Would you die for America? Think about it. Really give it some thought. It is one thing to pound your chest and loudly proclaim your love of country, but would you really die for it? I’m talking rope around your neck, standing on the gallows, and you have to make the choice: Leave America behind or tell them to drop you like a sack of potatoes.

Assuming you would tell them to pull the lever, maybe you should think about why. Why bother dying for America? You only have one life to live. Before you go claiming you would give it up for America, you better know what America is and what it is not.

America is about self-governance and limited government. It is that simple. That is why those brave men risked (and gave) their lives 242 years ago. They were tired of a powerful centralized government. They were tired of having their labor taxed and confiscated.

They wanted to set up a new country, a country where the federal government would be small, limited, and noninvasive. In fact, the Founders were so concerned about federal power that they added a Bill of Rights to the Constitution. Some argued that the Bill of Rights was unnecessary and redundant because the Constitution already laid out specifically what the federal government could and could not do. But the Founders were so fanatical about self-governance and limited government, they decided it was better to err on the side of overkill. That is America.

America is not whatever you want it to be. America is not freedom from worry. It is not free stuff from the taxpayer. It is not a guarantee that you will be successful in life. It’s not even the flag or the troops or the fireworks. America isn’t “paying taxes.” It is not “never having to worry about your medical bills.” In short, America is not customizable to your fleeting whims or whatever you are “feeling” whenever the fireworks are sparkling in your eyes.

“Patriotism” is not difficult to define, as much as the Left would have you think it so. It is not a fluid thing. Torching the flag and crapping on the anthem is not patriotism. It may be a reflection of the freedom that makes America great, but it is not patriotism.

Patriotism in America means loving limited government. It is that simple. You love that America has a constitutionally limited government, or you do not love America. Saying you love America and do not want the government limited is like saying you love your car but hate the engine, seats, and interior.

Look around you. Look at the life of comfort and luxury you have: Running water, indoor plumbing, and a grocery store with stocked shelves. The worst part about your drive to work tomorrow will be a traffic jam that forces you to sit in a climate-controlled pod with your music on the radio.

You drink freely from the water that comes out of the tap. You’ll go to church this Sunday without a gripping fear of the government or a mob slaughtering you for it. You wear what you want. You say what you want about politicians without fear of reprisal. Your kids have multiple changes of clothes. Your roads are paved. You can eat anything you want for your next meal, and you can do it a short drive from your house.

You live the life of a king. Being born in America is the greatest win of life’s lottery in human history. Those things I listed above are not reserved for royalty. Our poorest people have those things. Despite all the endless whining and screeching, all people in America have it good. They have lives 99 percent of people in history would kill for.

And why do you have that life? You have it because the American government is limited. This life you live is not an accident. It did not fall from the sky. It was intentional, and others do not have the privilege of living it.

You get to live it because wise men long ago had a vision of what would happen in a society where men were free to govern themselves. That vision sprouted into the wealthiest nation in the history of the world, a nation expanding on itself again and again. It’s a nation of free people pursuing their own self-interests, but without government interference. That is why you live the life of a king.

So, back to the beginning: Would you die for America? Not for the America you want it to be, for what it is: Freedom. Would you really die for freedom? The freedom to live your life as you choose. The knowledge that your children will live as they please and succeed or fail on their merits.

If you would, then wave your flag high on Independence Day. You earned it. No matter your age, race, or religion, if you believe in freedom, you are truly an American


Our people seemingly no longer have the will to fight an enemy that is determined to overthrow us.

In his State of the Union message in January, 1960, former President Eisenhower said:
“A rich nation can for a time without noticeable damage to itself pursue a course of self-indulgence, making its single goal the material ease and comfort of its own citizens. But the enmities it will incur, the isolation into which it will descend, and the internal, moral, and physical softness that will be engendered will in the long term bring it to disaster.
“America did not become great through softness and self-indulgence,” he continued. “Her miraculous progress and achievements flow from other qualities far more worthy and substantial. And those were,” as he said, “adherence to principles and methods constant with our religious philosophy, of satisfaction in hard work, the readiness to sacrifice for worthwhile causes, the courage to meet every challenge to our progress, the intellectual honesty and capacity to recognize the true path of our own best interests.”

“We seem to have lost a sense of direction,” he said. “We seem to have no sense of purpose. That is our problem.”
Then he gave an interesting example, a down-to-earth and homespun way of looking at it. “Even in our rural areas you find that many people who could easily do so no longer even grow a vegetable garden”
A simple little observation. But it just shows a lack of pride, a lack of togetherness as a family, even a lack of a once-in-a-while goal for the kids and Mom and Dad — to take a peek every now and then to see how the carrots and rutabagas are doing! No, we don’t have those things very much anymore.
Some will insist: “I don’t need a garden. I can buy all the vegetables I need.” But gardens produce more than vegetables — family togetherness, purpose, character. That is what Mr. Burns was stressing.
“The attitude towards work,” he said, “has changed among a great deal of the population. A portion of Americans feel that they just no longer need to work. They feel society is sort of responsible for their conditions of living. It’s not their fault. By virtue of their birth and where they are and the part of the city where they live — well, somebody else is guilty!”


Is it not realistic to think that big league politicians, bankers, and CEOs are loyal to no nation when they were massively enriched by internationalized banking, internationalized trade, absurd and illegal taxation, and by interest rates forced upon the people of this nation, while at the same time selling our nation to other central banks around the world and “private parties” – and for personal profit? Truth is, they sold the infrastructure first, and then they sold we the people as tax generators and life-long human resources to their global banking and business partners in crime.

What is the crime, you ask? The Federal Reserve, which is a piece of a global banking cartel, and their politicians and CEO partners who made counterfeiting and Ponzi/pyramid schemes legalized theft on continental scales. Your country is 1) not your country and, 2) not what you thought it was for at least 100 years. You are going to have to seek God’s grace to be relieved from the bitterness of that truth. Today, we don’t know under whose authority we live, but Washington, D.C. and the Federal Reserve do know.

Make No Mistake – America
Has Been SOLD By The NWO
Was America Sold?
By Nancy Levant

In 1992, George H.W. Bush signed Executive Order 12803, which gave D.C. the authority to sell America’s infrastructure. They called this authority “Infrastructure Privatization.” E.O. 12803 tells us this power cleared the way for the “disposition or transfer of an infrastructure “asset” such as by sale or by long-term lease from a State or local government to a private party.”

E.O. 12803 also lists examples of America’s saleable and/or lease-able infrastructure:

· Roads
· Tunnels
· Bridges
· Electricity supply facilities
· Mass transit
· Rail transportation
· Airports
· Ports
· Waterways
· Recycling/wastewater treatment facilities
· Solid waste disposal facilities
· Hospitals
· Prisons
· Schools
· Housing

E.O. 12803 tells us that this list represents infrastructure “examples.” Let us, therefore, assume that this is not the complete list of America’s saleable infrastructure. However, this list is a stunning confession.

Notice that all items listed in 12803 are the very same infrastructure items listed in all Martial Law Executive Orders (see here). Martial Law kicks in to power during declared states of emergency and with the single signature of the president. Strangely (and ignorantly), we currently have multiple declared states of emergency:

· Act of March 9, 1933, a declared state of emergency at the request of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. This state of emergency was never lifted.

· Global pandemic – Level 6
· Mortgage/housing crisis
· Banking/lending crisis
· Automobile industry crisis
· Insurance industry crisis
· Healthcare crisis
· Southwestern border crisis
· Black market drug crisis
· National education crisis
· Nature/global warming crisis
· Jobs/unemployment crisis
· On-going weather and forest fire crises
· Extreme and unread congressional legislation crisis due to on-going crises

What are the odds of complete and total social and “natural” crisis in every single facet of our lives and all at the same time? I will tell you how it was accomplished with simple math:

Federal Reserve System + Politicians + Tell-A-Vision = Assembly Line Crises. It is called the Hegelian Dialectic Show.


Photo of the Day

Lockheed Martin F-35 aircraft

Official White House Photo by Keegan Barber

A section of the Lockheed Martin F-35 aircraft is delivered to the South Lawn of the White House for the Made in America Product Showcase | July 21, 2018


Cody Wilson’s Ghost Gunner milling machine and 3D printed firearms are destroying the concept of gun control.


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