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What encryption software is appropriate and  approved?
• Microsoft Bitlocker
• Apple FileVault2
• Android Encryption
• AlertSec (CheckPoint FDE)
• McAfee Complete Data Protection
• Symantec EndPoint Encryption
• Sophos SafeGuard







https://arxiv.org/pdf/1603.06112.pdf     23 pages

Quantum Superpositions and the
Representation of Physical Reality
Beyond Measurement Outcomes
and Mathematical Structures

Christian de Ronde∗

CONICET, Buenos Aires University – Argentina
Center Leo Apostel and Foundations of the Exact Sciences
Brussels Free University – Belgium

In this paper we intend to discuss the importance of providing a physical representation of quantum
superpositions which goes beyond the mere reference to mathematical structures and measurement outcomes.

This proposal goes in the opposite direction to the project present in orthodox contemporary philosophy of physics which attempts to “bridge the gap” between the quantum formalism and common sense “classical reality” —precluding, right from the start, the possibility of interpreting quantum superpositions through non-classical notions.

We will argue that in order to restate the problem of interpretation
of quantum mechanics in truly ontological terms we require a radical revision of the problems and definitions addressed within the orthodox literature. On the one hand, we will discuss the need of providing a formal redefinition of superpositions which captures explicitly their contextual character.

On the other hand, we will attempt to replace the focus on the measurement problem, which concentrates on the justification of measurement outcomes from “weird” superposed states, and introduce the superposition problem which focuses instead on the conceptual representation of superpositions themselves.

In this respect, after presenting three necessary conditions for objective physical representation, we will provide arguments which show why the classical (actualist) representation of physics faces severe difficulties to solve the superposition problem. Finally, we will also argue that, if we are willing to abandon the (metaphysical) presupposition according to which ‘Actuality = Reality’, then there is plenty of room to construct a conceptual representation for quantum superpositions.

Keywords: quantum superposition, physical reality, measurement problem.

Quantum superpositions are being used today in laboratories all around the world in order to create the most outstanding technological and experimental developments of the last centuries. Indeed, quantum computation, quantum teleportation, quantum cryptography and the like technologies are opening up an amazing
range of possibilities for the near future. This new quantum technological era is founded on one of the main principles of Quantum Mechanics (QM), the so called superposition principle which in turn gives rise to quantum superpositions and entanglement. However, while many experimentalists are showing that Schrödinger’s
cats are growing fat [14], and it becomes increasingly clear that quantum superpositions are telling us something about quantum physical reality even at the macroscopic scale [57, 61], the philosophy of physics community does not seem interested in finding a coherent conceptual representation of them.

Public Brainwashed During TV One’s Weather Report on Jan 8th, 2016


During the 6pm News on Friday, January the 8th, 2016 on TV One, weather presenter, Renee Wright referred to an image of Christchurch, which is shown below, one that shows a sky crammed full of aerosol trails (aka chemtrails) and she said: “That’s a nice sight, isn’t it.”  …As if she doesn’t have good enough eyesight to recognize aerosol trails when she sees them…

jan 8 weather chemtrails

Our weather is being engineered and these aerosol trails provide us with more evidence of this crime, a crime which, in part, is aimed at winning support for the “climate change” agenda, and  Agenda 21

Evidence shows that there is a connection between the trails and our severe weather and our mainstream media’s weather presenters are attempting to conceal what to many is readily apparent.

TV One news and TV3 weather presenters, like so many other controlled mainstream media puppets, are complicit in the crime of chemtrails/geoengineering. They are taking part in an insidious system which omits to tell the people the facts, while creating a facade that everything is at is should be, when nothing could be further from the truth. I made this short video for those who are new to the topic.



TV3’s “Historic Cloud News” Another Attempt to Brainwash The Public

TVNZ’s Weatherman Reports While Four Aerosol Trails Are Sprayed In Scene Behind Him – Nov 24

Global Warming or Global Governance? (Full Length)

BOMBSHELL: Leading climate scientist admits geoengineering ‘experiment’ is going on now

A leading climate scientist from the U.K. had a Freudian slip moment recently when he admitted, perhaps without realizing it, that climate geoengineering in the form of “chemtrails” is not only not some wild conspiracy theory, but is an actual thing happening all around the world right now.Professor Tim Lenton, chair of Climate Change/Earth Systems Science at the University of Exeter in the U.K., participated in a question and answer session at the Our Common Future Under Climate Change conference in Paris back in July, where he agreed to answer a compelling question about weather modification and its effects on our planet.

Olga Raffa from Chemtrails Project U.K. asked Prof. Lenton why “ongoing” geoengineering programs are taking place without any research as to their outcomes. She also asked about how the use of “aerosols” is justified when the aluminum, barium and other chemicals they contain is a known killer of bees.

“I represent a large group of people who are wondering why programs such as weather modification and ongoing geoengineering programs throughout the world have not been taken into consideration with a lot of the research done,” Raffa asked, pointing to the ongoing climate change debate and its lack of attention on geoengineering.

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Chemtrails Used In Combination with Pulses in NZ

This first satellite image is derived from the Metservice site for January the 6th, 2016 from the Visible rain radar and shows a particularly large aerosol trail traversing the Tasman sea, west-to-east, going over the top of the South Island.    Now look at the next images.  Wayne Kelly

Below are screen shots from MetService‘s rain radar page, for January the 6th, 2016, between 11pm-12pm approximately. Thank-you to Tracey W. for uploading and sharing these.  It appears that the large aerosol trail may be strategically placed for weather modification purposes in combination with the pulses of electromagnetic radiation?  What do you think?

Tracytracy 4

tracy 3

Below is a satellite image for January the 5th from Rapidfire, Terra. Note the position of the large aerosol trail over the Tasman sea.

5th Jan  rapidfire terra 1km

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Nigel Gray: I Predict Pulsing Will Lead To Extreme Weather This Week

By Nigel Gray,  January 5, 2016
On New Year’s Day, 2016, it rained over much of New Zealand, which for some was good news, and for others, bad. 

Based on my prior observations, which I referred to in my last article, I predict that there will be more extreme weather within the week.

4Jan2016 Taranaki Radar shot.jpeg
The image above is part of the reason why I believe this, as a pulse which traverses the North Island can be seen emanating from the MetService Radar at Taranaki.  This pulsing began at 3pm on January the 4th and ended on the morning of January the 5th at 7 am.
In my opinion, these pulses, which are electromagnetic waves, are designed to bring in bad weather in the direction of their emanation.  They superheat the atmosphere causing air in their location to rise, (hot air does in fact rise), leaving a vacuum of sorts, which pulls cooler air in to replace the air that has been displaced. 
So, apparently these pulses heated air off the East Coast of the North Island.  I gather from my observations that cold air normally follows in the direction of the pulses.
Assuming that, let us look and see the result in satellite imagery:


Above there is a cloud mass off the south-east coast of Australia on the 4th of January. By the 5th of January this is  closer to New Zealand and appears to be heading to the area that was subjected to electromagnetic radiation. 
The next image shows a cloud mass, which I will describe as taking the shape of a ‘love heart’, although I doubt there was much if any love involved with the creation of this cloud-mass.   Notice the tip is right over on the East Coast.   Here:

Showing what I called a "heart shape" of clouds.

Now let’s take a closer look at the tip of this “love heart” formation:
It is a little difficult to see the heart shape here, but you will notice a dark line going down from roughly Gisborne to Taupo; that is the lower edge of the heart shape. The tip, then, is exactly at the central location of the pulsing target.
The five-day prediction, by the way, was that this cloud mass was going to move over New Zealand bringing rain.
Going back to look at the heart shape picture above there is also a bright ball of energy in the Pacific above New Zealand.   I suspect they will also attempt to bring this down, although so far I have not seen pulsing that would indicate any effort to do so, at least not using the pulse method.
On the night of January the 4th to early in the morning of January the 5th the Rain Radar was alive with pulses, however during January 5th, day, it was quiet. 
I have had several reports from all over the country of unusual cloud formations being seen.
Mentioning this, I did want to explain something of the electromagnetic waves that are apparently being used. When you look up into the sky you will sometimes see some strangely geometrical shapes such as circles, triangles or rectangles or even a combination of these. To explain this, let me go back a step or two; I am sure you have had the experience of having stood close by a radio and either improve or worsen the reception merely by standing there? This is because your body has an electrical field of its own, powerful enough to influence the radio. We live in a Universe filled with invisible waves of energy.  Apparently, there are even some people gifted with being able to “perceive” some of these waves.   Generally waves fall into a few different types. Here is a diagram, taken from Wikipedia:
When Weather Modification takes place, the transmitter sends a signal that would be in one of these wave forms in my opinion. Clouds, being moisture, can apparently take the form of these waves when the waves are sent through that location. So, you look up, perhaps see some triangles, or perhaps a sawtooth effect. Or a rectangle (formed by the square wave). If you did not know what you were looking for, you might not even notice it!
These waves are so powerful they have been known to create earthquakes.
Interestingly, a few hours after the pulsing had ended, at 12:57 pm on the 5th of January, 2016 there was a magnitude 4.7-4.8 earthquake located at what appeared to be the location end of the pulses,  (15 km south-east of Opotiki).     If this earthquake was induced by the pulses in some way,  ethical questions must be raised.  What organization is creating these pulses which are so actively denied as even existing by MetService, yet coming from their radar and what is their aim?!
For me, the evidence at hand is sufficient to consider this worthy of investigation. What do you think?  


Article written by Nigel Gray of Hawkes Bay  5th January 2016.
Nigel Gray is a New Zealand-born and bred international lecturer on the Human Mind and Detoxification Technology, and a Painting Contractor. He has lived in both United States and Russia where he instituted a detoxification program that now spans the entire CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States).
Related update:

Looks like the West Coast, Auckland and Northland will all be hit hard according to the forecast for Friday


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Video: Rain Sample, New Zealand

This video comes from South Canterbury Sky watch, and was published on YouTubetoday.  It focuses on a rain sample collected in late-September, 2015 at Timaru, the lab report for which can be viewed here: Timaru Rainwater Sample Tests Positive For Barium, Aluminium & Strontium


Timaru Rainwater Found To Contain High Levels of Aluminium & Barium, (2014)

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Nigel Gray: Weather Modification Technology IS Used In New Zealand

 January the 1st, 2016,  By Nigel Gray
As a Painting Trade Contractor I have spent several years checking the weather reports, almost daily, on a need-to-know basis.   A front of rain coming over can lead to financial losses, a damaged job and angry clients if I am unable to predict the weather correctly.
Consequently, I have taken more than a casual interest in observing what is predicted by MetService and what occurs tui ad 1subsequently,  or not, as the case may be.
If I’d had more time and interest in proving this absolutely and conclusively, I would have documented everything I have witnessed over the last several years.   I didn’t do this however, so I will likely be the target of so-called “experts” who are presumed to have more “knowledge” than I, accusing me of being a “nutter” or “a conspiracy theorist,” because they are qualified to “know better.”     Ha!
It is interesting that they feel so compelled to throw insults at someone who simply suggests that there is evidence which shows that reality might differ to that portrayed by the “powers-that-be”.    I will leave you to decide which camp you are in.
So, what have I witnessed?  OK, well to explain that, allow me to relate what happened on January the 1st, 2016, as a rain front moved over the North Island –  one that was visible on the MetService’s Rain Radar page,  that I saw evidence of being created or ‘pulled in’ over two days.

I will leave you to do research into how the weather can be manipulated using Nexrad, GWEN towers and HAARP transmitters,  all of these terms can be found on the internetalong with vast amounts of information on each one.    I am going to keep this about my observations of what you need to know and this is based upon my experience.   Science is, after all, facts gathered by observation and experience.

Throughout New Zealand there are antennae placed in various locations.   Whether they are owned by the culprits involved in manipulating the weather or simply used as platforms to bounce off,  I do not know, but they are being used systematically to superheat the upper atmosphere, causing air to rise and pull cold air into that space by creating a vacuum below.
So essentially what happens is that there are high-powered microwave pulses emittedfrom these antennae in a specific direction.  This happens at about 7:25am usually, daily and at other times during the day, at a frequency which may be dependent on how important it is for the “powers-that be” to create bad weather in a particular area.
I have often observed these pulses occurring in twos, emitted from two antennae that are in proximity to each other with the pulses being emitted in the same direction.  First one antenna pulses, then approximately one second later, the second antenna pulses in parallel.
For example, if perpetrators of weather modification aim to pull a cold front down from the north, then the pulses would be directed in a southwesterly direction.   I observed this occurring yesterday, and hence today, January the 1st, 2016, there is a band of rain coming down from the north upon New Zealand.  
Similarly, if  the aim is to bring in some cold front that is hanging over the Tasman, then they choose a different set of antennae, one usually located around the  Gisborne/Napier area, and send pulses in an easterly direction.
Below is an example of two pulses in parallel evident in an image from the MetServicewebsite for the 2nd of November, 2015.  
2Nov2015B.jpegIn this second image there are two pulses in parallel evident, one of which is over the South Island and the other to the west of the South Island.  

Image from Met Service website showing New Zealand rain radar.

pulseAbove: This third image, dated 2014, shows one pulse but, as you will notice, behind the pulse is a band of rain following exactly in the direction of the pulse.

 So, coincidence? No. I could show you numerous images, all taken directly from the MetService’s Rain Radar pages that show much the same thing.  

A couple of years ago I contacted MetService via their Facebook.com page and asked them to explain these anomalies, (the pulses).  Not only did they have no explanation for the pulses, but tellingly, they ridiculed me for my observations.

This is not surprising given that MetService is a State-owned enterprise,  and as a State-owned enterprise,  it has two shareholding ministers – the Minister for State Owned Enterprises and the Minister of Finances.    Could it be that they have sworn a confidentiality agreement, so are unable to disclose that weather modification is taking place?   Or are they just ignorant and uncaring?   It must be one or the other.   Of course, they would be critical of anyone who questioned their veracity.
There are other anomalies evident in Rain Radar images, also.   Invariably when rain does show up there are “blank spots,” usually in the shape of a circle, rectangle or triangle, where the rain does not appear to penetrate, at least according to the radar results.   Could these be explained by the use of EMF waves that are emitted either as sine waves, sawtooth waves or other? Could these be areas that are already “hot” and therefore unable to be penetrated by the rain?   I can’t answer these questions, sorry.    What I do know is that these results have been invariable over the last ten years when I started taking notes on it. 
What I do know is that, invariably, prior to major rain fronts, these pulses occur in the direction that the front will follow. That these pulses emanate from antennae located in places such as Gisborne, Taranaki, Taupo, Napier, Blenheim and Auckland.
jfk-weather-controlaIt seems feasible that the New Zealand Government may be hiring a private company or companies to modify the weather to protect farm production, however there is always the possibility that the reasons are more nefarious, particularly given the regularity of severe droughts in New Zealand since early-2010.
  If they have this technology available to them,  one has to wonder why it has not been used to break dry spells before they cause significant economic damage, such as that caused by the North Island drought in 2013,  described as the worst in history?  Again, we can only guess.   It is clear that if the Government is “in” on this, then they are not informing us, and if they are not aware of it, then it leaves me wondering if our Government is sadly lacking any credible security when it comes to protecting our country from the threat of this sort of technology.
Nigel Gray is a New Zealand-born and bred international lecturer on the Human Mind and Detoxification Technology, and a Painting Contractor.  He has lived in the United States and Russia, where he instituted a detoxification program that now spans the entire CIS, (Commonwealth of Independent States).


  1. CFR on Planetary Geoengineering: “Add more small reflecting particles in the upper part of the atmosphere”
  2. The Government Is Already “Geo-Engineering” The Environment
  3. Geoengineering Conference To Discuss Blocking Sun
  4. Colossal GeoEngineering in Plain Sight
  5. Rosalind Peterson: The Chemtrail Cover-Up
  6. Scientists to Create “Artificial Volcano” In Bid to Geoengineer Climate
  7. Scientists Admit Climate Cooled in the Last Decade, Cite Sulfur Pollution from China
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13. Why In The World Are They Spraying?

14. Evidence of Weather Modification Technology In Use In Canterbury Shown on TVNZ One Weather 29 July, 2013

15. Welsbach Patent for Atmospheric Seeding With Heavy  Metals

16. Neurologist Warms Aluminum in Chemtrails is a Dangerous Neurotoxin

17. Frances Mangels Talks To John Whyte About Geoengineering: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=9jf_nVLGDTo

Study: 58 million dry California trees threatened by drought

david dees 1

By Kurtis Alexander, 29 Dec 2015

Beneath the canopy of snow that recently blanketed California’s mountainsides are vast swaths of forest struggling to survive the drought.

A study released Monday by the Carnegie Institution for Science counts as many as 58 million trees statewide experiencing severe water loss, whose ruin would not only turn massive stands of pristine green to ugly brown but upset vital watersheds and wildlife.

The research, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, follows a U.S. Forest Service report last spring that identified 12 million trees killed by drought but left questions about how many more might wither.

“Our maps reveal much wider, much larger-scale impacts on our forest than the dead trees would tell in themselves,” said Greg Asner, an ecologist at Stanford University who led the new study. “What we found are large sections of forest at high risk of mortality if drought persists after the El Niño.”

Asner and his team evaluated the health of California’s woodlands by using laser-guided imaging, deployed from an airplane and unique to the Carnegie Airborne Observatory, to measure water content in trees. Their flight observations across the state were compared to older satellite data.

The results show that 7 to 10 percent of trees are severely stressed by the drought. In an average non-drought year, only about 1 percent of California’s forests typically die.

More: http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/weather/study-58-million-dry-california-trees-threatened-by-drought/ar-BBo0fjm?li=BBnb7Kz



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