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Three years ago, liberal Democrats and naive Republicans pushed hard for leniency-for-criminals legislation. It provided for a sharp reduction of mandatory minimum sentences for drug felons, to be applied retroactively so as to free many thousands of drug felons before they completed their sentences.

The leniency legislation also included “corrections reform.” The focus here was on ways to rehabilitate prisoners, using methods that sponsors claimed, quite speciously, have worked well at the state level.

I sounded the alarm over the sentencing reform component in an article for the Weekly Standard. Given the high rates of recidivism for drug felons, I argued that the leniency legislation inevitably would lead to more crime, just as crime rates are rising and the nation is experiencing an epidemic of drug-related deaths.

The 2015-16 attempt at a legislative jailbreak gained considerable momentum thanks to support from Republicans who should know better — e.g. Sens. Charles Grassley, John Cornyn, and Mike Lee. However, Republicans who do know better — notably then Sen. Jeff Sessions and Sen. Tom Cotton — rallied the caucus against the jailbreak. Majority Leader McConnell, recognizing that this legislation would badly divide the caucus and, I imagine, that it was both bad policy and bad politics, made sure the bill never made it to the floor.

This year, as I discussed here, Republican members of Team Leniency, thinking that reducing mandatory minimums and freeing drug felons through the front-door would be too controversial, tried to smuggle a more limited jail break into a corrections reform bill. The legislation was called FIRST STEP.

FIRST STEP proposed to cut jail time by retroactively applying “good time” credits and participation in rehabilitation program credits to reduce sentences. Using the credits, offenders would be released without having served their full and deserved sentences. My sources told me that 4,000 to 5,000 inmates would be set free at once.

FIRST STEP had considerable support from congressional Republicans, as well as from the White House where Jared Kushner peddled it. Indeed, the bill easily passed in the House.

However, many Democrats refused to support it because the jailbreak was too limited. They demanded the big reduction in mandatory minimums, applied retroactively, they had sought in 2015-16.

So did Sen. Grassley, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. As recently as 2015, Grassley had been a vehement opponent of sentencing reform legislation. But later that year, he flipped. Now, from all that appears, there is no distance between him and likes of Sen. Dick Durbin when it comes to making sure major drug felons spend less time in prison.

I thought it likely that the insistence on the whole leniency loaf by liberal Democrats and Chairman Grassley would prevent the passage of any leniency legislation, including the “corrections” bill, this year. That seemed to be the consensus on the Hill, as well.

But now, congressional Republicans seem ready to do what congressional Republicans often do best — capitulate to the left.

A revised FIRST STEP legislation has gained momentum. It combines a more liberal version of the FIRST STEP back door jailbreak with significant reductions in mandatory minimums. Just as left-liberal Democrats had demanded.

I’ll discuss this legislation in more detail in upcoming posts. For now, here is the big picture:

The bill would substantially reduce prison time on the front end by slashing mandatory minimum sentences for serious federal drug trafficking crimes. It would also substantially reduce prison time on the back end by awarding significant time credits without providing incentives for any new changes in behavior.

What would this mean in practice? It would mean that drug felons sentenced to what currently is a 20-year mandatory minimum sentence (reserved for repeat offenders trafficking in the largest amounts) could be back in the community in as little as 7 years, 10 months (as opposed to 16 years, 1 month under current law).

Drug felons sentenced to a 10-year mandatory minimum sentence (reserved for repeat offenders trafficking in significant amounts and first-time convicts trafficking the largest amounts) could be back in the community in as little as 5 years (as opposed to 7 years, 4 months under current law). And drug felons sentenced to a 5-year mandatory minimum (reserved for first-time offenders trafficking in significant amounts) could be back in as little as 2 years, 2 months (as opposed to 3 years under current law).

The bill thus increases risks to public safety, eviscerates the concept of truth in sentencing, and reduces the consequences for many of the worst criminals, including gang members and drug traffickers.

The legislation is so flawed, so perverse, that Democrats couldn’t get it enacted under the Obama administration. It would be scandalous for them to get it done under the Trump administration. Yet, for reasons to be discussed in a later post, the chances of them accomplishing this are considerable.



Sen. Burr BACKHANDS Deep State hack John Brennan over ‘Trump collusion’ allegation

(National SentinelCornered: The more Obama CIA Director John Brennan speaks, the more unhinged he becomes — almost as if he fears that the walls of justice are closing in on him for his ‘alleged’ role in Spygate.

Earlier this week POTUS Donald Trump jerked Brennan’s security clearance in an unprecedented move after months of taking flak from the former Deep State spook. Rather than viewing POTUS’ action as the act of a petulant child, however, political insiders believe it had much more to do with the belief that Brennan was the guy who started — and ran — Spygate[for a full recount of the scandal, get “The Spygate Files” free when you subscribe to our daily email newsletter — sign up below].

Writing in The New York Times (of course) after losing his clearance, Brennan repeated earlier allegations that the Trump campaign did indeed “collude” with Moscow to ‘steal the election’ from his beloved Hillary Clinton, despite there being no evidence of it and no allegations of it from Robert Mueller, who has obviously moved on from that charge.

“Mr. Trump’s claims of no collusion are, in a word, hogwash,” wrote Brennan. “The only questions that remain are whether the collusion that took place constituted criminally liable conspiracy, whether obstruction of justice occurred to cover up any collusion or conspiracy, and how many members of ‘Trump Incorporated’ attempted to defraud the government by laundering and concealing the movement of money into their pockets.”

Oh, really?

Not so fast, said Sen. Robert Burr, R-N.C., chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee.

He backhanded Brennan in a statement challenging his allegations and defending POTUS Trump.

“Director Brennan’s recent statements purport to know as fact that the Trump campaign colluded with a foreign power,” said Burr.

“If Director Brennan’s statement is based on intelligence he received while still leading the CIA, why didn’t he include it in the Intelligence Community Assessment released in 2017? If his statement is based on intelligence he has seen since leaving office, it constitutes an intelligence breach,” Burr continued.

“If he has some other personal knowledge of or evidence of collusion, it should be disclosed to the Special Counsel, not The New York Times.”

Continuing, Burr noted that if Brennan is just talking out of his [you know what] and doesn’t have any evidence of “collusion” the president was spot-on to revoke his clearance.

“If, however, Director Brennan’s statement is purely political and based on conjecture, the president has full authority to revoke his security clearance as head of the Executive Branch,” he said.

Oh, and obviously the president didn’t “silence” Brennan, as the disgraced former CIA director claims; otherwise, how’d he get a column published by the Times?



“Mini-Maduro” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Bans the Media from Campaign Town Halls


FreeBeacon reported that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, dubbed the “mini-Maduro” of the Democratic Party, has banned the press from her campaign town halls. This is after she humiliated herself with enormous gaffes that even caught the attention of the Washington Post fact-checker.

The Ocasio-Cortez campaign banned the media from attending both of her recent events, even though they were open to the public, The Queens Chronicle reported Thursday.

Ocasio-Cortez spokesman Corbin Trent told the Chronicle that the event was closed to the press to avoid “unwanted attention,” complaining she was “mobbed” by reporters at a Bronx community meeting earlier that week.

That’s not as believable of an excuse as this one: her leftist handlers want to keep her from continued bad publicity over her lies and mistakes.

She is going to run into a lot of reporters on Capitol Hill and won’t be able to ban them. Perhaps, she should get up to snuff on all the issues facing congressmen.

Republicans call her the “mini-Maduro” which is more than appropriate since her policies match those of Venezuela’s Democratic Socialist leader.

“We wanted to help create a space where community members felt comfortable and open to express themselves without the distraction of cameras and press,” the campaign said. Then, shouldn’t it have been a private event?


Even CNN can’t support her claims about her Communist health care proposal.




A teenager is fighting for his life after allegedly being disembowelled during a quadruple stabbing in London’s so-called ‘murder mile’.

Describing the incident on the Elmington Estate in Camberwell, a witness said they saw “four or five black boys running, [then] all of a sudden I could hear, ‘Help, help’.”

Another resident said they saw one of the four stab victims grievously wounded with his “intestines falling on the ground”, according to MailOnline.

Six male suspects, said to be aged between 15 and 16, were arrested following the incident, which took place a stone’s throw from the street where ‘drill’ rapper Sidique Kamara, also known as ‘Incognito’, was stabbed to death earlier this month.

“This incident is in its very early stages and at present we cannot speculate on what the nature of it may be,” commented Superintendent Annmarie Cowley.

“What we can say for certain is if there needed to be an example of the utter senselessness of knife crime, then this is it; four males are in hospital, and at this stage we cannot say how serious their injuries are. It is beyond comprehension.



An Open Letter to the Colluding Press


An open letter to The Boston Globe and media outlets that authored coordinated editorials about President Trump:

President John Adams once wrote, “The liberty of the press is essential to the security of freedom.” We at America First couldn’t agree more. A free press is a bedrock of a democratic society. It is at the heart of our constitutional rights. But with liberty comes responsibility—the responsibility to report information accurately and fairly. Unfortunately, too many times, the media have failed to live up to their responsibility.

Let’s cite a few egregious examples that fall under three different categories:

Category 1: Straight-Up Inaccurate Reporting  

Let’s remember how it all started. After an initial pool spray that took place within hours of President Trump’s inauguration, a Time magazine White House correspondent incorrectly reported that the bust of Martin Luther King Jr. had been removed from the Oval Office. This false detail even made it into a White House pool report about Trump’s first actions in the Oval Office as president. Was this an honest mistake, or a blatant attempt to make the president appear racially insensitive? We try to give all people, including the press, the benefit of the doubt—but this was far too suspicious, a “gotcha” moment gone wrong.

Then there was the time ABC News had to suspend reporter Brian Ross for four weeks after a seriously erroneous Trump report. Ross was eventually fired, and rightfully so.

More recently, a CNN senior White House correspondent falsely claimed that President Trump hadn’t answered questions on the news in “at least a week.” Mind you, this claim was made the day after the president had answered reporters’ questions at a joint press conference—a press conference that said reporter attended.

And who can forget the infamous Time magazine cover, and its editor even doubling down on this massively misleading and embarrassing misstep, instead of simply apologizing?

Category 2: Biased Reporting

Shortly before the election, CNN declared a Trump victory would be America’s Brexit and cause U.S. stocks and global markets to tank. Politico agreed. Well, we all know just how wrong they turned out to be.

Then there was the huge screw-up by the New York Times, which falsely insinuated the Trump administration was covering up a report on climate change.

Speaking of the New York Times, both that publication and the Associated Press took the president’s comments on MS-13 completely out of context in May.

And, of course, there was Chris Cuomo’s recent defense of Antifa violence.

Category 3: Sins of Omission

What the media choose to not report on is just as damning as the examples above. Here are a couple stories that highlight such sins:

Giving a Trump victory its due: Media ignores his ISIS success, mocks him

Media ignores success of Trump economy: Varney

We could go on, but the evidence is clear. The litany of transgressions began on Day 1 (literally) of Donald Trump’s presidency and hasn’t slowed much since. And let’s face it: Some of the media undermine their own credibility when they lose any semblance of objectivity.

All editors have the right to opine, as they did in their editorials yesterday (that’s what you do in an editorial, after all), but they still ultimately fail to understand the role of a journalist. Yes, a journalist should be tenacious in pursuit of the truth, but the pursuit of truth does not entail omitting certain facts, overlooking a president’s key achievements, promoting a political agenda, or slipping into the role of an activist.

Thankfully, the American people are a lot smarter than the media think they are. Poll after poll show that wide swaths of the public believe that the media are biased and inaccurate and report news they know to be false or purposely misleading.

And the overwhelmingly negative coverage of our president and his policies isn’t just a matter of opinion; it’s backed up by a number of studies by the Media Research CenterPew Research Center, and Harvard. The Harvard researchers found that, in the first 100 days of the Trump presidency, CNN’s Trump coverage was 93 percent negative, and 7 percent positive. The numbers were the same for NBC.

We do not believe anyone in the Trump administration wants to undermine a free press. The president himself tweeted Thursday that he wants a free press: “There is nothing that I would want more for our Country than true FREEDOM OF THE PRESS. The fact is that the Press is FREE to write and say anything it wants, but much of what it says is FAKE NEWS, pushing a political agenda or just plain trying to hurt people. HONESTY WINS!”

What the president is against is the press’s coordinated efforts to push an agenda that vehemently works against him at every turn. In fact, the Globe’s coordinated editorial experiment proves this very point. The signature of a free press is diversity of thought and opinion. A parade of more than 300 newspapers marching in lockstep is, quite ironically, the very opposite.

Overlooked in these editorials is the indisputable list of accomplishments of President Trump.

So, in an effort to remind the press (yet again), we here provide a recap, by no means comprehensive:

  • Almost 4 million new jobs have been created since President Trump’s election.
  • African-American, Hispanic-American, and Asian-American unemployment rates have all recently reached the lowest levels in history.
  • Women’s unemployment rate has reached the lowest level in 65 years.
  • Veterans’ unemployment rate recently reached its lowest level in nearly 20 years.
  • The unemployment rate for Americans without high school diplomas is at the lowest level ever recorded, and the Trump administration’s new workforce initiative will deliver job-training to more than 4 million Americans.
  • Manufacturing jobs are being created at the fastest pace in over three decades.
  • Nearly half-a-million manufacturing jobs have been created since the president took office. In the month of July alone, nearly 40,000 new manufacturing jobs were added.
  • Almost 3.9 million Americans have been lifted off food stamps since President Trump’s election.
  • The president crafted the largest tax cut in a generation, which led to savings for more than 80 percent of households and pay raises and bonuses for 4 million American workers.
  • President Trump protected American taxpayers by asking Congress to rescind $15.4 billion in unused appropriations.
  • The president has hired/nominated an impressive number of women to senior positions in his administration, including the first female director of the CIA, Gina Haspel.
  • He’s appointed two Supreme Court justices, and the Senate has now confirmed 26 appellate court judges of his choosing, as well as Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.
  • He successfully negotiated the return of four American hostages in one month’s time.
  • President Trump’s Unified Agenda of Regulatory and Deregulatory Action has exceeded the 2:1 mandate, eliminating 22 job-killing regulations for every one new regulatory action.
  • President Trump signed the “Right to Try” Act to give terminally ill patients a chance to try lifesaving treatments.
  • The Department of Homeland Security arrested 796 MS-13 gang members and associates in FY 2017, an 83 percent increase from the previous year.
  • The president signed the VA Mission Act, which allows veterans who don’t live near a VA facility or can’t get an appointment in a timely manner to seek medical care from private health-care providers.
  • Signed the National Defense Authorization Act, which provides an $82 billion funding increase for the Department of Defense over the current period, including a $617 billion Pentagon budget, $22 billion for the nuclear weapons program and $69 billion for U.S. military efforts abroad, as well as new tanks, ships, and planes. The package includes a salary boost for service members, about a 2.6 percent raise—the biggest military pay raise in nearly a decade.

Numbers don’t lie, so in the name of a free and fair press, we implore all journalists to start sharing them—instead of their own personal biases.


Sean Spicer
Senior Adviser and Spokesman
America First Action
Author of “The Briefing: Politics, the Press, and the President”

Tommy Hicks Jr.
America First Action





















The judge has a history of these types of soft sentences.


Bill Nelson Admits He Made Up Russian Hacking Claim


Governor Rick Scott has a small lead over Bill Nelson in the Florida Senate race that is a concern to Nelson. Probably to give himself an edge or an excuse for falling behind, Nelson said the Russians penetrated “some voter registrations” in Florida.

Nelson went public with the claim in early August, claiming the ubiquitous Russians have “penetrated” some “voter registration systems” in Florida ahead of the 2018 midterms.

“They have already penetrated certain counties in the state and they now have free rein to move about,” Nelson told the Tampa Bay Times before a campaign event in Tampa. He said something similar a day earlier in Tallahassee but declined to elaborate.

“That’s classified,” the Democrat said conveniently.

“They have already penetrated certain counties in the state and they now have free rein to move about,” Nelson told the Tampa Bay Times.

The state, however, said it has received “zero information” supporting his claim.

The GOP War Room was able to tape him recently actually admitting his claims of Russians hacking were false. Nelson also tried to bring Republicans into his lie.

He did lie again in his unbelievable explanation, perpetuating the Russians hacked Florida myth.  The truth is the Russians did not hack any district in Florida, but they tried and perhaps came close.

Even if they did hack, all they could do is remove or add names, not vote.




ISIS Terrorist in Sacramento Killed a Cop After He Got His Green Card


An ISIS terrorist who slaughtered police and others received permission to enter the United States as a refugee in 2014 under Barack Obama’s ‘robust’ vetting. Before he came over, and after he received a Green Card, he killed another Iraqi police officer in Rahwah when ISIS took over.

Omar Ameen took advantage of the many loopholes in our refugee screening process. He was an active, murderous member of ISIS when he applied for citizenship and won a ticket to the U.S. After he received his Green Card, he killed an Iraqi officer. Then he immigrated to the U.S.


An arrest warrant stated that Ameen entered his hometown of Rawah in the Anbar province of Iraq with a four-vehicle ISIS caravan and drove to the home of Ihsan Abdulhafiz Jasim, who had served with the Rawah Police Department. He and at least five other named suspects opened fire and the man shot back, but the documents allege that Ameen fatally shot the man in the chest as he lay on the ground, the NY Post reported.

The AP reports that Omar Abdulsattar Ameen, 45, was arrested in sanctuary Sacramento, California on Wednesday and will be extradited to Iraq based on a treaty we have with that nation.

Ameen did not disclose his membership in two terrorist groups when he later applied for a green card in the United States, officials said.

Court documents say Ameen’s family also aided al Qaeda in Rawah and that Ameen was a member of both al Qaeda in Iraq and ISIS. The documents allege that he did a number of things in support of the groups, including helping plant improvised bombs, transporting militants, soliciting funds and robbing supply trucks and kidnapping drivers on behalf of al Qaeda.

The FBI quotes one witness as saying Ameen’s vehicle in 2005 was a Kia Sportage flying a black al Qaeda flag with a cut-out roof and a machine gun mounted on the rear.

The Iraqi officials said he did despicable things.


The Trump administration has sharply criticized the Obama-era resettlement program for not doing enough to keep out terrorists, according to the AP.

The State Department said additional checks have since been implemented.

“The U.S. government identified and implemented additional security screening procedures to enable departments and agencies to more thoroughly review refugee applicants to identify potential threats to public safety and national security, with additional vetting for certain nationals of certain high-risk countries,” the State Department said in a statement.

Democrats want 100,000 more refugees a year because our vetting process is so “robust”. The problem is terrorists are slipping through the cracks of our not-really-so-robust vetting.

The government never saw an obvious threat posed by Ameen. How many more Ameens are here?

Democrats think there is nothing to see here. This is what the Democrat Party wants for all Americans.


Media Backs Efforts to Destroy Mexican Restaurant That Let Sessions Dine


The owner of El Tiempo Cantina was forced to shut down his eatery’s social media presence and publicly apologize two weeks ago after Stalinist Democrats harassed his family for allowing Attorney Jeff Sessions to dine at his Texas restaurant.

“We’ve actually received many, many, many insults and many, many complaints, and even some death threats,” Roland Laurenzo, the president of Laurenzo’s Restaurant Group said in a phone interview with station KHOU.

His family is currently being harassed.


“We honestly didn’t get it — we didn’t see that we were doing something wrong,” he added. We didn’t even have any idea that this was going to happen. This has been a total surprise for us. It has been extremely shocking to our family.

The poor man thinks he did something wrong.

The owner’s son posed with Sessions, proud that a government official was eating in his restaurant. That sent the Stalinists into a frenzy. They have been boycotting this man for doing nothing wrong, even after he apologized.

The media is now backing this boycott.


Communist Jorge Ramos is leading the media boycott of this innocent man as are other anchors.


Univision is very popular among the Hispanic community and they, along with the elites in the Hispanic population are sending the message that if anyone shows the slightest support for the Trump administration, they will be destroyed. This is Texas and the left wants their vote like they’ve corralled the black vote.

They conflate illegal immigration with legal immigration and demand both be allowed with amnesty for all those who came here illegally.

Many disreputable people, including criminals, are behind this movement.

The next clip has another Univision anchor pretending legal and illegal immigration is one and the same. These people are not looking out for the United States. They hope to take us over and they are.

Hispanic support for Trump has gone up 10 percent and Univision does not want any of their listeners to hear that.

All the anchors are behind destroying the restaurant for doing nothing wrong. The owner didn’t even know who Sessions was.



ORGE RAMOS, ANCHOR, UNIVISION NEWS: A Mexican restaurant of Houston faces a barrage of criticism after posting on Facebook that it was an honor to serve Attorney General Jeff Sessions in their establishment. Many people describe the praise to Sessions as insensitive, as he is harshly questioned for his migratory policies against the Hispanic community. Vilma Tarazona has the controversy.

VILMA TARAZONA, CORRESPONDENT, UNIVISION NEWS: Sessions´ visit to this renowned Mexican restaurant, El Tiempo Cantina in Houston, would have gone unnoticed if not for this selfie taken by the chef and son of the owner, and published in his social networks where he wrote “We had the honor of serving Jeff Sessions, Attorney General of the United States. Thank you for allowing us to serve you”. This sparked the anger of many immigrants including this Mexican and community leader and regular customer.

CÉSAR ESPINOZA, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR “FIEL”: How should we honor a person who speaks against the principles of our restaurant, one that serves Mexican food that was brought to the United States by immigrants, and who hires immigrants and receives money from the immigrants.

The business owner said he saw no problem in serving the Attorney General.

RONALD LAURENZO, RESTAURANT: I totally regret it because it is inaccurate in terms of the….

TARAZONA (TRANSLATING OVER LAURENZO): But said he was sorry to post the picture on social media. Ironically, that day Sessions came to an event about illegal immigration.

ESPINOZA: In Houston, the community is outraged, because we have received messages from people who came to this restaurant this week and who are undocumented.

TARAZONA: The reactions are from both sides.

WOMAN: I thought like it was a slap to the community….

TARAZONA (TRANSLATING OVER WOMAN): It seems to me that it is a slap in the face for the community that goes to the restaurant and for the people who work in the restaurant.

SECOND WOMAN: I think it´s great…

TARAZONA (TRANSLATING OVER WOMAN): I think it’s OK, we must serve the people who are helping us in the Government. This incident would seem to evidence at least that of General Attorney Sessions likes the food of Mexicans, since earlier that day he ate at a Mexican restaurant.

ESPINOZA: For me it’s something very painful because it turns out to be one of my favorite places that me and my family have frequented since arriving in the United States in 1991.

TARAZONA: Well, El Tiempo Cantina restaurant had already been subject to criticism by the immigrant community, when in the past they allowed the use of one of its buildings to record a video of the Latinos for Trump Campaign.



Racist Democrat Calls Her Asian Immigrant Opponent a “Ching-Chong”


Contributor James Soviero

For what it’s worth, a racist candidate has apologized for vile remarks she made against her Asian opponent. Detroit Rep. Bettie Cook Scott, who is black, told constituents to not vote for the “ching-chong.”

Scott reportedly referred to Rep. Stephanie Chang as a “ching-chang” and “the ching-chong” to multiple voters outside polling precincts during last Tuesday’s election. She’s also said to have called one of Chang’s campaign volunteers an “immigrant,” saying “you don’t belong here” and “I want you out of my country,” Metro Times reported.

Both candidates are Democrats who were running for a state Senate seat in the primary. Ms. Chang won handily and Scott came in third with a teeny 11 percent of the vote.

Ms. Chang’s husband Sean Gray had asked Ms. Scott to stop speaking about his wife that way after multiple people shared her comments with him.

She didn’t receive it well and said that ‘these immigrants from China are coming over and taking our community from us.’ Further, she said it ‘disgusts her seeing black people holding signs for these Asians and not supporting their own people.’”

Gray, who is black, says Scott then went on to call him a “fool” for marrying Chang.






















Jordan Peterson calmly dismantles feminism infront of two feminists




New Mexico Cult Update: Black Magic, Resurrection, and Immigration Violations

Photo released by the Taos County Sheriff's Office shows a view of a compound in Amalia, New Mexico, where police rescued 11 children and arrested two armed "extremists"


Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) issued a statement on Wednesday explaining that Jany Leveille, the apparent spiritual leader of the New Mexico compound where a group of Muslim extremists held 11 starving children and evidently killed a small child, is an illegal alien from Haiti who overstayed her visa by over 20 years.

Leveille was detained with four other adult co-defendants after police raided the New Mexico compound on August 3. She was taken into federal custody on Tuesday after a New Mexico judge controversially ruled the group should be released on bond until their trials.

“Leveille has been unlawfully present in the U.S. for more than 20 years after overstaying the validity of her non-immigrant visitor visa,” the ICE statement said.

Leveille will appear before a judge to resolve her immigration status, which could potentially lead to her deportation, according to Reuters.

Reuters reviewed what is known about Leveille’s history in the United States:

Leveille moved to Brooklyn from Haiti in 1998 after their father died, according to her brother Von Chelet Leveille. She then moved several times between Georgia, Philadelphia and New York, following her separation from her first husband, Von Chelet Leveille said in a phone interview from Haiti.

Leveille had lived at the compound near Amalia, New Mexico since January with her husband Siraj Ibn Wahhaj and children, according to prosecutors. Her six children range in age between 1 and 15, her brother said.

Leveille, Ibn Wahhaj and three other adults at the compound were charged with child abuse on Aug. 8 and their 11 children were taken into protective custody.

Leveille has described herself as the “Muslim wife” of co-defendant Siraj Wahhaj, who is the son of a prominent New York City imam by the same name. Wahhaj is the subject of a warrant for kidnapping his three-year-old son Abdul-Ghani from Georgia.

Abdul-Ghani is believed to have died at the New Mexico compound because medication for his severe neurological condition was withheld while the defendants performed a Muslim “prayer ritual” to purge him of evil influences. Remains thought to be Abdul-Ghani’s were recovered at the compound but authorities have not yet positively identified them.

The other three defendants are Wahhaj’s two sisters, Hurrah and Subhannah, and Wahhaj’s brother-in-law Lucas Morten. All pled not guilty to 11 counts of child abuse. Morten has additionally been charged with harboring a fugitive, namely Siraj Wahhaj.

The Associated Press quoted a Taos County, New Mexico, spokesman on Wednesday that although the judge ordered bond for the defendants, “the conditions for their release have not yet been met.” He did not elaborate on what this meant, although a defense lawyer said it might have something to do with securing safe living conditions for the defendants:

Lawyer Marie Legrand Miller, who represents defendant Hujrah Wahhaj, said the release of her client is being delayed over concerns about safety.

She said the threats against the judge, heightened security at the courthouse and other factors are “giving people some pause in the community about what they are able and willing to do” to help her client.

“It has to be a safe release or she is safer in the jail,” the lawyer said.

There are few Muslims in the city. The local mosque is a white, domed building the size of a two-car garage. Outside, a staircase winds around a cottonwood tree that serves as a makeshift minaret — though there are seldom calls to prayer.

The AP quotes Leveille’s brother Von Chelet disputing allegations that the group was training its children to carry out school shootings, insisting that the family’s firearms ownership was entirely “legal and innocent.”

He said they moved to the unsanitary and primitive compound in New Mexico because “they no longer wanted to live as American Muslims in a society mostly populated by non-Muslims,” an idea they apparently developed after Siraj Wahhaj visited Saudi Arabia and saw how good life could be without any non-Muslims around.

Reuters cited arguments from defense lawyers that the five suspects are “being discriminated against because they are black Muslims who practiced faith healing and taught their children how to shoot.”

Von Chelet Leveille, who lives in Haiti, spoke at length to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) by telephone on Wednesday night and said he was aware of his sister’s belief that Abdul-Ghani was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ. In his telling, the group more specifically believed Abdul-Ghani would come back to life as Jesus and were waiting for him to rise from the dead:

But as weeks turned to months and the compound’s occupants continued to watch the small body for signs of life, even the brother began to wonder if it would be true. It didn’t seem as far-fetched when he thought of the stories they’d been telling him—and the photos they sent—from the camp, such as the time a face appeared in the sky, or when the clouds took on the shape of a winged creature and they all cried.

Von Chelet nevertheless believes the group is “misunderstood” and insisted, “I don’t know my sister to practice any black magic.”

The AJC also spoke with a student of the elder Siraj Wahhaj named Tariq Abdur Rashid, who revealed the younger Siraj traveled to England to learn the ruqya healing ritual from an imam there. Rashid credited Siraj Wahhaj the young with “sincere” desires to help his son and insisted the family is entirely peaceful.

On the other hand, he voiced suspicions that Jany Leveille practices black magic. Tariq Rashid and Von Chelet Leveille ended up calling each other liars on this point when they both spoke with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

An enigmatic detail of the case was resolved on Thursday when an Islamic counselor in Georgia named Abdur-Rashid al-Amin revealed he was Facebook friends with Siraj’s sister Subhannah Wahhaj, and the call for help from the compound that triggered the August 3 police raid was a message she sent to him.

According to Amin, who said he is a longtime friend of the Wahhaj family and provided counseling to most of the New Mexico compound residents, Subhannah approached him on Facebook in late July and asked for money.

“I am desperately in need of $400 in order to save myself from starvation,” she wrote. “Again, I wouldn’t ask if I truly didn’t need it.”

Amin said he was aware Siraj and his sisters had become estranged from their family and knew Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj had been abducted. He was eventually able to pry clues to the group’s location from her, which he relayed to her father the imam Siraj Wahhaj in New York, who in turn contacted the authorities.

This is consistent with the elder Wahhaj’s claim to have tipped off the police, but possibly not with the account provided by Taos County police, who said they launched the raid in response to an emergency distress message from inside the compound.

“It was very disturbing, I was very upset. I was angry, sad, and then overjoyed that the children were pulled out of those conditions,” Amin said of the footage he has seen from the New Mexico compound.



Did He Do It to Crush the Shorts? SEC Reportedly Probing if Tesla CEO Elon Musk Misled Investors to Hurt Critics

Tesla CEO Elon Musk who has tweeted about vague plans to take the company private
Getty/Robyn Beck


The Securities and Exchange Commission is working to determine if CEO Elon Musk’s tweets about taking the electric car company private were designed to cause financial harm to short sellers, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

Further, the SEC wants to know the depth to which Musk briefed Tesla’s board of directors about taking the Palo Alto company private before his August 7 tweets regarding the proposal.

“Last week, short-sellers betting against Tesla lost big after the CEO tweeted about taking the company private. Tesla shares rose 11 percent following Musk’s tweet Tuesday, meaning short sellers lost about $1.3 billion in mark-to-market losses, according to estimates from financial technology and analytics firm S3 Partners,” CNBC reports.

On Friday, Kalman Isaacs and William Chamberlain filed complaints against Tesla in a federal court in San Francisco, accusing its founder and CEO of artificially boosting his company’s stock price in an attempt to hurt short sellers.

Isaacs’ lawsuit states: “It is clear that Defendant Musk Tweeted materially false and misleading information regarding the Going Private Transaction to exact personal revenge and ‘squeeze-out’ the short-sellers who had purportedly been badgering him for months.”

As previously reported, Tesla received a subpoena from the SEC following Musk’s tweet about taking his embattled electric vehicle company private and are examing if his declaration of securing funding at $420 per share is factual.

After news broke that Tesla was issued a subpoena, its stock price edged lower 3.3 percent to $336.40.

This week, the company’s board of directors announced it formed a special committee to study proposals about taking the company off the public market. The special committee has the full power and authority of the Board of Directors to take any and all actions on behalf of the Board of Directors as it deems necessary to evaluate and negotiate a potential Going Private Transaction and alternatives to any transaction proposed by Mr. Musk, the board of directors said in a statement.”The special committee’s grant of authority provides that no Going Private Transaction will be consummated without the approval of the special committee. The special committee expects to provide a further update concerning the process associated with Mr. Musk’s proposal as soon as practicable.”

On Monday, Musk wrote in a blog entry that his infamous “funding secured,” tweet was in reference to a meeting with investors of Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, which the South Africa-native left believing would provide the funding if needed. “I left the July 31st meeting with no question that a deal with the Saudi sovereign fund could be closed, and that it was just a matter of getting the process moving,” wrote Musk. “This is why I referred to ‘funding secured’ in the August 7th announcement.”



Lawsuit: Facebook Misled Advertisers with Inflated Audience Figures

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said investments in safety and security will hurt short-term profits


A newly filed lawsuit alleges that Facebook misled advertisers by inflating the “potential reach” figures for ad campaigns — the total audience that views ads on the platform.

The East Bay Times reports that Facebook is facing a lawsuit which alleges that the website claimed to have far larger audience sizes in U.S. cities and states than it actually does. The lawsuit was filed by Danielle Singer, a Kansas-based aromatherapy fashionwear business owner who claims that the social media Masters of the Universe purposefully inflated it’s “potential reach” figures for a particular advertisement, leading advertisers to invest more money in Facebook’s advertising system believing that they were reaching more users.

Singer claims in her lawsuit that Facebook’s potential reach figures for users aged 18-34 in all 50 U.S. states actually exceeded the number of platform users in that demographic. The lawsuit also claims that their suspicions were confirmed by former Facebook employees who described the potential reach figures as “like a made-up PR number.”

The lawsuit states: “Facebook’s misrepresentation of the Potential Reach of its advertisements induced advertising purchasers, including Plaintiffs, to continue purchasing advertisements, because purchased believed that more people could potentially be reached by their advertisements than possibly could have been.”

A Facebook spokesperson told the East Bay Times that: “this suit is without merit and we plan to defend ourselves vigorously.” The lawsuit against Facebook was filed in the U.S. District Court of Northern California and is seeking class-action status to represent all those that purchased advertisements on Facebook from 2013 onwards. The two counts that Facebook was sued on are California’s Unfair Competition Law and a “quasi-contract claim for restitution.”

Singer herself spent approximately $14,000 on Facebook ads for her business, Therapy Threads. She then decided to look into Facebook’s potential reach estimations and do her own calculations on advertising reach. What Singer discovered was that in Chicago, for example, there were approximately 808,000 U.S. resident ages between 18 and 34 according to U.S. census data, but Facebook calculated the potential reach for Chicago residents at around 1.9 million.

Lucas Nolan is a reporter for Breitbart News covering issues of free speech and online censorship. Follow him on Twitter @LucasNolan_ or email him at lnolan@breitbart.com



HEY CNN! Did You Know A Woman Arrested At The NM Muslim Compound Was On Your Network?

Aug 15, 2018

UPDATE: GREAT NEWS! Just minutes ago it was announced that there is  a plan for an appeal after the judge’s shocking decision to release the compound suspects!

Trending: HEY CNN! Did You Know A Woman Arrested At The NM Muslim Compound Was On Your Network?

Here’s a puzzler…One of the women arrested at he New Mexico Muslim compound appeared on CNN…The tweet below caught our eye. Even though CNN reported on Hujrah Wahhaj being one of the suspects, they never revealed that she was on their network…It’s what the media DOESN’T tell you….

Hey @CNN did you know that one of the women arrested on #NewMexicoCompound (where they were training children to carry out school shootings and found the body of a toddler) visited you? Why didn’t you use her photo #NMCompound


Americans are outraged! A New Mexico judge known for her lenient decisions is receiving death threats because of her latest bad decision. Judge Sarah Backus decided that the state hadn’t proven their case. She didn’t think they were convincing enough in their effort to prove the group of Muslim men and women were a danger to the community.


Governor Martinez on the Taos Compound suspects getting released. “I strongly disagree with this decision. Unfortunately, it highlights for the entire nation how extreme the New Mexico Supreme Court has been in dictating pretrial release for all kinds of dangerous criminals.”

This was against the wishes of both the sheriff’s department and the FBI, which described the group as “heavily armed and considered extremists of the Muslim belief.

She released the group with a low signature bond of $20,000 pending trial. The’ll have to wear an ankle monitor during that time and cannot leave the country. As it turns out, one of the women has been detained by federal immigration but no further information has come out on her. Here’s the link to the decision: ORDER DENYING MOTION TO DETAIN

The Taos County, NM courthouse had to be evacuated because of credible threats against the judge on social media, phone calls an emails. Americans are sick of lenient judges like Backus!


The motion to detain the group arrested after a raid in New Mexico was denied today. It’s a shocker because of what was going on at the compound where a young boy died. Judge Sarah Backus said the suspects weren’t a danger to the community following testimony of what was going on at the compound.

The five suspects, Siraj Wahhaj, Hujrah Wahhaj, Lucas Morton, Jany Leveille and Subhannah Wahhaj face 11 counts of child abuse. The raid on the compound the 11 children lived in was filthy. The children were dressed in rags, had no shoes and little to eat. People on the scene said the children looked like Holocaust survivors.

Other than child abuse and a dead child found on the property, prosecuters presented a case of possible terrorist training for an attack but the judge rejected the claim…Insane!

The leader of the compound took weapons classes before he moved to New Mexico. The 11 children were taught how to load and fire assault rifles. A letter was found from the compound leader telling his brother to come to New Mexico to become a martyr.

When the tactical team raided the compound, they found children holding boxes of ammo and one teen claimed he was armed.

During the raid, Wahhaj was “heavily armed with an AR-15 rifle, five loaded 30-round magazines, and four loaded pistols, including one in his pocket when he was taken down,” according to the Taos County sheriff’s office.
New Mexico prosecutors said at least one child at the compound was being trained to commit school shootings.


The Defense said that it’s “prudent” to teach children how to use a weapon. They tried to distance themselves from the weapons and then used the comparison to a Christian group who was armed. They basically tried to turn the tables to make this a Muslim vs Christian issue when it’s not.

Each of the 5 suspects was given a low bond and will wear an ankle monitor…The children are in protective custody with state welfare workers. Any visits to the children by the 5 suspects will be supervised.


HERE’S WHAT THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA ISN’T TELLING YOU! The story below will have you asking how a Muslim compound like this can exist in America. Someone MUST have seen something and someone must know what happened to a young boy who is still missing! The missing 4-year old’s father was arrested at the New Mexico compound and isn’t speaking.  He’s the son of an imam with a “checkered past”:


Siraj Wahhaj, is a well-known imam, who speaks at mosques across the country, including the Georgia and New York City locations of Masjid At-Taqwa.

Prosecutors named the elder Siraj Wahhaj — born Jeffrey Kearse — as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. He also was a character witness in the trial of convicted terror plotter Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman.


While the main stream media has been focusing on the Muslim desert encampment discovered in New Mexico,  a young boy is STILL missing.

A Georgia family is still looking for a young boy who has been missing since mid-December.  Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj was last seen in on December 13th traveling with his father who was just found at a squalid encampment in New Mexico.

Eleven children and three adults were also found living in the filthy compound that was made from a makeshift berm of tires and an RV.


There was little water and food for the children who were dressed in rags. Officials on the scene said the children looked like concentration camp survivors with ribs sticking out.

The missing child’s mother reported Siraj Ibn Wahhaj  in December when he took his son claiming he would give the boy an exorcism because he was “possessed by the devil”. The boy suffers from mental and physical problems including seizures.

The authorities were alerted by someone within the compound who messaged that, “We are starving and need food and water.” The compound was searched and still the boy hasn’t been found. All of the 11 other children are in protective custody.

On Sunday, the Taos County sheriff announced 11 charges of child cruelty against all five adults: Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, Lucas Allen Morton, Jany Leveille, Hujrah Wahhaj and Subhannah Wahhaj.

Jany Leville is one of the three women arrested – all three women wore the traditional Muslim veil.

None of the adults will say where the missing four-year old is located…

The grandfather of the little boy, Siraj Wahhaj, is a well-known imam, who speaks at mosques across the country, including the Doraville and New York City locations of Masjid At-Taqwa.



PRESIDENT TRUMP Just Revealed The Trap John Brennan Caught Himself In…AND IT’S GLORIOUS!

Aug 17, 2018

Yesterday, social media and the Democrat Party’s mainstream media outlets were ablaze with criticism for President Trump over his decision to revoke Obama’s former CIA director John Brennan’s security clearance. The rabidly anti-Trump John Brennan even tweeted about Trump’s decision, claiming his action “is part of a broader effort by Mr. Trump (note, he doesn’t properly address him as “President” Trump) to suppress freedom of speech and punish critics.

Brennan’s comments are rich of course, as most Americans, even supporters of Barack Obama, are aware of the extraordinary measures Obama and his regime took during his presidency to silence their critics, even using the IRS as a tool to shut down conservative voices.

Brennan ended his tweet by saying his “principles” are worth “far more than clearances”, adding “I will not relent”.

Trending: HEY CNN! Did You Know A Woman Arrested At The NM Muslim Compound Was On Your Network?

It looks like Brennan’s “principles” are about to be called into question…

According to the American Thinker, this may be a sign that the tide is turning and the cabal that conspired to fix the 2016 presidential election and then, when that failed, remove Trump from office is going to be exposed and ultimately held to account.  As the Democrats and their media enablers bloviate about John Brennan’s imaginary First Amendment right to a perpetual security clearance, a statement of support for the president came from an unexpected source yesterday.

Lou Dobbs tweeted an official statement from establishment Republican Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina, on comments by Barack Obama’s former CIA director John Brennan:

Senate Intel Chairman, Richard Burr is defending President Trump. I believe this is a remarkable turn in the tides of Washington affairs and may well represent the beginning of the end of the Mueller Witch Hunt.   

Lou Dobbs may be on to something in terms of the significance of this statement.  Burr is highlighting a trap that Brennan is now caught in.  As Clarice Feldman pointed out, Senator Burr is the chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) and a member of the Gang of Eight that gets access to the most secret documents.  He is also a conspicuous member of the GOP establishment and until yesterday had been reticent in his approach to these Deep State scandals.  Yet here he is, alluding to a trap that Brennan may be in.

Yesterday, President Trump acknowledged Lou Dobbs’ tweet with his own tweet supporting Dobbs’ tweet of Senator Burr’s official statement, confirming the Brennan trap:


Black Professor Says It’s Welfare, Not Slavery, That Decimated US Black Families


“The undeniable truth is that neither slavery nor Jim Crow nor the harshest racism has decimated the black family the way the welfare state has,” said George Mason professor Walter Williams in his column for The Richmond Times-Dispatch.

There is little evidence to support the idea that slavery, racial discrimination and poverty caused the problems of today’s black Americans, the economics professor wrote.

The number one problem is the weak family structure:

In 1960, just 22 percent of black children were raised in single-parent families.

Fifty years later, more than 70 percent of black children were raised in single-parent families.

According to the 1938 Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences, that year 11 percent of black children were born to unwed mothers. Today about 75 percent of black children are born to unwed mothers. That can’t be a legacy of slavery, it can’t be some delayed reaction.

As Professor Williams said, the bottom line is that the black family was stronger the first 100 years after slavery than during what will be the second 100 years.

All blacks were poor originally but now 30 percent are poor. Two-parent black families are rarely poor.

Only 8 percent of black married-couple families live in poverty. Among black families in which both the husband and wife work full time, the poverty rate is under 5 percent. Poverty in black families headed by single women is 37 percent.

It’s the welfare state that decimated the black family, he concludes.



James Woods Reminds Us How Lucky We Are Hillary Didn’t Win


Hillary Clinton lauded the 11-year-old girl who “took a knee” during the pledge of allegiance at school, cheering her on in a tweet, exclaiming, “Keep up the good work.”

This is who the Democrats are. They hate America.

Clinton shared the child’s disrespectful performance and linked the video.

No, Hillary, it doesn’t take courage, it takes a disrespectful attitude and a Democratic parent “inspiring” her. A child of 11 doesn’t come up with this on her own. She’s been indoctrinated in anti-Americanism.

James Woods Responded

Caleb Hull of the Independent Journal Review tweeted accurately: “The student reportedly has strong beliefs about radical injustice, sexism, gay rights, and President Trump’s proposed wall at the Mexico border.” AKA the parents of the 11yearold have brainwashed her.

The child was allegedly inspired by the NFL. Give me a break. How stupid do they think we are?

As if this isn’t bad enough, the unAmerican, far left ACLU has pressured the school to change its policy, after 11-year-old Mariana Taylor says she was reprimanded for kneeling during the Pledge of Allegiance.

Probably in response to this, and to the New York Governor trashing America, James Woods suggested a new Democrat slogan.

In case you missed it, Andrew Cuomo says “America was never great.” Isn’t that nice that Democrats are being honest? Always before they damaged the country [and they do it now], but in the past, they pretended to be patriots.

Democrats appear to be anti-American now.

NY, Our Governor:



Shocking Firewall Text to the FBI You Haven’t Seen And What It Means


A shocking report of a new urgent text from Christopher Steele to Bruce Ohr shows Steele was worried on March 18, 2017. It was two days before FBI Director James Comey testified to lawmakers that the bureau had an open counterintelligence investigation into President Trump’s campaign.

Former British spy Christopher Steele sent the urgent message to Department of Justice official Bruce Ohr “hoping that important firewalls will hold” when Comey testifies.

In the text, Steele specifically writes, “Hi! Just wondering if you had any news? Obviously, we’re a bit apprehensive given scheduled appearance at Congress on Monday. Hoping that important firewalls will hold. Many thanks.”

Ohr writes back later that day, saying “Sorry, no new news. I believe my earlier information is still accurate. I will let you know immediately if there is any change.”

Steele was extremely worried he would be exposed. Steele is the British ex-spy who created what is believed to be a false document — the dossier. He didn’t want to be exposed.

The new information shows premeditation and it shows a lot more people communicating and colluding.

Steele is frantic and worried he will get busted for all the illegal things he’s been doing. In one text, he’s worried about Grassley’s letter implicating him, in another text he’s worried Comey will expose him, and still another, he’s worried about Senate Intel questions. He’s also worried about the media. Steele also didn’t stand up for his dossier in Great Britain.

The dossier was used to spy on Carter Page and all secondary and tertiary people tied to him.

Steele was tied to the Kremlin at the time of the dossier.

Watch as Greg Jarrett explains all the things Steele’s worried about:


The text message from Steele to Ohr and obtained by SaraACarter.com is from a government source familiar with the ongoing investigation.

While not certain, it seems very likely that the firewalls were the cover stories meant to hide their deceptions and illegal acts.


Ohr was demoted twice by the Department of Justice for not disclosing that his wife, Nellie Ohr, worked for Fusion GPS, the now-embattled research firm which paid Steele for the documents.

Sara Carter’s source noted that the ‘firewall’ statement seemed to raise similar questions posed by lawmakers after (now-fired) FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok sent the infamous “insurance policy” texts to his paramour, former FBI Attorney Lisa Page.

Last week, Sara Carter reported that Bruce Ohr wrote of a possible meeting with now-fired agent Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Special Agent Joe Pientka. Srzok and Pientka conducted the infamous interview of Michael Flynn.

In the handwritten note, Ohr jots down, “no prosecution yet, pushing ahead on M case,” in reference to Paul Manafort, who is now facing years old charges on financial crimes and money laundering.

Ohr also wrote on the same memo, “may go back to Chris,” in reference to Christopher Steele.



Judge Backus’ Decision in Extremist Muslim Case Is Worse Than You Thought


The New Mexico compound of radical Islamists is being misreported at America’s own peril.

Judge Sarah Backus ordered $20,000 bail for the defendants in the extremist Muslim compound in New Mexico where 11 children were found dressed in rags, living in filth, and suffering from malnutrition. Not only were there starving children, another child was found dead after he was put through an Islamic ritual to rid him of demons. Additionally, at least one child said they were being trained to shoot and kill teachers, law enforcement, and others who appeared to be enemies.

The judge saw no reason to keep them in prison and ignored their radical religious/political views. She even accused the prosecutors of anti-Islam prejudice.

One of the accused Siraj Ibn Wahhaj is in jail because there is a warrant out for him. Another is here illegally so she was sent to the feds. The others are not yet released.

Backus, who said she was ‘troubled’ by their behavior, should be troubled. The ringleader of the compound is tied to terrorists. Prosecutors attempted to explain the terrorist connections, but the judge saw it as bias.


The ringleader, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, is the son of a radical Islamic imam, also named Siraj Wahhaj, who is an unindicted conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. The terrorist-tied imam has railed against America and called for Islam to take the country over.

Former U.S. Attorney Andy McCarthy knows the case well. Imam Wahhaj was a character witness for some of the terrorists at the trial. He is a notorious sharia supremacist from a Brooklyn mosque. He preaches that Muslims should immigrate to the West and form enclaves to prepare for violent action against the host country and live their lives according to the strictest form of sharia.

The ideology cannot be subjected to political correctness. Islam in its strict form is a political system that is in direct conflict with the U.S. Constitution. Wake up America!

Watch Andy McCarthy on Fox & Friends Thursday morning:

In her statement, she accused prosecutors of being anti-Islam:

“The defendants are apparently of the Muslim faith,” read the order. “The Court was asked by the State to make a finding of dangerousness and a finding of no conditions of release could ensure the safety of the community. The State apparently expected the court to take the individuals’ faith into account in making such a determination. The Court has never been asked to take any other person’s faith into account in making a determination of dangerousness. The Court is not aware of any law that allows the Court to take a person’s faith into consideration in making a dangerousness determination.”

There is that little concern about Wahhaj’s ties to terrorism.

“The state alleges there was a big plan afoot but the state has not shown to my satisfaction by clear and convincing evidence what in fact that plan was,” Backus said Monday, CNN reported. “The state wants me to make a leap and it’s a large leap and that would be to hold people in jail without bond based on — again — troubling facts but I didn’t hear any choate plan that was being alleged by the state.”

It’s not a “large leap”.

New Mexico Governor Martinez came out quickly and condemned the judge’s decision.

Backus said she’s receiving death threats. Maybe she is.




Massachusetts Republican beats trans driver’s license bill by forcing votes on all 73 genders

BOSTON, August 16, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Legislation to add a “Gender X” option to driver’s license should have been a straightforward task in the far-left state of Massachusetts, but one Republican lawmaker managed to derail the bill by taking transgender ideology to its furthest extreme.

The state Senate voted in June to approve the measure, which would have also extended the option to learner’s permits and state identification cards. No documentation would have been required to prove an applicant is neither male nor female.

“It’s a milestone,” bill sponsor Sen. Karen Spilka, a Democrat, said at the time.

Despite the state House of Representatives being just as heavily Democratic as the Senate, however, it never got the chance to send the bill to liberal Republican Gov. Charlie Baker’s desk.

In a column for the Boston Globe, New England radio host Howie Carr details how Republican Rep. Jim Lyons adopted a unique strategy for defeating the bill: forcing it to live up to its supporters’ own logic.

“Since all Democrats must admit that the number of genders is endless, how dare the commonwealth lump all the new genders together as ‘Gender X’?” Carr writes, summarizing Lyons’ facetious reasoning. “Every gender, he declared, must be listed on Massachusetts driver’s licenses! That was Lyons’ non-negotiable demand. No justice, no peace.”

Lyons told Carr he settled on demanding recognition for 73 different “genders,” as that was the number he reached by tallying the number of custom gender options Facebook offers.

Knowing that his liberal colleagues couldn’t rule any of the genders out of order without undermining the logic of transgender ideology, Lyons introduced each as a separate amendment to the bill the evening of July 31, each requiring 10 minutes of debate and three minutes to vote on.

“Number 6 added as a gender ‘cis.’ Amendment 9 — cis female, 13 — cis woman, 14 — cisgender female, 18 — cisgender woman,” Carr details. “Amendment 21 — gender fluid, 22 gender non-conforming, 23 gender questioning, 25 gender variant, 26 genderqueer.”

Six hours in, Lyons had only filed 35 of the amendments, at which point House leadership realized he was running out the clock and there wasn’t enough time before the midnight deadline to pass both the bill and the other legislation on the docket. At 10:45 p.m., they withdrew the bill.

“By now, the few remaining sane Democrats in the Legislature realized that Lyons had done them a solid, sparing them from being recorded on a roll call vote on whether to recognize the genders of pangender, polygender and cisgender,” Carr wrote, “not to mention intersex, intersex man, intersex woman and intersex person.”

“One way or another, progressivism is always a death sentence. So we may as well turn it around and use it on its perpetrators whenever we get the chance,” Conservative Review’s Steve Deace said of the incident. “That doesn’t mean becoming like them, but understanding their con and endlessly harassing them with its real-world applications.”

Deace added, “We need legions more like” Lyons, following his example to make progressives “face the full foolish force of the filth they shove down our throats with barely any resistance (if not a subsidy). Lyons called their bluff, and they called it a day.”

Legislative deadlines recently thwarted another pro-LGBT bill in the Bay State, as well. The Senate failed to reconcile different versions of a bill banning reparative or “conversion” therapy for minors before the August 1 deadline, thanks to a controversial amendment that would have required teachers and doctors to report hearing about such treatments to social services.




Internet censorship: Here’s the temperature at which freedom burns

August 16, 2018 (American Thinker) – Recently, Apple, Spotify, Facebook, and YouTube (owned by Google’s parent, Alphabet) almost simultaneously tried to erase Infowars from existence (so-called deplatforming). Libertarians and some Republican candidates for the U.S. Congress in the 2018 elections were similarly excommunicated soon after. In a week, numerous conservatives got permanently banned from Twitter.

Are these companies entitled to be able to shut up dissenters? Of course they are. The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees protection from the state, but not from individuals and companies. Freedom of speech is freedom from persecution by the state and no more.

The fact is that these internet companies created a cartel to get rid of dissenters.

Exile from the virtual space does not mean the end of the world for the victims. Also, there was no “double standard” about dissenters from these companies. These sites from the very beginning were created as platforms for spreading exclusively leftist ideas, but for some time, they just closed their eyes to dissenters.

However, the defeat in the elections in 2016 led the leaders of these companies to the conclusion that without the organization of an anti-conservative cartel, the elections of 2018 will be lost, too. We should not forget that today’s actions of the leftists are their response to the conservative Rush Limbaugh and Fox News, which for several decades have dominated radio and television broadcasts.

Some results of the cartel are awe-inspiring. For example, Facebook’s removal of links it doesn’t agree with has resulted in a 93% decrease in web traffic from this social network to leading conservative sites since the 2016 elections. As a result of the action of the Facebook “algorithm,” after a certain time, your feed loses most of the conservative posts. Another achievement (together with Google) is the forced closure of the politically incorrect site The Liberty Conservative.

We know that information on paper is destroyed when the temperature reaches 451 degrees Fahrenheit – i.e., the paper’s ignition temperature.

We know that information from the internet has been destroyed when your browser issues an error 404 – “file not found.”

The censorship algorithm for Twitter works so that after some time, conservatives in this social network are isolated from the outside world – their tweets practically unread as Twitter artificially eliminates followers and restricts access to tweets. At the same time, tweets of people of the left not only are not hustled up, but also receive the most extensive distribution.

There is every reason to believe that the recent stunning drop in the price of the shares of Facebook and Twitter was due in large part to the fact that investors have become aware of such dishonest methods of manipulating their users.

Google applies yet another method of manipulating public opinion. Google has introduced a practice nicknamed “expulsion to the 101st kilometer,” referring the Soviets forcibly evicting dissenting citizens 100 kilometers or more from Moscow. That was the twentieth century. Now, in the 21st century, Google decided to manipulate the results of internet searches in an analogous way. As a result of these manipulations, Google shows links to leftist political sites at the top of the results page, and links to conservative sites are artificially moved beyond the first hundred links. Google knows that people, as a rule, scan just the first ten to twenty links. Consequently, Google creates an impression that the whole world is full of leftist ideas only. Professor Robert Epstein believes that the Google algorithm gifted Hillary Clinton in 2016 with at least 2 million votes.

Leftist ideas are a stalemate in human history; when tried, they don’t work. Modern leftists have transformed into a miserable bunch of marginalized people whose continued existence must be based on censorship, silence, falsification, lies, deception, hatred, and intolerance. In this sense, nothing surprising is happening in the internet space – the left is showing remarkable ability for self-organization and self-preservation.

It is necessary to stop currying favor with leftists, to stop nagging, and to fight them on their field and their terms. That already happened in history, when the media were trendsetters. However, they were replaced by the internet, and their monopoly is over. Do not forget that the current internet monopolists are also not eternal. It is up to us to stop their brainwashing.

Gary Gindler is a conservative blogger at Gary Gindler Chronicles.

Published with permission from the American Thinker.


Lisa BourneFollow Lisa


Medical waste company defends hauling aborted babies: We’re ‘reverent and respectful’

COLUMBUS, Ohio, August 14, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The waste hauler for infamous late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart has attempted to defend its gruesome work by asserting that it disposes of the bodies of aborted babies in a “reverent and respectful way” that includes quasi-religions ceremonies.

In a voicemail recording “to all who are concerned,” Bio-Haz Solutions CEO David Henritzy said that no other company does what his does “for the lost souls” of the aborted babies it hauls away. The drivers carry holy water and the Bible, he said, and place crosses on the medical waste containers with aborted children.

“First and foremost, we here at Bio-Haz Solutions are against all abortions,” Henritzy said. “However, we feel a reverential and moral responsibility with the goodness of God and His blessing that we take care of the souls of the children with no voice.”

“No other company does what we do in a very reverent and respectful way for the lost souls of these children,” he stated. “We take responsibility in handling and managing how said containers are handled once they leave the facility of origin. All our vehicles carry holy water and place golden crosses on containers we pick up at the aforementioned locations. We also carry the Holy Bible to help guide us in time of need.”

Mark Harrington, leader of Ohio pro-life group Created Equal, denounced the waste hauler for using religion to cloak its deed that enabled “child-killing.”

“Cloaking the enabling of child-killing in religion is highly offensive and blasphemous!” Harrington said.

“Should we have held Nazi crematorium operators less accountable for incinerating dead Jews if they first performed some religious rite for them?” he asked. “No!”

The voicemail message was in response to outrage prompted by Bio-Haz hauling remains of aborted babies for Carhart. AbortionClinics.org (ACO), owned and operated by the notorious late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart of Nebraska, recently hired Bio-Haz Solutions, Inc. after two other companies cancelled contracts to pick up aborted fetal remains there in June.

Bio-Haz, based in Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania, has since been hauling the remains of aborted children for Carhart’s ACO late-term abortion facility in Bethesda, Maryland.

ACO is one of a few of abortion facilities in the U.S. that openly abort children throughout all nine months of pregnancy.

Harrington shared in the pro-life outrage over the waste hauler’s shocking and sacrilegious handling of aborted children.

“What if Bio Haz put crosses on the suction machines and curettes used to kill babies? Would that make the act of abortion any less grievous?”

He dismissed Henritzy’s claim that Henritzy’s company opposes abortion, and said the fact remains that Bio-Haz is doing Carhart’s dirty work. Further, he said, Henritzy needs to understand that if Carhart can’t dispose of the babies he murders, he will be forced to stop killing them.

“Whether you place a cross on them or not, whether waste trucks carry holy water and Bibles, this doesn’t change the fact that these children who are made in God’s image are being shipped off to be burned like common garbage,” Harrington said. “Enabling abortion is a moral evil irrespective of the religious symbols used to cover for the killing.”

Contact info for respectful communications: 

Bio-Haz CEO David Henritzy
Voice: (888) 794-7894 or 570-645-2180
E-Mail: dhenritz@ptd.net or Web-based contact form


(National SentinelDisgusting: The Left has always gone out of its way to justify abortion — the flat-out murder of an unborn baby — since Roe v. Wade in 1973, but former first daughter Chelsea Clinton just won the award for the most barbaric.

Abortion is great because it makes the country money.

As the Senate prepares to give its advice and consent to POTUS Donald Trump’s second Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, pathetic Democrats are pulling out all the stops in their bid to block him from the high court because they believe that Roe v. Wade is in danger of being overturned (we can only hope).

It won’t work because Republicans have the votes in the upper chamber to confirm Kavanaugh, but Democrats never pass up on an opportunity to ‘defend’ a woman’s ‘right’ to kill her unborn baby. At a “Rise Up for Roe” event on Saturday, Clinton promoted the ‘economic advantages’ of abortion:

“Whether you fundamentally care about reproductive rights and access right, because these are not the same thing, if you care about social justice or economic justice, agency – you have to care about this. It is not a disconnected fact – to address this t-shirt of 1973 – that American women entering the labor force from 1973 to 2009 added three and a half trillion dollars to our economy. Right?”

Not only is this one of the sickest reasons any Democrat has come up with to justify the murder of unborn human beings, how did she even arrive at this figure?

CNS News reported:

Abortion has been an important economic stimulus ever since it was legalized by the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, Chelsea Clinton claimed at a “Rise Up for Roe” event on Saturday.

At the event promoting opposition to President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the former First Daughter of President Bill Clinton credited legalized abortion for helping add trillions of dollars to the U.S economy because women who had abortions were more inclined to enter the labor force:

“Whether you fundamentally care about reproductive rights and access right, because these are not the same thing, if you care about social justice or economic justice, agency – you have to care about this.

“It is not a disconnected fact – to address this t-shirt of 1973 – that American women entering the labor force from 1973 to 2009 added three and a half trillion dollars to our economy. Right?

“The net, new entrance of women – that is not disconnected from the fact that Roe became the law of the land in January of 1973.”

Thus, no matter what other things Americans may care about, everyone should appreciate the economic value of legalized abortion, Clinton said…

What a great political thinker Chelsea is! We can hardly wait until she becomes president!

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