David Adair Rocket Scientist and Area 51


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https://www.livingwellnessnj.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/PEMF-PAGES.pdf   2


In pulsed electromagnetic field
therapy, low frequency waves are
passed through the body. These
waves pass through tissue, organs
and bones without being absorbed or
altered, but having passed through
the body, they stimulate the electrical
and chemical processes of the body.
Because the faulty metabolism of an impaired cell is caused by the disruption of its
electromagnetic energy, PEMF therapy works by replenishing that energy. If the
energy is not replenished, the cell continues to malfunction and deteriorate, and
eventually die. Injured, unhealthy cells can cause multiple problems in the body, and
disease conditions.


The Metcalf sniper attack was a “sophisticated” assault on Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s Metcalf Transmission Substation located in Coyote, California, near the border of San Jose, on April 16, 2013, in which gunmen fired on 17 electrical transformers. The attack resulted in over $15 million worth of equipment damage,[1][2] but had little impact on the reliability of electrical power supply.[3]


On the morning of April 16, 2013, a team[4] of gunmen, using rifles, opened fire[5] on the Metcalf Transmission Substation, severely damaging 17 transformers.[6]


Prior to the attack, a series of fiber-optic telecommunications cables operated by AT&T were cut by the culprits. Additionally, following the attack, investigators found small piles of rocks near to where the shots had been fired, the type of formations that can be used to scout firing positions.[7][8]


  • 12:58 a.m. – AT&T fiber-optic telecommunications cables were cut not far from U.S. Route 101 just outside south San Jose.
  • 1:07 a.m. – Some customers of Level 3 Communications, an Internet service provider, lost service. Cables in its vault near the Metcalf substation were also cut.
  • 1:31 a.m. – A surveillance camera pointed along a chain-link fence around the substation recorded a streak of light that investigators from the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s office think was a signal from a waved flashlight. It was followed by the muzzle flash of rifles and sparks from bullets hitting the fence.
  • 1:37 a.m. – PG&E received an alarm from motion sensors at the substation, possibly from bullets grazing the fence.
  • 1:41 a.m. – Santa Clara County Sheriff’s department received a 911 call about gunfire, sent by an engineer at a nearby power plant that still had phone service.
  • 1:45 a.m. – The first bank of transformers, riddled with bullet holes and having leaked 52,000 US gallons (200,000 l; 43,000 imp gal) of oil, overheated, whereupon PG&E’s control center about 90 miles (140 km) north received an equipment-failure alarm.
  • 1:50 a.m. – Another apparent flashlight signal, caught on film, marked the end of the attack. More than 100 expended 7.62×39mm cases were later found at the site.
  • 1:51 a.m. – Law-enforcement officers arrived, but found everything quiet. Unable to get past the locked fence and seeing nothing suspicious, they left.
  • 3:15 a.m. – A PG&E worker arrived to survey the damage.[7]

Sophistication of attack[edit]

Former Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Jon Wellinghoff stated that military experts informed him that the assault looked like a “professional job”, noting that no fingerprints were discovered on the empty shell casings.[7] He has described the attack as “the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred”.[9]

Henry Waxman, a ranking member of the United States House Committee on Energy and Commerce, stated that the attack was, “an unprecedented and sophisticated attack on an electric grid substation with military-style weapons. Communications were disrupted. The attack inflicted substantial damage. It took weeks to replace the damaged parts. Under slightly different conditions, there could have been serious power outages or worse.”[8]



Secret Space Former Area 51 Scientist Discloses Projects That have Never Been Seen by the Public (Video)


Space technology expert and former Area 51 rocket designer David Adair will show you visuals and graphics of what the Aerospace Community had intended to build in space with the Shuttle program. These projects have never been seen before or announced to the public.

Learn about: Space Stations, Space Manufacturing, Space Based Medicines and Micro-Gravity Processing that the Aerospace Corporations wanted to build but were told NO by NASA because it was ‘too much industrialization of space’. Prepare to be amazed at the possibilities that exist! Meet and hear from one of the most exceptional rocket scientists of our time.
https://youtu.be/e5nJA8Hkvyc           The BEAST Interview


7 pages

Space technology
consultant David
Adair goes on the
record about his
experiences at
Area 51 when, as a
mere teenager, he
was testing one of
his electromagnetic
fusion engine

ROBERT STANLEY: Tell me about the government disclosure letter you are
DAVID ADAIR: That letter is based on a series of events that occurred when I first
testified for Dr Steven Greer in 1997… It’s very simple what we want: a congressional
hearing that will grant covert operatives total immunity from their national security oath.
Dr Greer is telling us that he has hundreds of witnesses. I know he is not blowing smoke
regarding this issue, because in 1971 I saw a lot of people working on these things.
ROBERT: At Area 51?
DAVID: Right. I saw them underground working on all these different craft and backengineering
lots of stuff. I believe there are people that have spent 30 years or more
working on these types of projects. Imagine what they could tell us! But more importantly,
they would be able to tell us who paid them, who signed the cheques.
ROBERT: So you are pushing for public hearings?
DAVID: Absolutely. I really want the world to hear what these hard-core engineers
have to say.
ROBERT: You told me in our pre-interview that this event would radically change
our lives, that we could begin integrating some of the more advanced technologies into
our infrastructure.
DAVID: Exactly, but unravelling everything poses a problem. I know that while I was
at Area 51 and was being taken through offices that were off to the side of the hangars and
labs, they took me to a room and locked me in it. And that’s where I stayed until General
LeMay came and got me. But I saw a lot of people working down there as we were walking
past these offices.
ROBERT: Wait a minute. General Curtis LeMay personally came to get you out?
DAVID: Yes. If you read his autobiographical book called Iron Eagle, he was a former
commander of SAC [Strategic Air Command]. “General Curtis E. LeMay: retired
February 1, 1965; died October 3, 1990. LeMay was the fifth Chief of Staff of the US Air
Force.” You will see, in the back of the book, he talks about his parents. They lived in
Mount Vernon, Ohio. I lived in Mount Vernon, Ohio, when I built my first fusion rockets.
I was on the cover of the local newspaper.
ROBERT: How did that happen?
DAVID: Well, because his parents’ caregiver was my mother, Evangeline Adair.
ROBERT: What a strange coincidence!
DAVID: Yes, and that’s how LeMay came to know me personally. And when our
local congressman started funding my second rocket, that’s when the Mount Vernon News
got wind of the story. It was the fastest vehicle ever built on Earth.
ROBERT: Is this a picture of the second rocket I’m looking at?
DAVID: Yeah; there were all kinds of newspaper stories printed about me that I have
saved. I was being funded by Congressman John Ashbrook. He was chairman of the
Internal Security committees of Congress. That’s a pretty powerful place to be. He was
also on the Education and Labor committees, which is how he funded my work—through
the Department of Education.
Then when the Air Force showed up to inspect my second rocket, they were totally
gung-ho for all the formulas and the prototype I built from scratch. They knew I was on
to something, so they funded me through the NSF [National Science Foundation].


Emery Smith David Wilcock | Secret Underground Base DETAILED WALKTHROUGH

“it’s kind of like airport security on steroids and they also have without getting into too much because I can talk all three hours about this part just the entrance to this is they have special dogs there that are bred to smell you when you come in and when you leave and they’re trained to smell if you have any contaminants on you such as viruses or bacterial infections and…”

David Wilcock is a professional intuitive consultant who, since reading Richard C. Hoagland’s “The Monuments of Mars” in 1993, has intensively researched ufology, ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy. He is the author of a critically acclaimed trilogy of scientific research works, known as the Convergence series, which gives definitive support to the idea that a change in matter, energy and consciousness is now occurring on the Earth and throughout the solar system.

Wilcock has appeared on broadcast television, lectured throughout the United States and Japan, published a variety of magazine articles and appeared on numerous radio talk shows. He is the co-author of the book “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce,” now available in bookstores nationwide, and a summary of his latest scientific work appears therein, where a breakthrough case for mass, spontaneous DNA evolution on Earth is unveiled. David is also an accomplished musician and composer within a variety of styles, including jazz-fusion, meditative and world music.



Jan Williams, daughter of Colonel Bailey Arthur Williams, speaks about David Adair

One of the most far reaching details about David Adair’s story is that the U.S. militarysecretly gave him support to build his rocket in 1969.  Under the direction of Curtis LeMayColonel Bailey Arthur Williams was assigned to oversee the design of Pitholem, the rocket that was created by Adair and launched from White Sands New Mexicoto Area 51.  Through the years I have followed the story, wanting to believe, but waiting for some fact to disprove Adair’s testimony.  Then I met Jan Williams, daughter of Colonel Bailey Arthur Williams (USAF Ret.).  She had contacted David Adair after hearing him speak on a radio show about his development of the rocket in connection with her father.  Her father had recently passed away, and she and her brother, Steven Williams, a famous radio show host in his own right, had discovered many unexplainable items in their father’s personal belongings.  Jan contacted the radio station and asked the radio show host to send an email on her behalf to David Adair so that she could question him about his relationship with her father.

Jan Williams was no pushover.  She was a highly intelligent and articulate woman who had visited the top secret offices of Strategic Air Command Headquarters on “family days” as a child, since her father was a senior ranking officer of Strategic Air Command.  She contacted David and questioned him about his involvement with her father, his rocket design, Area 51Arthur Rudolph and Wernher Von Braun.  Anyone who knew Jan could tell you that she could spot BS a mile away, and wouldn’t sit quietly for it.  Being a private “debunker” by nature, after her calculated review of David’s story, she and David became longtime friends.  When I asked her if there was any way David could know the things he knew about Colonel Bailey Arthur Williams without having a personal relationship with him, she emphatically replied “No.”

Jan Williams was stricken with ALS in the later years of her life and this is visible in her interview.  She passed away just one year ago.  Here is a brief clip from her interview about David Adair.

All About David Adair

David Adair has been admired and debated online and on-tour over the past thirty-five years, in just about every social circle that exists. From speaking engagements, interviews, television shows, and now finally breaking his silence with untold events, his story has come under intense scrutiny and admiration from a vast array of people across the world. Understanding his 300 page book, “America’s Fall From Space” and making sense of his cat-like nine lives took many years to grasp and come to terms with.  After hearing all the stories, interviewing friends, scientists, witnesses and professionals, I have learned that for every unbelievable story there is a fact that is just as unbelievable.  Let’s face it, if he was a 17 year old mastermind of the fastest rocket on Earth in 1971 and secretly funded by the U.S. government to develop his rocket for first-strike capability, who would believe him? As the daughter of Colonel Bailey Arthur Williams said when I interviewed her for Adair’s documentary, “He’s either telling the truth, or he’s stark raving mad.”  This blog chronicles discovering the unknown about David Adair in the making of the documentary, “America’s Fall From Space”.

David Adair with Shuttle
David Adair with Shuttle





By: Gaia Staff | Sept. 12th, 2017

Before he was a teenager, David Adair was fascinated with jet propulsion. By the time he was 11 he had built his first rocket, and at the age of 17 he supposedly pioneered a new type of engine that used neither liquid nor solid jet fuel – it used electromagnetic fusion. From that point on, he says he caught the eye of government agents, but not just any agents, the top brass, Area 51-clearance-level agents. He says his work was later acknowledged by Stephen Hawking and Werner von Braun, but the story of his interaction with the military at a young age involves clandestine military bases and Nazi scientists.


Adair says he was a child prodigy when it came to astrophysics and rocket science, voraciously reading through all of the relevant literature he could find at his local library. According to his story, when a local librarian noticed he was correcting the flawed data in astrophysics texts, she was amazed and ordered him hundreds more. Adair became enamored with space travel, designing rocket propulsion systems with cryogenic fluids. Eventually this led to his creation of a new type of system that had never before been created, the electromagnetic fusion containment engine. With this engine, he says, his rocket could propel from zero to 8,654 mph in just over four seconds.

Adair was awarded “Most Outstanding in the Field of Engineering” by the U.S. Air Force and was featured in local papers. He says that, upon receiving that award, he started accepting federal funding from the Department of Education’s National Science Foundation, thanks to Congressman John Ashbrook. At this point, his mother became intimidated by the amount of attention he was receiving from different military agencies, until she was assuaged by General Curtis LeMay, who would inevitably prove to be a fortuitous relationship for Adair. Several years later, he says he was recruited by the Navy to design mechanisms for changing jet turbine engines.

But after his rocket design at the age of 17, Adair says he was brought to White Sands Missile Testing Facility in southern New Mexico to test launch his rocket. He was told to launch it at a dried-up lake bed of specific coordinates in Nevada.  That lake bed, known as Groom Lake, happened to be at an undisclosed military base, now known as Area 51. Adair’s launch went off without a hitch, landing at the Nevada test site with parachutes deployed and ready to be reused and launched almost immediately, according to him – Elon Musk would have been jealous.



Adair says he was then flown directly to the Groom Lake base, where he was met by black-suited, government agents and shown to an underground facility where a rocket engine of similar nature was kept. The rocket was unlike anything he had ever seen and appeared to be punctured. He said he wondered why the Air Force was asking him to repair an engine they had designed, which was far superior to his own. But upon further inspection, he quickly understood it to be of alien origin and claims that it was actually a living organism that could only be controlled telepathically. When he started asking questions, the government agents knew that he was not as naïve as they assumed.



Adair claims that one of the agents he met at Area 51 was the infamous, former Nazi rocket scientist Arthur Rudolph. He also notes that there was an intention to use his rocket as a tool for implementing a first strike, during the Cold War. Also involved in this military conspiracy was General LeMay, who had helped Adair attain the funding to build his rocket. He was known as a war monger with an incredibly hawkish military strategy. He believed in the idea that, in nuclear warfare, a successful strike would have to be capable of killing an entire nation, otherwise there would be mutually assured destruction. LeMay built out the Strategic Air Command program so that it would be capable of dropping 80 percent of its arsenal at once. To avoid mutually assured destruction, the military needed first strike capability. So, according to Adair, LeMay was interested in the incredible speed that could be achieved by his fusion-contained propulsion system.

Adair says that upon realizing the military’s intent, he had to somehow sabotage his rocket so that it couldn’t be used as a vehicle for a nuclear warhead. Thinking quickly on his feet and using some cunning ingenuity, Adair says he collected graphite grease to cause a chemical reaction with deuterium, an isotope necessary for fusion reactions that was contained in the rocket’s inner workings. This tactic worked, setting off a massive explosion. According to Adair, this upset Rudolph, who threatened to imprison him at the base for the rest of his life, forcing him to remain there and continue working, while telling his family that he had died in a horrible accident. General LeMay came to his rescue however, and allowed him to return home. Adair said that Rudolph had very little authority due to his Nazi history.



There are plenty of pictures and newspaper articles seeming to corroborate Adair’s achievements and awards from the U.S. Air Force, but why hasn’t he continued to develop this technology? He supposedly headed a company that developed similar technologies under the name Intersect, Inc., but the company is either now defunct or has been wiped from the internet. His current website is devoted to telling this story and includes photographic evidence that seems to substantiate his history of being involved in aeronautics programs and military enrollment. He also has documentation of his correspondence with Congress, regarding the acquisition of an old Titan rocket, although it doesn’t say whether he was granted its use or not. Adair has also mentioned that he attempted, at one point, to testify before Congress regarding his Area 51 experience.

Stories from whistleblowers and those who claim to have been granted access to Area 51 are often bizarre, outlandish and unbelievable, so what, if anything, can be derived from this story and others like it? Whether Adair’s story is true or not is up for debate, but it can be assumed that if there is any truth behind it, the government would likely try to distort or cover-up anything it wants to keep classified. Could this be one of those cases?


David Adair: America’s Fall From Space

David has to be one of the most important figures of our time you might not have ever heard of. If you have not read about his story, I suggest you watch one of his interviews or buy his DVD:AMERICA’S FALL FROM SPACE, “a documentary about government secrets and one man’s journey to reclaim his reputation. Released for the first time, personal documents, interviews and unspoken factual encounters are revealed in this notable account by David Adair.”

Consider the events he’s been in the middle of:

1. Built an “Electromagnetic Fusion Containment” engine allowing for first-strike capability. This was built with purpose to be used as a nuclear fusion power plant, that would get humanity off petroleum and give clean nuclear energy to the world. He has the knowledge to build this fusion reactor that will provide clean energy and also, can be used in intergalactic travel. He will release his info upon his death (if something happens to him). He is prevented to releasing or working publicly due to national security implications/threats (? – need to look into reason but that’s my guess).

2. Worked in the unacknowledged military programs. “Black Ops” resources by the U.S. Government paid for him to develop this technology only to land in the super secret Groom Lake or “Area 51”.

3. Possibly stopped the annihilation of 1 billion people in Russia/China. After figuring out what they wanted to use the rocket for, and alone in this facility facing the head of the program and former Gestapo (Nazi) scientist named Rudolph, he cleverly destroyed the very rocket he just deployed.

4. Hands on with alien technology. Assessed the engine which at core used the same technology, at Area 51, communicating with what turned out to be a symbiotic engine not of this world. (aka Alien)

5. Was going to be the main speaker at the 2001 National Press Club organized by Dr. Steven Greer, about government secrecy of UFO related events. He was pressured to not talk (he did not), he was also pressured to talk – at least one person who was involved in this (disclosure) effort died as a result. He is talking on his own now through his DVD and interviews.

6. Explains what North Korea would do and how they would take out US power grid, with an EMP weapon, not a standard nuclear bomb. The results would be catastrophic. David is working to press for an infrastructure modernization that would minimize the effects of such an event. This has been blocked repeatedly by a Republican senator from Alaska. Insane. Just recently in 2013 Metcalf sniper attack targeted electrical transformers to bring down the grind, an EMP deployed would be nationwide and most effective.

“Nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NEMP), as a result of a nuclear explosion. A variant of this is the high altitude nuclear EMP (HEMP), which produces a secondary pulse due to particle interactions with the Earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field. Non-nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NNEMP) weapons.

7. Explains how in July of 2012 there was a corona mass ejection, that (had it occured 2 days earlier) would have wiped out most of humanity and Catastrophic End of the World type of real event, not the dud it turned out to be.

“DAVID ADAIR is an internationally recognized leader and expert in the field of space technology spinoff applications for industry and commercial use. He has worked as a research scientist in the fields of engineering, jet engine technology, rocket science and nuclear physics.

“Approached by a notorious Air Force General interested in first-strike capability in 1969, a 15 year old boy held the secret to the fastest rocket on Earth. Given “Black Ops” resources by the U.S. Government, David Adair developed his rocket in secret, then destroyed it when he learned that it was to be used for first strike capability against Russia. Facing a lifetime of discreditation and silent undercover threats, Adair speaks out about technology lost, the truth about his rocket and the alien engine that was shown to him by the U.S. Government at Area 51.

David Adair: Why retire the Space Shuttle Fleet?

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