foreboding in the sense of giving you a heads up that something bad is about to happen, or that there’s a harmful person or influence in your life, or that you’re treading down a dangerous path.
Now, Message Synchs are intentionally directed at you and they carry symbolic meanings that can be decoded. Like with dream symbols, the meaning may be universal or vary somewhat from person to person.
The best way to decode recurring Message Synchs is to log when they happen and the circumstances surrounding them. After several occurrences, you can connect the dots and guess at a meaning. Then you can then test your guess the next time the same Message Synch arises. Once you decode your recurring Message Synchs, you can use them as reliable indicators of what’s happening or what’s coming up.
Now what about times when you’re only getting negative Message Synchs, bad omens? That means either you’re heading in a dark direction or a darkness is heading towards you. If you’re going in a dark direction due to unwise choices, check yourself and make corrections. If darkness is going towards you, be vigilant and take preventative measures to head off whatever is about to erupt in your life.
The fact that Message Synchs can even happen shows that there’s a strong connection between waking reality and dreams. The connection, of course, is that both are ultimately generated by consciousness. The difference is that in dreams we are immersed in an environment generated by our own subconscious, while in the waking world the environment is generated by a collective or universal subconscious, one that the ancient Greeks called the Demiurge.
If you think of it in terms of video games, dreams are like playing an offline game on your own PC, while reality is using that same PC to connect to an online multiplayer environment. The Demiurge is the central server that coordinates the various locally run instances of the game.
So when Einstein said reality is an illusion, albeit a persistent one, that’s saying reality is made of the same stuff as dreams but functionally it’s more persistent due to the collective subconscious holding it in place. But since our personal subconscious is plugged into the collective subconscious, it can affect its own corner of this collective dream we call reality.

Manifestation Synchs

And so that brings up the next category, which is Manifestation Synchs. That’s where something you see or hear is a direct physical manifestation of a thought or subconscious wish you dwelled upon earlier.
Of course whenever that happens, the question is: was the event going to happen all along and you merely had a psychic moment of precognition foreshadowing it? Or, did your thought literally cause that event to happen through an act of reality creation? Both are possible and both do happen, but the latter is what I mean by a Manifestation Synch.
Manifestation Synchs happen when you dwell on something in a certain state of mind, which causes your subconscious to influence reality and externally manifest a reflection of that thought.
The interesting thing about Manifestation Synchs is that the physical events needed to make them happen extend into the past, often prior to the originating thought. It’s as if you somehow influenced the past to shape the present. Sounds impossible? Well, as it turns out, that’s completely in line with quantum physics, which has experimentally proven that a choice made in the present can reach back in time and influence the past. It seems the future isn’t the only thing that’s open; the past is open too. Manifestation Synchs don’t violate the laws of physics, rather they are a direct consequence of quantum principles.

Artificial Synchs

Now let’s get into something we all need to watch out for, which are Artificial Synchs. They seem like synchronicities but actually aren’t. They’re staged for the purpose of deception to make you think it’s a sign from the universe but really it’s a ploy to negatively influence your beliefs and decisions. Nonhuman entities like demons and negative aliens are known for pulling this trick.
To give an example, imagine if an attractive girl or guy comes up to you on the street and hands you a small book by a certain guru and tells you it has all the answers you seek. And later that afternoon you get an email from an old acquaintance you haven’t heard from in years, mentioning this same book. And later that evening you find a flower petal on your pillow from the same type of flower the guru is posing with on the book cover.
What would you make of that?
Many people would be taken in by the magical nature of these improbabilities and take it as a sign to pursue that path, not knowing that this guru is actually a psychic vampire who pushes spiritual disinformation. And yet, somewhere within, intuition will be screaming no, but some will ignore that warning and rationalize it away.
Now, believe it or not, this kind of thing happens more often than people realize. Dark entities fish for gullible people all the time by orchestrating and dangling Artificial Synchs like this. The thing to remember is that if both your logic and intuition indicate something doesn’t add up, then don’t ignore these. Don’t let occult parlor tricks amaze you into throwing your inner compass and brain out the window.
Another thing to note is that the negative entities who orchestrate Artificial Synchs are relatively crude and hamfisted in their abilities compared to the abilities of our own subconscious or Higher Self or higher positive beings on the level of what we might call angels.
What negative entities do have in their toolbox is varying degrees of telepathy and basic poltergeist or object materialization phenomena. These are parlor tricks they use to deceive those who don’t know any better. For them, telepathy is the easiest, so most of the time they just manipulate the thoughts and urges of people who are being mindless. So we have to be careful of that possibility and not blindly trust every synchronicity. Artificial synchs are bold, direct, literal, manipulative, and they play to our ego and wishful thinking.

Opportunity Synchs

Lastly, on a brighter note, there are Opportunity Synchs. They’re like Artificial Synchs except they’re arranged by positive beings, including your own Higher Self, and they’re orchestrated with far greater elegance, finesse, poetry, and competence than what negative entities can accomplish. They’re the right opportunity at the right time to help advance your destiny, your story, whether to get you out of a tough spot or open up a new pathway in your life. Opportunity Synchs can be very improbable but they also seem to fall into place naturally and gracefully. So they are the epitome of serendipity.
Opportunity Synchs are lucky breaks that act as a fun plot device to advance the story of your life. The signature of an Opportunity Synch is that it brings you a sense of relief and gladness when you encounter it, and intuitively you feel frictionless and even enthusiastic about it. There’s a concordance, an alignment, from top to bottom. Contrast this with an Artificial Synch where even when the ego is rubbing its hands with glee, deep down you’ll feel an emptiness or resistance that, in less attuned people, is typically shouted down by wishful thinking and rationalizing self-talk.


Alright, so that covers the major types of synchs you might have: Precursor, Deviation, Expansion, Message, Manifestation, Artificial, and Opportunity synchs. Don’t get hung up on the terminology. What matters are the concepts, the reality, and how to apply this knowledge.
When you encounter a synchronicity, ask yourself these questions:
– Could it be a precursor to something coming up soon?
– Did I just do something improbable that may have induced this?
– Did I manifest this by dwelling on it earlier?
– Is this a message, a sign, an omen? If so, what does it mean?
– If this is an intentional message, is it trying to steer me down a wrong path?
– Or is this a serendipitous opportunity that I feel completely at ease with?
And what does it mean when you don’t get any synchronicities for a while? You’ll notice that those are times when you’re moving along in a steady, predictable, and unremarkable way in life. Alternatively, you could be so in tune with your Higher Self and subconscious that these parts of you don’t need to edit reality to send you a message since they have a direct connection already.
The surest way to banish synchronicities is to bury yourself in 3D material mundanity and make no waves, just keep your head down and stick to routine. Which probably describes the majority of people today.

Inducing Synchs

You might be wondering if there’s anything we can do to induce more synchronicities. And the answer is yes, there are a couple things you can do.
The first thing is to think about them more often, to embed them into your worldview as being natural and expected, and to adopt a child-like attitude of magic and wonder about reality. This neutralizes the effects of skepticism and mundanity that might be keeping them away. It also uses the manifestation principle by attracting whatever you’re resonating with and focusing on. Once you start doing this, you can simply let go and let reality surprise you.
The second thing you can do is grow and transform yourself through the power of insight, revelation, and discovery. To do that, you have to spend more time being curious, contemplative, introspective, fascinated, open minded and eager to learn. That means, read, watch, observe, write, and contemplate deeply on yourself and the world. That’s the exact opposite of the glib lifestyle that modern society tends to encourage, so it’ll be difficult for some, but it’ll be worth it for more reasons than just synchronicity because changes in your inner life always produce changes in your outer life.
And the third thing you can do is identify what urges, impulses, feelings, and thoughts come from your social and biological programming, and which come from your inner spiritual core and spiritual intelligence. The spiritual core, which is the seat of your sentience and freewill, is the only thing in you that’s not a product of matter, energy, space and time. Therefore it’s outside linear time and is capable of defying causality and probability. The more you act from your spiritual intelligence and true intuition, the less probable the path you walk, the more improbabilities will be found on that path.


What it all boils down to is this. Millions of people have had genuine synchronicities and written about them for centuries. Synchronicities are a personal reminder that reality is something other than what we’re told it is. As time goes on, more and more people will begin waking up to that fact.
It’s going to take science another couple hundred years to accept and understand this, but fortunately you can access and experience that truth right now by paying attention to your synchronicities.

About the Author

Tom (Montalk) is a fellow truth seeker on a quest to expose the dark and empower the light. His primary goal is to help others arm themselves with knowledge to better fulfill their evolutionary potential.
After studying physics and electrical engineering for four years, he left college to pursue more independent research. His interests include spirituality, quantum and scalar physics, alienology, alchemy, gnosticism and hermeticism, forbidden history, and composing music (symphonic and epic doom metal). Tom and his girlfriend currently live in Florida.

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Science Study: Rising CO2 Producing ‘Miracle’ Re-greening Effects Across the Planet

Posted: 12 Sep 2018 06:56 AM PDT

Science Study: Rising CO2 Producing ‘Miracle’ Re-greening Effects Across the Planet

Climate change myth pushers are scientifically illiterate propagandists who have brainwashed themselves against all scientific reality to somehowbelieve that carbon dioxide is a poison to plants.

In truth, it’s the “greening” molecule for the planet, as I’ve repeatedly explained in multiple climate videos, podcasts and [url=http://humansarefree.com/search/label/Global Warming Hoax]climate articles[/url].

Now, new science published in Nature demonstrates that global tree cover is rapidly expanding across the planet as CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere rise to healthier, pro-tree levels that support forest growth and health.

Yes, you read that correctly: Forestation coverage of planet Earth is expanding, not shrinking as we’re all told by the lying globalist media on a daily basis. (The same dishonest media that claimed New York City would now be under water from an apocalypse of melting ice caps… go figure.)

“We show that — contrary to the prevailing view that forest area has declined globally5 — tree cover has increased by 2.24 million km2 (+7.1% relative to the 1982 level),” reports science study authors in this study entitled “Global land change from 1982 to 2016.”

The study was primarily funded by NASA’s Making Earth System Data Records for Use in Research Environments (MEaSUREs). It also enjoyed supporting funds from the World Resources Institute’s Global Restoration Initiative and the NASA Land-Cover and Land-Use Change (LCLUC) Program.

“Here we analyse 35 years’ worth of satellite data and provide a comprehensive record of global land-change dynamics during the period 1982–2016,” the authors explain. “Global bare ground cover has decreased by 1.16 million km2 (?3.1%), most notably in agricultural regions in Asia.”

See the study abstract yourself at this link.

Carbon dioxide is bringing planet Earth back to life by supporting forests, plants and food crops

The study documents the scientific reality that carbon dioxide supports the expansion of forests across the planet. That makes perfect sense, since CO2 is the “oxygen” of plant life.

Without CO2, nearly all plant life on the planet would die, quickly followed by the total collapse of the food web, animal ecosystems and human civilization.

Carbon Dioxide Revealed as the “Miracle Molecule of Life” for Re-greening the Planet

Currently, CO2 is at around 408 ppm in the atmosphere, a number that’s dangerously low for plants (and forests), causing mass death of trees, food crops and even grasses. Climate change lunatics lie to the public and try to claim that CO2 levels have never been this high.

Even NASA joins the conspiracy by selectively choosing data to show the public, distorting the true history of CO2 on planet Earth. In reality, CO2 levels have been over ten times higher in the past (over 4,000 ppm).

Today’s CO2 levels are near the lowest they’ve ever been in the history of the planet, and as they rise, plant life across Earth is bring slowly restored.

The left-wing anti-science media is now banning all content that questions the fake science of climate change, hoping to censor any real debate on the subject while pushing their own quack science CO2 “poison” lunacy.

[People] who keep calling for eliminating all CO2 are, in effect, demanding their own mass suicide and the extinction of most life on planet Earth.

It’s the kind of suicidal, idiotic position that can only be pursued by scientifically illiterate, arrogant liberal mobs who know nothing about reality but are fixated on a delusional fairy tale pushed by Al Gore, an anti-science lunatic who profits from “carbon phobia.”

The study published in Nature was authored by Xiao-Peng Song, Matthew C. Hansen, Stephen V. Stehman, Peter V. Potapov, Alexandra Tyukavina, Eric F. Vermote & John R. Townshend. Citation: Nature 560, pages639–643 (2018)

Watch the following videos — all of which have been BANNED by YouTube — to hear the truth about carbon dioxide that globalist anti-human depopulation pushers don’t want you to hear:

VIEW VIDEO HERE: http://humansarefree.com/2018/09/science-study-rising-co2-producing.html

Thanks to: http://humansarefree.com


Earth’s Grids And Portals: Gateways Of Light And Unity

Posted: 08 Sep 2018 01:05 PM PDT

Earth’s Grids And Portals: Gateways Of Light And Unity


September 8, 2018

Extract from the book Crystals – Gateways of Light & Unity by Soluntra King


There are three main Grids that operate through and around Earth; the first we will look at is the Crystalline Grid, which links the Crystals in the Earth.
Where this Grid crosses are major portals, vortexes and dimensional doorways that connect the Inner Earth and Earth to:

  • Other dimensional worlds
  • Stars and Planets in the Galaxy
  • Solar System and Beyond

The Crystalline Grid keeps harmony within the Earth plane and at the portals links the Earth to the Stars and Universe to have harmony with our neighbors in space.
Just us when the meridians are free and flowing and so we are in good health within our body and with other beings, so to with the Grids in the Earth.
The Ancients were aware of this and so constructed Pyramids, Temples, Standing Stones, Stone Circles to align this energy with the Stars and Inner Earth and hold the beam as it were, as well as creating dimensional gateways for beings to travel from other worlds. These beings are from different Star Systems, Universes and Worlds, and all have an agenda with Earth.
Many of them having been here for eons, or actually starting the story of life on Earth.
The Dragon people, who are part of the Reptilian story on Earth, along with the Snake and Lizard people, worked with the Crystals within the Earth to create the Crystalline Grid, this created life on the planet as we know it.
They came to Earth from Altair when the Earth was still sonic winds, and so went and lived within the Earth, like many others in other Dimensions, generally 6th and 7th. The Dragon people connected the Crystals around the Earth and constructed endless tunnels with the Snake people.
Crystals are electro-magnetic and the Grid that was created through their joining put out an electro-magnetic energy field around the Earth the drew moisture and then life started to gradually form as we know it.
Because of the energy that this Crystal Grid gave off as Light, which is Life, life was able to be created with a more harmonious weather pattern, as the Earth stabilized and harmonized with the Sun and Planets.
This created an environment that was then conjugable for many other Star people to travel to Earth to colonize here, as they were now able to handle living on the surface and cope with the gravitational pull.
Some ET’s have more of a story here than others but now everyone is back to sort it out as we merge with the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun, we are all completing this cycle and ready to move on, beyond duality and the old dramas.
The energy vortexes, which power their civilizations, are in these tunnels, along with enormous stores of precious stones and metals. At major junctions in the Grid we have what you may call Dragon Lairs or Serpent vortexes. This is the portal that holds the energy and has a great Guardian Crystal beneath it.
These portals are spiraling vortexes that spin clockwise and anti-clockwise, this is how all energy moves in the universe and with anti-gravity from the Earth to the Heavens and with gravity from the Heavens to the Earth. This spiraling energy is Serpent Energy that is the life force; just as it flows up your spin as the kundalini or in your cells as the DNA that hold the codings of the creation story.
As the Serpent rises within us so to does our DNA activate the memory of who we are and we become our Body of Light.
We raise our frequencies to the higher dimensional worlds as the Earth is also raising hers to become a fifth dimensional planet. For some this is evolving way beyond the fifth dimension, at the portals are doorways into ancient civilizations that have moved into Light which are now becoming clear again as we make the dimensional shift.
The Crystalline Grid known also as Dragon or Ley lines is working on all dimensions. In first density you have the physical Crystals and mineral kingdom, these same minerals are within our bodies and the Universe.
So the Grid links all the major portals of the Earth, through the Crystalline Grid which resonates in Divine Light and as a window of Light and a doorway between the worlds, linking with the Light Grid on the higher planes.
So creating a Gridwork on many dimensions, at major portals on this Grid Pyramids, Temples, Standing Stones and Stone Circles have been built.
The Pyramids, which are all over the world, not just Mexico and Egypt hold a resonance of Crystal Light, even structurally Pyramids are built of Granite which has Quartz in it.
The Pyramids once kept the harmonious resonance with the Earth and Universe, their energy working at higher octaves of Light and all of us who have parallel world connections with them are now like Pyramids of Light bringing back the harmony. As we become as clear as a Crystal we have a harmonized resonance with the Earth, each other and the Universe and Cosmos.
So we become the Crystal or Pyramid holding the Beam, and creating a new Light Grid as we open our resonance to that of the Crystalline Grid that also runs through us. At this time on the planet a whole new resonance is being anchored through us as clear crystals and through into the Earth.
As we become the transducer of the energy from Heaven to Earth, as we unify we marry heaven and earth within us.


The Light Grid is in the Causal and Higher mental planes around the Earth as it links us all in our Higher/Inner Self, so this is fifth and sixth Dimensional.
This Grid is used often when you meditate to connect with others who are ‘Lightworkers’ or whatever name you want to give to those beings who are here in service to assist in the change in cycle and are either placed around the Grid at different locations synchronistically to anchor in higher energies at particular cosmic events, or who through meditation link and in their higher state of consciousness see and know all beings as whole, healed and divine.
Thereby creating a higher level of consciousness to assist all humanity to make the shift. The shift is happening regardless of whether anyone wants it or not, just as day follows night, it is a cyclic event, a rather a grand one.
This Grid connects everyone in their Higher/Inner Self level of being and often they are not conscious of what is happening as they work together often while asleep or through trusting in their hearts to go where guided on the Crystalline Grid to hold the energy.
The Light Grid is also where you travel in your Body of Light on a Soul Level and can move through higher dimensional doorways and through Stargates and different doorways to accelerate your own growth.
As well as for service to others and the bringing in of higher octave codings of Light to be anchored on the Earth plane.
This is where even on a personal level you can communicate to others Higher Selves for the resolution of conflict or difficulties or to give them assistance to heal themselves, as once their Higher Self receives the energy it can be downloaded to them on the lower planes.
This is where you work on what you may call the Inner Planes.


The Solar Grid links the Golden Solar Discs around the planet, they hold the energy of the Central Sun and codings of Light that create life as we know it.
They are also working at the frequency of us when we are unified and being the Creator Goddess/God of our true self, creating Heaven on Earth and working with the higher dimensional aspects of self as a member of the Council of Light, as the Golden Solar Disc is within our Heart, our Solar Self, one with the Central Sun.
These Golden Solar Discs are still in higher dimensions hidden to the third dimension while humans still see Gold for power and greed, but are now activating around the planet, some have always been active and are linked in the Solar Grid that brings in the Golden Rays of divine love essence to the Earth plane.
Since September 1997 the Solar Grid has been activated from Tiwanaku, ancient Lemurian site in northern Bolivia near Lake Titicaca that anchors the Sun God/Goddess.
This has been able to happen since the Golden Solar Discs, one at the Island of the Sun in Lake Titicaca have been activated over years. They were fully operating in the last Golden Age and assisted the Earth to be aligned through its centre to the Sun, Central Sun and Greater Central Sun.
At that time everyone was their Divinity, but still in more Etheric bodies, we are now doing this again, but this time in full physical bodies, and so able to complete our sacred mission, the marriage of Heaven and Earth through our body, our Body of Light.
In 1995 at the October Solar Eclipse the Councils of Light agreed to up the vibrations through the Discs, to the point where the Grid linking them world wide could be activated two years later.
This is now the case, so the Solar Grid, which is a very high frequency Divine energy, is now operating again around the Earth. We also have the Crystalline Grid, Ley lines as mentioned that are linked with crystals, rocks, standing circles or pyramids.
As well as the Light Grids that link our Higher Selves to the Etheric Diamonds around the Earth that has been well in place long before we were ready to open to the frequencies of the Solar Grid.
This of course is running in conjunction with the fact that we are almost completely at zero point, no magnetics and the higher frequencies, into No Time as we move fully into the 5th Dimension and beyond.
Once we had to go to a major vortex portal for example the Pyramids, or Himalayas to move dimensionally and become activated and awakened. Now days because the Grids are flowing again, the energy is charging around the whole Earth and even sitting in your living room you are experiencing the higher energies.
In the late 70,s early 80’s I was in India up in the Himalayas at an active Golden Disc.
I did not know it at the time, but loved living there in a small village with a hot mineral pool in a temple bath. I was not into ashrams or gurus so just walked and sat all day in the mountains.
When I came back to the west I became a vegetarian, taught myself to meditate and do yoga, as well as deciding to train as a Naturopath and fully getting onto my spiritual path, instead of wandering.
I was activated without even realizing it, simply by being at this place. When I first started doing Grid work consciously years ago, my intention was that everyone would be able to experience that energy no matter where they lived.
This is now very much a reality; by being in the higher energy field we naturally shift into that frequency.


Portals are vortexes of spiraling energy points, like chakra or acupressure points in a human, this energy moves clockwise with gravity and anti-clockwise with anti-gravity.
There are Crystals within the Earth there that receive and transmit energy, assimilate it and send it through the Grids, as well as storing, amplifying and focusing energy.
They are aligned to our Solar System, Galaxy and the Cosmos, often aligning to a particular Star System and are Electric, Magnetic or have both qualities:

  • The Electric vortexes are male energy, giving emotional and physical charge and stimulating the consciousness.
  • The Magnetic are female energy, which enhances psychic perception and the sub-conscious
  • Electromagnetic vortexes combine both energies providing balance

There are major portals such as,

  • Uluru in Australia
  • Mt Kailash in Tibet
  • Macchu Picchu in Peru
  • the Giza Pyramids in Egypt
  • Sedona in Arizona USA
  • Stone Hedge in England,

…as well as many other major as well as minor portals.
Many of these are classed as chakra points for the Earth or for the particular countries that they are in, there is sometimes differences of opinion on this, but regardless it is better to stay in your Heart and trust what feels right for you. It is not necessary to visit any of these places, but often you may be drawn there in a Soul Travel or in dream state.
These places do hold incredible energy, activate, and awaken those who travel either physically or in Soul Travel to them.
This can often be the case when people are not spiritually awakened but go there, then years later when they wake up consciously they realize that by going to these places it had an affect on their energy field and consciousness and would have been part of their awakening process.
Some portals are aligned to different Star Systems and it is easy to access these when you are at one of these.
For example:

  • the Mayans Pyramids at Palenque are a doorway to the Central Sun Alcyone
  • at Coba to the Pleadian Star System on many different dimensional levels and also a starmap of this Galaxy
  • at the pyramid in Lake Coothraba in Queensland a doorway to Andromeda
  • the Giza Pyramids to Orion and Sirius
  • the Nasca Lines to many different Star Systems
  • at Kuringal Chase National Park, Sydney to Ophiuchus
  • at Serpentine National Park, Western Australia to the Southern Cross

So accessing these doorways is very easy at the locations they are mapped onto the landscape on Earth, but when you are clear enough you can travel through these Stargates regardless of where you are.
Most portals will call you when the time is right, and if you honor this you will receive an amazing shift in consciousness, one place I wanted to go to; Armanath Cave in Kashmir, where Shiva and Pravati come down and anchor immortality on the earth plane never happened. I was in Kashmir in 1994, 95, 96 and each time I asked my inner self if it was appropriate to go, each time I got NO.
The militants shot dead pilgrims the first two times and the last time they allowed the pilgrims to go, but a great storm came and landslides killed 600, the place definitely wanted to be left alone. Or like Uluru the first time I went in 1989 I was totally transmuted in the way I did my healing work with others.
Then on the Blue Full Moon and March Equinox 2000 I was invited by the Guardians again, made the star essence of the Southern Cross with some of the rock on the rock, then went walking over to the next location on it and all the tourist had gone, I was there all day on my own, these beautiful flowers growing on the rock called me over to go in the essence as well.
Then the Aboriginal Woman on the inner planes called me over to this pool of water (it had been raining out there, which was very rare) and I was naked in the sacred water on Uluru for the Blue Full Moon and Equinox all on my own, I felt so incredibly blessed to be given this gift by the Guardians. So if you listen and go when guided it can have a profound affect not only on your life but also with your planetary service.
Some portals are doorways to Light Cities and on the Wesak Full Moon May 2000 I was called to Mukinath 5,000 meters high in the Himalayas in Nepal bordering Tibet, as the Shambala energy came into the planet, this was a doorway for this to anchor on the earth plane.
At other portals it may be time to return things for example one experience I had in 1996 was returning Moses Staff to the Sirian Light Ship in Kashmir at Moses Tomb.
This was a very tricky situation as tourist were not allowed to go there due to the war going on, but I knew I had to, all my Kashmiri friends were convinced I would be killed or taken, but of course I got there against the odds with ease as I was supported fully with this mission in the higher dimensional worlds.
Sometimes the energy may need to be closed, like the Pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle that was sucking in all the aeroplanes and ships into it.
When on any of these missions it can only succeed when done in alignment with Divine Will, allowing and in total connection to Source and the Guardians of these places, Councils of Light and all others involved on all levels.
There are also portals that are reopening like the Light City in Antarctica and being reactivated for the earth changes, or ones that are anchoring in vast energies for the changes like Tikal in Guatemala.

  • Often there are Councils of Light that work at these portals, as they are dimensional doorways that the ground crew can access the energy and it can be downloaded.
  • Often there are codings that need to be activated like the top of the Himalayas in Kashmir with the border of Pakistan and the Source of the Ganges with the Living Library of Light, these activations happen at Solstices and Eclipses and times when the energy from the Greater Central Sun can illuminate easily through the doorways to the Earth plane.
  • Often codings from one place will be required to be linked to another by a ground crew person traveling the Grids doing this.

There are also new portals being made very active as we are now aligned to the Second Sun and the Galactic Center such as at Rainbow Beach Queensland and Lake Waikaremona in New Zealand.
Portals will also often have Light Ships or Mother Ships over them or they are doorways for ships to come out from the Inner Earth.
Then there are the Serpent tunnels and these can only be traveled through when we are vibrating at a higher Light octaves, there are doorways into these tunnels at special locations such as the Potala at Lhasa, or through the Andes, or through India to Australia which are in a higher dimension and one can travel the tunnels through the Earth and into the Inner Earth.
There are also cities and civilizations under the Earth at certain locations such as Mt Shasta, these portals are often at sacred rocks or mountains.
So these portals are doorways for many dimensional worlds that interface with the third dimension. Some of the very old portals are also now transferring their energy to other new energy places; this is particularly true of the Northern Hemisphere ones as the Southern Hemisphere is bringing in the new energies.
A lot of these old portals are still being fought over by beings still hooked into the duality dramas of Light and Dark, like the Sinai Desert or Iran – Babylon.
Whereas the new energy portals operating in oneness and are hidden to most, as some people are still seeking to get something rather than being of service, trusting and holding oneness, so there is a major reshuffle going on at present and many astral dramas as this game of duality has its final throes.
A lot of these new energy portals are not even sensed by people unless they resonate in unity with their being and all creation.


The codings of the Living Library which illuminates from the Central Sun of our divine selves at that level of frequency is stored in our DNA, the full codings are 40,000 strands, rather than 2 strands as an enslaved human body, they are also found in our bones and the stones and crystals of Earth.
The Crystalline Matrix of Light that we are as we awaken to our Divinity, and come from Love rather than Fear, we get Clear like a Crystal. The more we are clear the more we are able to access the full spectrum of the color coding of DNA to our Christ Light Body.
We remember our multi-dimensional selves and higher purpose for being here on Earth. We open up our consciousness and expand our awareness, having inner vision, telepathic connection, awareness of other dimensions and worlds, and clear perception of the energies we are working with or are moving towards.
The rocks and stones also hold the codings of the Divine Blueprint, as do we. Earth was seeded from countless galaxies and civilizations and all the information was stored in Earth, in rock and bone, and we as humans hold the key to the gateway of our own Divinity.
We are very incredible beings and our genetics when activated are amazing, when we come from the love that we are we realize we are a Hologram and we have created myriad Holograms of our self as we experience the furthest extremes of our love in a human body on Earth.
We realize we are the Earth, there is no separation and what is the earth is us, even the Earth Changes are our changes so as we become at peace and unify in love the Earth also shifts in peace, its all up to us.
Many of the rocks, and this includes mountains, rock outcrops or hills, standing stones and steleas are often very active already, or are becoming activated again, as we merge into the higher dimensions and the veils begin to disappear.
They are gateways through into the higher octaves of Light, Light Cities, Councils of Light, Light Grid and dimensions.


ULURU in the centre of Australia is one such rock. It is the Heart of Australia, and the Solar Plexus Chakra of Earth.
There is a Mothership there on the Inner Plane Planes, and many soul travel there to clear their emotional bodies, open up to the higher frequencies, and receive new codings of Light. It is a major point on the Light Grid, focus and doorway for many beings in the dimensional worlds.
Uluru is also a major focus for planetary healing and a portal that links all the Grids, it is the sort of place that calls you. If visiting in a conscious way of honoring and surrendering, with a willingness to change and open up to higher Light codings, then you will experience a transformation.
To experience the healing and transformational energies of Uluru, as well as assisting in the earth/gridwork and merging into the next dimension, you may not be able to get there physically but can visit anytime you like on the Inner Planes.
This is called Soul Travel and you can go there in your sleep, or while meditating or being still within. You simply go there, your intention takes you straight there, open up your awareness by simply trusting what you intuit is happening. You can do this as you go there awake, or the next morning after you have gone in the night.
By meditating, simply align to Source through your Heart and Earth and see yourself there, trust what comes. Or if you choose to go in your sleep then see all your Chakras spinning and Light, and have the intention of where you are going before you go to sleep.
You may want to ask your Inner Self to assist or other Divine Beings. In the morning or when you get a chance, tune in and see what comes up for you about your journey.
You can travel wherever you choose in this way, be it to the pyramids, a planet or star, Council of Light or Light City.
OLLANTAYTAMBO is an Inca sacred site in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in the Andes, Peru.
There are many incredible examples of the power of these rocks, at one place on the site is a natural rock that is a doorway through into the Light City of AN. Which was a civilization from another cycle, that is operating at higher frequencies of Light and Love. AN uses the symbol of the Sun and Moon, and all civilizations using these symbols are connected to AN.
As the energies got denser AN went beyond the veil, into the higher dimensions that appeared separate from third density Earth. Now as the veils are disappearing, as we once again merge with the higher realms, it is becoming easier to step through into these higher dimensions, or worlds within the Earth. The dimensions are no longer so separate, and we can walk through.
Also at this site is a Cosmic Computer Rock, it has been laser cut like all the others that make up the site, but is now away from the site and so not disturbed. When two friends and myself connected with it, having all remembered coming in from the Stars at one point when the site was created. My friends remembered building the site, and the knowledge of how all the water was channeled.
There was a stone channel of water next to the rock that came down the hill. As the rock was activated the water started to flow uphill with antigravity! It stayed like that and felt incredible to stand in.
Next I laid down on the rock, my friends were standing on the hill above watching, and they said my body was moving, my head aligning to all the mountains around it. I felt completely stationary the whole time, but after making an attunement was shown the last cataclysm with the words very clear of how important it was that humanity get clear.
Then I saw all the power places on Earth, one at a time, as they were realigned with the Cosmic Computer Rock. So called because on the higher levels it is a Golden connector of sacred geometry, and just like a Cosmic Computer, and major link in the Grid.
Some other examples are rocks that have been specially carved into code keepers, aligners and unifiers of Solar, Lunar and Stellar energies and their cycles, and of Divine Energy. Like the Sun God/Goddess at Tiwanaku in the Andes, Bolivia.
Stonehenge in England, the Stelaes and Pyramids at the Mayan sites in Mexico and Guatemala. The statues of the Gods at Easter Island. Every country has pyramids and standing stones, a lot of these have been hidden by time and deteriorated, more recently still hidden by politics and power dramas.
Crystals both physical and on the higher levels in mountains like Macchu Picchu in the Andes, Mt Kailash in Tibet, the Crown Chakra of Earth, and home of Shiva and Pravati.
The Himalayas, Abode of the Gods, and the Andes, which are also doorways to the Councils of Light. You will find in your own locality a hill, mountain or rocks that hold higher frequencies of Light, and are doorways and links in the Grid.
These places you feel drawn too, and just being in their energy is a transforming experience.
We all have a strong connection to these inter-dimensional doorways; there will be a place on the planet where you actually came in the first time, and a portal you will leave from. Your Higher Self uses these energies for your purpose on Earth.
Even when you were birthed into this body your Higher Self was able to utilize the energy of the local vortex near where you were birthed to anchor in your Higher Self and multi-dimensional energies.
This portal is linked up to your own soul story and has the energies that are in harmony with your vibrations.


This is a meditation to do at a place that feels energizing or special to you.
If you dowse you can check it out to see if it is a doorway, and if so which way the energies run, and where it is connected to on the grid. Most importantly just trust if you feel a certain place is right, it could be on top of a hill, at a river mouth, a certain place on the coast or in a valley or forest.
You may wish to take Crystals with you and make a circle, medicine wheel or any other sacred shape you feel guided. You may also feel to take, candles, incense, water, flowers, any other crystals or feathers, herbs, essences etc.
Always trust what you feel to bring, if any thing at all.
Connect to Spirit, Earth, your Divine Self, the Source within your Heart, and the Guardian of the place, Guides, Golden Beings, and all Divine Beings in the One Heart, the Devas, Elementals…
Sitting with the spine straight, on the earth is preferable. Relax and deepen…
The spiraling Rainbow moves up through your center and other chakras… feel and sense this… be with it awhile…
As it reaches to the top of the head it flows out the Crown as sparkling White and Golden, Effervescent Light…
Keep your awareness on the spiraling rainbows of Light still coming down from spirit all around you to the Earth and Base Chakra, then up through your centre and out the top…. Be with this vortexing energy as it moves down through you and around you, then up through your chakras and Central Channel as you merge into the vortex…
Now become aware of the vortex within the earth you are sitting on as well… You open up to all the vortexing energy through you, and through the Earth where you are… This vortex takes you into the Crystal deep in the Earth where you sit…
You merge into the Crystal and become radiant with Light through all your bodies… as you open to the crystal clear Light within the Crystal… the Crystal is singing and vibrating in harmony with you and the Earth… Connected to other Crystals through the beautiful Crystal Grid…
You become aware of the crystalline energy as it moves out through the Grid around the Earth….the Earth is surrounded in this beautiful Crystalline Grid…
This Grid links into all the Grids within the Earth and beyond the Earth, circling it in the ethers… all the dimensions and grids are linked… sparkling Light throughout all… You allow Peace to be through the Grids and see all beings on all levels and dimensions open to their Divinity, Love and Peace…
Then your Higher Self takes you to a special portal vortex somewhere on Earth…
Trust what ever comes to you as you travel the Grid… Be aware of coming up through the Grid and into the portal your Inner Self has brought you to… Notice the geography and what type of portal it is. Is it a pyramid, stone circle, temple, standing stones, rocks, mountain, in the ocean, in a forest, at the coast, in a forest or by a lake or river?… It is familiar to you, how does it feel?…
This place has a special connection for you, it maybe at your home, nearby, a place you have visited before, or somewhere that you may not have been in this experience…
Become aware of the place you have been taken too… feel the energy, sense your connection… allow yourself to merge and let it take you or show you what you need to experience now…
How is this place connected to you? Does it have a gift for you, or is it helping you to remember something?…
Do you need to be open to its healing energy and allow it to flow through you?…
Is it important for your service on Earth, your mission in some way?…
Do you need to take on the codings and share them elsewhere?… How is it connected with where you are now?…
When you have completed be aware of giving thanks to the place and Guardians and be aware of yourself back where you are seated…
Feel the connection to where you are now, be open to whatever you are receiving, giving, remembering, completing…
Be aware of yourself fully present in your body, or body of Light…
Now imagine spiraling Rainbows of Light, with all the colors of the Rainbow. The Spirals are moving both clockwise and anti-clockwise, but do not be concerned if you cannot see this, just know that it is happening.
The spirals of Rainbow colors move down and around your body. When they reach to the Base Chakra and connect to the earth, the spiraling energy then moves in through the Base Chakra.
Feel, sense or know all the colors as they move up through the chakras, from the Base up to the Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Thymus, Throat, Third Eye, Crown.
Extract from the book Crystals – Gateways of Light & Unity by Soluntra King

Source: https://www.bodymindsoulspirit.com

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How People Become Easily Controlled By Tyrants

Posted: 08 Sep 2018 01:01 PM PDT

How People Become Easily Controlled By Tyrants


September 8, 2018

by Brandon Smith
The question often arises in liberty movement circles as to how we get to the point of full blown tyranny within a society.  There are numerous factors that determine this outcome, but through all the various totalitarian systems in history there are common denominators – elements that must be there for tyrants to prevail.  When we can identify these common elements in an objective manner, we make it far more difficult for despotic structures to stand.
This is a very complex issue, but I’ll break it down as best as I’m able…

The Psychology Of The Tyrant
To come to terms with how tyrants control society, we must first examine how the mind of a tyrant operates, because these people do not in most cases think the way average human beings think.  It is one of the few cases in which I would encourage people to “otherize” another group. Tyrants are psychologically abnormal to such an extreme that is is difficult to classify them as human.
I believe the key to understanding the motivations of tyrants and where these people come from rests on our understanding of narcissistic sociopathy.  I wrote about this extensively in my article ‘Global Elitists Are Not Human,’ so I will only give a summary here.
Narcissistic and sociopathic traits, like many psychological traits, are inborn.  They are present in about 5% to 10% of any society at any given time.  In the vast majority of cases, these traits remain “latent” and do not affect a person’s actions or relationships to a great extent.  In a minority of cases, however, narcissism and sociopathy become the defining factors of a person’s psyche.  This occurs in less that 1% of a population.
To be clear, not all narcissists are sociopaths and not all sociopaths are narcissists.  There are people who are low level narcissists who excel in society and retain a conscience.  There are low level sociopaths in society that serve important functions in careers that empathetic people would find difficult, such as certain jobs in the military, or in the medical field.  What I am referring to here are HIGH LEVEL narcissistic sociopaths – the kind of people that become murderers, rapists, pedophiles, and yes, tyrants.
A sociopathic narcissist is motivated by personal desire only.  They are incapable of empathy for others and see people as a kind of food and fuel source rather than fellow travelers in life.  They consider their lack of conscience as an evolutionary advantage; a tool that helps them to survive and thrive by trampling, stealing, manipulating and killing if necessary without guilt or regret.
You would think these creatures would be easy to pick out in a crowd, but it is not always so simple.  They have the ability to mimic behaviors of those around them in order to appear more human.  Sometimes this does give them away because they can’t help but parrot or steal behaviors and mannerisms from people they meet to the point of obviousness.  For those inexperienced with narcissistic sociopaths, though, the tactic works for a time, because what people think they see is someone just like them; a reflection.  Imagine it as a survival mechanism, like a chameleon.
For some tyrants, the ability makes them endearing to the public for a time.  They can be many things to many groups, and their ability to lie convincingly is exceptional.  They climb the ladder of success quickly, and build systems that allow them to prosper.  They do have doubts and weaknesses, though.
They are in most cases cowardly.  They prefer to get what they want through subversion and trickery, and they run from direct confrontation.  They prefer to use other people (useful idiots) as weapons or shields rather than risk facing off with their ideological opponents.  As parasites, they focus on the weak minded or the fragile.
They desperately want admiration from the very people they victimize.  Therefore, they are constantly forced to play roles in order to appear normal.  They do not like this.  They feel that it is below their station in life to pander, and they are convinced that they should be worshiped as they are, not worshiped for the fraudulent image they have constructed.  They want to “come out of the closet,” in a sense, as a narcissistic sociopath, but if they do under a stable social climate they will be shunned or burned at the stake.  They sometimes band together for protection, and are willing to work with each other as long as there is mutual benefit.
Thus, these “people” seek to create chaos, and then to reorder society to act more like they act, or think more like they think.  When the masses have been convinced to abandon conscience, then the monsters can come out into the light of day without fear.
Here is how they achieve this goal, and how average people help them do it…
False Assumptions
Almost all bad situations start with false assumptions based on bias rather than facts or evidence.  The most dangerous assumption when it comes to tyranny is to say “we are in the right, therefore we are not supporting tyranny.”  The question that needs to be asked, though, is are they really “right” according to the facts?  If the answer is “no,” then they are probably fueling a tyrannical system.
First and foremost, many human beings want to be “right” more than they want to be correct.  That is to say, they are happy to “win” arguments and conflicts regardless of whether or not the truth is on their side.  This bias is the root of many catastrophes in history.
This is not to say that they don’t have a conscience.  Most people in fact do have a conscience that tells them their assumptions are wrong, but they can still commit acts of stupidity and atrocity.  This is where tyrannical manipulators tend to help them along.
Tyrants find great joy in creating all kinds of logical fallacies, mental gymnastics and morally relative sales pitches in order to convince a group of people that their wrong assumptions are right.  The truth becomes foggy and evidence becomes unnecessary.  In this state of mind, when individuals melt together into a mob, assumptions become cult dictates and “winning” becomes paramount.  False assumptions and biases can be used to turn normal upstanding people into monsters, all because they refused to accept that their ideological position was flawed; all because they were afraid to feel embarrassed or admit they had been conned.
False Sides
The taking of sides in political discourse is natural and normal.  Even when people are entirely honest about the facts on hand and agree on basic principles of human decency and freedom, they will STILL disagree on what solutions should be used to deal with the problems in front of them.  This creates a spectrum within society that is ever present; it cannot be helped or avoided.  Tyrants understand the basis of this spectrum and try to use it to their advantage to manipulate people away from thoughtful discourse and towards mindless conflict.
Tyrants exploit the masses more easily when people assume that corrupt political and social leaders are working for “their side” against the “other side.”  Often these leaders can be bought or threatened into subservience.  Tyrants then use them to drive the spectrum to the furthest opposites, until both sides adopt an attitude of zealotry.
This happens not only in politics, but in geopolitics, as entire nations are driven to war with each other by puppet presidents and governments over engineered conflicts that only ever benefit the cabal of tyrants behind the curtain.
Zealotry And False Narratives
I view zealotry as a kind of psychological disease that is actually communicable – it spreads like a virus through a culture until everyone is infected.  Zealotry happens when a person embraces an ideology to the point that it overrides their personality and their soul, and they are no longer able to think clearly as an individual.  This includes considering the possibility that they are on the wrong side of history and morality.
Zealotry on a mass scale depends on a number of dominoes set in succession.  The threat of civil breakdown and economic suffering helps.  Ideological opponents must be painted as an imminent and vile threat to the very fabric of society.  In some cases they are a real and created threat (controlled opposition); in other cases they are a paper tiger meant to drive another group to support tyrannical measures.
Tyrants build false narratives.  This is what they do best.  They encourage people to unknowingly become villains, or they accuse innocent groups of villainy in order to sow division.  They need all sides to see everyone else either as an ally or an enemy.  There is no in-between.  If a person does not conform to the views of the zealot, then he must be immediately treated as a threat.  This causes an endless echo chamber which destroys all dissent or disagreement, no matter how rational.
Zealots operate primarily on fear, making them easy prey for tyrants.  And as some nerd somewhere once said, “Fear is the mind killer; fear is the little death that brings total obliteration.”
Apathy And False Hope
More than anything else, tyrants desire an apathetic population.  Apathy breeds complacency and inaction, and it also encourages delusional thinking.  Apathetic people tend towards the philosophy of pacifism as a means to vindicate their own behavior, but this is merely a mask designed to hide their fear.  They might fear suffering, they might fear loss, they might fear failure, but they certainly have fear, and it stops them from standing in the way of developments that they know are evil in nature and that require an aggressive response.
Apathy can also be bred into a society through the use of false hopes.  Tyrants conjure scenarios in which the public is made to believe positive “change” is about to take place, usually through politics.  But, there will be no change for the better beyond the cosmetic.  Things only get worse.  In this process of conditioning, tyrants raise up the hopes of the masses, and then dash them to the ground over and over, until the public gives up.
The problem is not that things cannot change for the better, but that the public keeps playing by the rules of a game fabricated by the very people that are causing their misery.  Stepping outside the constraints of that game requires us to take matters into our own hands rather than waiting around for others to make changes for us.  It requires risk.  If the farce of tyranny is to ever end, all awake and aware people will have to take many risks.
I have heard it argued that tyranny is a natural and inevitable product of human society.  That tyrants cannot be avoided, that they will always exist and any attempt to remove them will result in them only being replaced with other tyrants.  This is the pinnacle of the pathetic mindset.  It is the dark void of nihilism.
One could also argue that there is no point to washing ourselves because we are just going to get dirty again tomorrow.  But these people would eventually die of disease.  If tyranny is a human constant, then rebellion must also be a human constant, otherwise, humanity dies or is turned into something unrecognizable.
You can read more from Brandon Smith at his site Alt-Market. If you would like to support the publishing of articles like the one you have just read, visit our donations page here.  We greatly appreciate your patronage.
You can contact Brandon Smith at: brandon@alt-market.com

Source: https://www.activistpost.com
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UFO News ~ UFO hit by lightning strike in Hungary plus MORE

Posted: 08 Sep 2018 07:32 AM PDT

UFO hit by lightning strike in Hungary

on September 07, 2018 

During a lightning storm in Hungary a UFO was hit by one of the lightning strikes.

Or is it the other way around, the UFO pulls a lightning strike to itself since it looks like the UFO is waiting for the right moment to be connected with a lightning strike, around the 1.22 mark in the video. It is said that UFOs use the lightning strikes as an energy source.

The UFO seemed unaffected by the lightning strike.


Thanks to: http://ufosightingshotspot.blogspot.com

Ted Cruz Finally Loses It In Kavanaugh Hearing Drops Hillary Bomb On Shocked Dems

Posted: 07 Sep 2018 10:06 PM PDT


Oopsie! – Ohio Governor Admits John McCain Was “Put To Death” On Live TV

Posted: 07 Sep 2018 05:41 PM PDT

Ohio Governor Admits John McCain Was “Put To Death” On Live TV

Looks like the execution of John McCain has been confirmed by a slip up by an Ohio Governor, John Kasich, on live TV. As reported last week, intel reports were stating that senator John McCain, was arrested and tried for treason. He was forced to commit suicide by white hat military patriots as predicted by #QanonHere was the intel report from last week talking about the execution of John McCain. John McCain was one of the founders of ISIS and helped murder thousands of innocent people around the world.

Intel Report talking about the execution of John “ISIS” “No Name” McCain



Joe M‏ @StormIsUponUs

Joe M Retweeted Cuomo Prime Time
Go to 5:01. John Kasich just spilled that John McStain was “PUT TO DEATH”!
Joe M added,

Cuomo Prime TimeVerified account @CuomoPrimeTime
Republican @JohnKasich calls Trump the “commander of the chaos.” “It’s like there’s a tornado every day… when you have…
9:37 PM – 5 Sep 2018

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Strange horseshoe-shaped anomaly in the sky hit by lightning

Posted: 04 Sep 2018 06:35 AM PDT

Strange horseshoe-shaped anomaly in the sky hit by lightning

on September 02, 2018 

During a thunderstorm, a very strange horseshoe-shaped object becomes visible when it is apparently hit by a lightning strike.
I have no explanation for this phenomenon but could it be a horseshoe-shaped UFO, since similar horseshoe-shaped UFOs have been photographed in the past.


Drain The Vatican Swamp: Make Humans Great Again

Posted: 04 Sep 2018 06:04 AM PDT

Drain The Vatican Swamp: Make Humans Great Again

Posted on September 4, 2018 by Doreen Agostino

Pope Francis Caught in the Act of Prelate VIP(s) Pedophilia Cover-up (Video)

Gives Code To The CIA’s Mockingbird Media That He Desperately Requires Their Protection

Pope’s first reaction was to declare silence on the matter because he had absolutely no defense

The Millennium Report
The video posted below captured Pope Francis’s first reactions to the bombshell report that he quite intentionally covered up the Pedogate crimes of senior prelates both in the Vatican and in Washington, D.C.
What makes the Roman Pontiff’s statements (See 3 screenshots above) so remarkable is that he was forced to make them because he truly has no defense.  In other words, Francis is stone-cold guilty of the charges levied against him by Carlo Maria Viganò, the Apostolic Nuncio to the United States from 19 October 2011 to 12 April 2016.
Because Pope Francis has no defense whatsoever, there’s really nothing he can say that will vindicate himself, hence he issued no response to the proven allegations.  In light of this unparalleled papal predicament, the Pope could only rely on the Mainstream Media to cover for him and the Gay Mafia in the Vatican.
Please read each statement above carefully and see how the Pope is using special code in asking for the media’s assistance.  He knows that’s the only way out of his unprecedented pederasty mess, if there is even a way out for him.  Without the MSM defending him every step of the way from this point forward, his pontifical reign is effectively over.  Truly, Pope Francis Is Finished!
Now here’s the video:


For a more in-depth understanding of what really went on in the Vatican under Francis’ highly misguided stewardship, the following exposé clearly delineates all the key data points.  Clearly, the Pope got caught up in a mess of his own making and is now pleading with the MSM to save him from certain termination of his tenure.

PAPAL PEDOGATE: An Epic Scandal Consumes the Vatican and Incriminates Pope Francis

That Francis would even solicit the aid of the ever-prevaricating Mainstream Media is quite the story, in and of itself.  He knows their ultra-liberal sympathies align with his extreme’ left-wing Jesuit sentiments and he can therefore rely on their total support…up to a point, that is.
However, there’s just one little problem with this highly flawed approach.  The Pope himself is dealing with a super-hot buttonissue which is so extremely radioactive the MSM will be very reluctant to touch it with a trillion mile pole.  Why so?  Because the media talking heads and print journalists will then appear to be covering up (and condoning) both high-level pedophilia and VIP pederasty in the Church.


This rapidly burgeoning scandal — Papal Pedogate — is now so dangerous it threatens to take down anyone associated with it.   Hence, the MSM corporate suits will tread very carefully before they wade into these shark infected waters.
As for the Pope, he’s on his own going forward.  There’s no question that Francis is way out of his league and that he shouldn’t even be there.  But then the New World Order globalist cabal that installed him didn’t count on a Donald Trump victory, and especially not a Hillary Clinton defeat.
Furthermore, the nationalist revolution has since gone global with Brexit and many other patriot politicians being elected all over the place.  Pope Francis is even surrounded by them in Italy where a nationalist alliance has taken back the government from the EU technocrats and other NWO toadies.  All of the unforeseen developments in the aggregate have made life exceedingly miserable for the Pope.  And things will only get worse for his whole tribe of globalists as long as Trump is POTUS.
The Millennium Report
September 3, 2018
Editor’s Note
Should the reader want to undertake more research into the transgressions committed by this Pope, please consult this link. MUST READ: Ex-Nuncio Accuses Pope Francis of Failing to Act on McCarrick’s Abuse
There is another quite revealing article concerning the same whistleblowing Archbishop here: Viganò reveals what really happened when Pope Francis met privately with Kim Davis
SOURCE WITH THANKS http://themillenniumreport.com/2018/09/papal-pedogate-pope-francis-caught-in-the-act-of-prelate-vips-pedophilia-cover-up-video/
From Doreen

Somethings to think about …

What if POPEGATE is a signal for individuals to communicate directly with Infinite Creator of All That Is, Was and Ever Can Be?
What if POPEGATE is a signal for humans to unite and end evil acts against innocent children by the rich and powerful?
False light manipulates people, events, and circumstance to further their agenda and erode human rights and freedom,possible only through consent of the people a.k.a. problem, reaction, solution.
Be vigilant so false light does not leverage POPEGATE to usher in the anti-christ one world religion … under their new world order.
Remember it’s all about consent. Please inform others. Thank you.
Doreen Ann Agostino 
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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Saturn’s famous hexagon towers above cloudtops

Posted: 06 Sep 2018 06:56 AM PDT

Saturn’s famous hexagon towers above cloudtops

By Deborah Byrd in Space | September 5, 2018
As wide as 2 Earths – like nothing seen on any other world – Saturn’s hexagon was thought to be a feature of the lower atmosphere, where Saturn’s weather happens. Now there’s evidence it extends high above the cloudtops.

The Cassini spacecraft used its wide-angle camera to capture this image of the ringed planet Saturn on April 2, 2014. You can see Saturn’s hexagon – an odd six-sided feature – surrounding its circular north polar vortex. Image via NASA.
Space scientists have been fascinated by the hexagonal feature at Saturn’s north pole since the Voyager mission first discovered it in 1981. The hexagon – a jet stream in Saturn’s atmosphere, moving at some 200 mph (320 km/h) — was believed to be a feature of Saturn’s lower atmosphere, or troposphere, only. Now, however, as the seasons have passed on Saturn, this bizarre hexagon – which is wider than two Earths – appears to have changed. Writing in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Communications on September 3, 2018, scientists said they now have evidence that the hexagon extends to about 180 miles (300 km) above Saturn’s cloudtops, up into this world’s stratosphere, at least during Saturn’s northern spring and summer.
The new work is a long-term study, using data from the Cassini spacecraft, which arrived at Saturn in 2004 and began observing the hexagon in 2006. Cassini’s mission to Saturn ended in 2017, but scientists are still mining the mission’s data (and will be for years to come). Leigh Fletcher of the University of Leicester, U.K., lead author of the new study, said:

The edges of this newly-found vortex appear to be hexagonal, precisely matching a famous and bizarre hexagonal cloud pattern we see deeper down in Saturn’s atmosphere.
While we did expect to see a vortex of some kind at Saturn’s north pole as it grew warmer, its shape is really surprising. Either a hexagon has spawned spontaneously and identically at two different altitudes, one lower in the clouds and one high in the stratosphere, or the hexagon is in fact a towering structure spanning a vertical range of several hundred kilometers.

Cassini captured images in 2012 that were used to create this animation of Saturn’s northern polar hexagon. Image via NASA/JPL-Caltech/SSI/Hampton University/ESA.
When Cassini arrived at Saturn in 2004, it was summer in that world’s southern hemisphere and winter on the northern half of the globe. Cassini saw a broad, warm, high-altitude vortex at Saturn’s southern pole, but none at the planet’s northern pole.
In the years since Cassini’s arrival at Saturn, the seasons shifted on Saturn, whose orbit around the sun and, thereby, seasonal cycle, lasts 30 years. In Cassini’s later years at Saturn, as summer approached that world’s northern hemisphere, scientists did see a polar vortex at Saturn’s north pole. The new work suggests this vortex forms high in the atmosphere too, also sitting hundreds of kilometers above the clouds, in Saturn’s stratosphere.

Layers in Saturn’s atmosphere, via KHadley.com.
Just as on Earth, Saturn’s troposphere – a lower layer of the atmosphere – is home to most of the planet’s weather. The north polar hexagon was thought to reside in Saturn’s troposphere and to be, essentially, a weather feature. A statement from the European Space Agency (ESA) explained:

This feature was discovered by NASA’s Voyager spacecraft in the 1980s and has been studied for decades; it is a long-lasting wave potentially tied to Saturn’s rotation, a type of phenomenon also seen on Earth in structures such as the polar jet stream.
Its properties were revealed in detail by Cassini, which observed it in multiple wavelengths – from the ultraviolet to the infrared – using instruments including its Composite Infrared Spectrometer (CIRS). However, at the start of the mission this instrument could not peer further up in the northern stratosphere, which had temperatures around -158 degrees Celsius [-252 Fahrenheit] – some 20 degrees [68 F] too cold for reliable CIRS infrared observations – leaving these higher-altitude regions relatively unexplored for many years.

Co-author Sandrine Guerlet from Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique, France added:

One Saturnian year spans roughly 30 Earth years, so the winters are long.
Saturn only began to emerge from the depths of northern winter in 2009, and gradually warmed up as the northern hemisphere approached summertime.

As temperatures warmed around Saturn’s north pole, Fletcher and colleagues were able to study the polar vortex in infrared light. Guerlet said:

We were able to use the CIRS instrument to explore the northern stratosphere for the first time, from 2014 onwards. As the polar vortex became more and more visible, we noticed it had hexagonal edges, and realised that we were seeing the pre-existing hexagon at much higher altitudes than previously thought.

Brightness maps of the stratospheric hexagonal vortex at Saturn’s north pole via NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Leicester/GSFC/L.N. Fletcher et al. 2018.
Scientists are fascinated by the differences between Saturn’s two poles. They said there was no hexagon at the south pole, either at the cloud tops or above, when it was observed early in Cassini’s mission during southern summer. The northern vortex is also nowhere nearly as mature as the southern vortex, as it is cooler and displays different dynamics from its southern counterpart. Fletcher said:

This could mean that there’s a fundamental asymmetry between Saturn’s poles that we’re yet to understand, or it could mean that the north polar vortex was still developing in our last observations and kept doing so after Cassini’s demise.

The long-running Cassini mission came to an end in September 2017.
These scientists also said that:

… understanding how and why Saturn’s north polar vortex has assumed a hexagonal shape will shed light on how phenomena deeper down in an atmosphere can influence the environment high up above, something that is of particular interest to scientists trying to figure out how energy is transported around in planetary atmospheres.

Saturn’s northern hemisphere passed its summer solstice in May 2017, shortly before Cassini plunged into Saturn’s atmosphere, ending its mission. The north polar region is expected to continue developing as the northern hemisphere moves toward its autumn equinox in 2024.
However, there is no spacecraft at Saturn now to obtain close observations of any subsequent changes in Saturn’s atmosphere. In this way, as in so many others, Cassini is missed.
Read more from ESA

Saturn’s hexagon, greyscale. Image via NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute. Read more about this image.
Bottom line: The hexagon at Saturn’s north pole – a jet-stream-like feature – was thought to occur in a lower layer of the atmosphere, the troposphere, where most of Saturn’s weather occurs. By mining Cassini spacecraft data, as the season shifted toward summer in Saturn’s northern hemisphere, European scientists found that the hexagon extends to about 180 miles (300 km) above Saturn’s cloudtops, into this world’s stratosphere.
Source: A hexagon in Saturn’s northern stratosphere surrounding the emerging summertime polar vortex

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FULL Benjamin Fulford 9-3-18

Posted: 06 Sep 2018 06:28 AM PDT

Benjamin Fulford 9-3-18… “‘Good side’ of Rothschild family says Trump will stage financial reset”

Posted on 2018/09/03 by Kauilapele
New weekly report from Ben. Big time movements appear to be afoot.

“The deadlock has ended in the undeclared U.S. civil war that lasted all summer, and the good guys have already begun a series of stunning moves against the cabal, including shooting down their secret satellites, multiple sources confirm. Also, a complete reset of the global financial system has already begun, assert CIA sources connected to the self-described “good side” of the Rothschild family… just a prelude to what promises to be a very eventful month of September…
“The satellite shoot-down was first reported by the mysterious blogger “Q” and has been independently confirmed by three separate sources. “On August 30, CIA satellites and supercomputers were taken down and likely seized by [U.S. President Donald] Trump’s new space force, and GCHQ [British Intelligence] was removed from the NSA database to also render cabal elements in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, France, Germany, and Israel deaf and blind,” Pentagon sources explained.
“…a third source says Nathaniel Rothschild’s faction was involved in the shoot-down, saying, “Nat is back in play. He is with us. We are dismantling the Nazi/Antarctica global grid of communications.
“The communications takedown is a prelude to both a military and financial offensive against the cabal, Pentagon and CIA sources agree.”

[Please note: I post Benjamin’s weekly articles because, generally (but not always), I resonate with them. It is all part of the overall data field. That’s how I view them. Those who do not resonate with them are free to pass them by. Everyone has their own“resonance field”, and I judge no one’s fields.]


“Good side” of Rothschild family says Trump will stage financial reset
By Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society, September 3, 2018
The deadlock has ended in the undeclared U.S. civil war that lasted all summer, and the good guys have already begun a series of stunning moves against the cabal, including shooting down their secret satellites, multiple sources confirm. Also, a complete reset of the global financial system has already begun, assert CIA sources connected to the self-described “good side” of the Rothschild family. And this is just a prelude to what promises to be a very eventful month of September, the sources agree.
The satellite shoot-down was first reported by the mysterious blogger “Q” and has been independently confirmed by three separate sources. “On August 30, CIA satellites and supercomputers were taken down and likely seized by [U.S. President Donald] Trump’s new space force, and GCHQ [British Intelligence] was removed from the NSA database to also render cabal elements in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, France, Germany, and Israel deaf and blind,” Pentagon sources explained.
A CIA source in Asia who was involved in setting up the secret satellite network that was taken down last week issued the following warning to colleagues: “We are in potential danger. I hope your vehicles have fuel and you have emergency food and water on hand. There’s no telling who did this or why… and now that some of our satellites are down, God only knows what may be coming at us.”

Meanwhile, a third source says Nathaniel Rothschild’s faction was involved in the shoot-down, saying, “Nat is back in play. He is with us. We are dismantling the Nazi/Antarctica global grid of communications. This includes several orbiting satellites, one of which has already been eliminated.”
The communications takedown is a prelude to both a military and financial offensive against the cabal, Pentagon and CIA sources agree. For reasons of operational security, the Pentagon sources cannot say much about the military action other than “a U.S. military offensive is under way to terminate the defenseless and disoriented cabal.”
However, the financial dimension of the cabal takedown involves “a…

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Finally, the Dam Is Breaking: Intelligence Officers Come Forward

Posted: 06 Sep 2018 06:26 AM PDT

Finally, the Dam Is Breaking: Intelligence Officers Come Forward

It seems that, just as I was about to blow a gasket out of frustration, the very thing that I’ve been hoping for is finally happening!
Two Federal Agents, Robert Corona and Joshua Macias have announced on Ann Vandersteel’s YourVoiceAmerica show, that a coalition of 119 (and growing) US intelligence workers from the FBI, the DOJ, the IRS, the Department of Defense, the Office of Naval Intelligence, the CIA, the National Security Agency, the National Security Council and other organizations, including former Federal Judges are launching two public websites later this week, VoterTruth.com and ReportforthePresident.com, with official documents and information that should turn the tables on the Mueller Investigation and reveal criminality on the part of former Obama Administration officials.
Frustrated by the slow wheels of justice, this group will be offering their analysis and reports in a repository for us to disseminate and to circumvent the Fake News.
Corona says, “There’s been a lot of information that our group and other groups and individuals have given to Congress and that have also been given to Mr. Horowitz, the DOJ, OIG and other agencies and departments that, when you look at all the documentation and when we post all that on these websites, available for the public and available for other agencies to look at, both the agencies and those that oversee some of the parties I just mentioned, then it’s going to be pretty clear that they’re gonna have to do something. They’re gonna have to take action because if not, anybody that doesn’t take action that receives incontrovertible evidence, they’re gonna be guilty of obstruction of justice, themselves and I don’t think they want to gamble with the momentum that’s going on right now and is growing by the day, that they would take that chance not to act and either defer from taking direct action, depending what their role was in the Government.
In addition, Corona mentions during this interview that he, Macias and at least two other people from the Intelligence Community plus someone from the Trump Campaign will likely be testifying before Congress “very soon”.
Robert Corona (To Vandersteel): There’s a national emergency going on. That’s what your viewers need to know. This emergency is this weaponization of our departments; DOJ, FBI, IRS, as we saw, that was also weaponized to attack people from the Tea Party, has been going on by the former administration…The wrong people were at the helm and that’s what caused this this debacle.
There was no Russian collusion. Joshua and I were there, so were the other 119 people that have become public in our group and hundreds of others that are probably becoming public pretty soon, here. There absolutely was no Russian collusion, that any of us ever witnessed during the Trump Campaign but there was a significant amount of misdirection and misinformation coming before the inauguration and then afterwards…
Crimes were actually committed by members of the former administration, by FBI representatives and this is what’s very hurtful, because of our ethos, it’s very difficult for me to get up here and for anyone, regardless of what area of intelligence or law enforcement they’re in to say anything about any of the organizations, because that is the United States – but these people [former Obama officials], they’re not the United States. These people are serving themselves, they’re serving foreign interests – and that’s why so many of us have grouped together…
There’s really two sides of the Intelligence Community. There’s unreported assets or dark ops and then there’s the people that go over to Dolly Madison and through the doors of the different buildings and do the analysis on the computers, all of whom are patriots…
Never before, has this many people from unreported assets come out, like they are now and giving more and more evidence – and there’s a whole lot more that are going to come out – and listen, let me say something else too, please on the thing with John Brennan.
John Brennan, a person who voted Communist was the head of our CIA, which tells you right there, how there was such a directed effort by the Obama Administration to find people that had these Far-Left, extreme radical views. And it’s top-down management, in any organization and the people that I’ve talked to, both formerly with the different agencies and also hearing from people…currently working – everybody is on President Trump’s side.
We’re going to have a website open this week for your viewers and that’s actually specifically made for the President to pull down information and also for his lawyers and for members of the NSC, who are going to be able to get all this evidence from all these different departments online, in one central location; evidence on-demand. That’s gonna change the whole thing and this is the date today, September 3rd and you’re leading the charge here, by publicizing it…


We learn here that, following the unforeseen election of Trump, on December 15, 2016 James Clapper moved to alter Section 2.3 of Executive Order 12333, about which an article was published by Endgadget that reads: “The NSA is now able to share raw surveillance data with all 16 of the United States government’s intelligence groups including the CIA, FBI, Department of Homeland Security and DEA. These agencies are able to submit requests for raw data pertaining to specific cases and the NSA will approve or deny each request, based on its legitimacy and whether granting access would put large amounts of private citizens’ information at risk. Previously, the NSA would filter information for specific requests, eliminating the identities of innocent people and erasing irrelevant personal data. That’s not the case any longer. The rule changes open up the NSA’s trove of raw data to other intelligence agencies, making it easier for authorities to notice trends or spot troublesome communications. These changes have been a long time coming.”
“Attorney General Loretta Lynch signed the new rules on January 3rd, after the DNI, James Clapper approved them in December. President Barack Obama’s administration passed the changes in its final days in the White House. The FBI and other agencies used the systems laid out by the FISA Amendments Act, an Executive Order 12333 in different ways, as noted by The New York Times.
“The warrantless surveillance program enabled by FISA allows FBI agents to search that program’s database when investigating ordinary criminal cases. Meanwhile, the 12333 database is limited to agents and national security analysts, working only on foreign intelligence or counterintelligence operations. Either way, if an agent sees evidence of an American committing a crime, that information is forwarded to the DOJ.
“Surveillance isn’t the only sector where the US government is attempting to keep up in an increasingly connected world. For example, in December, the Department of Justice received expanded powers to search multiple computers, phones and other devices on a single warrant…”
Continuing the YourVoiceAmerica interview:
Ann Vandersteel: The Trump campaign was aware there was a spy in there. There was serious changes and then Loretta Lynchmade some more changes in January. The former Attorney General made more changes, modifications to that same Executive Order, prior to President Trump taking office. Joshua, in your opinion, was this an attempt by the previous administration to cover their tracks for the for the ill deeds they were doing?
Joshua Macias: My humble opinion is that it was a total definition of a cover-up…Why else would you come in and retro-active events that you know are directly against; an affront to our Constitutional Rights? Why else would you go and and shift and make changes after the fact? Well, it sounds to me almost like creating a letter of letting somebody go before you can go into a formal inquiry.
Ann Vandersteel: You mean, like James Comey did with the Hillary Clinton email investigation?
Joshua Macias: Exactly. This is the way that they think. This is the way that they act. They don’t believe that we are, as Citizens of America and the US Constitution have the right to “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Frankly, they want to see total control and dominance and that’s also what happened back in 9/11, when there was an opportunity to seize more power, there was an opportunity for different agencies to seize more power, more control that’s what they sought after and from at that point, you have others that go to the controls and start managing that and desiring more and more power and more control and this is the definition of such…This is also why we have a separation. This is why we have the the oversight that we’re supposed to have; is to keep the checks and balances of power, which they were using. Absolute power does corrupt, absolutely.
Ann Vandersteel: So essentially…they were stripping us of our own Fourth Amendment rights by changing that Executive Order, to cover up the tracks of the fact that they were spying on somebody who had no reason to be spied upon. Is that accurate?
Robert Corona: Yes, and what the dynamics were, the modification that Mr. Clapper made on December 15th was to change their overall protocols of how they handled that information and who would be receiving that. So, his action was to enable all 16 public intel agencies to receive it.
Of course, the FBI was already receiving it from the NSA prior to that, we know that through a number of cross-referenced evidentiary records that are open-source, so that was the motivation of doing that and secondly, in January, more dissemination language was put in there on how to effectuate the transfer of that information.
Ann Vandersteel: So, we’re going to talk about this in greater detail coming up, in the next segment but the information, that that phone call you got on November 1st, Robert and Joshua, when you were there in Norfolk, that sent Robert to New York to go to Trump Tower and meet with somebody high-up in the President’s campaign…that essentially was the beginning of what we would now know as Admiral Rogers and General Michael Flynn going to visit with the President, following that on November 17th, that same information where they were made aware of the 702 queries out of the NSA, where they were basically spying on the President. The FBI’s private contractors [like Fusion GPS?] even were given access to the NSA’s computer – to make those queries, themselves which is completely against protocol – completely against the law, at that time, which led up to the fact, why they went to modify the Executive Order, because they knew they were gonna have to atone for this. They knew they were gonna have to answer for their sins. So, I just want, quickly, as we wrap-up, we have about a minute and a half left. Robert, General Michael Flynn and Admiral Rogers have been out as heroes, essentially for making the President aware, you all were there.
Robert Corona: I can confirm.
Joshua Macias: I agree, as well.
Ann Vandersteel: And they came up after you on November 17th. Did you have any communications with those two?
Robert Corona: Well, let me say this, because there’s a limit to what we can talk about on this. I think both Joshua and I and two other people, at least and plus the person we met with at the Trump Campaign are most likely going to be testifying before Congress very soon.
But Admiral Rogers was already ahead of the game. Now, how this information circulated, I don’t know. I was working on another project with Joshua concerning the voter fraud, election integrity and also a couple of other things that that were pressing us at the time, just seven days before the election, when I got the phone call.
That could have been circulated information that might have come from Admiral Rogers and the NSA directly or it may have come from one of our outside foreign sources, because we were told that these were plants or people that had communications with the bad actors in the GCHQ – not that all GCHQ is bad but a few, just like over here – so yeah and people from UK and also from Russia. And then, after the November 17th and Admiral Rogers went up therewhich prompted the move from the Trump Tower over to New Jersey and he gave a lot more information to and in Congress of course. He also you know told the public what was going on.
Besides those FOIA requests, when you have people from the different agencies that handled the documents, that are now coming forward or leaking those documents out, which Joshua or any of the 119 official people in the group deal with directly. If we did, we would be compelled to turn those people in, not knowing if their information is true or false or what side of the road they’re on, here. But certainly there are some shortcuts being taken, now to get those documents front and center to the public, without having to be delayed, with the slow-rolling that’s been going on.
Ann Vandersteel: So, in terms of Report for the President, we have a 119 folks that you’re working with that are coming out from various agencies, including the Department of Treasury, the NSA, NSC, DOJ, FBI, just to name a few. Joshua, tell me a little bit about what this Report for the President is going to mean. How do people access it, what do they expect to find there, up to and including this broadcast and more like it.
Joshua Macias: Sure, well, interviews like this, that you’re helping us with and going through a deep dive into this information will be there on the website, as well as our reports, some of the information that we’ve turned in that has been made public. I know a lot of people were very interested in the memo and details but I could tell you that these reports go into that even further. (Is he saying that his stuff helped Devin Nunes with the memo?)
Joshua Macias: And it’s more deep-dive. So, we’re gonna have that broken down, able to disseminate that information, so that
people can access it from both the public and for those who need it to understand in the USG and other places it should be out by this Friday.
Robert Corona: We’re making this available to anyone who wants to look at it. Certainly, there’s people in the Administration and in different government departments, besides the President too and that that’s a very important part of this, that will have access to it but not only that, there’s been a lot of information that our group and other groups and individuals have given to Congress and that have also been given to Mr. Horowitz, the DOJ, OIG and other agencies and departments that, when you look at all the documentation and when we post all that on these websites, available for the public and available for other agencies to look at, both the agencies that oversee some of the parties I just mentioned, then it’s going to be pretty clear that they’re gonna have to do something. They’re gonna have to take action because if not, anybody that doesn’t take action that receives incontrovertible evidence, they’re gonna be guilty of obstruction of justice, themselves and I don’t think they want to gamble with the momentum that’s going on right now and is growing by the day, that they would take that chance not to act and either defer from taking direct action, depending what their role was in the Government.
Joshua Macias: I do know information’s power and and we, as Patriots and as oathkeepers of the Constitution, we made an oath to defend the Constitution against both foreign and domestic enemies and we know that if that information is power, we want that information in the hands of the people. As we want and elected our President now, because he looked at us and also made an oath that he would give it for the people – and we want this information the hands of the people, to make decisions for the people, not the oligarchy and those who are using it for their own means, their own desires or for their own illicit gain but not for the people just as you had referenced before, just like those six fighting veterans of Benghazi…


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You Gave Facebook Your Number For Security. They Used It For Ads

Posted: 28 Sep 2018 09:00 PM PDT

Add “a phone number I never gave Facebook for targeted advertising” to the list of deceptive and invasive ways Facebook makes money off your personal information. Contrary to user expectations and Facebook representatives’ own previous statements, the company has been using contact information that users explicitly provided for security purposes—or that users never provided at all—for targeted advertising.




Dramatic Visual Medical Proof Of EMF Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity In EHS Patients

Posted: 07 Dec 2017 06:15 AM PST

Dramatic Visual Medical Proof Of EMF Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity In EHS Patients
Posted on December 6, 2017

By Catherine J. Frompovich
Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), or medically known as idiopathic environmental intolerance (IEI) by the World Health Organization [1], is described as

… characterized by a variety of non-specific symptoms, which afflicted individuals attribute to exposure to EMF. The symptoms most commonly experienced include dermatological symptoms (redness, tingling, and burning sensations) as well as neurasthenic and vegetative symptoms (fatigue, tiredness, concentration difficulties, dizziness, nausea, heart palpitation, and digestive disturbances). The collection of symptoms is not part of any recognized syndrome.
EHS resembles multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), another disorder associated with low-level environmental exposures to chemicals. Both EHS and MCS are characterized by a range of non-specific symptoms that lack apparent toxicological or physiological basis or independent verification. A more general term for sensitivity to environmental factors is Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance (IEI), which originated from a workshop convened by the International Program on Chemical Safety (IPCS) of the WHO in 1996 in Berlin. IEI is a descriptor without any implication of chemical etiology, immunological sensitivity or EMF susceptibility. IEI incorporates a number of disorders sharing similar non-specific medically unexplained symptoms that adversely affect people. However since the term EHS is in common usage it will continue to be used here.

One of the most frustrating, and truly unfortunate aspects of EHS, is that everyone in the industries which generate EMFs/RFs which cause the problem, especially the professional association ICNIRP, adamantly denies it exists, and those who suffer with it are “psych jobs”! Well, that’s got to end now, as there are graphic studies proving visual differences in the brains of EHS sufferers compared with those folks who do not experience EHS or IEI.

Below are two lateral X-rays showing the differences between the brain of an EHS/IEI patient on the left and the brain of a non-EHS-compromised individual on the right.
In a preliminary Press Release dated December 5, 2017, the results of brain fMRIs (functional magnetic resonance imaging) from a pilot study have been released in anticipation of a Tele-Press Conference to be held Thursday, December 7, 2015, in Los Angeles, California.

The Peoples Initiative Foundation will be holding a tele-press conference to take questions from the media Thurs. Dec. 7th @ 12 noon PST. The study’s principle author, Dr. Gunnar Heuser [MD, PhD] will be on the call to take questions about the study, as well as Liz Barris, study organizer and one of the EHS cases in the study to take questions about EHS.
Please call 515-739-1219 access code 283521# 
Emergency backup # only in case above # has problem: 605-472-5616 access code 106520#

The results of Dr. Gunnar Heuser and Sylvia A. Heuser’s study were published in Volume 32 (September 2017) of De Gruyter’s Reviews on Environmental Health as the paper “Functional brain MRI in patients complaining of electrohypersensitivity after long term exposure to electromagnetic fields.”
The online published paper includes X-rays of all patients in the study, which indicate the severity of EHS/IEI and shows graphically how it physically affects brain tissue.
Electromagnetic fields are emitted by the following high-tech, aka ‘smart’ products, appliances and services:

  • Any service or device that sends and/or receives voice, data or graphics/pictures using microwave wireless technology, e.g., cell phones, iPhones, smart phones, etc.
  • AMI Smart Meters being retrofitted by electric, natural gas and water utilities
  • Monitoring devices, e.g., baby monitors and wearable devices that track and record body data
  • Wi-Fi in homes, schools, work places, cafés, or other public places providing it, such as doctors’ offices
  • Routers

For all those EHS patients, who refuse AMI Smart Meters claiming EHS and have pro se lawsuits before their respective state Public Utility Commission agency’s Administrative Law Courts, this 2017 study ought to refute the utilities medical and EMF/RF experts, who still believe in the ‘flat earth society’ theory when it comes to EMFs/RFs/ELFs and microwave-produced, non-thermal radiation waves adverse health effects that cause EHS/IEI.
[1] http://www.who.int/peh-emf/publications/facts/fs296/en/

EMF Danger Spots In Your Home
How to Measure EMF
Catherine J Frompovich (website) is a retired natural nutritionist who earned advanced degrees in Nutrition and Holistic Health Sciences, Certification in Orthomolecular Theory and Practice plus Paralegal Studies. Her work has been published in national and airline magazines since the early 1980s. Catherine authored numerous books on health issues along with co-authoring papers and monographs with physicians, nurses, and holistic healthcare professionals. She has been a consumer healthcare researcher 35 years and counting.
Catherine’s latest book, published October 4, 2013, is Vaccination Voodoo, What YOU Don’t Know About Vaccines, available on Amazon.com.
Her 2012 book A Cancer Answer, Holistic BREAST Cancer Management, A Guide to Effective & Non-Toxic Treatments, is available on Amazon.com and as a Kindle eBook.
Two of Catherine’s more recent books on Amazon.com are Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking Of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick (2009) and Lord, How Can I Make It Through Grieving My Loss, An Inspirational Guide Through the Grieving Process (2008)

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Posted: 07 Dec 2017 06:12 AM PST


Citizens Intelligence Report by Anonymous Patriots of the American Intelligence Media and Americans for Innovation





FIG. 1–CHELSEA CLINTON AND DOUG BAND (right). Band established the The Clinton Foundation on Oct. 23, 1997. Band and John D. Podesta (who worked simultaneously for Barack Obama and the Clinton Foundation) used the U.S. State Department as their fund raising booking agent for The Clinton Foundation—information the Clintons tried desperately to hide from the public, but has reached the light of day thanks to corruption watchdogs including Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch, Citizens United and DCLeaks. See Timeline.
(DEC. 06, 2017)—On Friday, ABC News anchor Brian Ross deliberately broadcast fake news about the Gen. Michael Flynn witch hunt by former FBI globalist don Robert S. Mueller. A day later, Ross was suspended. After Ross’ news, the stock market dropped 350 points. This devaluation prompted President Trump to call on ABC stockholders to sue ABC for the “many millions of dollars in damages!”
This event challenged AFI researchers to map out the mainstream media relationships that are directing these obviously intentional acts. The reaction from the MSM was breathless—which we now know is the telltale sign of a staged “false flag” event.
We discovered a Gordian knot of devilish interrelationships surrounding mainstream media don Barry C. Diller.
FIG. 2: A GORDIAN KNOT is an intertwined set of relationships that can only be unwound by bold action. Here are some of the knotted snakes trying to destroy the American Republic:  [The Mark Zuckerberg Cardboard Cut Out], Facebook, IBM Eclipse Foundation, James W. Breyer, Accel Partners, Larry Summers, Harvard, National Venture Capital Association (NVCA), Sonali Rycker, Goldman Sachs, C.I.A. In-Q-Tel, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).  [The Jeff Bezos Cardboard Cut Out], Amazon, IBM Eclipse Foundation, Graciela Chichilnisky, The Kyoto Protocol, Carbon Credits, Global Thermostat, Stephen Chu, Daddy/Boy Edgar M. Bronfman, IAC/Interactivecorp, Stephen Chu, C.I.A. In-Q-Tel, DARPA. [The Chelsea Clinton Cardboard Cut Out], Bill & Hillary Clinton, Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), IAC/Interactivecorp, Barry Diller, Daddy/Boy Edgar M. Bronfman, Seagram’s, Michael Eisner, State Department “eDiplomacy,” George Soros, Open Society Foundations, Facebook, Google, Twitter IBM Eclipse Foundation, C.I.A. In-Q-Tel, DARPA. [The Michael Eisner Cardboard Cut Out], Barry Diller, IAC/Interactivecorp, Daddy/Boy Edgar M. Bronfman, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Daily Beast, C.I.A. In-Q-Tel, DARPA. [The Eric Schmidt Cardboard Cut Out], Google (new faked parent: Alphabet), Highlands Group, National Infrastructure Assurance Council (NIAC), Kleiner Perkins, Accel PArtners, U.S. Digital Service (WH), Hillary for America, 18F (FEC), C.I.A. In-Q-Tel, DARPA…
While this research can take many directions, this post will focus on relationships among Diller (pictured left), the Clintons, Facebook and Amazon.
On Sep. 22, 2011, Barry Diller appointed Chelsea Clinton, then a college student, to be a director of IAC/Interactivecorp which has a current market value of $10 billion. At the same time, Diller appointed Sonali De Rycker of Accel Partners LLP London and formerly Goldman Sachs. Accel is the largest inside shareholder in Facebook after Mark Zuckerberg.
See the Dec. 13, 2016 verified SEC list of IAC/Interactivecorp media holdings. It includes many leading dating sites in North America and Europe including:

  • Ask Jeeves search
  • Datings sites all over the planet (e.g., Match.com everywhere, Five Star Matchmaking (China), FriendScout (Germany), SpeedDate, Mash Dating)
  • Home Advisor
  • IAC Search
  • Newsweek
  • Tutor.com
  • The Daily Beast
  • NBC Universal
  • Vivendi
  • Vimeo
  • … and 177 other companies

It should also be noted that on Mar. 11, 2009, IAC/Interactivecorp received what has been, in effect, a PERMANENT CONFIDENTIALITY EXEMPTION from the SEC from reporting its Google AdSense revenue numbers in its public reporting. This is totally outrageous. See the redacted revenue numbers from Google AdSense on IAC/Interactivecorp’s 10-K, Exhibit 10-25 on Mar. 11, 2009.
FIG. 4: Form 8-K. (Sep. 26, 2011). IAC/Interactivecorp (NASDAQ:IAC) Form 8-K director appointment of Chelsea Clinton (The Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative) and Sonali De Rycker (Accel Partners, Facebook, Goldman Sachs).
Since Chelsea was just a college student at the time, the evident reason for her appointment was her association with Bill & Hillary Clinton, as Chelsea’s SEC disclosure verifies. See Fig. 4 above.
Hillary Clinton was then Secretary of State under Barack Obama.
Earlier that year, on Mar. 15,  2011, Diller appointed his serial protégé and former Disney CEO Michael D. Eisner to the IAC board also. According to Eisner’s biography, he has dutifully followed Diller around most of his career—from NBC, CBS, ABC Paramount to Disney.
FIG. 5: MICHAEL D. EISNER, former Disney CEO, turns out to be a Barry Diller cut out for his prior work at ABC, NBC, CBS and Paramount.
Following Hillary Clinton’s 2016 election loss to Donald Trump, on Mar. 17, 2017, Barry Diller appointed Chelsea to be a director of Expedia, which has a current market value of $18.6 billion.
Chelsea’s fellow IAC director Sonali De Rycker is a too-cute-by-half “Silicon Valley Girl” cut out and former Goldman Sachs banker who directs the London office for Accel Partners LLP. Accel is Facebook’s largest inside investor. It was founded by Harvardian James W. Breyer who was Facebook’s first chairman and venture capitalist.
FIG. 6: JAMES W. BREYER, is Facebook’s largest inside investor. He was Facebook’s first venture capitalist and served for years as chairman. On Day 3 of the Facebook initial public offering he cashed out $6.15 billion of his insider shares. This dump of insider stock by insiders including Breyer, Accel Partners, Peter Thiel, Goldman Sachs, Meritech Management (Ann H. Lamont), Zuckerberg, Microsoft and Yuri Milner (Mail.ru, DST, Digital Sky Technologies) is highly irregular and was a total surprise to the market. It promoted an epic Jim Cramer rant on CNBC. This action caused the stock price to plummet. Breyer and his father James P. Breyer have set up in China as IDG-Accel Capital where they are “Super Bullish on China.” Daddy Breyer is a George Soros contemporary from Hungary. See also the Timeline.
FIG. 7: SONALI (ISN’T SHE JUST THE CUTEST THING?) DE RYCKER, was appointed in 2011 with Chelsea Clinton as director of IAC/Interactivecorp by media don Barry Diller. De Rycker is a “Silicon Valley Girl” running the London office of venture capitalist Accel Partners—the largest inside investor in Facebook. She also worked for Goldman Sachs.
On May 13, 2004, Breyer was elected chairman of the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) along with other globalist directors including Gilman Louie. Louie was installed by the rogue C.I.A. to run its “private” venture capital company In-Q-Tel by Bill Clinton, Larry Summers and the Highlands Group secret and illegal U.S. Department of Defense “public-private” think tank. Other NVCA directors with Breyer included Fidelity Investments (Facebook’s largest mutual fund investor) and Kleiner Perkins (Google’s lead investor).
FIG. 8: CHELSEA & HILLARY. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had an ethical duty to disclose to the public her conflicts of interest in Chelsea Clinton’s appointment as director of IAC/Interactivecorp in 2011. Given Chelsea’s ties to Facebook director and venture capitalist Accel Partners, the Clinton’s engaged in obstruction of justice in the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement lawsuit as well as the Ceglia v. Zuckerberg contract dispute. Also, Chelsea’s relationship to Barry Diller shows that mainstream media was engaging in undisclosed bias for the Clintons and against Donald Trump.
Neither Hillary nor Obama disclosed these massive conflicts of interest and media biases to the American public while they ran our government, interfered in Leader v. Facebook and Ceglia v. Zuckerberg, and ran for President.
Given Diller’s evident iron grip over MSM, it is no wonder that Hillary was surprised that she lost the election. Thank God.
FIG. 9: MARK ZUCKERBERG, FACEBOOK, is evidently a rogue C.I.A. cardboard cut out for the weaponization of the social networking invention that was stolen from Columbus innovator Leader Technologies.
Chelsea’s association with De Rycker of Accel Partners should have placed all of Clinton’s Facebook associations off limits while she was Secretary of State.
Instead, Hillary paid Facebook starting on Nov. 26, 2009 to write a “template for winning elections” directed by Russian Dmitry Shevelenko. Hillary’s intimate and illegal Facebook relationship while Secretary of State obstructed justice in the patent infringement trial of Leader v. Facebook, as well as in Ceglia v. Zuckerberg, since she was showing bias to a litigant in a federal case.
Hillary also openly promoted Facebook, Google and Twitter as “eDiplomacy” tools in a Council on Foreign Relations speech written for her on Jul. 09, 2009 by her rogue State Department advisor Sidney Blumenthal. She even issued a four-part Facebook User Guide for State Department employees
Recent FOIA requests to see the communication between the State Department and Facebook during the Leader v. Facebook trial continues to be stonewalled by the State Department. For example, Facebook Field Guide Part 2, page 3 actually published a U.S. Statement Department Facebook email address.
FIG. 10: HARD PROOF: FACEBOOK FIELD GUIDE PART 2. Page 3 from Hillary’s FACEBOOK Part 2: Creating and Customizing Your Page showing her Facebook email account. This is more proof that Hillary Clinton and the U.S. State Department obstructed justice in Leader v. Facebook and Ceglia v. Zuckerberg.
FIG. 11: JEFF BEZOS, AMAZON, is evidently a rogue C.I.A. cardboard cut out for the weaponization of the social networking invention stolen from Columbus innovator Leader Technologies.
The Clinton’s association with Jeff Bezos and Amazon flows through Chelsea’s fellow IAC/Interactivecorp director Edgar M. Bronfman, Jr.—a.k.a. Boy Bronfman.
FIG. 12: EDGAR M. BRONFMAN, SR., has bankrolled numerous rogue C.I.A. cutouts including The Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, the author of the Kyoto Protocol, Graciela Chichilnisky, media don Barry Diller, and Jeff Bezos, Amazon.com.
In this Aug. 11, 1999 file photo, President Clinton, right, awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, to Edgar M. Bronfman at a ceremony held in the East Room of the White House in Washington. Bronfman, a Canadian born billionaire and longtime World Jewish Congress president. Bronfman died Saturday, Dec. 21, 2013, in New York, at the age of 84. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais).
A month earlier, on Jul. 14, 1999, Bill Clinton issued Executive Order 13130 that formed the National Infrastructure Assurance Council (NIAC). The stated goal was to coordinate “effort by both government and private sector entities to address threats to our Nation’s critical infrastructure.” Hindsight shows that NAIC has been a main vehicle for the weaponization of the social networking invention stolen by the rogue C.I.A.
A month later, on Sep. 29, 1999, the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) formed In-Q-Tel and hired it first CEO, Gilman Louie. In-Q-Tel violated the laws forbidding government ownership of private business, especially on an unaccountable global scale as C.I.A. In-Q-Tel has become.
Daddy Edgar M. Bronfman, Sr. has had known, close associations with the C.I.A. through its OSI Branch (Office of Scientific Intelligence, 1949).  He is touted as the primary backer of Columbia economics professor couple Graciela Chichilnisky and Peter Eisenberger, founders of Global Thermostat (2010).
While Eisenberger was mentor to future Obama Energy Secretary Stephen Chu at AT&T Bell Labs (Chu was Obama’s energy stimulus giveaway director in 2009 that literally created Elon Musk out of whole cloth), Chichilnisky mentored Jeff Bezos. This is certainly a cozy group of elitist insiders.
FIG. 13: GRACIELA CHICHILNISKY, is Jeff Bezos’ business mentor. As an economist, she authored the Kyoto Protocol that gave birth to global warming-ism. Chichilnisky’s Global Thermostat which is bankrolled by Daddy and Boy Bronfman. Chichilnisky’s self-published biography is 49 page in length. Remarkable, or fake? You decide. For sure, she’s one busy woman.
In fact, Bezos’ resume says that upon graduation he turned down job offers from Intel, Bell Labs, and Andersen Consulting to work for Chichilnisky in her start-up named Fitel. They were attempting to corner the market in electronic financial trading, but the technology did not come along until Columbus innovator Leader Technologies invented social networking and solved the “scalability” problem.
Bezos’ grandfather worked for the Atomic Energy Commission and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, 1948)—both rogue C.I.A. fronts for stealing whatever technology they thought they needed and could profit from among their “public-private” insiders.
In 1988, Bezos went to work for Banker’s Trust as a product manager. Banker’s Trust is a well-known rogue C.I.A. money laundering operation.
In 1990, Bezos went to work for a new hedge fund named D.E. Shaw. He eventually became vice president in 1994. Tellingly, ten years later, Lawrence H. Summers left Harvard as President (after being Zuckerberg’s godfather to create the fake Facebook Harvard origins narrative) to become managing partner at Bezos’ D.E. Shaw hedge fund, before becoming Barack Obama’s director of the National Economic Council in charge of the so-called “bank bailout.” The totally fabricated crisis gifted $100’s of billions of dollars to globalist banks including Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and others.
FIG. 14: LAWRENCE H. “LARRY” SUMMERS, is a Deep State shadow government kingpin. See Briefing.
In 1994, Bezos founded Amazon.
In 1998, Bezos was an early investor in Google.
Bezos is either a financial genius, or he is corrupt as can be.
Never mind that his mentor Graciela Chichilnisky is the creator of the Kyoto Protocols on carbon credits that gave birth to global warming-ism. That’s right, she’s an economist, not even a scientist!
Never mind that Diller’s former IAC executive vice president, Julius Genachowski, was Obama’s chairman of the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) overseeing Net Neutrality. Did we mention that Genachowski attended Harvard Law School with Barack Obama.
FIG. 15: JULIUS GENACHOWSKI. Obama’s FCC Chairman pushed Net Neutrality and formerly worked as Executive Vice President for Barry Diller’s IAC/Interactivecorp.
Never mind that Chichilnisky’s live-in Eisenberger mentored Obama’s future Energy Secretary Stephen Chu at AT&T Bell Labs.
FIG. 16: STEPHEN CHU. Obama’s Energy Secretary pushing the energy stimulus cash giveaway, was mentored by a Daddy Edgar M. Bronfman beneficiary, Peter Eisenberger, whose wife Graciela Chichilnisky mentored Jeff Bezos.
Never mind that Chichilnisky’s and Eisenberger’s carbon dioxide (CO2) sucking company Global Thermostat is bankrolled by Daddy Bronfman, and now Boy Bronfman.
FIG. 17: EDGAR M. BRONFMAN, JR..  (aka Boy Bronfman) Chelsea Clinton’s fellow director in Barry Diller’s IAC/Interactivecorp.
Boy Bronfman sits on Barry Diller’s IAC/Interactivecorp board with . . .
Chelsea Clinton.
FIG. 18: EDGAR M. BRONFMAN, JR..  (aka Boy Bronfman) Chelsea Clinton’s fellow director in Barry Diller’s IAC/Interactivecorp.
Never mind that Diller’s minions at ABC, NBC, CBS, Univision and The Daily Beast have become the sources of fake news propaganda for the globalist agenda.
What is the moral here?

These are way more than coincidences. These are New World Order globalists  who live in another world outside of the U.S. Constitution, ethics, decency, morals and respect for their fellow human beings.

Echoing the world’s cry: lock Hillary up.
Defund these criminals—their corruptly-acquired power must be removed.

Ask President Trump to pay Leader Technologies’ Miller Act Notice. This generates hundreds of billions of dollars in new revenue for the federal government without raising taxes, among the many benefits.

See also previous post: AFI. (Nov. 22, 2017). The Weaponization of Social Media Should Concern Us All [VIDEO]. Americans for Innovation.  See also these blockbuster citizens intelligence reports:






Notices: This post may contain opinion. As with all opinion, it should not be relied upon without independent verification. Think for yourself. Photos used are for educational purposes only and were obtained from public sources. No claims whatsoever are made to any photo.

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FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 12-4-17

Posted: 07 Dec 2017 06:07 AM PST

FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 12-4-17… “U.S. military to declare martial law as DOJ, FBI criminality exposed”

Posted on 2017/12/07 by Kauilapele
Full weekly report from Ben. Pretty astounding report. Agin, it’s indicative that things are really happening for the benefit of this planet.

“The U.S. military government, known to the world as the administration of President Donald Trump, is about to declare martial law, Pentagon sources say. “The Cabal has been checkmated, as Trump is ready to federalize the National Guard in case of riots or civil unrest”… Such radical action is necessary, “Because of corrupt judges appointed by [former U.S. President Barack] Obama and a Congress stacked with shills for Israel
“The other big news from last week is that the U.S. Dover Air Force base was hit last with a nuclear weapon or the equivalent. The attack was described as a magnitude 4.4 earthquake in the corporate media. However, the “earthquake” had all the hallmarks of a nuclear or beam weapon attack… Although the attack took place the day after North Korea announced it had ICBMs that could hit anywhere in the U.S., Pentagon sources are saying this was part of the undeclared civil war inside the military-industrial complex.
“There was also visible evidence last week of at the very least, a low-earth-orbit space war going on, as what Pentagon sources describe as “rogue satellites” were “de-orbited.” This may have appeared in the news as the failure of a Russian rocket launch containing 19 satellites.
“The purge on the ground level inside the U.S. is also becoming increasingly visible. “Operation Mockingbird has been deactivated as CIA media assets like Matt Lauer were fired from NBC,” following the November 18th raid on CIA headquarters by the Marines, the sources note. Another sign of a Mockingbird shoot-down came as ABC News suspended Brian Ross for what Trump describes as his “horrendously inaccurate and dishonest report on the Russia, Russia, Russia Witch Hunt.” The corporate media purge has just begun, the sources promise.
“…Pentagon sources promise that “the Flynn indictment is a ‘nothing burger’ that allows him to expose all crimes of Obama, Hillary, the FBI, pedos, and deep state to Mueller while helping Trump to drain the swamp.” Obama, for his part, asked Chinese President Xi Jinping last week for political asylum but was turned down, say Asian secret society sources.
“…speaking of “pedos,” last week Hollywood star, director and actor Mel Gibson said Hollywood elites “Harvest the blood of children. They eat their flesh. They believe this gives them life force. If the child was suffering in body and psyche before it died, they believe this gives them extra life force.” Gibson said… This writer can also confirm he has personally met two Khazarian mobsters who admitted to eating human fetuses. These are the people who are being actively hunted down now by the white hats.
“A purge has also started in Japan now that Emperor Naruhito has taken over from his father Emperor Akihito, according to Japanese military intelligence sources… So far only a few dozen people have been purged, but a lot more will begin on the December 7th… Japanese intelligence also wants U.S. military white hats to be aware that many in the U.S. military and intelligence community in Japan have for years been bribed with “Kagurazaka geishas and cash.”
“…international financial tension between the U.S. and China is building. A sign of this was the breaking off of the U.S.-China economic dialogue last week. It is important to note in this context that the tax cuts announced by Trump last week can only be implemented if the U.S. declares bankruptcy and issues a new currency… The Chinese are hoping to bankrupt the U.S. corporate government and have Canada take over and create a United States of North America to replace the rogue regime that the U.S. corporate government has become, the sources say.
“Ominously, a CIA source in Asia who has Rothschild connections, had the following comment to make when asked about the financial war: “I have been told by one of my contacts who is ‘in the know on these type of matters’ that the master plan is to collapse the system globally in the 3rd quarter of 2018.””

U.S. military to declare martial law as DOJ, FBI criminality exposed
By Benjamin Fulford, White Dragon Society, December 4, 2017

The U.S. military government, known to the world as the administration of President Donald Trump, is about to declare martial law, Pentagon sources say. “The Cabal has been checkmated, as Trump is ready to federalize the National Guard in case of riots or civil unrest,” Pentagon sources say, adding that “FEMA camps will be used to house mass arrests, and Gitmo may house high-value targets while military tribunals will dispatch them swiftly.”
Such radical action is necessary, “Because of corrupt judges appointed by [former U.S. President Barack] Obama and a Congress stacked with shills for Israel, so Trump may be forced to declare martial law to impose military justice,” is how one Pentagon source put the situation. The FBI, for example, has been actively covering up the cabal slaughter of hundreds of Americans in Las Vegas using G4S mercenaries, multiple sources say.
Trump was probably referring to this upcoming purge in the following Tweet: “After years of Comey, with the phony and dishonest Clinton investigation (and more) running the FBI, its reputation is in tatters—worst in History! But fear not, we will bring it back to greatness.”
The other big news from last week is that the U.S. Dover Air Force base was hit last with a nuclear weapon or the equivalent. The attack was described as a magnitude 4.4 earthquake in the corporate media. However, the “earthquake” had all the hallmarks of a nuclear or beam weapon attack in that its epicenter was a military base, it was shallow, and the seismograph shows a huge one-off instant quake, not the sort of shaking buildup seen in natural quakes. It can be seen in the link below.
Although the attack took place the day after North Korea announced it had ICBMs that could hit anywhere in the U.S., Pentagon sources are saying this was part of the undeclared civil war inside the military-industrial complex. The Dover base is where U.S. military and other dead bodies are “processed,” and it is also home to long-range heavy-lifting air transports. Since the CIA smuggled heroin back to the U.S. in coffins during the Vietnam War, it is a pretty good guess that this base was taken out because it was a major trans-shipment point for Afghan heroin.
There was also visible evidence last week of at the very least, a low-earth-orbit space war going on, as what Pentagon sources describe as “rogue satellites” were…
…“de-orbited.”  This may have appeared in the news as the failure of a Russian rocket launch containing 19 satellites.
Also, on December 2nd, U.S. General John Hyten, the head of U.S. Strategic Command, told an audience in California that several states were targeting U.S. space capabilities and warned, “We cannot allow that to happen.”
There were also reports world wide of meteorites and “space junk” falling last week.  This writer personally witnessed a multicolor meteorite fall in a location that appeared to the naked eye to be less than a kilometer from my home in western Tokyo.  A video of it can be seen at the following link:


“The storm that began on November 4th with the Saudi purge has gone kinetic,” the Pentagon sources say, apparently being literal about it.
The purge on the ground level inside the U.S. is also becoming increasingly visible.  “Operation Mockingbird has been deactivated as CIA media assets like Matt Lauer were fired from NBC,” following the November 18th raid on CIA headquarters by the Marines, the sources note.  Another sign of a Mockingbird shoot-down came as ABC News suspended Brian Ross for what Trump describes as his “horrendously inaccurate and dishonest report on the Russia, Russia, Russia Witch Hunt.”  The corporate media purge has just begun, the sources promise.
The Khazarian mobsters are clinging to the hope that the indictment last week of former Defense Intelligence Agency head Michael Flynn by Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller will lead to the impeachment of Trump.  However, Pentagon sources promise that “the Flynn indictment is a ‘nothing burger’ that allows him to expose all crimes of Obama, Hillary, the FBI, pedos, and deep state to Mueller while helping Trump to drain the swamp.”
Obama, for his part, asked Chinese President Xi Jinping last week for political asylum but was turned down, say Asian secret society sources.  In public, this could be seen in the form of Obama thumbing his nose at China by visiting the Dalai Lama immediately after leaving China.  The Dalai Lama, however, is himself likely to be purged and is in no position to help Obama.
Also, speaking of “pedos,” last week Hollywood star, director and actor Mel Gibson said Hollywood elites “Harvest the blood of children.  They eat their flesh.  They believe this gives them life force.  If the child was suffering in body and psyche before it died, they believe this gives them extra life force.”  Gibson said, “This isn’t some kind of artistic abstraction… I was personally introduced to the practice in the early 2000s.  I can talk about this now because these people, the execs, they’re dead now.”
This writer can also confirm he has personally met two Khazarian mobsters who admitted to eating human fetuses.  These are the people who are being actively hunted down now by the white hats.
A purge has also started in Japan now that Emperor Naruhito has taken over from his father Emperor Akihito, according to Japanese military intelligence sources.  Although Akihito is not officially supposed to retire until April 2019, Naruhito is already the de facto Emperor, they explain.  So far only a few dozen people have been purged, but a lot more will begin on the December 7th, the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, they say.  In particular, a “Mr. K,” who lives in a hotel guarded by 70 bodyguards, is going to be taken down, they add.
Japanese intelligence also wants U.S. military white hats to be aware that many in the U.S. military and intelligence community in Japan have for years been bribed with “Kagurazaka geishas and cash.”  They say that even former U.S. Ambassador Caroline Kennedy was regularly and lavishly entertained at “host clubs.”  A lot of Japanese money has been looted since the death of Emperor Hirohito and given to the Rothschilds, Bushes, Clintons, and other high-level Khazarian mobsters, by Koreans who pretend to be Japanese like former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone, the sources say.
Meanwhile as the U.S. and Japan continue to clean house, international financial tension between the U.S. and China is building.  A sign of this was the breaking off of the U.S.-China economic dialogue last week.  It is important to note in this context that the tax cuts announced by Trump last week can only be implemented if the U.S. declares bankruptcy and issues a new currency, because otherwise it would require massive new borrowing from China.  China is not in a mood to pour more money down the black hole of the U.S. corporate government, Asian secret society sources say.
The Chinese are hoping to bankrupt the U.S. corporate government and have Canada take over and create a United States of North America to replace the rogue regime that the U.S. corporate government has become, the sources say.  This week Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in China and, as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reports, “U.S. President Donald Trump’s on-again, off-again antipathy for China helps position Canada as a more attractive partner in North America.”
In a sign that China and its BRICS allies were preparing for a U.S. default, there was a formal announcement last week by the BRICS nations that they were going to start their own gold trading network.
Venezuela also announced last week that it was setting up a cryptocurrency backed by gold, oil, and diamonds to replace the U.S. dollar.
Furthermore, in a sign they were worried about a money grab by the Americans, Russia’s Finance Ministry issued a warning last week that if the U.S. seized Russia’s foreign reserves, “it would be a declaration of financial war.”
Ominously, a CIA source in Asia who has Rothschild connections, had the following comment to make when asked about the financial war:  “I have been told by one of my contacts who is ‘in the know on these type of matters’ that the master plan is to collapse the system globally in the 3rd quarter of 2018.”
On a final note, a reader in Brazil sent the following information via e-mail:  “In Porto Alegre-Brazil, a southern state of my country, there is a big American consulate building, really bigger than the one in São Paulo, and I can tell you by normal justification there is no need for Porto Alegre have such big American consulate unless it is something like CIA headquarters.  A friend of mine who lives there said that for the last few years, since this building was made, there seems to be just a few people working there, less than ten, at least on the surface level.”  Perhaps this is another DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base) that needs to be taken out.
However, Nazis based in South American underground bases have previously told this writer that they no longer wanted to conquer the world and just wanted to be left alone to play with their flying saucers.  Maybe they should just announce that they will share that and other technology with the rest of the world.

Thanks to KP at: https://kauilapele.wordpress.com


UFO News ~ Sky-Watcher Caught Giant Cylinder UFO Near Orion Nebula plus MORE

Posted: 07 Dec 2017 05:43 AM PST

Sky-Watcher Caught Giant Interstellar Cylinder UFO Near Orion Nebula

Do you remember the mysterious cylindrical shaped object from interstellar space named Oumuamua that came within our solar system last month?

Now, on November 29, 2017 a sky-watcher from North Carolina was out collecting data on M42 Orion Nebula.

As he still was fine focusing his 8 in astrograph / Newtonian Telescope a giant cylinder shaped UFO appeared on his laptop screen which he captured in a single 30.2 second frame.

Just as he thought the thrill was over several other objects appeared on the laptop screen which he also captured in a 5 frame sequence at 30.2 second frames and it clearly shows the movement of the objects at the bottom of the frames.

GIF image: See the movement of the objects at the bottom of the frames.

The sky-watcher who has submitted the revealing space images to Mufon – case 88566, says: “It’s not the first and surely not the last as I search the night sky for galaxies, nebula and the truth that’s out there.”

Thanks to: http://ufosightingshotspot.blogspot.com


How to Supercharge Your Dopamine Levels Naturally and Never Feel Depressed or Anxious Again

Posted: 07 Dec 2017 05:34 AM PST

How to Supercharge Your Dopamine Levels Naturally and Never Feel Depressed or Anxious Again

Dopamine is the brain’s master “pleasure” chemical. This single neurotransmitter is responsible for a plethora of mental and physical processes. By learning how to stimulate your own dopamine levels naturally, you can overcome depression, anxiety, apathy, and fear, while boosting feelings of pleasure created by this amazing little neuron.
Dopamine is what rewards certain behaviors in us so that we do them again, and why certain drugs are so addictiveCocaine, heroine and other opiates cause a dopamine “super reward”which makes their use highly desirable, until you experience the dopamine crash that comes once the illicit drug is absent from the physiology.
The opiates bind to the opiate receptors in the brain, increasing a dopamine release, but once gone, there is an ever-increasing need for more opiate (or other drug) to induce the same dopamine-high. This is what causes drug addicts to resort to ever increasing, negative behaviors to get their next “fix.” The dopamine high is that desirable.
In experiments conducted with mice, when the same nerve bundle that causes an opiate release was stimulated when they pressed a lever, the mice, left to their own devices, would press the lever thousands of times in an hour, due to the pleasurable feelings the dopamine would induce. A later experiment (conducted unethically on a human being) showed a similar response. Over the course of three hours, a person would press a button which triggered a dopamine dump thousands of times to get an immense emotional boost.
We get little dopamine dumps in our brains with less destructive behaviors – like making money, having sex, and even winning a video game, but there are dopamine boosting activities that can regularly boost our “pleasure” neurotransmitter, without causing an addictive backlash.
We have a certain number of dopamine neurons in the brain, and they are smaller than other neurons, making up less than 0.0006% of the neurons in the human brain, but we can stimulate the powerful nerve bundle in the brain that links dopamine neurons with their targets in the forebrain.

Dopamine does more than just boost our happiness quotient, though. It is also responsible for regulating our muscle movement, improving cognitive function, helping keep us focused, make decisions, evaluate problems and solve them, and regulating the secretion of prolactin.
Dopamine is undoubtedly, extremely important for our wellbeing and happiness. Without high dopamine levels, we tend to experience depression, sadness, confusion, fear, negative thinking, rumination, and other emotional obstacles.
Following are some 100-percent-natural ways to increase your dopamine levels:


Exercise elevates dopamine D2 receptors in the brain. It also happens to increase serotonin, and other endorphins in the body as well. Regular exercise can help prevent depression, reduce stress, and strengthen the mind just as much as it strengthens the body.

Make a List and Cross Off the Things You Accomplish

The brain dumps a little dopamine every time we successfully accomplish a task – no matter how big or small. To get even more dopamine “hits,” then break up big tasks into smaller pieces, and check them off one by one. This habit also has a tendency of keeping you moving toward your goals, and clearing the mental clutter in your mind.
The Principles of Self-Management state that if a task represents a change of 25% (or bigger change) in your life routine, you will feel disinclined to finish it, and often end up self-sabotaging or giving up. Conversely, making small changes (around 10%) keep you going in the right direction, and increase your pleasure.

Eat Dopamine-Increasing Foods

The essential amino acid, tyrosine is a precursor for dopamine. By eating foods that contain tryrosine, you can naturally boost dopamine levels. Find tryrosine in things like:

  • Eggs
  • Green tea
  • Milk
  • Watermelon
  • Coffee
  • Almonds
  • Bananas
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Yogurt

Reduce Your Lipopolysaccharideds

It’s a big word, but it is basically an endotoxin that causes your immune system to go berserk. Lipopolysaccharides also inhibit the production of dopamine.  By eating foods which protect the gut, such as yogurt, kefir, kimchi, and taking probiotics, you can lower your lipopolysaccharides, and allow dopamine to be created with ease.


While we’re on the topic of toxins, it is important to regularly detox. The accumulation of too many toxins in your body can prevent dopamine production. There are a myriad ways of detoxing, from green juicing, to taking activated charcoal, or doing a yogic master cleanse. The less toxic you are, the more super-charged your dopamine levels can get.

Listen to Uplifting Music

One of the easiest, and quickest ways to get a beneficial dopamine dump in the brain is from listening to music. Music creates “peak emotional moments” by making our brains “sing.” Music has been helping people feel uplifted since Paleolithic times. It’s that tried, and true.

Get Creative

It doesn’t matter if you express your creativity by doing arts and crafts, or writing an entire symphony, any creative activity increases levels of dopamine. Dance, take a figure drawing class, write a poem, cook something new, or even attack an auto-repair project with creative gusto, and you’ll be rewarded with higher dopamine levels.

Start a Positive Streak

Not only will this behavior increase dopamine levels, but it also happens to be the foundation for creating new, positive habits. See how many times you can do one new thing (like recycling your plastic or skipping soda) and mark it down on a calendar or tear sheet. See how long you can make the winning streak last.


Dopamine levels can also be raised through supplementation. Try:

  • L-theanine increases numerous neurotransmitters in the brain, including dopamine. Green tea is a rich source of this plant compound.
  • Curcumin found prevalently in turmeric, effectively increases dopamine in the brain.
  • Ginkgo Biloba can raise dopamine levels.
  • Acetyl-l-tyrosine is a building block of dopamine, so a healthy dose of it supports the production of dopamine in the brain.

Meditation and Yoga

Meditation and yoga can effectively alter brain mechanisms that allow for bigger dopamine dumps. One of the reasons consistent meditators handle stress better, and usually feel good is due to an increase in GABA and dopamine. Meditation also releases us from the conditioned neural pathways which block the release of dopamine and other feel-good neurotransmitters.

Thanks to: http://themindunleashed.com
and: http://www.earth-heal.com


Quadcopter Exploration Of Ancient Inca Complex Of Tambo Colorado Near Paracas Peru

Posted: 07 Dec 2017 05:25 AM PST

Global vaccine cartel wreaks destruction: the evidence by Jon Rappoport

Posted: 06 Dec 2017 09:10 PM PST

Global vaccine cartel wreaks destruction: the evidence

Dec6  by Jon Rappoport

Global vaccine cartel wreaks destruction: the evidence
by Jon Rappoport
December 6, 2017
Massive vaccine damage, hidden.
Put these two public-health agency statements up against each other:
Doesn’t add up, does it? Across a population of 100 million people, widespread harm and death would have occurred.
Read on, and follow the inexorable logic.
The FDA has just released a statement (8/28) about its crackdown on a California company pushing an unapproved treatment for cancer patients: stem cells mixed with a smallpox vaccine.
But that’s not the big story. The big story is buried in the FDA press release. Here is the Agency’s statement:
“Serious health problems, including those that are life-threatening, can also occur in…people who…have problems with their heart or immune system if they become infected with the [smallpox] vaccine virus, either by being vaccinated or by being in close contact with a person who was vaccinated.”
Get it? The FDA is admitting that those with certain prior health conditions who pick up the smallpox virus, as a result of vaccination, are at exceptionally high risk. AMONG THOSE PRIOR HEALTH CONDITIONS IS: “IMMUNE SYSTEM PROBLEMS.”
That simply means: weak and compromised immune systems.
And yet…during the years 1966-1980, a massive smallpox eradication campaign was carried out in Africa, under the auspices of the World Health Organization. Roughly 100 million doses of the smallpox vaccine were given to Africans, MILLIONS OF WHOM ALREADY HAD SEVERELY COMPROMISED IMMUNE SYSTEMS.
How much devastation was wrought by this vaccination campaign?
The World Health Organization, in 1980, celebrated the eradication of smallpox on the African continent—but was that what really happened?
Or was it this? The visible signs of smallpox receded, but people with already-compromised immune systems began dying in large numbers. (Is THAT what would soon be called AIDS?)
The FDA, in the statement I quoted above, unwittingly implied what researchers have known for decades: the so-called smallpox eradication campaign in Africa was one of the most dangerous medical interventions in history.
In the late 1980s, a respected biologist with close knowledge of the Africa eradication campaign, told me, off the record, that after the World Health Organization celebrated their “victory” in Africa, they held a very secret meeting in Geneva.
At this meeting, it was decided that the smallpox vaccine they deployed in Africa would never be used again.
I asked him why.
Because it caused cases of smallpox, he said.
So the African eradication campaign had a double effect. In some people, the vaccine caused smallpox, which it was supposed to prevent. In others, it wrought extreme devastation and death without giving the appearance of smallpox.
More lies, more widespread destruction from the vaccine establishment.
Need further proof? In 2001, out of nowhere, the US federal government announced there was a potential bio-terror threat: the use of the smallpox virus as a weapon. Therefore, vaccination clinics would be set up all over America, and “everyone” should show up and receive the smallpox vaccine. As encouragement, President Bush got his shot on national television.
But then, even mainstream doctors and researchers began contacting reporters and telling them there was a serious problem: the dangerous vaccine could injure and kill people.
The program was quietly allowed to fade out. The massive number of vaccination clinics never materialized. About a year after US Secretary of Health and Human Services, Tommy Thompson, had warned the country about the threat of a smallpox bioterror attack, he showed up to say he was recommending that cabinet members should NOT get the shot. And that was that. End of story.
A national vaccine program canceled. Retracted. Buried. When do you see that happen? Virtually never.
However, the smallpox vaccine was too dangerous.
—The same vaccine that was shot into the bodies of 100 million Africans.
(For more on this topic, see Enormous basic lies about vaccination…)

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealedclick here.)

Recording that Police Said Didn’t Exist of Feldman Naming His Abusers was Just FOUND

Posted: 06 Dec 2017 08:55 PM PST

Recording that Police Said Didn’t Exist of Feldman Naming His Abusers was Just FOUND

Moments ago, after denying the existence of a recording in which Corey Feldman named his abusers, police found the tape—vindicating Feldman.

Matt Agorist

December 6, 2017

During an interview with the now disgraced host of NBC’s Today Show, Matt Lauer grilled Corey Feldman and accused him of never going to police with his story. However, Feldman quickly retorted and explained to Lauer that there is a recording in which he did tell police who abused him—during the statute of limitations—and they did nothing.

“I’ve told the police,” Feldman said. “In fact, if anybody wants to go back to 1993, I sat there with the Santa Barbara police, I gave them the names, they’re on record. They have all of this information but they were scanning Michael Jackson. All they cared about was trying to find something on Michael Jackson.”

This statement quickly became the subject of a massive controversy after Feldman went on to appear on Dr. Oz who called the Santa Barbara police to ask for this recording. Replying to Feldman’s claims that they had a recording of these names, the Santa Barbara police denied the existence of it. However, as TFTP predicted at the time, this was not true. And, moments ago,the recording of Corey Feldman naming his abusers to the police was found.

“In a container which included the original reports from the investigation, the Sheriff’s Office located some detective working copies of audio recordings made during the investigation. A copy of Mr. Feldman’s interview was located,” a statement read from Kelly Hoover, SBCSO’s Public Information Officer.

As FOX News reports, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office public information officer Kelly Hoover told Fox News on Tuesday night in an emailed statement, “Following the recent inquiries into the Sheriff’s Office interview of Mr. Feldman in 1993, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office conducted an additional review for any stored items remaining from the Michael Jackson investigation. In a container which included the original reports from the investigation, the Sheriff’s Office located some detective working copies of audio recordings made during the investigation. A copy of Mr. Feldman’s interview was located. The recording is being turned over to the Los Angeles Police Department. Due to the fact that this case involves the alleged sexual abuse of a child, we are unable to comment further and any documentation or evidence related to this case is exempt from release.”

READ MORE:  Weinstein Tip of the Iceberg, Former Victims Expose Hollywood’s Organized Pedophilia Ring

To be clear, just two months ago, the Sheriff’s office said the following after they were made aware of Feldman’s claims: “We are aware of the statements that Mr. Feldman is making regarding an investigation in 1993. Our records do not indicate that he named any suspects.”

The existence of this tape could prove to be paradigm shifting in the investigation into Hollywood’s child sex trafficking ring. It proves that police had the information they could have used to launch an investigation into multiple child predators and they did nothing.

As Feldman predicted last month, the LAPD dropped his investigation almost as soon as he reported it to him.

“The alleged accordance is out of statue and Robbery/Homicide have no avenues to pursue the case. However, the LAPD applauds Mr. Feldman for coming forward, as an out of statute assault report could potentially bolster any current and forthcoming case as it creates a pattern of behavior. The latest rash of sexual assault reports are particularly troubling and the LAPD encourages and will gladly take a report from anyone who feels they may be a victim,” an LAPD spokesperson said in a statement.

However, it appears that the only reason this case is outside of the statute of limitations is due to police not acting on it when it was covered.

Either this shows the police were entirely negligent in investigating the accusations made by a child victim of sexual assualt—or, they were complicit in covering up for the abusers. Either way, those responsible for allowing this information to be kept covered up need to be held accountable for allowing predators to get away.

Thanks to: http://thefreethoughtproject.com


VAST Child Trafficking Network Tied To Politicians, Heads Of State And The Mafia

Posted: 06 Dec 2017 08:48 PM PST

VAST Child Trafficking Network Tied To Politicians, Heads Of State And The Mafia — Exposed By Victim’s Testimony

A former child trafficking victim is speaking out and backed up by evidence exposing a massive multistate criminal operation tied to politicians, heads of state and the mafia.

by Matt Agorist, guest author

It is no longer a secret that throughout all levels of the Hollywood establishment there is rampant sexual abuse.

However, this massive ousting of pedophiles and sex abusers is leading to a place in which some of society’s worst abusers make a living off your tax dollars — Washington D.C.

In a bombshell interview with Disobedient Media, Greg Bucceroni, a survivor of sex trafficking, described his experiences in an alleged child sex ring in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s that primarily targeted troubled young boys on the East Coast.

The network was said to be comprised of known human traffickers, abusers and producers of child pornography with ties to organized crime who openly associated with prominent political figures, including some who have been accused of indiscretions in the past, according to DM.

For those who don’t remember, Bucceroni is no stranger to exposing elite pedophiles as he came forward in 2012 with major allegations linking Jerry Sandusky to a massive pedophile ring tied to former Poly Prep football coach Phil Foglietta.

The pedophile ring operated under the cover of being a charitable organization that helped at-risk youths. Only this alleged pedophile ring preyed on them instead of helped them.

“(Between) 1977-1980 I was a child prostitute associated with a tri-state (NYC-NJ-PA) pedophile ring. (During the) summer of 1979 I was brought to the State College area by Ed Savitz for the purpose of child prostitution with Jerry Sandusky at a Second Mile fundraiser,” Bucceroni wrote in the email.

“Due to time constraints, Sandusky became unavailable and I was introduced to Phil Foglietta by Ed Savitz & Jerry Sandusky. Foglietta was introduced to us as Coach Phil who coached youth football in NYC.

“Foglietta agreed to pay $200.00 for child sex and followed us back to a Philadelphia hotel, myself (sic)ad another child prostitute then engaged coach Phil in child sex.”

As DM reports, Bucceroni’s assertions are corroborated by media reports, emails published by Wikileaks, FBI documentation of mafia activity and testimony from a congressional committee hearing obtained through Freedom of Information Act requests.

The pedophile rings included former Philadelphia businessman, Ed Savitz, philanthropist Samuel Rappaport, former Penn State coach, Jerry Sandusky, Coach Phil Foglietta, and former Wharton School of Business professor, Lawrence Scott Ward.

Along with Sandusky, Ward was busted as well and is currently serving a prison sentence for producing and distributing child porn.

Bucceroni also linked former speaker of the House, Dennis Hastert, Lawrence King, and former DNC Chair Ed Rendell to the scandal.

King ran the now defunct Franklin Community Federal Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska, and it was alleged that the ring was “a cult of devil worshipers involved in the mutilation, sacrifice, and cannibalism of numerous children.”

During the fall of the credit union, the NY Times reported that State Senator Ernie Chambers of Omaha, said the activities of Lawrence E. King Jr., the credit union’s manager for the last 18 years and the central figure in its collapse, were ”just the tip of an iceberg, and he’s not in it by himself.”

Bucceroni told Disobedient Media that Lawrence King would host trips to “take kids from the South Philly Boys Club to Washington D.C.” Bucceroni explained that he was never tortured by Savitz or Lawrence King and was not personally aware of others being tortured but that Savitz used the “honey approach rather than vinegar.”

Hastert was apparently very close to Lawrence King as well. As TFTP has reported in the past, Hastert, the former speaker of the house under Clinton and Bush is an admitted child rapist whose political connections got him a sweet deal during his prosecution.

Aside from the FOIA requests, WikiLeaks, and mainstream press backing up the claims of Bucceroni, as TFTP recently reported, we are now seeing the curtain get peeled back on DC showing how taxpayer dollars are being spent to cover up the rampant sex abuse taking place in the nation’s capital.

Bucceroni’s allegations not only tie sex trafficking philanthropists to the political elite, but they also encompass the mafia and a pornography empire that would help create and distribute the horrific acts by these monsters.

As DM notes, pornography mogul Richard Basciano was reported to have partnered with mafia notable Robert DiBernado, who The New York Times lists as a captain in the Gambino crime family that was under federal investigation for child pornography at the time of his murder.

The New York Times reported that “Mr. DiBernardo and Mr. Rothstein are officers of Star Distributors, a company that Federal prosecutors are investigating for involvement in child pornography.”

The New York Daily News also confirms that in the 1980’s, Robert DiBernardo and Ted Rothstein were partners of Richard Basciano.

FBI documents state outright that Basciano oversaw Star Distributors, which was referred to as an outlet well known for [url=https://archive.org/stream/RobertDibernardo/Robert Dibernardo 01#page/n239/mode/2up/search/star+distributors]distributing child pornography[/url].

Aside from his mafia ties, Basciano was also well-connected to the political class.

Basciano had a well-documented friendship with Ed Rendell, a former District Attorney for Philadelphia, former Governor of Pennsylvania and former DNC Chair.

Some press reports go so far as to suggest that Rendell shielded Basciano in the aftermath of a 2013 building collapse.

An editorial by the Philadelphia Inquirer lamented that “It was disheartening to hear a former mayor, Ed Rendell, defend Richard Basciano,” during the ensuing scandal.

The editorial appears to have since been removed from the Inquirer’s site.

Aside from being the former DNC Chair, Rendell was also reportedly involved with the child trafficking ring operating out of Haiti after the 2010 earthquake.

The Obama administration, with the help of Rendell who was the Governor of Pennsylvania, removed children from Haiti—illegally—and transported them back to the US.

Diane Paul, an expert on human rights in disaster zones at the Brookings Institution in Washington, said at the time, according to the Telegraph:

“These people were well-intentioned but they were taking children out of the country without the right permission and that just shouldn’t happen. Political pressure should not be used to take children in violation of regulations.”

As DM notes, Wikileaks emails sent during the crisis reveal that in behind-the-scenes discussion of Rendell’s Haitian efforts, Hillary Clinton’s aides characterized Rendell as extremely motivated to remove the children from Haiti as quickly as possible.

The discussion included statements by Clinton aides showing an awareness that the children Rendell sought to fly from the earthquake-ravaged island nation included 12 minors who were not involved in any adoption process.

Rendell was so eager to take these children out of Haiti, that Clinton’s aides noted that the Secretary of State herself may be the only person capable of stopping him.

“The only person who may be able to back Rendell off is Secretary Clinton. Has anyone looped Cheryl Mills in on this issue?” the email read.

But it gets worse. As DM reports:

Rendell’s intervention in Haiti was not the only human trafficking scandal tied to the former DNC Chair.

Bloomberg reported on allegations of “systemic human smuggling” of forced laborers and money laundering documented in relation to a Saipan casino project by Hong Kong-based Imperial Pacific, controlled by Chinese billionaire Cui Lijie.

The New York Times wrote that Rendell served on the company’s Advisory Committee.

Bloomberg reported that others involved with Imperial Pacific included former Directors of the FBI and CIA, former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour and a former executive in President Donald Trump’s Atlantic City casino business.

Given the bombshell evidence presented by Bucceroni and delivered by Disobedient Media, which is backed up by massive amounts of evidence, the idea that someone could easily dismiss the allegations of rampant child trafficking among America’s elite as a conspiracy theory is irresponsible at best, and complicit at worst.

On multiple occasions, the Free Thought Project has reported interviews of former child sex trafficking victims who’ve all noted—just like Bucceroni—that they had nowhere to go as police and high-level politicians all took place in the abuse.

In case after case, the Free Thought Project reports on horrifying instances of child sex rings that were allowed to go on for decades because politicians — including heads of states — policemen, clergy, and others were all in on the sick game.

This can no longer go on. As DM so eloquently put it, The Huffington Post recently wrote of the Weinstein scandal:

“Since Harvey Weinstein’s downfall, we as a society have apparently decided to try this radical new idea called “believing women.”

We propose that as a society we also try the radical idea of believing the children.

Thanks to: http://humansarefree.com

Al Bielek ~ Future Map of the U.S.

Posted: 20 Dec 2017 11:02 AM PST

Time Traveler Reveals Map of the United States After Catastrophes

Al Bielek was born in 1927. While working for various military contractors, the people who worked with him began to reveal the truth about the US government’s involvement with extraterrestrials and PSYOPS (Psychological Operations) programs. Strange things started to happen to him soon afterwards.

Recruited into the “Montauk Project,” Bielek said he worked his normal day job in California, and then would take a highly classified underground magnetic levitation subway train from Los Angeles to Montauk.

The Montauk Project is an alleged series of secret United States government projects conducted at Camp Hero or Montauk Air Force Station on Montauk, Long Island, for the purpose of developing psychological warfare techniques and exotic research including time travel.

In the 1980’s when the time control programs were operational, Al Bielek’s duties were to handle the operations of the Mind Control program as well as he participated in some of the time travel experiments.

Both he and Duncan who was one of the Montauk Boys programmers under Al Bielek traveled to Mars on several occasions.

During a mind control/time travel session he got visions of major catastrophes to our planet especially to the United States. His visions have been worked out on a map which shows that in the future large parts of the U.S. will be under water.

Besides the visions of many other futurists of what the United States will look like in the future, probably the most appealing vision came from the American psychic Edgar Cayce called “The Sleeping Prophet” who received a message which was transmitted while he was in a sleep-like trance that the earth will be broken up in many places whereby many portions of the East Coast and West Coast, as well as the central portion of the United States will be under water.

Al Bielek as well as Edgar Cayce both received the messages/visions at the time they were in an altered state of consciousness. Such a state of awareness opens a gate to visual experiences other than normal waking consciousness.


Thanks to: http://ufosightingshotspot.blogspot.com


Big Brother is Watching You — For Real

Posted: 20 Dec 2017 08:53 AM PST

Big Brother is Watching You — For Real

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”  Edward Bernays, Propaganda

There really is an information war, and you are right in the middle of the battlefield.  Are you ready?

Sure, we are being surveilled, watched, listened to, wiretapped, and subliminally messaged – but what do I care as long as I have the Internet of Things to do my regal bidding?

Your every move, query, keystroke, like, phone call, message, and digital choice is creating your own personalized “dark profile” that can be used against you not only for commercial purposes but to literally program your thinking.

Once your “dark profile” is created, it can be used against you to manipulate your life in ways that are unimaginable, intervening in finances, work, social life, and the political realm simultaneously.

Government documents admit to heinous “digital crimes” against all Americans with 100% surveillance through all “devices” with microchip processors.

You are more than just being “watched”; your very thoughts (neural networks) are being manipulated.

It is each internet user’s duty to learn about these cyber-programs of manipulation and to be on guard!  Ignorance and apathy will not protect you.

The Anonymous Patriots have been asked to recap the methods that broadcasters use to control people through televisions, radios, cell phones, and computers. We have written prior Citizens’ Intelligence Reports on these important topics. Here, we update and refresh our intelligence report on the many weapons that are being used to “dumb” people down enough to accept political, military, and corporate propaganda without questioning the nonsense, lies, and post-truth politics that spew forth from every propaganda, corporate, main stream media outlet.
Warning:  Do not read this article if you are not ready to confront evil in some of its very ugly forms. The military/corporate warlords are engaged in a battle to steal your willpower, your hard-earned income, and your political opinion. They want to turn them into never-ending commercialism, banal and immoral entertainment, and post-truth politics that are frankly not believable without the subliminal messaging and overt mind-control.
They are attempting to control human thinking until “free thoughts” are wiped-out. The cyber-war is actually a fight for control of your soul and spirit, and the weapons being used against us are in our very own hands at the end of our fingertips, and in our home, workplace, and environment, blaring from every television, computer, and radio.
We must learn the methods of our enemies so that their tricks, scams, and mental manipulation can have no power over our soul and spirit and the human right to have “free thought” without being controlled by the overlords of technology.
Ready or Not – The Battle Has Begun
A new technological revolution is taking place and each person on the internet will be affected. Many will fall prey to this information weapon that will be used against us to control our lives. For those on social media like Facebook, or those that have bought into using the Internet of Things, your life is about to change radically as you believe you are becoming more “free” by the machines that serve you, when in fact, you have willingly become imprisoned through the internet.
The more you participate in the automatic information fed directly to your machines that have personalized your news, entertainment, business, and “life-patterns”, the more you will think you are free and fully informed. But in fact, you will be limited by what your pattern-of-life generates as your individualized algorithms as a mechanical virtual world which will be created around you and becomes your personalized “digital prison” that you happily accept because it seems like a digital heaven to you.
Have you been lolled into dreaming sleep yet? You will be.
Your new digital prison is being created for you every time you do an internet search, click a like button on Facebook, type a word into your computer, choose something to watch on TV, or even speak a word into your phone. Every speck of “information” that you participate in is used to make your personalized digital life-pattern profile – your “dark profile.”
Even your bank account and everything you spend a digital penny on is being gathered in an NSA program called Marina that knows so much about you that when you get into your car on a day you have a weekly appointment, your phone “pings” in the route and distance to your destination automatically.
Your phone can also activate the controls of all your devices that can be connected to the Internet of Things. As you approach your house with your phone, your garage door opens automatically as the lights in the house come on and the house alarm is turned off while your coffee maker brews a coffee and your TV comes on to your usual show as the heating pad in your easy chair turns on to your favorite setting. There is no end to the “machine intelligence” support you can get from mechanically augmented reality.
Not enough for you? Then put on your 3-D visor and enter your self-created virtual reality world where it feels you are free to do as you please – seemingly, a type of virtual freedom.
Can you see where this is going in the future? The future is here today because all the things just described have already been created and are ready to be offered to every American with an internet connection and the money to upgrade to the new Google called Alphabet. Eric Schimdt, the CEO of Alphabet has bragged about this new system that he says is ready to go.
Whether you know it or not, what is described above is already happening on a commercial level and soon will escalate to an overt military level while the innocent internet user is lulled into believing that they are simply having fun. Since most American businesses have some component on the internet, the military weaponization of the internet may be as powerful as the threat of global nuclear annihilation.
Just imagine if the internet were turned off tomorrow for good – permanently, never to return. Most of what we think of as modern life would end and many people would never recover. Economies would collapse, wars would rage, and children wouldn’t know what to do or what to think.

Modern life would collapse because the weapon of the internet already has control of modern life.

We need to see the internet and its “wonders” for exactly what they are – weapons of mass social manipulation. When we can see the evil plans of those who have advanced this technology without the moral compass necessary to guide such powerful tools, then perhaps we can change these innovations from weapons into the information tools we initially believed they were intended to be. Information was supposed to free humanity, not imprison it in a virtual world where education is replaced by entertainment, religion is replaced by consumerism, and the real world in replaced by virtual reality.
Weaponization of the Internet
Taxpayers of the United States, through the CIA’s advanced research and development company In-Q-Tel, funded the open source program that became Facebook, Google, Intel, Apple, and Microsoft. These companies have weaponized these devices and systems against the citizens of the world.
Once the Silicon Valley high-tech “dummy” companies are established by stooges chosen for their willingness to incorporate military “back doors” into all their products, the NSA/CIA/FBI uses the information gleaned from those companies to surveil every American through every devise that broadcasts a signal – cell phone, computer, television, or any devise on the Internet of Things.
Intelligence agencies can simply type in a query and access the metadata collected from every digital devise on the internet or that uses wi-fi or cell phone towers. This information is then used to target individuals for consumerism and/or U.S. Department of Defense intelligence collection. If an internet user is targeted, there are hundreds of ways to attack the user and manipulate his/her buying habits, personal life-pattern choices, and even the way the user thinks.
The object of the intelligence is simply to control the user. Social networks on the internet are military experiments in social manipulation, what the military calls PSYOPS – or psychological operations.
One of the NSA programs used to gather the Internet metadata is XKeyscore, a secret computer system first used by the National Security Agency (NSA) for searching and analyzing global Internet data, which it collects on a daily basis.

It enables almost unlimited surveillance of anyone anywhere in the world. The NSA’s databank of collected communications allows its analysts to listen to the calls or read the emails of everything that the NSA has stored, or look at the browsing histories or Google search terms that you’ve entered, and it also alerts them to any further activity that people connected to that email address or that IP address do in the future. XKeyscore consists of over 700 servers at approximately 150 sites where the NSA collects data.
Another component of NSA data collection is a program called Marina that is a database and analysis toolset for intercepted internet metadata. The database stores metadata up to a year. The Marina metadata application tracks a user’s browser experience, gathers contact information/content and develops summaries of the target and of the more distinguishing features and can look back on the last 365 days’ worth of metadata seen by collection system, regardless whether or not it was tasked for collection. The stored metadata is mainly used for pattern-of-life analysis.

US persons are not exempt because metadata is not considered data by US law (section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act).

Once the data is collected and can be queried and targeted, the data is then stored in an NSA program called Sentient World Simulation. This program is developing billions of individual nodes (prisons) to reflect every man, woman, and child.
It will be a synthetic mirror of the real world with automated continuous calibration with respect to current real-world information. SWS provides an environment for testing Psychological Operations (PSYOPs), so that military leaders can develop and test multiple courses of action to anticipate and shape behaviors of adversaries, neutrals, and partners (US citizens).
SWS also replicates financial institutions, utilities, media outlets, and street corner shops. By applying theories of economics and human psychology, its developers can predict how individuals and mobs will respond to various stressors.
These three programs, XKeyscoreMarina, and Sentient World Simulation create some of the environments which intend to imprison and control those who willingly enter the digital virtual reality of the internet. The internet is a WARZONE according to the people who created and weaponized it. Notice that the description of SWS says that even “neutrals” are the target of these systems. No one is safe from the surveillance, monitoring, targeting, and attacks of Facebook, Twitter, Google and Alphabet.
Just look how President Donald Trump is using Twitter as a weapon against the Main Stream Media. There is a battle for information and every person is in the middle of the battle whether they like it or not. The only question is whether you will be manipulated or not, which unless you are a hermit, you will be manipulated. So the real questions is – to what extent?
The largest domestic military exercises in US history happened in 2015. They were entitled: “Jade Helm 2015 – Mastering the Human Domain.” This title of the exercises should indicate to you where the US military is focusing its time and energy these days – on US citizens. It also clearly tells us what the intent of the US military is – to Master the Human Domain.
DARPA’s Dark History
In 2001, under the Total Information Awareness Program, President Bush had secretly authorized the NSA’s domestic surveillance of Americans without court-approved warrants. This was also the year that the Bush administration drew up its Information Operations Roadmap. Describing the internet as a “vulnerable weapons system,” Donald Rumsfeld’s Information Operations roadmap advocated that Pentagon strategy “should be based on the premise that the Department of Defense will ‘fight the net’ as it would an enemy weapons system.” The US should seek “maximum control” of the “full spectrum of globally emerging communications systems, sensors, and weapons systems,” advocated the document.
As of 2006, the CIA’s SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) had been awarded a multi-million dollar NSA contract to develop a big data-mining project called ExecuteLocus, despite the colossal $1 billion failure of its preceding contract, known as Trailblazer. Core components of Total Information Awareness were being quietly continued under new code names. The new surveillance program was then fully transitioned from DARPA’s jurisdiction to the NSA.

Thus, 100% illegal surveillance was, and now is, possible.

Every project of DARPA and In-Q-Tel have been weaponized before they are shared with the companies who then are the “front” for a DARPA sponsored company. DARPA and In-Q-Tel keep the encryption codes and build in backdoors so that they can always control the military weapons that have been released into the corporate world for public use. According to DARPA and In-Q-Tel, innovation and technological advances must first be a weapon that can be controlled by its makers – the military.
Richard ‘Dick’ Patrick O’Neill, founding president of the Pentagon’s Highlands Forum
The Highlands Forum (controls DARPA-In-Q-Tel) directed the creation of weapons of every sort that have been released into the corporate world and now control your laptop, phone, computer, and every other device with a “bugged” microprocessor inside. Intel microprocessors are found in most of our “private” digital devices and are, in fact, collecting “intelligence” for the Department of Defense, CIA, and NSA.
DARPA/In-Q-Tel and the Highlands Forum drive the process of continuous war, from creating the devices that control all nuclear weapons to incubating the technologies that created the Internet, Intel micro-processers, Cisco routers, Google search engines, Facebook-like social networks, the Internet of Things, cell phones, Microsoft software, MacAfee security software, and all other commercial and military warfare devices using their source code.
US Patent Office Works For DARPA/In-Q-Tel
Over five thousand patents have been legal confiscated (stolen) by the US patent office and give to DARPA/In-Q-Tel for further development and weaponization.  Once the patent is used to create a prototype, it has encrypted back-doors installed then it is given out as open source material for corporations and individuals to bring to the market place. If an inventor of a patent that is confiscated by the US Patent Office tries to continue work on the patent, that inventor may end up in jail. There are US patent laws permitting the government to steal and suppress any new technology (and imprison the inventor) which threatens “national security.”
For more detail on the corruption of the US Patent Office, please see our blockbuster report here:

Cisco Systems Monopoly
Once DARPA had created the ARPANET and it proved to be extremely effective, routers were created that could handle exchanges between systems and computers. In 1998, virtually every internet exchange went through a Cisco router. In 2010, a researcher at IBM publicly revealed a flaw in a Cisco operating system that allows a hacker to use a backdoor that was supposed to be available only to law enforcement agencies.
The intruder could hi-jack the Cisco device and use it to spy on all communications passing through it, including the content of e-mails, leaving products vulnerable to attack, particularly ubiquitous software programs like those produced by Microsoft. This backdoor puts millions of customers and their private information at risk and jeopardizes the security of electrical power facilities, public utilities, and transportation systems.
Intel (In-Q-Tel) Inside
Inside every Intel microprocessor is a smaller processor that lets Intel – who works for the Department of Defense – control every aspect of your computer remotely no matter what encryption codes you use. All Intel microprocessor chips have a built-in backdoor that allows complete remote access to a PC through a second physical processor embedded within the main processor which has its own operating system embedded on the chip.
It is advertised as something that will allow IT professionals to remotely troubleshoot a PC. Intel’s latest x86 chips contain a secret backdoor with an embedded subsystem called the Management Engine (ME) that functions as a separate CPU and cannot be disabled, and the code is proprietary. Even an encrypted hard drive can be monitored and controlled by the “processor within the processor” that already has your encryption key. There is more than just the NSA monitoring your calls, emails, and transmissions — there is Intel “Inside” your computer.
Intel collects “intelligence” but it also provides a “back door” to control, or “turn off” your computer at will, just like it has been demonstrated that Cisco routers have a “back door” open to the NSA. A backdoor is a method of bypassing normal authentication in a cryptosystem used for securing unauthorized remote access to a computer.
See our detailed citizens intelligence report on Intel here:


In-Q-Tel is Warfare Technology
In 1999, the CIA created its own venture capital investment firm, In-Q-Tel, to fund promising start-ups that might create technologies useful for intelligence agencies just as the Department of Defense had years earlier created DARPA. Both groups are controlled by the Highlands Forum (Group). The Highlands Forum provides the ideas and funding for the scientific weaponization of new inventions through cooperation between the military and corporate contractors. Its biggest successes recently have been led by the CIA’s In-Q-Tel in the development of high-tech network-based cyber-warfare.
In-Q-Tel contracts almost all its work through SAIC (Science Applications International Corporation) that changed its name to Leidos in 2013. Leidos is among the top 10 largest defense contractors in the U. S. and has a symbiotic relationship with the NSA and U. S. intelligence agencies.
The Highland Forum, DARPA, and In-Q-Tel are a secret multi-national high-tech think tanks for inventing and the control of innovations that can be turned into weapons. Military and information technology experts gather at the Highlands Forum meetings to consider the impacts of the globalization of IT on U. S. interests and warfare. The Forum developed the idea of “network-centric warfare” which is now a top concern of the military and the corporations that serve it.
DARPA’s Google
The US intelligence community funded, nurtured and incubated Google as a military weapon to control information. Seed-funded by the NSA (DARPA) and CIA (In-Q-Tel & SAIC), Google was one among a group of private sector start-ups co-opted by US intelligence to control information warfare.
In 1994, two PhD students at Stanford University, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, made their breakthrough on the first automated web crawling and page ranking application built upon the source code given to them by DARPA/In-Q-Tel. That application remains the core component of what eventually became Google’s search service. Brin and Page had performed their work with funding from the Digital Library Initiative (DLI), a multi-agency program of the National Science Foundation (NSF), NASA and DARPA.
The NSA needed to control and monitor digital information, particularly the data flowing over the Internet. The government can “command” that any company must turn over that information, and it does so as part of the NSA’s Prism program, which Google had been participating in for years by the time it signed the cooperative agreement with the NSA.
Under Google’s terms of service, the company advises its users that it may share their “personal information” with outside organizations, including government agencies. Essentially, the United States intelligence community funded, nurtured and incubated Google as part of a drive to dominate the world through control of information.

No one checks whether DARPA inventions are moral, ethical, or humane.  All military inventions, even if they advertise them as helpful, are weaponized.

Let’s take a closer look at the Highland Forums.  The description below is taken from their website:

      Highland Forums Program Description Overview

     “Information Warfare, Information Operations, Information Assurance, and Operational Resilience Information is an instrument of national, global, and corporate power. As such, control over its use, its protection, and its manipulation, are national and global security issues. This Research Program examines strategic and tactical offensive and defensive aspects of information operations (IO) by state and non-state actors to achieve political, military, and economic goals through IO means, including computer network operations (CNO), computer network attack (CNA), computer network exploitation (CNE), computer network defense (CND), psychological operations (PSYOPS), perception management, media manipulation, propaganda, strategic influence, and public diplomacy, among others.”
The CIA’s – In-Q-Tel, SAIC, and Leidos
In 1998, the CIA identified technology as a top strategic priority, and set out a bold and radical plan to create a new venture that would help increase the agency’s access to private sector innovation. In-Q-Tel was chartered in February 1999 by a group of private citizens at the request of the Director of the CIA and with the support of the U.S. Congress. In-Q-Tel was tasked with building a bridge between the intelligence community and a new set of technology innovators. Eventually, In-Q-Tel evolved into the Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC).
Leidos, a joint spin-off of Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), is an American defense company headquartered in Reston, Virginia, that provides scientific, engineering, systems integration, and technical services. Leidos works extensively with the Department of Defense (4th largest DoD contractor FY2012), the Department of Homeland Security, and the United States Intelligence Community, including the NSA, as well as other US government civil agencies and selected commercial markets. On September 27, 2013, SAIC changed its name to Leidos and spun off a $4 billion government services and information technology company, which retains the name Science Applications International Corporation.
SAIC Projects
In March 2001, SAIC defined the concept for the NSA Trailblazer Project. Trailblazer was a continuation of the earlier ThinThread program which was a project that the NSA pursued during the 1990s. The program involved wiretapping and sophisticated analysis of the resulting data. ThinThread was dismissed and replaced by the Trailblazer Project, which lacked privacy protections. A consortium led by SAIC was awarded a $280 million contract to develop Trailblazer in 2002.
Trailblazer was intended to develop a capability to analyze data carried on all communications networks. It was specifically intended to track entities using cell phones and e-mail. In 2002, NSA contracted SAIC for $280 million to produce a “technology demonstration platform” for the agency’s project, a “Digital Network Intelligence” system to analyze data carried on computer networks.
Cyberspace – A New Operational Domain
In 2011, the United States Department of Defense named cyberspace a new operational domain. The cyberspace domain provides critical capabilities that enable the military to conduct operations in all domains (Land, Sea, Air, Space, and Cyberspace). The US Cyber Command and the Military Services are working to integrate the cyberspace domain with the other operational domains in order to conduct military command and control and achieve “national security” objectives. To effectively integrate cyberspace operations, DoD requires situational awareness of the Mission, Network, and Adversary based on analysis of operational data to make timely and effective decisions.

It is official, every time you are on the internet, you are in a cyber war-zone as defining by the US Department of Defense. You are considered a “hostile actor” until neutralized.

NSA Cyber-kinetic Attacks
The military has for years been developing offensive capabilities, giving it the power not just to defend the US but to assail its foes. Using so-called cyber-kinetic attacks, the NSA and its forces now have the capability to physically destroy an adversary’s equipment and infrastructure, and potentially even to kill. The NSA has concluded that such cyber weapons are as crucial to 21st-century warfare as nuclear arms were in the 20th.

DuPont Mayor confirms ‘mass casualty incident’ training was underway when Amtrak derailment occurred

Posted: 20 Dec 2017 06:26 AM PST

DuPont Mayor confirms ‘mass casualty incident’ training was underway when Amtrak derailment occurred

Posted on December 20, 2017 by Shepard Ambellas

Just like 9/11 and the London bombing of 2007, the training drill somehow went live creating the exact scenario officials were enacting at the time

DUPONT, Wa. (INTELLIHUB) — Ironically, City Mayor Mike Courts and his team, along with numerous agencies, were conducting a training session for a ‘mass casualty incident’ closeby when the Amtrak Cascades derailment occurred killing six and sending over 70 others to the hospital.
According to the report, ‘many agencies’ were in the area planning their day for the exact same scenario as it actually played out in real-time.
Embed from Getty Images

That’s right, just like the Sept. 11, 2001, World Trade Center attacks and just like the July 7, 2007, London bombing, the drill tragically, somehow, went live at the exact time. (i.e. the exact scenario officials were training for actually happened)

The report was aired early on by ABC News but was buried by all other media for no apparent reason despite the fact that it is such a critical detail.


The train was traveling over 80 mph in a 30 mph zone, according to reports.

The Living Reality Of Military-Economic Fascism Exposed

Authored by Robert Higgs via The Mises Institute,

“The business of buying weapons that takes place in the Pentagon is a corrupt business – ethically and morally corrupt from top to bottom. The process is dominated by advocacy, with few, if any, checks and balances. Most people in power like this system of doing business and do not want it changed.”

– Colonel James G. Burton (1993, 232)

In countries such as the United States, whose economies are commonly, though inaccurately, described as “capitalist” or “free-market,” war and preparation for war systematically corrupt both parties to the state-private transactions by which the government obtains the bulk of its military goods and services.

On one side, business interests seek to bend the state’s decisions in their favor by corrupting official decision-makers with outright and de facto bribes. The former include cash, gifts in kind, loans, entertainment, transportation, lodging, prostitutes’ services, inside information about personal investment opportunities, overly generous speaking fees, and promises of future employment or “consulting” patronage for officials or their family members, whereas the latter include campaign contributions (sometimes legal, sometimes illegal), sponsorship of political fund-raising events, and donations to charities or other causes favored by the relevant government officials.

Reports of this sort of corruption appear from time to time in the press under the rubric of “military scandal” (see, for example, Biddle 1985, Wines 1989, Hinds 1992, “National Briefing” 2003, Pasztor and Karp 2004, Colarusso 2004, Calbreath and Kammer 2005, Wood 2005, Babcock 2006, Ross 2006, and “Defense Contractor Guilty in Bribe Case” 2006). On the other, much more important side, the state corrupts business people by effectively turning them into co-conspirators in and beneficiaries of its most fundamental activity — plundering the general public.

Participants in the military-industrial-congressional complex (MICC) are routinely blamed for “mismanagement,” not infrequently they are accused of “waste, fraud, and abuse,” and from time to time a few of them are indicted for criminal offenses (Higgs 1988, 1990, xx-xxiii, 2004; Fitzgerald 1989; Kovacic 1990a, 1990b).

All of these unsavory actions, however, are typically viewed as aberrations — misfeasances to be rectified or malfeasances to be punished while retaining the basic system of state-private cooperation in the production of military goods and services (for an explicit example of the “aberration” claim, see Fitzgerald 1989, 197–98). I maintain, in contrast, that these offenses and even more serious ones are not simply unfortunate blemishes on a basically sound arrangement, but superficial expressions of a thoroughgoing, intrinsic rottenness in the entire setup.

It is regrettable in any event for people to suffer under the weight of a state and its military apparatus, but the present arrangement — a system of military-economic fascism as instantiated in the United States by the MICC — is worse than full-fledged military-economic socialism. In the latter, the people are oppressed, because they are taxed, conscripted, and regimented, but they are not co-opted and corrupted by joining forces with their rapacious rulers; a clear line separates them from the predators on the “dark side.”

With military-economic fascism, however, the line becomes blurred, and a substantial number of people actively hop back and forth across it: advisory committees, such as the Defense Science Board and the Defense Policy Board and university administrators meet regularly with Pentagon officials (see Borger 2003 for a report of an especially remarkable meeting), and the revolving door spins furiously — according to a September 2002 report, “[t]hirty-two major Bush appointees are former executives, consultants, or major shareholders of top weapons contractors” (Ciarrocca 2002, 2; see also Hamburger 2003, Doward 2003, Stubbing 1986, 90, 96, and Kotz 1988, 230), and a much greater number cross the line at lower levels.

Moreover, military-economic fascism, by empowering and enriching wealthy, intelligent, and influential members of the public, removes them from the ranks of potential opponents and resisters of the state and thereby helps to perpetuate the state’s existence and its intrinsic class exploitation of people outside the state. Thus, military-economic fascism simultaneously strengthens the state and weakens civil society, even as it creates the illusion of a vibrant private sector patriotically engaged in supplying goods and services to the heroic military establishment (the Boeing Company’s slickly produced television ads, among others, splendidly illustrate this propagandistically encouraged illusion).

Garden-variety Military-Economic Corruption of Government Officials

We need not dwell long on the logic of garden-variety military-economic corruption. As pots of honey attract flies, so pots of money attract thieves and con men. No organization has more money at its disposal than the US government, which attracts thieves and con men at least in full proportion to its control of wealth. Unscrupulous private parties who desire to gain a slice of the government’s booty converge on the morally dismal swamp known as Washington, DC, and take whatever actions they expect will divert a portion of the loot into their own hands. Anyone who expects honor among thieves will be sorely disappointed by the details of these sordid activities.

Although headlines alone cannot convey the resplendently lurid details, they can suggest the varieties of putrid sloughs that drain into the swamp:

  • Audit Cites Pentagon Contractors [for widespread abuse of overhead charges]
  • Ex-Unisys Official Admits Paying Bribes to Get Pentagon Contracts
  • Top Republican on a House Panel Is Charged With Accepting Bribes
  • Ex-Pentagon Officials Sentenced [for taking monetary bribes and accepting prostitutes’ services from contractors]
  • Northrop Papers Indicate Coverup: Documents from ’80s Show Accounting Irregularities Were Hidden from Pentagon
  • Revolving Door Leads to Jail: Former Acquisition Official Convicted of Steering Business to Boeing for Personal Gain
  • Contractor “Knew How to Grease the Wheels”: ADCS Founder Spent Years Cultivating Political Contacts
  • Graft Lurks within Pentagon’s “Black Budget”: Top-secret Items Escape Oversight
  • Contractor Pleads Guilty to Corruption: Probe Extends Beyond Bribes to Congressman
  • From Cash to Yachts: Congressman’s Bribe Menu; Court Documents Show Randall “Duke” Cunningham Set Bribery Rates
  • Defense Contractor Guilty in Bribe Case

(Sources for these headlines appear, respectively, in the citations given in the third paragraph of this article.)Anyone who cares to accumulate all such news articles may look forward to full employment for the rest of his life.

Yet, notwithstanding the many culprits who are caught in the act, one must realistically assume that a far greater number get away scot-free. As Ernest Fitzgerald, an extraordinarily knowledgeable authority with extensive personal experience, has observed, the entire system of military procurement is pervaded by dishonesty: “Government officials, from the majestic office of the president to the lowest, sleaziest procurement office, lie routinely and with impunity in defense of the system,” and “the combination of loose procurement rules and government acquiescence in rip-offs leaves many a crook untouched” (1989, 312, 290).

Among the instructive cases now making their way through the justice system are several related to recently convicted congressman Randall “Duke” Cunningham, a war hero and longtime titan of the MICC who currently resides in a federal penitentiary. Chief among the persons under continuing investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation is Brent Wilkes, a DC high-flyer who is alleged to have been involved tangentially in events leading to the recent sacking of former congressman and Director of Central Intelligence Porter Goss. According to a May 7, 2006, report in the New York Daily News, ongoing FBI and CIA investigations of Kyle (Dusty) Foggo, formerly the third-ranking official at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), who resigned in May 2006 amid a swirl of allegations,

have focused on the Watergate poker parties thrown by defense contractor Brent Wilkes, a high-school buddy of Foggo’s, that were attended by disgraced former Rep. Randy (Duke) Cunningham and other lawmakers.

Foggo has claimed he went to the parties “just for poker” amid allegations that Wilkes, a top GOP fund-raiser and a member of the $100,000 “Pioneers” of Bush’s 2004 reelection campaign, provided prostitutes, limos and hotel suites to Cunningham.

Cunningham is serving an eight-year sentence after pleading to taking $2.4 million in bribes to steer defense contracts to cronies.

Wilkes hosted regular parties for 15 years at the Watergate and Westin Grand Hotels for lawmakers and lobbyists. Intelligence sources said Goss has denied attending the parties as CIA director, but that left open whether he may have attended as a Republican congressman from Florida who was head of the House Intelligence Committee. (Sisk 2006)

In your mind, multiply this squalid little scenario by one thousand, and you will begin to gain a vision of what goes on in the MICC’s higher reaches. Evidently, the daily routine there is not all wailing and gnashing of teeth over how to defend the country against Osama bin Laden and his horde of murderous maniacs — our country’s leaders require frequent periods of rest and recreation. If this sort of fun and games at taxpayer expense is your idea of responsible government, then you ought to answer “yes” when the pollster calls to ask whether you favor an increase in the defense budget. Our government is clearly at work — at work making chumps out of its loyal subjects and laughing at these rubes all the way to the bank.

Legal Corruption of Government Officials

The truly big bucks, of course, need not be compromised in the least by this sweaty species of fraud and workaday corruption (Kovacic 1990a,89–90, 103 n197; 1990b, 118, 130 n94–101). Just as someone who kills one person is a murderer, whereas someone who kills a million persons is a statesman, so the government officials who steer hundreds of billions of dollars, perhaps without violating any law or regulation, to the Star Wars contractors and the producers of other big-ticket weapon systems account for the bulk of the swag laundered through the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security. (Lest the latter organization be overlooked, see the enormously revealing account by Bennett 2006.)

I am not saying that this huge component of the MICC is squeaky clean — far from it — but only that the corruption in this area, in dollar terms, falls mainly under the heading of legal theft, or at least in the gray area (Stubbing 1986, 407). As a Lockheed employee once wrote to Fitzgerald, “the government doesn’t really need this stuff. It’s just the best way to get rich quick. If they really needed all these nuclear bombs and killer satellites, they wouldn’t run this place the way they do” (qtd. in Fitzgerald 1989, 313; see also Meyer 2002). I personally recall Fitzgerald’s saying to me twenty years ago at Lafayette College, “A defense contract is just a license to steal.”

Absence of Proper Accounting Invites Theft

Indeed, Fitzgerald appeared as a witness at Senator Chuck Grassley’s September 1998 hearings titled “License to Steal: Administrative Oversight of Financial Control Failures at the Department of Defense.” At those hearings, Grassley released two new audit reports prepared by the General Accounting Office and another report prepared by his staff in cooperation with the Air Force Office of Financial Management. According to Grassley’s September 21, 1998, press release, “These reports consistently show that sloppy accounting procedures and ineffective or nonexistent internal controls leave DoD’s accounts vulnerable to theft and abuse. Failure by the DoD to exercise proper accounting procedures has resulted in fraud and mismanagement of the taxpayers’ money.”

Although this sort of complaint has become an annual ritual, dutifully reported in the press, the Pentagon has never managed to put its accounts into a form that can even be audited. Like Dick Cheney, who chose not to fight in the Vietnam War, the military brass seems to have had other priorities, even though for more than a decade the Defense Department has invariably stood in violation of the 1994 federal statute that requires every government department to make a financial audit (Higgs 2005, 55–61).

Testifying before a congressional committee on August 3, 2006, Thomas F. Gimble, the department’s acting inspector general, emphasized “financial management problems that are long standing, pervasive, and deeply rooted in virtually all operations.”

Expanding on this general observation with specific reference to the fiscal year 2005 agency-wide principal financial statements, he stated: “We issued a disclaimer of opinion for the statements because numerous deficiencies continue to exist related to the quality of data, adequacy of reporting systems, and reliability of internal controls.”

Of the nine organizational components “required by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to prepare and obtain an audit opinion on their FY 2005 financial statements,” only one received an unqualified opinion and one a qualified opinion. “All the others, including the agency-wide financial statements, received a disclaimer of opinion, as they have every year in the past…. The weaknesses that affect the auditability of the financial statements also impact other DoD programs and operations and contribute to waste, mismanagement, and inefficient use of DoD resources. These weaknesses affect the safeguarding of assets and proper use of funds and impair the prevention and identification of fraud, waste, and abuse” (US Department of Defense, Office of the Inspector General 2006, 1–2, emphasis added).

In Iraq since the US invasion in 2003, billions of dollars have simply disappeared without leaving a trace (“Audit: US Lost Track” 2005, Krane 2006). Surely they did not all evaporate in the hot desert sun. The accounts at Homeland Security are in equally horrible condition (Bennett 2006, 110–11).

No one knows how much money or specific property is missing from the military and homeland-security departments or where the missing assets have gone. If a public corporation kept its accounts this atrociously, the Securities and Exchange Commission would shut it down overnight. Government officials, however, need not worry about obedience to the laws they make to assure their credulous subjects that everything is hunky-dory inside the walls. When they are of a mind, they simply flout those laws with impunity.

PAC Contributions to Politicians and Their Parties Are Bribes

Political action committees (PACs) evolved and eventually obtained legal validation as vehicles for making lawful bribes to candidates for federal offices and to their political parties. Candidates now count on them for a large share of their campaign funds, and everyone over eleven years of age with an IQ above 70 understands that these contributions are made with an understanding that they will elicit a quid pro quo from the recipients who win the elections.

Military-economic interests have not been timid about forming PACs and transferring huge sums of money through them to the candidates. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, “defense” PACs transferred more than $70 million to candidates and parties in the election cycles from 1990 to 2006. Individuals and soft-money contributors (before soft-money contributions were outlawed after the 2002 elections) in the “defense” sector added more than $37 million, bringing the total to nearly $108 million (the figures are available here).

No one knows how much was added by illegal and hence unrecorded contributions made by military interests, but the addition might well have been substantial, if we may judge by the many accounts of individual instances of such contributions that have been brought to light over the years.

Figure 1 shows the amounts transferred during the past nine election cycles.

Figure 1. Contributions by “Defense” Interests in Federal Elections, 1990–2006

Source: Center for Responsive Politics Note: Soft money contributions (defined as those that do not explicitly urge voters to cast their ballots for specific candidates) after the 2002 elections were banned by the Bipartisan Campaign Finance Reform Act.

One may deny, of course, that PAC contributions constitute a form of corruption, inasmuch as they are legal within the statutorily specified limits, but such a denial would elevate form over substance. Both the givers and the receivers understand these payments in exactly the same way that they understand illegal forms of bribery, even though they never admit this understanding in public — political decorum must be served, if only to protect the children.

How Government Corrupts Business

A brief review of the history of US military contracting helps to clarify my claim that military-economic transactions tend to corrupt business. The most important historical fact is that before 1940, except during wartime, such dealings amounted to very little. The United States had only a tiny standing army and no standing munitions industry worthy of the name. When wars occurred, the government supplemented the products of its own arsenals and navy yards with goods and services purchased from private contractors, but most such items were off-the-shelf civilian goods, such as boots, clothing, food, and transportation services.

To be sure, plenty of occasions arose for garden-variety corruption in these dealings — bribes, kickbacks, provision of shoddy goods, and so forth (Brandes 1997) – but such malfeasances were usually one-shot or fleeting transgressions, because the demobilizations that followed the conclusion of each war removed the opportunity for such corruption to become institutionalized to a significant degree in law, persistent organizations, or ongoing practice.

Like gaudy fireworks, these sporadic outbursts of corruption flared brightly and then turned to dead cinders. No substantial peacetime contracting existed to fuel enduring corruption of the military’s private suppliers, and much of the contracting that did take place occurred within the constraints of rigid solicitations and sealed-bid offers, which made cozy deals between a military buyer and a private seller difficult to arrange. At late as fiscal year 1940, the War Department made 87 percent of its purchases through advertising and invitations to bid (Higgs 2006a, 39).

All this changed abruptly and forever in 1940, and the situation that existed during the so-called defense period of 1940–41, before the United States became a declared belligerent in World War II, and the manner in which it was resolved had an enduring effect in shaping the contours of the MICC and hence in establishing its characteristic corruption of business.

The Roosevelt administration, desperate to build up the nation’s capacity for war after the breathtaking German triumphs in the spring of 1940, made an abrupt about-face, abandoning its relentless flagellation of businessmen and investors and instead courting their favor as prime movers in the buildup of the munitions industries. Most businessmen, however, having been anathematized and legislatively pummeled for the past six years, were reluctant to enter into such deals, for a variety of reasons, chief among them being their fear and distrust of the federal government (Higgs 2006a, 36–38).

To placate the leery businessmen by shifting the risks from them onto the taxpayers, the government adopted several important changes in its procurement laws and regulations. These included negotiated cost-plus-fixed-fee contracts, instead of contracts arrived at within the solicitation-and-sealed-bid system; various forms of tax breaks; government loan guarantees; direct government funding of plants, equipment, and materials; and provision of advance and progress payments, sparing the contractors the need to obtain and pay interest on bank loans.

All of these arrangements, with greater or lesser variations in their details from time to time, became permanent features of the MICC (US Senate, Committee on Armed Services 1985, 35, 42, 553–67).

Even more important, as the new system operated on a vast scale during World War II, the dealings between the military purchasers and the private suppliers took on a fundamentally new style. As described by Wilberton Smith, the official historian of the Army’s economic mobilization during the war:

The relationship between the government and its contractors was gradually transformed from an “arm’s length” relationship between two more or less equal parties in a business transaction into an undefined but intimate relationship — partly business, partly fiduciary, and partly unilateral — in which the financial, contractual, statutory, and other instruments and assumptions of economic activity were reshaped to meet the ultimate requirements of victory in war. Under the new conditions, contracts ceased to be completely binding; fixed prices in contracts often became only tentative and provisional prices; excessive profits received by contractors were recoverable by the government; and potential losses resulting from many causes — including errors, poor judgments, and performance failures on the part of contractors — were averted by modification and amendment of contracts, with or without legal “consideration,” whenever required by the exigencies of the war effort. (1959, 312, emphasis added)

Although Smith was describing the system as it came to operate during World War II, almost everything he said fits the postwar MICC as well (Higgs 2006a, 31–33), especially his depiction of the buyer-seller dealings as constituting “an undefined but intimate relationship” and his recognition that “contracts ceased to be completely binding.”

Thus, the institutional changes made in 1940–41 and the wartime operation of the military-industrial complex in the context of these new rules put permanently in place the essential features of the modern procurement system, which has repeatedly demonstrated its imperviousness to reform for the past sixty years — it was too good a deal to give up even after the demise of the USSR and the end of the Cold War, and with breathtaking chutzpah, the system’s kingpins parlayed the box-cutter attacks of 9/11 into an excuse to pour hundreds of billions of additional dollars into purchases of Cold War weaponry (Sapolsky and Gholz 2001, Isenberg and Eland 2002, Higgs 2004, Makinson 2004).

Under the old, pre-1940 system, a private business rarely had anything to gain by wining and dining military buyers or congressmen. Unless a firm made the lowest-priced sealed-bid offer to supply a carefully specified good, it would not get the contract. The military buyer knew what he needed, and he had a tightly limited budget with which to get it. After 1940, however, the newly established “intimate relationship” opened up a whole new world for wheeling and dealing on both sides of the deal — often it was difficult to say whether the government agent was shaking down the businessman or the businessman was bribing the government agent.

In fact, until the military purchasing agency certified a company as qualified, the firm could not make a valid offer, even in the context of competitive bidding. In the post-1940 era, only a small fraction of all contracts emerged from formally advertised, sealed-bid competition, and most contracts were negotiated without any kind of price competition (Higgs 2006a, 39; Stubbing 1986, 226, 411).

Deals came to turn not on price, but on technical and scientific capabilities, size, experience, and established reputation as a military supplier — vaguer attributes that are easier to fudge for one’s friends. From time to time, deals also turned on the perceived need to keep a big firm from going under. For example, Fen Hampson observes that in the early 1970s, “The bidding [for production of the C-4 (Trident I) missile] was not opened to other companies because Lockheed was encountering financial difficulties at the time and desperately needed the business” (1989, 92).

Indeed, scholars have identified an extensive pattern of rotating major contracts that has been dubbed a “follow-on imperative” or a “bailout imperative,” a virtual guarantee against bankruptcy, regardless of mismanagement or other corporate ineptitude (Nieburg 1966, 201, 269; Kurth 1973, 142–44; Kaufman 1972, 289; Dumas 1977, 458; Gansler 1980, 49, 172, 227; Stubbing 1986, 185–89, 200–04).

Subcontracts could also be used to prop up failing firms, and in nearly every large-scale project they served as the principal means of spreading the political patronage across many congressional districts (Kotz 1988, 128–29; Mayer 1990, 218–31). In truth, deals — especially the many important changes introduced into them after their initial formulation (“contract nourishment”), permitting contractors to “buy in now, get well later” (Stubbing 1986, 179–84) — came to turn in substantial part on “who you know.” In Richard Stubbing’s words, “Often it is raw politics, not military considerations, which ultimately determines the winner” (1986, 165).

All the successful major prime contractors — such as Lockheed Martin (see Cummings 2007), General Dynamics (see Franklin 1986), Rockwell (see Kotz 1988), Bechtel (see McCartney 1988), and Halliburton (see Briody 2004), for example — demonstrated beyond any doubt that in the MICC, cultivating friends in high places yields a high rate of return. Indeed, without such friends, a firm may be hard pressed to survive in this sector at all.

The tight budget constraints of the pre-1940 peacetime periods became vastly looser as trillions of dollars poured out of the congressional appropriations process during the endless national emergency of the Cold War and its sequel, the so-called war on terror. As Nick Kotz observed, “Now that the stakes in profits and jobs were far higher than those of any government program in history, dividing the spoils ensured that the game of politics would be played on a grand scale” (1988, 50). (Of course, the game of politics in reality, as distinct from the high-school-civics idealization, is essentially the game of corruption.) In fiscal year 2007, for example, the Department of Defense anticipates outlays of approximately $90 billion for procurement, $162 billion for operations and maintenance, $72 billion for research, development, testing, and evaluation, and $8 billion for military construction — components that sum to $332 billion (US Department of Defense, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense 2006, 15). Nearly all of this loot will end up in the pockets of private contractors; military personnel costs are separate from these accounts.

With plenty of money to go around, all that a would-be contractor needs is an old buddy in the upper reaches of a military bureaucracy or a friend on the House military appropriations subcommittee or in the Senate. (Nowadays, more than ever before, a single member of Congress can create magnificent gifts for his friends by making “earmarks,” furtive amendments to an appropriations bill that everyone understands to be nothing but an individual legislator’s pound of flesh taken out of the taxpayer’s unfortunate corpus.)

If one does not have such a friend in high places, one can acquire him (or her, as the infamous Darleen Druyun illustrates [see Colarusso 2004]) by ponying up the various forms of bribes to which many Pentagon officials and members of Congress have shown themselves to be highly receptive. After all, it’s not as if the bureaucrat or the member of Congress is giving away his own money.

To keep this gravy train on the track, contractors and their trade associations, as well as the armed forces themselves, devote great efforts to increasing the amount of money Congress appropriates in total for “defense,” and now also for “homeland security.” Their campaign contributions and other favors go predominantly to the incumbent barons — congressional leaders and committee chairmen — and to the “hawks” who’ve never met a defense budget big enough to please them. As Fitzgerald notes, “In Washington you can get away with anything as long as you have the high moguls of Congress as accessories before and after the fact” (1989, 91).

Furthermore, as Kotz observes, “[t]here is a multiplier effect as the different military services, members of Congress, presidential administrations, and defense industries trade support for each other’s projects” (1989, 235). In other words, the defense budget is not simply the biggest logroll in Congress (Stubbing 1986, 98), but the biggest logroll in Washington, DC. Fen Hampson remarks: “bureaucratic and political interests approach weapons acquisition and defense budget issues as non-zero-sum games; that is, as games where there are rewards and payoffs to all parties from cooperation or collusion” (1989, 282). Only the taxpayers lose, but their interests don’t count: they are not “players” in this game, but victims.

To give the public a seeming interest in the whole wretched racket, the contractors also spend substantial amounts of money cultivating the public’s yearning to have the military dish out death and destruction to designated human quarry around the world — commies, gooks, ragheads, Islamo-fascists, narco-terrorists, and so forth — who are said to threaten the precious “American way of life.”

For example, Rockwell, a military contractor whose massive secret contributions helped to reelect Richard Nixon in 1972 (Kotz 1988, 103–04, Fitzgerald 1989, 84), once mounted “a secret grass-roots campaign code-named Operation Common Sense” that included “a massive letter-writing campaign … solicitation of support from national organizations … and production of films and advertisements as well as prepared articles, columns, and editorials that willing editors could print in newspapers and magazines” (Kotz 1988, 134–35) — all the news that’s fit to print, so to speak.

Much money goes into producing glorification of the armed forces, and reports of those forces’ stupidities and brutalities in exotic climes are dismissed as nothing but the fabrications of leftists and appeasers or, if they cannot plausibly be denied, alleged to be nothing more than the isolated misbehavior of a few “bad apples” (Higgs 2006b).

Lest the armed forces themselves prove insufficiently imaginative in conceiving of new and even more expensive projects for the lucky suppliers to carry out, the contractors hire battalions of mad geniuses to design the superweapons of the future and regiments of former generals and admirals to market these magnificent creations to their old friends and subordinates currently holding down desks at the Pentagon.

Thus, as General James P. Mullins, former commander of the Air Force Logistics Command, has written, “the prime contractors are where the babies really come from.” He explains: “[T]he contractor has already often determined what it wants to produce before the formal acquisition process begins…. The contractor validates the design through the process of marketing it to one of the services. If successful, the contractor gets a contract. Thus, to a substantial degree, the weapon capabilities devised by contractors create military requirements” (1986, 91; see also Stubbing 1986, 174).

In sum, the military-supply firms exemplify a fundamentally corrupt type of organization. Their income comes to them only after it has first been extorted from the taxpayers at gunpoint — hence their compensation amounts to receiving stolen property. They are hardly unwitting or unwilling recipients, however, because they are not drafted to do what they do. No wallflowers at this dance of death, they eagerly devote strenuous efforts to encouraging government officials to wring ever greater amounts from the taxpayers and to distribute the loot in ways that enrich the contractors, their suppliers, and their employees.

These efforts include both the licit and the illicit measures I have described, spanning the full range from making a legal campaign contribution to providing prostitutes to serve the congressman or the Pentagon bigwig after he has become bored with playing poker in the contractor’s suite at a plush DC hotel.

(Note well: such “entertainment” expenses are likely to be accounted “allowable costs” by the defense contractor who bears them, and with only routine audacity he may add to them an “overhead” charge — the entire sum to be reimbursed ultimately by the taxpayers. [In general, “overhead proves to be a huge moneymaker for defense firms” (Stubbing 1986, 205).] Kotz [1988, 137], describes Rockwell’s billing for entertainment, public relations, and lobbying in connection with its contract to build the B-1 bomber. Fitzgerald [1989, 197, 198–99] describes similar charges by General Dynamics, as well as boarding expenses for an executive’s dog, and by Pratt and Whitney, including $7,085 for hors d’oeuvres at a Palm Beach golf resort and $2,735 for strolling musicians at another bash. Sometimes the contractors billed the government twice for the same outrageous expenses.)

Can Anything Be Done?

The short answer is “probably not.” The MICC is deeply entrenched in the US political economy, which itself has been moving steadily closer to complete economic fascism for more than a century (Higgs 1987, 2007). Decades of studies, investigations, blue ribbon commission reports, congressional hearings and staff studies, and news media exposés detailing its workings from A to Z have scarcely dented it (Higgs 2004). For the most part, the official scrutiny is just for show, whereas the unofficial scrutiny is easily dismissed as the work of outsiders who don’t know what they are talking about, not to mention that they are “America haters.”

Official evaluations, at their frankest, conclude that “[p]ast mistakes — whether in the procurement of a weapon system or in the employment of forces during a crisis — do not receive the critical review that would prevent them from recurring…. The lessons go unlearned, and the mistakes are repeated” (US Senate, Committee on Armed Services 1985, 8). Such evaluations, though seemingly forthright and penetrating, strike me as far-fetched. Of course, people sometimes makes mistakes, but if people with the power to change an arrangement refrain from doing so for decades on end, the most reasonable conclusion is that they prefer things as they are — that is, as a rule, there are no long-lasting “failed policies,” properly speaking.

To apply here what I wrote twelve years ago in regard to several other kinds of policies: “Government policies succeed in doing exactly what they are supposed to do: channeling resources bilked from the general public to politically organized and influential interest groups” (Higgs 1995; see also Kotz 1989, 242–45).

Therefore, one must conclude that the MICC serves its intended purposes well, however much its chronic crimes and intrinsic corruption sully its self-proclaimed nobility. What you and I call corruption is, after all, precisely what the military-economic movers and shakers call the good life.

Ultimately, the most significant factor is that the post-World War II US foreign policy of global hegemony and recurrent military intervention places a strong floor beneath the MICC and serves as an all-purpose excuse for its many malfeasances (Eland 2004, Johnson 2004).

As Ludwig von Mises observed, “The root of the evil is not the construction of new, more dreadful weapons. It is the spirit of conquest…. The main thing is to discard the ideology that generates war” (1966, 832; see also Higgs and Close 2007). Until the scope of the US government’s geopolitical ambitions and hence the scale of its military activities are drastically reduced, not much opportunity will exist for making its system of military-economic fascism less rapacious and corrupt.




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