Daily Notes 07.26.18


Human Behaviour

NLP anchors are relevant because we each develop our behaviour in response to various stimuli. 

How often do you hear a particular piece of music and find yourself transported to another time and place that occurred perhaps many years ago?

Or perhaps you observe the smell of freshly baked bread and instantly recall an aunt or grandparent. These are powerful triggers which anchor the memories strongly within us.

But sometimes the behaviours triggered are unpleasant ones. Maybe the sight or sound of an aeroplane brings back to you the intensity of the ear pain you suffered as a child when the plane was taking off or descending. Those sorts of experiences may lead to anxiety states which are the subject of a different article on this site.

Baron-Cohen AQ test  –   https://www.aspergerstestsite.com/75/autism-spectrum-quotient-aq-test/

Now the whole world is very agitated; it is full of discontent and anxiety, fear and petty faction and hatred. In order to calm and quieten it and remove the discontent and anxiety, you must have enthusiasm and courage. When defeat and disappointment stare you in the face, you must not give way to weakness or despondency. Never condemn yourselves as inferior or useless; analyse the defeat and find out the reasons in order to avoid it the next time.

By loving your self, your scraped and wounded self, moment by moment, just like you would a precious child that’s calling out for your love. You see, it’s not the other person that’s hurting you. You are hurting yourself every time you judge yourself or another because your heart aches every time you do. It’s not in your place to change another person for each is on their own journey and that needs to be honored. It’s your job to love your self. And when you do, Divine Love will begin to trickle through the cracks in your heart to erode the walls from the inside out, until one day the dam will break and Love will flow freely. Once that happens there is no turning back because your soul will not allow it.


Here’s where it gets tricky. Not everyone is living in the flow of Divine Love and there are still arrows flying around out there in the world. What to do? Dodge them as best you can without engaging.

The only reason you recognize them is because they are triggering something inside of you that has not yet been fully loved by you. Something that’s based on old stories that aren’t even yours.  It’s what some call pushing our buttons. When a button is pushed, it’s our button, not anyone else’s. It can only be inactivated by taking responsibility for loving our selves, rather than reacting to the personal pain someone else is hurling at us. When we can see their pain for what it is, their lack of love, then our love and compassion can flow more freely than ever before.


Once we’ve experienced Divine Love, we’re no longer insecure about love because we’re not dependent upon anyone else for love. We realize we have more than enough Love for all of us, flowing through us effortlessly, sharing it with everyone until it becomes who we are, not what we do. As Love, I can see more clearly, feel more openly and live more freely.

•             http://twinflamesoulmates.com/divine-love.html

Love has no boundaries. Love has no demands. Love does not perform nor does it seek to measure performance.


Love does not compete, for in truth, there is no competition. We sometimes can glimpse that eternal wholeness in a moment of profound, loving, deep union with our Divine Other, in those moments of ecstasy, bliss, euphoria.  But that stage is short-lived, as everyday life encroaches upon us, and the little jackals, those little things, which irritate, which jar, then grow into monsters, which tend to sow division, fights, bickering.


By loving your self, your scraped and wounded self, moment by moment, just like you would a precious child that’s calling out for your love. You see, it’s not the other person that’s hurting you. You are hurting yourself every time you judge yourself or another because your heart aches every time you do. It’s not in your place to change another person for each is on their own journey and that needs to be honored. It’s your job to love your self. And when you do, Divine Love will begin to trickle through the cracks in your heart to erode the walls from the inside out, until one day the dam will break and Love will flow freely. Once that happens there is no turning back because your soul will not allow it.


Here’s where it gets tricky. Not everyone is living in the flow of Divine Love and there are still arrows flying around out there in the world. What to do? Dodge them as best you can without engaging. The only reason you recognize them is because they are triggering something inside of you that has not yet been fully loved by you. Something that’s based on old stories that aren’t even yours.  It’s what some call pushing our buttons. When a button is pushed, it’s our button, not anyone else’s. It can only be inactivated by taking responsibility for loving our selves, rather than reacting to the personal pain someone else is hurling at us. When we can see their pain for what it is, their lack of love, then our love and compassion can flow more freely than ever before.


Once we’ve experienced Divine Love, we’re no longer insecure about love because we’re not dependent upon anyone else for love. We realize we have more than enough Love for all of us, flowing through us effortlessly, sharing it with everyone until it becomes who we are, not what we do. As Love, I can see more clearly, feel more openly and live more freely.



Unconditional emotions are free of all judgments or opinions. The giver of the unconditional emotions, loves, accepts and/or forgives without conditions or limitations. Since these emotions are free of judgment, they hold a neutral charge, in that they are beyond polarity. There is no good/bad, dark/light, love/fear, as these extremes are merged into the Oness of the higher worlds. Hence, there is no “bad” or “dark” or even “fear, for these extremes have merged into the center of the ONE.

On the other hand, polarized emotions are a product of the third and fourth dimensional worlds, where the Laws of Separation and Limitation reign. In your 3D world, spectrums are “separated” into extremes and illusion hides what is “in between” the edges of the spectrum. For example, the spectrum of emotion is separated into “love” and “fear,” the spectrum of illumination is separated into “light” and “dark,” and the spectrum of behavior is separated into “good” and “bad.” Therefore, your consciousness is split between your “light side” and your “dark side,” and your reality is split into “you” and “me.” Since people are “good” or “bad,” you are “afraid” of a bad person and “love” a good person. Until you raise your consciousness into the higher frequencies, illusion hides the “in-between,” the place of Detached Compassion.

This separation into “you” and “me” also limits your ability to feel unconditional emotions, as you have to discern between the enemies that you fear—and—friends that you love. This discernment is not that easy, as a “loved one” can also be your enemy. Furthermore, when love is conditional, you are only loved if you are “good enough.” On the other hand, in the higher worlds, you are all one. Therefore, there are no enemies, for if you hurt someone “else,” you also hurt yourself. In fact, if you cannot hold your consciousness to the resonance of Unconditional Love, you cannot maintain your conscious connection to that reality, and they only experience a polarized reality, such as the third/fourth dimension.

Unfortunately, in the third and fourth dimension there are those who would hurt others, no matter what the cost to themselves. They do so because they live in fear and feel separated from love. When your consciousness has expanded to embrace the higher dimensions, you know that love and fear are merged into the spectrum of EMOTION; just as good and bad are merged into the spectrum of BEHAVIOR. This knowledge allows you to rise above your own fear, for you understand that the “harm” of the lower vibrations cannot touch you while you resonate to the higher vibrations.

From your “higher” Self, you are able to see through your Eyes of Soul and clearly perceive the “in-between” that joins all life into ONE. From that perspective, you neither judge nor fear. Instead, you realize that that reality is not YOUR reality, and you allow the beings of the lower world to learn their lessons, just as you have already learned yours.

As your Planetary Ascension progresses, you will be increasingly aware of those who are choosing to ascend and those who wish to remain in the third dimension. It is important that you remain above the conditional quality of judgment and maintain your position of Detached Compassion. In this manner, you can merely “observe” the process of choice and not allow your resonance to be lowered by engaging in the illusions and dramas of the 3D Game.

Your service is:
First, you expand your consciousness into the higher dimensions.
Then, you consciously perceive the higher dimensions.
Then, the 3D Matrix of your body expands to integrate these perceptions.
Then, you integrate your expanded 3D Matrix into Gaia’s 3D Matrix.
Then, Gaia’s 3D Matrix expands.

We ask you now to Unconditionally Love your earth vessel, Unconditionally Accept it exactly the way it is, and Unconditionally Forgive it for any limitations it may have. If you cannot have unconditional emotions for your self, how can you have them for others? It is important that you appreciate that your earth vessel is the vehicle in which this fragment of your Soul/SELF, your present ego/self, is housed so that you can participate in the 3D Game. You chose to enter this time/space as you knew what a marvelous opportunity it would be to experience the processes of transformation into Lightbody and Planetary Ascension. Therefore, honor, your present physical body which has allowed you to walk the Earth, experience the “schoolroom Earth,” think your earthly thoughts and feel your earthly emotions.

As you download your Soul, you will become conscious that it is YOU who creates your reality, YOU who choose your thoughts and YOU who choose your emotions. Your ego/self does not have this ability, for it is living from the core belief that it is a victim to the world in which it lives. On the other hand, your Soul/SELF realizes that you can calibrate your consciousness to rise above the victimizations of the third/fourth dimensional realities. When your downloaded Soul becomes Captain of your earth vessel, you will KNOW that your experiences, thoughts and emotions are actually a product of the brainwaves to which you have chosen to calibrate. For example:


So how is having a positive attitude going to protect you from situations where you’ll have to turn the other cheek?

•             http://www.multidimensions.com/the-superconscious/illumination-door/the-violet-fire/

Within the sixth dimension there are waves of possibility that look like sine waves in space. These sine waves move through the sixth dimension in an undulating fashion like waves in the ocean. The sine waves are in layers, and each layer represents a different dimensional version of the same reality. All the dimensions are represented so that your Soul can choose the octave of the reality that you “incarnated one” is experiencing. Therefore, the sixth dimension holds the “blueprint” of all the possible realities in the lower planes.

Along the sixth dimensional undulating “Waves of Possibilities” are different “Points of Connection.” These Points of Connection are access areas where you can enter any of your possible realities. When a Point of Connection resonates to your heart, you can enter that reality by allowing your heart to engage with the Point of Connection. Once you are engaged with a Point of Connection, you will follow that reality for as long as it matches your resonance. If your resonance raises or lowers, you will become disengaged from that reality and float along the Waves of Potential until you find another Point of Connection to match your new resonance.

Your third dimensional self will not experience any passage of time between these realities because the sixth dimension is not bound by time or space. The sixth dimension exists only in the HERE and NOW of the higher worlds. For that reason, your third dimensional world may appear seamless. However, upon this “disengagement” you may experience a sense of grief in your physical world, because you have just disconnected from the reality in which you once resonated.


There is still so much duality in the world, which means there still is much duality within us (remember, what is “out there” is a reflection of what is within). Just this morning I observed a so-called spiritual posting that indicated being against anything that destroys is wrong. This is duality. Any time a being is against something, they are dancing in duality, for to be against is resistance to what is. When one is for something, the energy then flows in the direction of what they are for; say, Love. So next time you judge someone or something, you are in duality and are resisting the shift to Be Love. Staying neutral helps. This doesn’t mean you don’t feel; you feel and know the emotion moves through. For instance, since my beloved kitty-partner transitioned I have felt such grief. I allow the grief, for then it transforms to Love and I see the Truth and in this way, I experience more Freedom to be more Love. I don’t attach to grief, but I let it flow and observe it. And this is how we can be in the world but not of it.


When we have a strong Heart, we are strong within and our Souls thrive. Meditation in the Heart is the key to this strong Heart. We can read all the spiritual words in the world, but unless we integrate them, only the intellect grows strong, while the Heart remains static. When a person cries for help, no help comes unless the Heart is active and strong. When we withdraw from the external matrix, we strengthen our Commitment to evolve. When we are strong in this Commitment, that which doesn’t serve us is easily transformed. Then we have more energy for self-Love and self-care. When we get pulled into the old matrix of duality, we give our energy away and there is little left within for us to stay focused in order to be a Lighthouse for all of life. Old wounds are healed and wholed and we move from depression and self-pity to the strong and enduring Heart. When we stay focused on our path of Ascension, nothing can disturb us. When we are distracted by life’s ongoing drama, we lessen our focus.


When we are focused within, we empower our mastery, and it doesn’t matter what “craziness” goes on in the worldly matrix. We are strengthened; not weakened. So much happens with this Strength. Our Light is stronger, our cells vibrate in a higher and brighter Light and we attract what resonates with all of who we are. This is the beginning of being crystalline…our bodies transform to Diamond Consciousness; being multi-faceted and multidimensional. We continue to rise upward in a Sacred Spiral, fully awake and aware of every thought, feeling and action; as well as that of others. Being more sensitive means we are more intuitive and feeling and therefore, our Guidance is stronger. With our Guidance (inner Guidance) we make choices that are aligned with Soul for our highest evolution. And as we rise higher, our powerful Light then helps others who are ready to awaken and be more Love.

When we take everything we have experienced and know that we created it so that we may evolve, we free ourselves. No-one did anything to us (that’s a perception), for if we believed this, then we are victims or rather, carry victim energy. We are not victims nor are we victimized. Take Responsibility for all that you have attracted. Let go of all blame and judgment. This is being true to yourself. If you believe or perceive that someone did something to hurt you, forgive and see them as a soulmate…someone who shook you awake to be more. No one can hurt you unless you carry victim energy within. Again, it’s a perception. By not taking Responsibility for your creation, you are burdened forever by that other. You are not free; you carry them with you always. You may see both of you connected at the Heart in Oneness. Wouldn’t this be a beautiful place if all let go of blaming others?


Let go of any roles or rules you have allowed or created. Rules and roles keep us stuck in the old. Let go of doing things out of obligation or because you always have done a particular thing or because it’s an expectation of yours or of someone else’s. Do things that expand your Joy. When you do things out of obligation, you become unbalanced and resentful. When you resent something or someone, everyone shuts down. Divine Service isn’t an obligation; it is something you do because you resonate with it and for the Joy of it. If you feel Divine Service is a “should” in order to ascend, let it go. That is not Divine Service; there are no “supposed to’s” in the New.


Know too that any time you change something, everything else adjusts, for we cannot separate one thing from another. It’s like a mobile. If you cut off one item, the whole mobile bounces around until it finds its new balance. We’re the same. Please don’t let it stop you!


Remember that Divine Service is not necessarily a “spiritual” evocation. Divine Service is being authentically you. Being of Divine Service isn’t necessarily spiritual at all, where everything that comes out of your mouth is based on the latest buzz words you’ve read or heard. Divine Service is being true to you, no matter what you’re doing or who you’re with. Divine Service is shining your Light by being wholly/holy you.



•             http://www.multidimensions.com/the-unconscious/thoughts-door/

Our thoughts are out of control and without focus as negative and obsessive thinking overtakes our free will. Out-of-control thinking reinforces our feeling of being a victim. Problem-oriented thinking creates a downward spiral with no hope of resolution. Unbidden thoughts come into our mind, which punish us with old core beliefs about the inadequacy of our being.     Our thoughts make us feel separate from everyone and everything and limit us from achieving our desires. Therefore, our moral principles and codes of right and wrong are debased to a state of war with the world around us. We give ourselves permission to do anything because we are separate from society.  The lesson of the third chakra is: if we can gain “power over” ourselves we will feel our “power within”. Then we will not be a victim to anyone else’s “power over” us, nor will we feel the need to have “power over” another. Power then becomes something that we have, not something that we use.

  • http://www.multidimensions.com/the-unconscious/thoughts-door/the-third-chakra/   When we find our power within ourselves, we no longer need to struggle against others. Then our ego must learn to recognize the still, small voice of our Soul and learn to surrender control of our earth vessel to this superior Captain.•             http://www.multidimensions.com/the-conscious/choices-of-perception/  Changing our Reality To change our reality we must change our beliefs. We must transmute our beliefs in fear and limitation into beliefs in love and freedom. When our belief system is based on fear, we feel separate from the world around us because our view is that everyone and everything may try to harm us. However, when we learn to believe in love we feel united with the world. Everyone and everything can then be viewed as a new opportunity to experience love.
  • http://www.multidimensions.com/the-conscious/journey-into-our-conscious-self/    You are the victim of your circumstances and take no responsibility for the way your life is. You are completely dependent upon others to create your life for you.
  • http://www.multidimensions.com/the-conscious/physical-body-door/chakras-and-consciousness/     Consciousness is the experience of “Be-ing” which represents everything that is possible for us to experience. All of our senses, perceptions, and possible states of awareness can be divided into seven categories that are associated with each of the seven chakras. The chakras represent not only a particular part of our body, but also a part of our consciousness. Each chakra represents how our unconscious and superconscious selves communicate with our conscious self.•             http://www.shiftfrequency.com/divine-light-energy-in_action/      – Life on earth is a mirror in which you look to see both your truth and your illusions. When you see beauty, goodness, grace, and inspiration you see truth. When you see violence, unkindness, untruths, etc. you see the illusions. If something is in front of you in the “outside world” and it creates an emotional charge, it is beckoning you to look within.           For example, say you see a beautiful sunrise and you feel yourself in awe. In truth you are in awe of the light within yourself. You are seeing the reflection of the beauty and light of the Divine! Suppose you see a beautiful flower. You admire its delicate strength. In that instant you are also connecting with your own delicate strength and admiring it within yourself.                 Conversely suppose someone is unkind to you. That does not mean you are mean-spirited or unkind, but perhaps you would feel unkind walking away from them. Perhaps you energetically take in their unkindness because you feel it would be unkind to reject or abandon them… even with their unkind behaviors. You are being unkind to yourself by believing you must take this energy in, and they are your mirror.                    Life is working on your behalf. Everything that presents itself to you is a vibrational mirror for an energy deep within that is seeking to grow into greater light. As you watch the sunrise or behold the flower, you take a moment also to acknowledge the beauty and strength within. You bring that light to the surface.                As you see the unkind individual in front of you, instead of getting upset with them, realize you are getting upset with yourself for being unkind to yourself… by taking in their energy. If you were 100% comfortable shutting out that energy or walking away, you would not be upset at all. They would appear to you as they truly are – a scared or angry child. You would feel only compassion. Again you are seeking to bring your light and truth to the surface.                 Acknowledge and be grateful for the mirrors life offers. Each one is seeking only to bring your light to the surface, so you can see, and be, the love that you truly are.•             http://www.drwaynedyer.com/blog/powerful-meditation-banish-fear-death-endings/


Now pay close attention to this next sentence. If life is infinite, then this is not life.

Read that again and consider that life truly is infinite. We can see this in everything that we scrupulously observe.

Therefore, we must conclude that life, in terms of our body and all of its achievements and possessions, which without exception begins and ends in dust, isn’t life itself.

Anything you experience as other than eternal is simply not life. It’s an illusion created by our ego, which strives to maintain a separate address and identity from its infinite Source.

This shift toward seeing yourself as an infinite spiritual being having a human experience, rather than the reverse—that is, a human being having an occasional spiritual experience—is loaded with fear for most people.


There are no mistakes and this world is not wrong. The world does not need a saviour and there is nothing and no one that is in need of being changed. I don’t know how to say this with any greater clarity; the world is, in fact, exactly, 100% precisely as it is meant to be.

And how it is meant to be is a “choice machine”. The role of this world is that, when you are born into it, it constantly presents you with a vast array of choices. You are invited to believe that this or that thing is important to you, that this cause is worth fighting for, that thing will make you safe, this person knows the truth, that person is trustworthy, this story is the gospel truth, that story is an abject lie, this group is my group and that group is the enemy… and so on and so on. This world presents you with a non-stop selection of choices for you to believe in. And the instant you do – the very second you take even one of the choices the world is presenting to you, and believe in it as if it were true – you attach yourself to the illusion.

(Do you attack eye for an eye,  or responding with love?)

That is when you begin to give your energy to the world. You begin to do this job, vote for that political party, follow this sports team, associate with that group of people, fight for this cause, invest your money in that scheme. And so on and so on. Not that there is anything wrong with any of that. But what has happened is that you have taken something true – your eternal, immortal creator nature – and attached it to something transient and fictitious – the illusions of this world. Again, this is not wrong, but it does lead to great pain. And that pain causes you to fight and struggle. Which in turn causes you to attach even more. And so you spiral down, deeper and deeper into the illusory world of separation. And that spiralling dive into separation continues life-time after life-time, just as it is meant to. It can continue for an eternity if you let it because every single choice that the world presents to you leads you back down, deeper into the illusion.

There is only one choice that leads you out of the illusion and that is to cease to chose at all from amongst the choices the world offers you and to choose instead for what your deepest, innermost truth offers you. Only then do you begin to let go of the world and begin to move out into the higher levels of consciousness. But still the world is not wrong. Still it serves its perfect purpose as an entrancing show that lures all those who wish to experience it deep into a fictitious world of separation and duality. And they are not wrong to desire this experience. Just as you have found massive growth and evolution by coming here, so too do they have the right to do that. So it is not your place to change the world and to try to stop it from being the perfect “choice machine” that it is. Even less is it your place to try to change others and to try to stop them from wanting the same kind of accelerated growth that you found here.

A rescuer meets a victim and she sees someone who is “broken”. The victim feels like he cannot help himself and pleads, “Fix me,” and the rescuer says, “I will fix you!” The rescuer then takes decisions about what she must do to, or for, the victim while the victim is the passive recipient of her ministrations. Or perhaps the rescuer tells the victim what to do and he obediently complies. And since the victim resides in a state of need and the rescuer resides in a state of fulfilling the need, a dependency grows between the two. What is not admitted is that the rescuer is actually also feeding off of the victim’s need. And so neither really wants the victim to heal since that will end the interaction.

As a result, the victim does not heal but instead becomes even more powerless and an even greater victim. His need just balloons. In due course, the rescuer begins to feel that the victim’s need is too great for her to cope with. The work of constantly rescuing him becomes too onerous for her. In short, the rescuer feels victimised by the victim’s need. When this happens the rescuer begins to withdraw her energy from the victim, resulting in the victim   feeling victimised by the rescuer. It all ends in a big mess with everyone sinking ever deeper into victimhood.

A healer, by contrast, begins with the knowledge that she is actually here to heal herself, first and foremost. So when she sees another who is in pain, she knows that she is seeing “another self that is hurting”. She can evaluate whether it is right for her to attempt to help this other self or not. And one of the major criteria in that decision is whether this other self is at the place at which they are truly seeking healing, as opposed to being a victim looking for a rescuer. If the healer decides that it is right for her to take the client on, then the healer begins with the belief that, “It is my role to show the client how he can heal himself.” Healers help their clients to heal themselves. The client is helped to see that he is not a victim but, in fact, the creator of his difficulty and also the creator of his own healing. There is a sharing of information, wisdom or whatever else the healer offers.

True healing only occurs when the client is willing to take ownership of his distress/disease and also of his own healing. When the healing is concluded, the client is empowered and is more likely to be able to enact his own healing in future. He is more independent and stronger in every way. And the healer is also expanded and healed through the interaction. The interaction ends in growth and healing all round. As the healer heals, so the healing she will offer will change. She will work at ever higher energetic levels. Eventually, she will be completely healed and will cease to offer healing and will cease to reside in separation entirely.



Unworthiness: you believe that your worth is dependent on proving that you are worthy.

Powerlessness: you believe that you have little or no power to control your life.

Victimhood: you believe that others can harm you in some way.

These three disempowering beliefs make up the invisible Matrix of Depression.



There is only Love.  You all know that, you also know that everything else is illusory, and yet many of you engage unlovingly and judgmentally with others almost every day – frequently you are so unaware of your own ingrained beliefs and behaviors that you do not even realize that you are doing this.  Taking time daily to go within, to your sacred altar, and relax in the divine Presence that is always there with you, the field of infinite and unconditional Love that is your true nature, will help you, if you choose, to become increasingly aware of how your egos are constantly attempting to distract you from perceiving yourselves as others see you.  Being aware of how others see you helps you to become aware of how your egos operate, something to which you probably pay very little attention because you mostly think of your egoic selves as “Me.”  This is not the case, the egoic “Me” is mostly driven by feelings and emotions, and generally reacts rather than thoughtfully responding, and it is not you.

Many humans appear to live at the center of their own personal universe – the ego’s universe – separated from all others by their own egoic and self-centered personalities.  They are so wrapped up in their own issues of self-defense and how best to ensure their personal safety, that they cannot conceive of any meaningful opinions apart from their own.  And yet they are constantly seeking recognition and approval from others.  The need to be right and make others wrong, except, of course, when the others are in agreement with them, is one of the major causes of conflict worldwide, from individual relationships right up to international relationships.

When you intend and choose to live lovingly, to live and engage from your true nature, you will find that your need to judge weakens and then falls away to be replaced by compassion for the pain and suffering that you see in others.  When you live like that you will hardly ever find yourselves in situations of conflict, and those with whom you interactwill appreciate and honor your presence instead of competing with you for acceptance and approval.

Your true nature is Love, as you are constantly being reminded by myriad channeled messages, and yet almost as soon as you have finished reading one of those messages, or very shortly afterwards, and recognizing its truth, you forget, and slip once more into unawareness as you hand control of your lives back to your egos, to the auto-pilot.  You slip back into to reacting to life instead of responding to it with focused intent as your day unfolds.

Often it seems to you when you are out in the world, or in your workplace, and even sometimes in your home environment, that you are under the threat of judgment and disapproval, while many of the others with whom you interact in those same environments are also experiencing those kinds of feelings.  The lack of trustin these environments is quite palpable to all present, and each person is feeding it with the energy of their own sense of inadequacy – fear – which feeds on itself.  However, if you can consciously maintain your intent to be only loving you will find that the stress and tension in those environments diminishes when you are present.

Intending to be only loving and then engaging only lovingly will bring into your awareness the realization that your personal world-space – wherever you may be experiencing it – is indeed mostly quite peaceful,and that is because you are Love incarnate, and Love is always gentle and peaceful.

All who are reading this message, and others of a similar nature, chose to be on Earth as humans at this time to assist in the human awakening process by living and engaging from their true nature – Love – and by so doing bringing the energy of Love into their daily interactions with others.  The others will feel the energy, although they may very well not know what it is they are feeling, and will find themselves relaxing in its presence into a realization that they are in a safe space – your world-space – and will consequently communicate much more freely and easily.

Providing a safe space for others that is unthreatening, and in fact welcoming, is why you are on Earth, because when people feel safe they can open to Love, and, of course, the field of divine Love enfolds you in every moment, patiently awaiting your acceptance of It.  To open fully to It is to awaken, but because of your ingrained beliefs and fears, opening to It takes time.  Many believe that if they operate from Love and behave and interact lovingly that they will be taken advantage of by others who are more “street-wise,” and that they will be deceived or cheated.

If an experience like that actually happens to them it will take considerably longer for them to start interacting lovingly again.  And during that time it is quite normal to fall back, temporarily, into the apparent sense of a need for safety by building defenses and choosing not to trust or engage lovingly.

Of course you all have guides and mentors in the spiritual realms watching over you constantly, waiting expectantly for you to call on them for assistance, and extremely willing to respond immediately to your call.  When in doubt call on them.  When you do you will be able, with their assistance, to sense intuitively when someone is not being totally honest with you, and you will then be able to avoid an unsatisfactory interaction.  There is a vast difference between being loving and being gullible, and your intuition is very good at understanding this and recognizing the difference.

So what I am telling you here today is that you are beings of Light, the beloved children of God, and that your true nature is therefore Love.  You are on Earth to remember this and to operate from that state by being loving at all times, and by doing so – and there are countless numbers of you on Earth at present doing this – greatly enhancing and accelerating humanity’s awakening process.

Humanity is to awaken, it has been deeply asleep for far too long, and you have chosen to be here, demonstrating Love in action, to ensure that the awakening occurs smoothly and swiftly.   For this we cannot honor you enough, but we can offer you our constant loving support which, when you choose to ask for it and accept it, is far more powerful than you can imagine.

Be yourselves, be Love, and know that you are assisting humanity enormously in its awakening process.

Your loving brother, Jesus.


The moment that one dissolved into the No-thing, one became Every-thing:  You became the same intelligent and unified Energy field, the Spiralling and Creative Energy force (Highest Kundalini/Serpent Energy Energy) and with it the Sacred Fire itself.  You became the embodiment of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine as you merged into one single energy force-field, and now, with immense intricate and highest training, could direct this whole energy field to create miracles.

This was the highest of all the sacred Mystery School’s hidden Rites, and therefore then only the highest and most disciplined of the all the Initiates were ever allowed to enter these.  More than this, it took total dedication and immense commitment to adhere to the Divine Alchemical Laws, and Divine Sacred Sexuality Laws, to gain this type of high degree of Mysticism.

One could enter through these means such immensely powerful Super Consciousness Energy fields, that one could experience the Divine in much highest and more profound ways, than through any other path.

Not all Initiates ever chose to do this in union with another – male and female, but some chose to do this on their own.  Every soul has free will and choice, and therefore then each pathway has its own challenges and more than this stringent initiation.

The reasons why one needed to be gradually initiated and introduced to this type of the highest mysteries, was mainly because the immense potent and powerful energy forces one starts to tap into and work with.   If the initiate was not yet of the same vibration and frequency as the superconscious energy fields entered, the physical body would disintegrate.  Indeed, the soul would have to leave the physical vessel, and could not return to it.

The trick was to enter these potent energy fields, dissolve into them, and then be resurrected within these fields, which one could only enter via the SOUL energy, and the direct the entire in co-creative ways.

Now, if the physical body was not tuned into the higher frequency yet, it could not hold form, as said, and therefore once the Kundalini energy and Sacred Fires are ignited to a high degree, many initiates died in the process, for FEAR stepped in, as they physical form started to disintegrate and they had not learnt to anchor themselves into the physical while also traversing the heavens, so to speak.
The Kundalini opens certain channels in the physical form and energy bodies in and around the human body, but it must go into higher octaves of such.  If one activates this energy too quickly, one is great danger of harming oneself, for there will be immense pain in the physical form and when blockages occur even more so.  If this energy is not directed in scientific ways (remember that metaphysics is as science) then the body will disintegrate – it cannot hold form.

For delving into the deepest Mysteries and retrieving what needs to be retrieve and worked with, co-created for the highest good, is not for the faint-hearted, the half-hearted, the ones would be fly-by-nights.  It is only for the those who are brave enough to dissolve and die totally onto themselves, to be resurrected into the work and then direct the work by co-creatorship.

Such is the Calling.

Such is the Sacrifice but also the Resurrection.




If you want to ascend it is now that you need to release Dark Ones from YOUR consciousness, as they have free will and choose the path of their choice. They have the right to remain asleep within a reality of fear and domination or to release that addiction and be responsible for their own life. HELP from those that appear to be stronger is always a “set up” or trap to continue in the cycle of victim predator and confused innocent.

Beyond earth there are other civilizations with far more technologically advanced, mentally, socially, and emotionally advanced than humans on earth are. There are uncountable societies and worlds living in peace, compassion and unconditional love. This will happen for humans when they are ready to totally shift their perception of reality to include compassion and cosmic truths. The reality you choose to perceive is the reality that you will create or believe is real. And, the reality that YOU believe is real is the one you will perceive and live.




May 4, 2017 By Bonnie Baumgartner

Suffering never leads you to moral or spiritual high ground.

Suffering means you choose victimhood instead of responsibility.

The choice to feel wounded and move into suffering is a choice to attract more suffering. Where your attention is, there YOU are.

THE COSMIC TRUTH of ATTRACTION is an immutable TRUTH. It never changes. “Like attracts like energy,” “You get what you give.” What comes to you CLEARLY reflects the thoughts you personally hold and emanate.

When your perception is that others do not “allow you,” you are most likely, not allowing them also. Take the time to consider whom you are not allowing and causing them to suffer. Before trying to confront, comfort, heal or FIX what you consider an “issue” in YOU, him, her or it, your companion pet or child, notice the fearful thought patterns you carry and hold.

AFTER you have mastered knowing and owning what your thoughts are, CHOOSE to have compassion for you and then it is easy to be compassionate with he, she or it. It is healing, therapeutic and wise to understand how your personal thoughts became so judgmental, full of blame and self-punishing. BUT punishment, demanding and suffering hold you, stagnate you, in that low vibrating energy field with NOTHING light or spiritual or wise to gain. Ideally you channel or alter your point of perceptions, thought patterns to align with cosmic truths and the law of allowing. To move to greater light means releasing your fears, judgment, punishment and blame. ALLOW “the other one” to CHOOSE to learn from your example, or NOT.

RELIGIONS, all the various religions on earth were designed to create the ILLUSION of choice. The Illuminists created, control and / or infiltrated all religions and their teachings since late Atlantis through to present day. Religions are designed to set the standard for YOUR behavior. What serves the hierarchy best and what upsets them. Religion is a way to guide others in “HOW TO” express their belief in a Supreme Being or super human or controlling power, with their system of dogma, a set of principles laid down by an authority as being incontrovertibly true. Parables and stories are generated by the various religions to explain and reinforce their dogma to the uneducated and illiterate so ALL the followers know what is expected of them to gather the deity’s favor and conditional blessings.

When you invoke what you consider to be a super hero or power, a Beloved Master or Archangel or the divine will of a Creator or a God INSTEAD of doing it yourself, you are attached to YOUR particular outcome or AGENDA! In reality that is being fearful, negative, controlling and forcing. Needing to “please” or control or be acknowledged or loved or punished or paid a debt, holds you in a low vibration of demanding and attachment. In the DARK and suffering reality, you play and emanate all the energy and roles of the closed restricted cycle of victim predator and confused innocent.

THE COSMIC TRUTH of LIGHT, DIVINITY or GOD, are all metaphors for the FIELD of quantum particles and their immutable laws, which also are the organizing principles of the universe.

Quanta just ARE, they are SENTIENT and NEUTRAL, and have NO agenda, attachments, judgment, blame or punishment. They manifest your thoughts or state of consciousness and can create every possibility there is. Quanta are always in motion, constructing and destructing continuously. But in the dark bandwidth they have solidified into matter or VERY restricted VERY slow motion.

WOUNDS, when your choice is to be righteously indignant and suffer because of real or imagined wounds and live in your pain body, you keep recreating and feeding that illusion with varying versions and examples of wounds. Staying wounded means someone needs blaming and someone needs to make it all better FOR you. Is that what you are waiting for? Many of my relatives and ancestors are in the lower fourth dimension waiting for someone to make it all better for them; they will enjoy your company.

Waiting, wanting, suffering, being righteously indignant, means there is no need for you to be responsible for your creations and the collateral damage you create by not being responsible for you and what you think. Your fear that someone can’t serve or service you to your satisfaction is dark DENSE thinking. It’s your job to serve and be compassionate with you.

Your personal WISDOM is gained individually and built on INTERNALLY with your soul conglomerate. No family member, group, country or religion has YOUR wisdom or truths. You need to stay awake, aware and thoughtful to exercise your wisdom or moral character and your alignment with cosmic truths, receive and give only compassion. Sensing and feeling your every thought is how it is to reside in the light. When it doesn’t feel good you move to the compassionate point of perception.

Dark Ones and their energy fields are still all around; it is best to walk away and never engage. BUT when forced, keep your electromagnetic field closed, set boundaries, CUT CORDS and do not engage with them, because that entrains your energy to their low vibration. Be the detached unengaged observer, the light is increasing.

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May 30, 2017 By Bonnie Baumgartner

You need or want others to be nice to you.

You need or want others to think and be as smart you.

You need or want others to do things the way you like them done.

Needing or wanting others to do what you want, what pleases you the most, is a state of PASSIVITY, stagnation, POWERLESSNESS, which puts you in the mind set of feeling like a victim. Those that have made the choice to wait until others WANT or are paid to please them, and then they usually need to read their mind or guess at how to do it.

Consider this, WHY does another need to please you, give you what you want, why? If you say, it is to show that they “love you” or it is the right thing to do. I would say, that is a CONDITIONAL transaction having nothing at all, to do with the satisfaction and genuine pleasure of giving and receiving only compassion.

NOTICE, how twisted you and others get when you don’t get what you want from another. YOU get all disappointed cranky, snarky, impatient, upset, depressed, vengeful and or numb because you feel you were victimized.

Someone didn’t choose to please you.

Someone didn’t choose to feed your neediness.

Someone needs to be judged and punished or has to pay.

The beauty of being responsible for pleasing the self is you NEVER feel victimized; you never need to have someone guess at what you want. You never need to wait for what you need or want. AND you never feel entitled to be the predator, the hero, avenger or the one needing caretaking, because you do not feel victimized.

Your thought pattern of: “When will things be the way I WANT them?” Needs to shift to: “How do I change my thoughts and perceptions to enjoy or change what IS?” Then you can ACTIVILY partake in your world and version of your reality exactly as it is. And you allow all others their choices. Light One’s ALLOW and are ACCEPTING of what is true.

THE COSMIC TRUTH about POVERTY and DEMANDING that “someone else” create the reality you want to exist in. To the degree that you SQUANDER and WITHHOLD YOUR energy and resources to be compassionate and responsible for the self, you create poverty for you and anyone dependent on you.


MAGIC THINKING, “pretty stories” and lies we tell the self and others are characterized by the belief that thinking or wishing something, can CAUSE it to be true. That is only true on the quantum level and only if it is compassionate. While residing in the dark bandwidth of unconsciousness and cruelty, wishing doesn’t make it so or make it true.

If you hate, blame or judge your SELF, a parent or anyone else for that matter you are ENTRAINING with that energy, vibration and resonance THAT MAKES you aligned with them and that “thought pattern” that is residing in the dark of unconsciousness.

THE COSMIC TRUTH of FREE WILL or FREEDOM is found ONLY in dark consciousness in the illusion of third and fourth dimension. Each entity has the right to direct and pursue their life or their reality, as long as they DO NOT VIOLATE the rights of others.

The rights of others are: to BE conscious and responsible for their own thinking. To hold ONLY compassionate thoughts and treat ALL sentient life as EQUALS. Those with dark consciousness feel it is their right and duty to judge, punish and violate others rights almost all the time. To hate, blame and punish the self and others.



A tool for you to use, to point out TO YOU, any stuck dark patterns of thought you still hold. The person, behavior or event you judge will be a mirror or reflection of the dark thought patterns you hold about yourself. Judgment is you denying parts of you that need to be reclaimed, owned and viewed with your compassion and allowing.

Judgment unbalances the one judging,

Carries the energy of anger and control.

Judgment weakens the biology and

Goes against the law of allowing.

Deciding fairness is a judgment.

FAIRNESS is you making a judgment used to assign blame, penalties or punishment. That is not allowing or compassionate. If you do not plan on assigning blame, penalties or punishment what does it matter if it is fair? If you observe someone challenged, you can choose to assist with your positive, creative and unique thoughts of equality and responsibility for the self.

Instead of blame, penalties or punishment, consider the energy you are emanating that is attracting this disagreeable energy back to you. Whom do you want to blame and punish? Why are you considering yourself victimized?

When you feel something is “not fair” OR you feel you sustained a wound of some kind, CONSIDER your thought process. Are you being a confused innocent, victim or predator? All are different parts of a cycle found only in the dark bandwidth. Those in the light allow others their reality and are responsible for the reality they created for the self. To maintain light thought patterns you need to release any attachment to being a victim predator or confused innocent. Our creations carry the same amount of LIGHT we carry, OR the amount of light their CREATOR has.

PUNISHMENT helps sustain the dark cycle of victim predator and confused innocent with the fear it generates and the need to master covert behaviors and actions to avoid punishment. Punishment lacks compassion for the self and goes against the cosmic truth of allowing.

WOUNDS When you feel the need to suffer and live in your pain body, you keep recreating and nurturing YOUR wounds real or not. You holding onto your wounds mean someone needs blaming and someone needs to make it all better FOR you. That way you do not need to change your thoughts OR take responsibility for you. Fear that someone can’t serve or service you to your satisfaction creates a distortion or virus or wound in you. Negativity will run through your thinking, tainting all that you think, create, share and project.



Questioning can matter more than the answer.

When there is friction or upset IN YOU.

ASK, “Which immutable cosmic truth am I not aligned with?”

Asking that question will raise your state of consciousness into a higher state, because you are CONSCIOUS and desire to gather some wisdom. In higher brainwave states you are able to become the “objective observer” of YOUR thinking and the results of your thought. Couples and groups can only be compassionate and run smoothly in higher states of consciousness WHEN aligned with immutable cosmic truths.

ASK, am I judging or not allowing others?

ASK, am I blaming another for what I created?

ASK, do I want another to do what I need to do?

ASK, AM I expecting DARK ONES to ACT like Light Ones?


Maybe you’ve never heard of Williams Syndrome, often called the opposite of Autism. It makes people “love too much.” The very same rare condition which causes human beings to be too friendly may be an expression of genes in your dog that causes him to lick your face with unmitigated glee every time he sees you. This rare genetic expression may also indicate a move toward higher human evolution.

The “Too Friendly” Syndrome

When first learning of this condition, one might think that it couldn’t possibly be a problem. After all, who among us hasn’t imagined a world where we greeted everyone – from the postman to our kid’s teacher – with a hug and sincere enthusiasm?

People with Williams syndrome, also known as Williams-Beuren syndrome, occurs when people are missing of a chunk of DNA containing about 27 genes. Only about 1 in 100,000 people have the condition. It is accompanied often by certain physical traits, such as an upturned nose, a broad forehead, a small chin, and larger ears, which causes people to look elfish.

It’s possible that many of the jesters and fools in Shakespeare’s time were people with Williams syndrome.

Aside from how Williams syndrome people look physically, they are often musical geniuses with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities and an uncanny desire to love everyone they see. Sound familiar?

People with Williams syndrome often face challenges, though, even with their loving personalities. They find it hard to restrain their desire to hug complete strangers or tell a random person that they are beautiful, often eliciting negative social feedback from those who are unfamiliar with the condition.

Williams syndrome individuals are often extremely vulnerable to those who would use their strong desire to be loving and friendly, for personal gain.

Unconditional Love is a Genetic Anomaly

Scientists have now found a link between the genetic structure of Williams syndrome and the genes of dogs – the only other animal that might come close to resembling the unconditional love offered by Williams syndrome individuals.

The first hint of a link between dogs and Williams syndrome came in 2010, when evolutionary biologist Bridgett vonHoldt and her colleagues examined DNA from 225 wolves and 912 dogs from 85 breeds. They were looking for dog evolutionary traits that differed from wolves.


One gene that become of interest was WBSCR17. Its presence suggested that it or other genes near it were important in dog evolution. This region of the genome is similar in dogs and humans, and the human version of WBSCR17 is located near the sequence that is deleted in people with Williams syndrome.

As most people have noticed, wolves typically spend less time near humans than dogs do, as we haven’t bred them to be “domesticated,” and to live in our close proximity. Whether the WBSCR17 gene developed in dogs as part of a mutation, or simply due to epigenetic conditioning remains to be determined.

The researchers also found that dog breeds which were typically found to be more friendly also had a higher incidence of this gene.

Deleted Genes and Evolution

This begs the question – is Williams syndrome a “condition” or a mutation of our genes toward higher evolution? Less than six percent of the entire population has a set of their genes deleted to cause Williams, however, nature has indicated that other species evolve more harmoniously when they cooperate, and display signs of affection.

Bonobos, one of the closest primates to humans, are notorious for helping their social structures thrive by showing sexual affection. New studies in neurobiology have promoted our species being saved from our own cutthroat behaviors with social altruism. Williams, and the similar gene structure in man’s (woman’s) best friend, may simply indicate a thrust toward kindness in our genetic evolution.


Law of Attraction Q & A:
What is the Art of Allowing?

Question: My questions are about the Art of Allowing. I have only read the Abe book [The Teachings of Abraham; Esther Hicks / Abraham-Hicks] about Allowing once, but I’m not sure that I have ‘got it’…  So here goes: When Abe is talking about ‘allowing’, (I understand that they are primarily talking about allowing what we want to create to come to us,) but aren’t they also talking about allowing other people to get on with their lives as they want?

Answer: Yes, you are absolutely right. In terms of the Law of Attraction and the Art of Allowing, it means to ‘make peace’ with ALL things AS THEY ARE – including what other people are doing.

To gain some insight, we can look at the definition of the word ALLOW:

al·low (verb)

  1. To give permission for something to happen or somebody to do something, or take no action or make no rule to prevent it
  2. To let somebody or something enter or be present in a place
  3. To let somebody or yourself have something, often a benefit or pleasure of some kind

(Source: Encarta® World English Dictionary © 1999 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Developed for Microsoft by Bloomsbury Publishing Plc.)

When used in the context of how to use the Universal Law of Attraction, the word ‘ALLOWING’ indicates biggest possible sense of the word, meaning an overall state of allowing (letting) EVERYTHING to be ‘OK WITH YOU’ exactly as it is…

  • Allowing yourself to be happy with yourself even if you are 20 pounds heavier than you wish
  • Allowing your neighbors to be noisy without getting upset about it, because you can choose to practice focusing on something else
  • Allowing other drivers on the road to behave as they do, affirming for yourself that you are safe, and that you remain in pristine condition wherever you go
  • Allowing economic problems around the world to rage-on around the world and consciously decide for yourself that it is not your problem to fix (even if you could)
  • Allowing yourself to love your kids, your spouse, your friends, your family even if they don’t do what you want/think they should
  • Allowing yourself to see beauty and find small pockets of comfort, even if there is pain around you
  • Allowing other people to make their own choices (and live out the consequential experience of those choices) for themselves, knowing that your guidance is for you and only they can create for them

In other words, doing whatever you can to let life, other people, and all situations to be as they are – no matter how challenging that may be to do sometimes! …That is the Art of Allowing!

In my experience, this does take work, and practice, because it is very hard to not have strong feelings for, and about, the people and any situations that we care about. For instance, when I see the news about the fires in Australia, or plane crashes, or natural disasters occurring around the world, or even the struggling economy, and think about the people (and animals) affected by them, my heart nearly breaks. But then I remind myself:

  1. It is not something I can change or control
  2. The situation is not affecting me, my family, or my life personally except for my choice to focus on it
  3. As much as I may want to be sometimes, I am not the world-police – and it is NOT my job to fix those problems (or any, really)
  4. The only valuable thing I CAN do is to send love and light, and pray for the highest GOOD for ALL concerned!

The full circle of life is FAR greater than I can understand, and if I let myself get caught up in what might be considered very sad for the people who ARE experiencing it, the only vibration I am sending out is “sad”… Then, through the magnifying lens of Law of Attraction, I start to mess up my own vibration AND what I am trying to attract for myself!

Most of us, myself included, have a really bad habit of getting our noses into what is really none our business – at least as far as the Law of Attraction is concerned! It can be very difficult NOT to do, especially when the other person in question is someone very close and/or whose experience will have direct consequences on our own interaction with them; that we may feel.

The antidote though, tough as it may often be, is to see/imagine/mentally experience that person as happy, whole, healthy and complete, and imagine them living the life of their own dreams. If you can believe that FOR them – you are doing FAR more to support them than words or actions EVER could! …And doing wonders for your OWN vibration as well!

…The trick will be to NOT discuss it with them – not to try to convince them of what you can see for them, not try to influence their behavior to make it happen, not even to share the warm-fuzzies you feel when you are thinking about your Utopian vision (even if it is about someone else)!

Because, unfortunately, other people will inadvertently snap you right out of it. …It will have to be your little secret, because trying to explain it to someone else takes the magic of what is WAY beyond words right out of the vision!

The best you can do is to imagine all other people and situations as you’d like them to be, as YOU think THEY would like to be, and know that it is in the process of being created. All is well. Everything is ALWAYS working out for the BEST for everyone – in the long term at least!

…KNOWING that ALL IS WELL is truly what it is to be practicing the Art of Allowing!


Law of Attraction Q & A:
Why Do Negative People Surround Me?

Question: I seem to attract a lot of negative people into my life — I have the understanding that situations that do arise are of our own creation (since everything is our creation), correct? But, we have created those situations to do what? To show us areas of resistance (?) within ourselves?

Does that mean we are projecting these things, e.g. if we are surrounded by negative people, does that mean we are primarily negative? Again for example: for some unknown reason I am surrounded by fairly negative people, although most people would say that I am extremely positive. And when I’m speaking with them, I always try to find the next best thought for them, or something positive for them to concentrate on. But does this mean that somewhere in the deepest darkest recesses of my Id [refers to: Id/Ego/Superego – a Jungian psychological construct for the deep Inner Self], I am harbouring dark and dreary thoughts?

Answer: I can really relate to your question – thank you for asking it! I myself have often wondered what it means when I seem to have a pattern of attraction (that I don’t much like) going on, and wonder HOW (or why) I am attracting it!

Though what you attract can indicate thoughts and beliefs which are buried in the recesses of your soul, there is a much simpler way to work with, learn from, and expand through what you are experiencing than digging up all that old stuff.

It involves noticing what you are attracting, and then adjusting and fine-tuning your ideas and feelings ABOUT the subject to reflect more of what you DO want to experience (and why) rather than frustration with its’ opposite…

We are attracting everything we experience through the Law of Attraction, but it is not “designed” by some higher power to “show” or teach us anything… It is a much more simple cause and effect relationship.

If you are focused on the overall subject of being positive (or negative), you will attract others who are examples of it (either in the positive OR the negative) – you will attract people who want to talk about it, want advice about it, who DO want to be that way, who DON’T want to be that way, who are good examples and who are bad examples…

…Because BEING positive/negative is the overall subject matter of the idea you are thinking about!

When you notice a pattern in yourself by what you are attracting, like attracting negative people, it is almost NEVER so direct as to mean that you, yourself, are a negative person.

(…Or, if that was the reason, you most likely wouldn’t notice at all, because the other people wouldn’t seem negative in comparison, they would seem normal!)

What we attract is based on what kind of energy we are putting out, and what ABOUT the kind of subjects our attention is focused on – not which version of the subject (positive or negative). The version of the subject is dictated by how you FEEL about the subject!

Therefore, if you are very focused on one extreme end of the “positive-negative” spectrum (being positive yourself), chances are very good that you will attract a lot of people who are the polar opposite of that, because:

  • If “being positive” is an important virtue, then the chances are that its’ opposite (“being negative”) feels like a vice, and carries the energy of something to be avoided… (Resistance)
  • Resistance / Trying to avoid something (anything) is a very powerful ATTRACTOR… In this case, avoiding both “being negative” oneself, and trying to avoid other people who tend to be negative, will have the effect of attracting those exact tendencies from others
  • Or, when you do have an abundance of a quality, you will also attract people who need/want more of that quality – like moths to a flame – they will sniff you out energetically and flock to you, because you are a generally positive person and you DO help them to feel better!
  • Then the cycle perpetuates itself and continues, because you are thinking ABOUT someone who is feeling negative, you want to do something to fix that, you give attention to that subject and the person feeling that way, then you attract more of that…

The overall net effect is that a “positive person” can attract a lot of negative people because:

  • Being positive is good = attract people who are breaking that “rule” = attract negative people
  • You DO want to attract positive people because you enjoy feeling upbeat and optimistic = attract positive people
  • You DO want to attract positive people because you aren’t crazy about negative people = attract negative people
  • You don’t want to attract negative people = you always attract what you don’t want = attract negative people
  • You are a positive person = you attract people who want to feel less negative = attract negative people
  • You attracted a negative friend = you get more of whatever you are “feeling” ABOUT currently = attract negative people

Whew! Quite the quandary – it can be all-out depressing – especially for a positive person like you or me! But there is hope!! …and it’s actually an easy fix!!

Find the positive aspects of whomever (or whatever) you are attracting, and focus your attention on THAT instead!

…You don’t have to share it with the person, just mentally focus your mind to think about what IS good about the person, their dreams, who they are inside, what they want, what they long for, what their tender sweet parts are, how they can be lovable – anything that you can think of that IS positive about them!

List THOSE qualities in your mind every time you think of them or interact with them, and before you know it, they will either move any remnants of their negativity right on along to someone else, or they may even surprise you by suddenly feeling more optimistic themselves!

And, in general, make it a practice to not only focus on what you DO want to attract and experience, but also get in the habit of asking/verifying for yourself WHY you want that – and make sure it is for positive and uplifting reasons!

It is MUCH easier to attract something you DO want because you like how it makes you feel, or because it makes you feel good, as opposed to trying to attract something because you do not like it’s opposite.

As we saw in the example above – it is both trying to go around the hard way, and it often backfires!

…I hope this answers your question!!!

Much love and Many Blessings to you,




Maintaining Positive Attitude Tip:
Focus on What IS Good About It!

The secret to maintaining a positive attitude is learning to tune your own mental attention to focus on the positive aspects of anything you are thinking about…

…Actually, in my opinion, the absolute best How-To Law of Attraction tool for ANYTHING is finding the positive aspects of it!

The basics of finding the positive aspects is simple (but that doesn’t mean it is always easy!) …When you are feeling blah (or angry, or sad, etc.), you essentially force yourself to try to think of, and write down, anything and everything that IS good about the someone, or something, that is most on your mind.

Because what you think about expands (and, by the Law of Attraction, leads the expansion which is your overall life experience while it’s at it), choosing to think about the aspects of someone or something that can make you FEEL GOOD is the fastest and easiest tool for maintaining a positive attitude overall!

I find that I most often need this tool when I am thinking about other people – when someone has made me feel angry or frustrated (the truth is that no one other than me makes me feel anything, that my emotions are an indicator of where my thinking is incorrect, but I’ll save the lengthy discussion of that nuance for another page!)


Universal Laws of Attraction for Real Life!


…We ALL know how it feels when someone “ticks us off”, so that is how I will talk about this exercise (even though it works for things, situations, and experiences as well as for people!)

Find the place inside of yourself that knows, and can focus on what you DO (or CAN) appreciate about:

  • Any ways in which they are attractive…
  • In what ways can they be kind?
  • What skills do they have that you can admire…
  • Imagine them as a tiny little toddler – what sweet, or scared, part inside them can you imagine?
  • What traits might they have in common with someone else that you DO like?
  • What is something nice they do (even if it isn’t for you)?
  • Something about their life that you might like to experience yourself in your life…
  • What are they good at?
  • What have they worked really hard to accomplish; what do they have a right to be proud of achieving?
  • What might be hard in their lives, and in what ways might their coping mechanisms for those hardships be more effective than you originally gave them credit for?
  • Locate the place in your heart that has compassion for the sweet, tender, loving, precious, misunderstood or neglected little child he or she once was…
  • What are they good at?
  • What good things have they ever done for you in the past?
  • How do you think they WISH others saw them? …Can YOU relate to feeling that way yourself?

Once you get yourself going by thinking of some of these things, it is important to write them down somewhere – it is MUCH more effective if you write them down! …List as many as you CAN – 10 or 20 is GREAT!

The reason for writing is: The brain can only hold about 7 or 8 discrete pieces of information at one time. If you are only listing positive aspects in your head (not writing them down), you’re likely to MISTAKENLY believe that you can only think of 3, 4, 5 (or so) positive aspects and then stop trying…

The “maintaining a positive attitude” benefits of the exercise only seem to kick in after writing down at least 10-15 positive aspects… In my experience it takes that long (and that amount of focus) to really start to feel the shift of energy inside myself, and that is what REALLY matters!


Universal Laws of Attraction for Real Life!


I could go on for days about the benefits of finding positive aspects to one’s ability to maintain a positive attitude, and the value of that practice for attracting / creating one’s dream life through the Law of Attraction… So I’ve divided the discussion into a few different directions:

To download and print a FREE exercise designed to guide you step by step through “making the best of it” in a frustrating situation at work/in your career (though the ideas and questions can be adapted to apply to any area of your life), right-click (ctrl-click for Mac) here: Download the FREE “Making the Best of It” PDF worksheets.

To continue to read a more in-depth discussion of what is going on energetically when one consciously chooses to be maintaining a positive attitude through the Law of Attraction by finding positive aspects, and to see some real life examples of mini-miracles happening due to practicing these new habits, see the positive attitude success page (link coming soon).


No Love Lost… What To Do
When Annoying People Get You Down

So what ARE you supposed to do when there is no love lost between you and that person I’m trying to tell you to think of positive aspects about?

Or when a few annoying people in your vicinity are just too darned irritating to think of anything positive about?!

…When there is bad blood, scorn, blaming, resentment, a grudge, or if they are just plain old “hard to love”?

I have certainly crossed paths with plenty of difficult people who got on my nerves, so I know how challenging it can be to try to turn that feeling on it’s ear to focus on good things about them – especially when there is no love lost between you! And, even if you can come up with something positive, it’s going to be pretty shallow, and it doesn’t seem to do anything to make you feel better…

The problem is that holding a grudge, and carrying around resentment or blame only really hurts you!

…It’s like holding poison in your own mouth with the intent to spit it at the object of your scorn, but then never running into them while the poison slowly seeps into YOUR system!

Also, while you are focused on the animosity (holding on to the “no love lost” poison) you are NOT focused on the kinds of things that will increase your ability to attract all the GOOD things you want for YOUR life!

Your feelings are perfectly legitimate, but the Law of Attraction is also continuously magnetizing more and more and more of whatever kind of experiences you are holding in your attention most of the time.

…If you are focused on scorn, the “no love lost” sentiment, or the bad blood that has passed, you are poisoning your own manifestations. Law of Attraction will elicit experiences and feelings that are in harmony with the feeling you have most of the time throughout the day… It may seem unfair, but that is how it works.

The only thing to do is to try to find a way to clean it up in YOUR mind – not for them, but for YOU!

A good friend of mine (and fellow Law of Attraction coach), Theresa Tetley, recently shared this idea she came up with for what to do when someone is just too annoying to think of positive aspects about (at least for the moment!)

Instead of trying to come up with good qualities about the other person, she makes a list of what that person might be able to use in order to become happy!

…It’s a great idea – when you think about it, people who are irritating, are usually in a great deal of pain themselves. They are most likely totally stressed out, under a lot of pressure, and extremely unfulfilled or unhappy – that is why they aren’t so pleasant to be around.

(…And that is WHY there is no love lost on them!) On the other hand, genuinely happy people tend to be more naturally pleasant and easy to be around (…when you can find them!)

If you could think in terms of what kinds of things, situations, gifts, qualities or experiences could transform someone who is “hard to love” into someone who is happier, you can START to imagine what they MIGHT be like if they weren’t having such a tough time right now…

Give it a try; write a list of at least 10 things that might make them truly happy:

  • What kind of job or career might be truly fulfilling for them?
  • Are they in a happy relationship? Would they secretly (or not so secretly) like to be? What kind of relationship would make them feel loved?
  • How about health, body, physique and general happiness with themselves? What do you know they WISHED they looked like or felt like?
  • Do they need money? Is life hard right now? What would turn that around for them?
  • What kind of clothes would they love to be wearing? What kind of car would they dream of driving? What kind of activities do they wish they were doing? What kind of luxuries might they dream of being able to afford or do guilt-free?
  • Do they crave freedom, travel or adventure? What kind? How often?
  • What about family or children – are things good in that area? What kind of dreams do they harbor in that regard?
  • What would make them happy?
  • What do they wish / dream they could be?

This is NOT something you should share with them, they most likely won’t take it well – it’s one thing to want good things for someone, but if they were to know it’s because you think they are being a jerk without it, they won’t see it as a compliment… (And, believe it or not, they probably do not feel the same “no love lost” feeling that you do anyway! Really.)

This is ESPECIALLY true if the person in question is actually a good friend, someone very close to you, or someone you interact with everyday. Everyone can grate on our nerves once in a while. And, sometimes, the consequences are even worse for you in those cases, because you can also tend to feel a level of guilt for not being able to see that person in a good light – even MORE reason to clean it up!

Cleaning up the “no love lost” energy and neutralizing it has WAY more benefits for you than it does for them – the ONLY real point of this exercise is to get YOUR mind thinking in a new direction… When you do, you can expect these benefits:

  • When you take time to imagine and visualize good things happening for anyone, it is as good as if you were imagining it for yourself – even better actually! Because when you are vividly imagining it for someone else, YOU are still the one imagining it (where the power is) but without the resistance of simultaneously reminding yourself that it is not real for you yet, because it’s not supposed to be!
  • As your feelings start to ease up about the other person, you will be more able to feel at peace inside your own heart when you hear their name, think of them, or even when you are interacting with them again. …When YOU feel a sense of peace and contentment in your heart, THAT is when the Law of Attraction is magnetizing the good things YOU desire.
  • The only reason most of us ever really want anything is because we hope that it will make us feel good, or at least feel better. When we start thinking in terms of what kind of things will make someone else feel better, YOU are attracting things that will make YOU feel better. When you are thinking about and attracting that which will make you feel better, the natural result is that YOU feel good!
  • Relationships are complicated in the real world – the more ways we can find to see others with kind eyes and a peaceful heart, the more in alignment we are with Source Energy. Source Energy is pure love, and it is aligning ourselves with that vibration that attracts all the good we desire… THAT is why we try to find positive aspects!

Finding the positive aspects of people and life around us is the single best Law of Attraction and manifestation tool there is – especially when there had been that no love lost feeling prior – the bigger the obstacle the bigger the reward when it is overcome! Go find those positive aspects and YOU are the one who will feel good for it!



Angry Rants, done privately, are Great!… So, LET IT OUT!

Angry Rants can be one of the most powerful tools in your “how to” Law of Attraction tool chest… In the Law of Attraction context, the only REAL problem that most of us have is resistance and suppressed feelings of anger.

But most of us, myself included, often try to suppress feelings of frustration, anger, or a bad mood – hoping that if we can just ignore it long enough, it will go away, it will get better, or we’ll at least get through the day. Occasionally we are successful, but rarely (if ever) will that technique EVER lead to bobbing back up to the truly natural state of contentment, peace, joy and love that life is supposed to feel like!

The unfortunate truth is that we have to PURGE all those negative feelings out of us – keeping feelings of anger in is like drinking poison – it is toxic to the natural state of well-being.

In my opinion, prolonged anger, grief, frustration, stress, sadness, feelings of victimization, anxiety, powerlessness, insecurity and worry is what is at the HEART of all sickness, disease, and the negative experiences that we attract.

…We HAVE to learn how to get those feelings out to make room for, and allow, the good to start to flow in!

Now I’m no doctor, not a psychiatrist, not a psychotherapist, not even an aficionado of psychological conditions… But I do know the dull ache of a half-lived life, because something or someone hurt us, scared us, angered us, abused us, took advantage of us, was mean to us, OR, a whole collection of hurts have built up over time and we haven’t done anything about it.

It sucks.

When you are feeling uneasy, apprehensive, angry, fearful, guilty, frustrated, obsessed, anxious, sorry, uncomfortable, victimized, resentful or ANY other negative feeling, it is absolutely, positively NECESSARY for YOU to get those feelings OUT! …Out of your head, off your heart and out of your thoughts!

The best way I have ever found to do this is to write Angry Rants to the Universe! You can write your own (anonymously), and SEND IT DIRECTLY TO THE UNIVERSE, using the tool below!

…It’s the only thing that has ever really helped me when I’m really pissed off. It is a tool to get your feelings OUT – get them OUT so that they aren’t poisoning YOU anymore!
Click link to keep reading….


What can make me feel good when I am so disappointed?

by Andrea
(RLLoA moderator)

Lord knows it is hard to shift your focus to feel good (or even feel better) when something disappointing or frustrating has happened. That is why I am writing this “How To shift your focus of attention and feel better”story, because that is what I am dealing with right now in my own life!

I do not need to go into the details of what happened for me, because I don’t want to give those negative emotions and unwanted feelings/experiences any more attention and fuel. In the Law of Attraction, the only real priority is to feel better, to find some relief, and to start focusing on what you DO want.

And, to do that, the MOST important step is to STOP talking about the problem!

So, what to do instead? How do you shift your attention onto what you can appreciate? This is how I do it:

Go through the following list of questions, and for each one, HONESTLY ask yourself: “Would I trade this ability/aspect of my life in order to have had the disappointing situation work out differently?” Now, really think about it as you go through the list. …Not that a “trade” is possible, but would you REALLY rather have had the situation you are currently disappointed about work out “your way” if it meant giving up any of THESE things?


    • Are you breathing? Is your heart beating? Are you alive?


    • What about your eyes, would you give up the ability to see?


    • Do you have ears, do you value your ability to sense vibration and hear?


    • How about your sense of taste or smell, would you trade those?


    • Is your brain functioning? Do you have the ability to think and perceive?


    • Do you have skin? Do you have nerve endings and the ability to feel things that touch your body?


    • What about the ability to feel emotions? (Sure, maybe you feel sad right this minute, but would you rather not ever have the ability to feel anything at all?)


    • How about hands? Do your hands work? Do you like to use them? Do you wish you didn’t have them?


    • Do you use your legs and feet? Do you stand, walk, run? Or, even if you have a physical disability, do the various parts of your body contribute to your balance, or your ability to get around? Do you like to be able to get around?


    • Have you considered your internal organs – do you have the ability to eat food and digest it, to fuel your body and sustain life? (And possibly even enjoy the experience of eating something delicious while you are at it?)


  • What about muscles and bones and the ability to move at all? What does that feel like? Are you glad that you can experience that?

This exercise may sound trite, but it could really go on, and on, and on, and it shows that there is really so much more to be grateful and appreciative for than there is to be disappointed about. And yes, lot’s and lot’s of people have all of these things, but the point is are YOU glad you do? When you really get in to thinking about it, not a lot matters if you don’t have the basics of living life…

Would you trade any of these things for ANY amount of money?

Would you give up ANY of these abilities to have some particular person in your life?

Would you be willing to never again do some of these things in order to change the outcome of one situation?

YOU are a magnificent and miraculous being! YOU are special, you are unique, you are a perfect and precious work of human art. And you have free will. So, it is up to you to be disciplined enough to change how you are focusing your attention and take your mind OFF of what you think you don’t have, or feel you don’t have enough of, or what you wish you had instead!

I know it’s hard to do sometimes, that is why this list has such fundamental aspects of living life as it’s criteria. All it takes is to deliberately put your mind, thoughts, attention, and words toward thinking and talking about what you DO appreciate about LIVING your life as it is now, and you can get back into the place of appreciation and love from which all good things flow.

It is the energy of appreciation and love that fuels the Law of Attraction to match you up with your desires, and the ONLY real trick of life is learning how to be able to get yourself into alignment with it (no matter what else is going on around you!)

Blessings to YOU!!!




I’m stuck – Universal Laws of Attraction & Blocked Energy

(Ontario, Canada)

Question: I have been following the Universal Laws of Attraction for a while now. Things are pretty good in my life, I am happy most of the time (I think) and things are fine, nothing bad is happening, but I am not making much progress on my biggest dreams for my career and relationship. I just don’t know how to move forward, I feel like something is blocking me and the Universal Laws of Attraction just keep giving me more of the same old, same old, same old sh## every day. I must do something different, but I don’t know what. Do you have any ideas?

Real Life LoA Answer: I’m really moved by your question, it has sparked something big within me, I’m very glad you were inspired to write, thank you. I have been thinking about the answer to this question for the past few days, even before you asked it, because different examples from among my own family and friends (as well as my own life, and some things I’ve seen on TV lately) have all had a similar theme. Here is what is coming forward:

If you want to know what is blocking you, look at what YOU are blocking. What are your secrets, what are you hiding from others, what are you ashamed of, or embarrassed about in your life? What would you rather that other people not see, or know about you?

These are the things that have their hold on you, that have power over you, and that are sub-conscious (or unconscious) patterns that are simply running in the background of your life without question. And these are the things that are actually gaining more steam in the form of what you create for yourself through the Law of Attraction. It’s because keeping the secret, and contorting your life to protect yourself from letting other people see, or know, that about you takes a tremendous amount of energy! And, anything that takes your energy and focus, even sub-consciously, IS re-creating itself over and over in your experience. …The harder you work at “pushing it away” – the faster other experiences with similar vibrations and feelings are drawn to you.

A different area to check is the parts of your life where you are suppressing anger. Maybe you are trying to convince yourself that it isn’t that bad, or maybe you feel it is wrong / not socially acceptable to be angry about it, or feel that you have no choice in the matter. But again, trying to push it down and keep it under wraps will almost always take more energy than gets devoted to appreciation. It’s hard work to try to ignore anger, and because it is hard work, the Law of Attraction is getting a lot of signals to magnify that vibration, so it does. You end up getting more things to feel angry and resentful about (including the experience of NOT having your dreams fulfilled.)

Another clue could be: “What do you wish your life looked like; what kind of image of yourself or your life are you trying to project to the world?” This is not something you need to “own-up to,” to anyone except yourself, but, the places of your life that you are wishing were different are the places where you are not currently appreciating yourself authentically. When you are not appreciating yourself, or your life, you are not in the vortex, not in the flow, not aligned with the truth of how Source Energy / your own Inner Being sees it, and you are not attracting what you DO want with the Law of Attraction.

And, your energy blocks are not necessarily about the thing you think it is about, in fact they very rarely are – if you are sad and upset that you do not yet have the relationship you desire, the block will almost never be about relationships. Rather, it will be about whatever else is “not right” in your life (besides the relationship) – your secret shames, your ‘not completely accurate’ projections, your embarrassing little secrets, the areas where you have suppressed anger, or those things that annoy you every day. …That’s where you need to look to find out what is blocking you, and consciously shift, change, or re-create a new truth (and a new focus) for yourself!

Basically, when you are really honest with yourself, what do you wish were different about your life? If you could wave a magic wand and change your existing reality to a “new and improved” version, what would you change? List them. Take out a piece of paper right now and make a list of all those little things that annoy and irritate you, that you want to keep hidden from yourself or others, that you don’t want anyone else to know about, that you are angry and upset about – write them down! …THOSE are the areas where you are holding yourself back from your dreams.

Now, pick one, and start to change it. That’s it. That’s all you have to do. Start to change one of those things for yourself.

And, while you are doing that, remind yourself that you are NOT the same person you were when that situation was first created. YOU have evolved, YOU are a different person now, YOU are ready to empower yourself to expand beyond that old situation now. I guarantee you are a different person now than you were then – you would not be reading this site if you weren’t. You CAN do it!

When you empower yourself to either:

1) Start changing those parts of your life yourself right now, or
2) Start authentically appreciating them exactly the way they are, or
3) A combination of both options at the same time,

then you will be truly liberating yourself, and you WILL feel the difference! When you take this one tiny step of empowerment, at that moment you will be back in the flow and properly aligned with your life, and you will be vibrating more in tune with Source Energy and the Law of Attraction for the attraction and manifestation of your REAL dreams!

And the BEST part of this approach of is: By taking a step toward changing something that is within your control, you are instantaneously taking your mind OFF of any perceived failures in desires that haven’t manifested YET, and empowering yourself with “solution thinking” – it doesn’t matter what subject it is in. In fact, it is even better if what you start focusing on is NOT in the same area of life that houses your biggest desires right now. Solution thinking in one area of life, particularly when combined with the satisfaction of small successes and motion forward, is attracting solutions to every area of your life!

Blessings to you as you empower yourself to move forward on your magnificent journey. I invite, and encourage you (and all others who are reading this) to share any thoughts you have around the idea of taking control over the hidden blocks you have uncovered and shifted – I look forward to delighting in your success with you!



The name

The name of the field refers to (Neuro) the human nervous system, including the
brain and the five senses, (Linguistic) the verbal & non-verbal languages with which
we communicate and (Programming) the ability to structure our neurological and
linguistic systems to achieve desired results.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) was developed starting in the early 1970s by
Richard Bandler and John Grinder, when they set out to model the work of geniuses
in the field of human communication and change. The term NLP is used to describe
both the approach to modelling that they used, and the powerful models of
communication and change they created (and have continued to develop.)

The fundamentals

The fundamentals of NLP are straightforward:

1. Know what you want (Outcome / Direction)
One of the key NLP questions is ‘What do you want?’. The human nervous system
can be thought of as goal-seeking, and you tend to get what you focus on. Wellformed
outcomes are an important tool for ensuring that you get more of what you
want in your life.

2. Get the attention of the unconscious mind (Rapport)

“The map is not the territory.” You must start where the person you wish to influence
is (the ‘Present State’.) Rapport is the process of getting the attention and trust of
the unconscious mind.

3. Know whether you’re getting what you want (Sensory Acuity)

Once you know where you want to go, you need to be able to notice (using one or
more senses) whether or not you are going there. Sensory acuity refers to the ability
to notice the signs that you are moving in the right direction (or otherwise.)

4. Adjust what you’re doing accordingly (Behavioural Flexibility)

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.”
When you notice that you are not getting what you want, you need the flexibility to
change what you are doing in order to get a different result. “Intelligence is the
ability to have a fixed goal and be flexible about how you achieve it.”

Ten Of The Coolest, Most Powerful & Useful

NLP Techniques I’ve Ever Learned

By Jamie Smart

Cool, Powerful, Useful NLP Technique

#3 – Go There First

One way of thinking about NLP is as the process of helping people move from
whatever their present set of circumstances is to some desired set of circumstances.
The key to moving from one to the other is helping a person to access the resources
necessary to make the move.

One of the most powerful resources is a person’s state of mind. Mind and body are
one system, and the combination of the feeling a person is feeling and the way they
are thinking (pictures, sounds etc) can be referred to as their ‘state’.

If you are relaxing in a hot bath, you are probably in a different state than the one
you are in when you’re going for a run, giving a presentation, or about to kiss
someone for the first time.

The ability to guide people into different states is one of the most powerful skills for
communication and change that there is.

Trance is a ‘feeling state’, in the same way as happiness, gratitude and love are
feeling states. One of the great things about feeling states is they are infectious, so if
you want someone else to go into a certain state, just go there first yourself.
The quickest way to get a punch on the nose is to start distributing them. The
quickest way to get a smile from someone is to start distributing them. Whatever
state you want the other person to go into, go there first yourself.

So how exactly do you ‘go there first’? There are many different ways, and as you
begin to practice, you will start to discover the approaches that work most effectively
for you. Here are a few of them:

One of the quickest and easiest ways to change your state of mind is to change
your physiology. Jumping up and down, shaking your hands or beating your chest
are all ways to break out of undesired states. By the same token, adopting the
postures and stances that you take when you are accessing certain states can
activate those states. Either sitting or standing, adopt the physiology (posture,
gesture, head position, breathing rate, muscle tension) that you exhibit when you
are in a certain state (E.g. trance, the zone, flow, relaxation, creativity etc.)
Notice how quickly you start to enjoy experiencing the sensations of that state.

“Fake it to make it.” Pretend. When you pretend to go into a certain state, your
nervous system gets the idea very quickly, and the state soon manifests. You can
pretend to be in whatever state you like: the more convincingly you do it, the
more you will get into it (and vice versa). The more convincing you are to
yourself, the more the other person will follow you into the state.

Cool, Powerful, Useful NLP Technique

#5 – Do It Before You Do It

Whenever I’m working with clients, either in a group situation or one-to-one, I’m
always keen that they have the experience of success. I particularly want them to
succeed at the things I invite them to do, because these are the things that will help
them experience greater success in other areas of their lives.

The message I want to send them on every level is “You’re going to be able to do
everything that I ask you to do, so you can relax.”

Here’s one of my favourite ways to do this: I get them to do it before I get them to
do it.

I know this sounds bizarre, so I’ll explain.

Let’s say that I want someone to get into a very resourceful state, full of confidence
& positivity. I could say to them “Remember a time when you felt really
confident & positive, then see what you saw, hear what you heard, & feel
what you felt all over again.”

This would work for some people, but others might feel under pressure, polarity
respond, or find it tricky in some way. So instead, here’s what I do…

I tell them a story. I describe an experience that gets them to access those states.
I remember the first time that I successfully helped someone to eliminate a dog
phobia. Part of the process of the fast phobia cure is stacking incredibly positive
states (including laughter, confidence and whatever else the person deemed useful).
So I told dirty jokes to get her laughing, and told her stories about things that made
me feel really confident.

See, when you hear someone else telling a story, your unconscious mind searches
for relevant experiences to help you make sense of it. So when I told her stories
about experiences where I felt incredibly confident; situations where I just knew the
right thing to do, and felt good about it, she had to find reference experiences that
made sense of that for her (albeit unconsciously).

Then, it was just a matter of saying “Now, I’d like you to think of a time when
you felt confident. It doesn’t have to be the most confident you’ve ever felt,
just a time when you felt really confident.”

There’s a trick in here. When I say “It doesn’t have to be the most confident
you’ve ever felt”, a couple of things happen:

 If a person is feeling under pressure, this will relax them & let them know that I
don’t need a top performance from them.

 Just processing the sentence will get them to access (at least unconsciously) the

most confident they’ve ever felt, for purposes of comparison.

 Polarity responders (people who automatically want to do the opposite of what
you tell them) go “Oh yeah! You can’t stop me from feeling the most confident
I’ve ever felt if I want to!” Which is, of course, just what I want

Anyway, when I’d finished doing the phobia cure with her, we went out to find a dog
to test it with. She was fine! It worked! She felt great! I felt amazing! The feeling of
having helped someone make such a powerful change in their lives was
extraordinary, and I felt great about my skills, full of a desire to learn more and
explore further. It was an incredibly positive experience.

So, as you’ve read this, you’ve been making sense of the story I’ve been telling you.
In order to understand it, you’ve been unconsciously referencing your own
experiences of learning, achievement & success. At this point, if I were to say
“Remember a time when you felt really confident & positive, then see what
you saw, hear what you heard, & feel what you felt all over again.” you’d be
much more likely to access it easily, wouldn’t you? That’s because I did it before I
did it. Or rather, I got you to do it before I got you to do it.

One of the keys to doing it before you do it is becoming a master of stories. You can
learn how to become a master of stories when you download Metaphorically
Speaking, a recording of a one-day training focused entirely on stories &
metaphors. Learn more here.

#8 – Use The Meta-Model

The first NLP development was ‘The Meta Model’, created by Richard Bandler & John
Grinder in 1975, and described in their first book, The Structure of Magic Volme 1.
It was the first creation in the field of NLP, and formed the basis for subsequent
discoveries in the field. The Meta-model works on the following principle: people
don’t experience reality directly, but rather through the ‘maps’ of reality they create
in their minds. When people have a problem or challenge, it does not typically exist
‘in reality’ – it exists in their map of reality. If you can enrich their map, their
experience of the world will become richer. Enrich their map enough, and their
problems will be solved, their challenges overcome.

The Meta-model is the principle tool for discovering where and how to enrich a
person’s map, and is probably the most powerful NLP tool there is.

I was training some executive coaches the other day, and they asked me what was
the most powerful coaching tool I could recommend. Without hesitation, I said “The
Meta-model. Learn the Meta-model.”

Here are just a few of the things I’ve used these patterns to do:

• Helped the marketing department of a company change their limiting beliefs
about marketing to students (their model of what was possible was stuck in the
1970s, but the questions I asked them brought them up to date).

• Changed a man’s belief about his financial future from negative to positive by
asking one simple question!

• Got a group of company directors to make a decision and move forward (these
people were addicted to having meetings and putting things off, so getting them
to take action was a big accomplishment).

• Found out what was going on at an unconscious level for every one of my clients
over the past 7 years!

The Meta-model was the principal tool Bandler & Grinder used to discover
the rest of NLP!

There’s only one problem: the meta model has a reputation for being very difficult to
learn, and as a result is undertaught on many NLP Practitioner trainings.

So for the last few years, I’ve been using cards to teach people the meta model
questions – with great results. But I wanted to get them to more people. Then I
thought “What if I put all the meta model questions, plus all my favourite coaching
questions on a deck of cards?”

So here’s a pattern that I find really useful when someone’s got a problem or
limitation, and I want to explore it and understand how they do it.

How do you manage to [problem or challenge]?

When a person takes personal responsibility for their situation, they begin to
access the power to change it. This question presupposes that an issue or
problem is actually a skill that they’ve acquired. How do you manage to get
frightened of public speaking? How do you manage to stay in debt? If they
accept that it’s a skill, then it’s possible for them to learn a different skill – one
that contains the solution.

1) With respect to a problem or challenge you are experiencing, ask yourself
“How do I manage to do that?”

NLP is described as the study of the structure of subjective experience. When you
can understand the structure of something, you have new information that can help
you to change it.

2) With respect to a problem or challenge someone else is experiencing & has
asked you for help with, ask “How do you manage to [have that problem]?”

When you ask the question, watch and listen. The person will give you clues to how
they are creating their internal representation of the challenge. Their eyes will move,
they’ll gesture etc. Chances are, they’ve never thought of their ‘problem’ as a skill
before. Just this change of perspective can give them more power in the situation.
By the way, rapport counts when you’re asking these questions!

#9 – Use The Milton Model

I was doing some research the other day for an e-book I’m writing, so I turned to my
PC, and typed the term “superorganism” into Google. In 0.15 of a second, the search
engine found 6200 references to the term. Some of them were entire documents,
some of them were photos. Some of them were more relevant than others. But it got
me thinking about how human beings process language.

When a person reads or hears a word, the unconscious mind sorts through the
internal references they have for that word, in order to make meaning of it. The
unconscious does this very quickly; so quickly in fact that we’re usually not aware of
the process taking place. For example, take the sentence:

The tree swayed in the breeze.

In order to make sense of this sentence, you must have an internal reference for
tree, breeze, and swayed. If the sentence made sense to you, then you probably
weren’t even aware of the search taking place (the lookup on these sorts of words
typically takes less than 0.1 of a second per word). You may even find that you can
gather information about your internal reference (Eg. by asking yourself “What
colour is the tree?”) The following sentence may be trickier:

The polf bagglimed in the hoojar.

Most English-speakers don’t have an internal reference for these words – “Your
search has returned no matches”, to quote my favourite search engine.

This principle of internal searches is the basis of how verbal hypnosis works, and it’s
an important part of how Milton Erickson (aka “The World’s Greatest Hypnotist”, “The
Miracle Worker”) got the amazing results he did. In the 1970s, Richard Bandler and
John Grinder (co-developers of NLP) spent eleven months modelling Erickson. One of
the outputs of this process was “The Milton Model”, a kind of ‘how-to’ guide for using
language to get the same kinds of results (linguistically) as Erickson.

Artfully Vague

Part of Erickson’s approach was that he spoke in an ‘artfully vague’ fashion. For
example, if I say “Your arms feel relaxed”, you can say “No they don’t”. But if I say,
“You may be starting to notice certain sensations somewhere in your body”, the
chances are that you will start to notice them. Artfully vague language can be very
useful for all sorts of things, including:

• Pacing a persons experience and leading them in a new direction

• Gathering resources

• Covertly getting them to do things that they would resist if you told them to do it

• Getting access to the extraordinary power of the unconscious mind

Look at it this way. You’re reading this e-book, and you’re reading it for a reason,
because you have certain things that you want to learn, so you may be interested in
discovering how you can put these new learnings into practice.

If you re-read that sentence, it sounds specific, but it is in fact very vague. All the
things I’ve said in that sentence are guesses about your experience, but they are
vague enough to be true for almost anyone. Let’s take it step by step:

• You’re reading this NLP tip

OK, that’s definitely true.

• and you’re reading it for a reason

Well, that’s probably true too. Plus, the ‘and’ makes this statement flow nicely on
from the previous one

• because you have certain things that you want to learn

Which things? Certain things. Oh, those ones! Well, you didn’t tell me that, but I’m
guessing it. And the ‘because’ makes the previous statement even more plausible,
because people like there to be reasons for things. It makes the world seem,
somehow, more certain!

• so you may be interested in discovering how you can put these new learnings
into practice.

Well, this is just made up. I don’t know this at all, at all. But if I’ve managed to get
you to say ‘yes’ to the previous few statements, you probably said yes to this one
too. This sentence is super-vague, yet it’s the sort of thing that people will agree to,
because it sounds specific. In my experience, people will always try to make sense of
the things you say to them. This means that the more you are able to use language
in this ‘hypnotic’ way, the more influential you will be (whether you’re doing formal
hypnosis or not). This is one of the keys to effective influence in any field.
The Milton Model is one of the things that people who come on our NLP Practitioner
learn to do really well.

What you do with each of these patterns is read the examples, then make up a few
sentences of your own using the same pattern.

The fact that [fact] means ____.

The fact that you’re here means…well logically it means that you’re here. But
hypnotic logic is a bit different. You can state a fact, then say what it means.

The fact that you’re here means you can make whatever changes you desire.

The fact that you’ve learned to write means you can master any complex skill.

The fact that you’re playing this game means you’ll wire these patterns in at a
deep level.

The fact that you’re reading this tip means that you can find practical ways to use
these patterns!

Pattern 2: You may already have started to become aware of ____.

You may already have started, or you may be about to, and having started,
it’s presumed you’ll continue. You may already have started to become aware
of certain changes in your moment-to-moment perception. You may already
have started to become aware of the slowing and deepening of your
breathing. You may already have started to become aware of the increasing
of your skill in these patternings.

You may already have started to become aware of a desire to learn these patterns
in some more depth!

Pattern 3: What happens when you ____?

I’m only asking. But to find out what happens, you have to do it. What
happens when you imagine yourself enjoying all the benefits of having made
this change? What happens when you imagine being able to use the patterns

What happens when you imagine having been able to get these patterns
integrated into your everyday behaviour?

Pattern 4: ____ because …

People are much more likely to do things when you say ‘because’, because
they like to have reasons for things. You can learn to go into a trance easily,
because you have an unconscious mind. You can start to make those
changes, because you’ve waited for long enough. You can enjoy learning
these patterns easily, because you learned to speak and you don’t even know
how you did it.

Business Essentials

Modern business is ‘hypnosis central’. Take any list of corporate values, and I’ll show
you a list of deeply hypnotic terms, eg:

• Honesty
• Integrity
• Innovation
• Leadership
• Creativity
• Diversity
• etc

These words are called nominalisations, and they have an interesting effect. When
your unconscious goes to do a “tree swayed in the breeze” on them, it takes a lot
longer to make sense of them. Try this sentence:

Our commitment to innovation is the source of our effectiveness.

When people hear these kinds of sentences, they tend to get spaced out. The
sentence means something totally different to each person who hears it. I remember
hearing a motivational speech from the head of a multi-billion dollar company, and it
was packed with this sort of stuff: his audience was totally hypnotised.

Is this a good thing or not? I don’t know, but I do know that it works, so the key is
to be able to use language with skilfully and with intention. Making a decision to
learn to us

#10 – Eliminate Hesitation

As Richard Bandler, (bona-fide genius & co-developer of NLP) says “He who
hesitates…waits…& waits…& waits…” Almost everyone has situations where they
would like to do something, but find themselves hesitating. I’ve heard Bandler
describe hesitation as one of the main barriers to learning, & he focuses a great deal
of time & energy on helping people to overcome it.

Would you like fries with that

One day in London, I was on the tube on the way to train some telesales people,
helping them to overcome ‘sales call reluctance’ (ie. not wanting to pick up the
phone & dial.) I was reading the book Change (by Watzlawick, Weakland & Fisch) &
came across a story describing how Watzlawick helped a student who had been
unable to complete his thesis due to anxiety. He told the student “Go into three
shops over the next week & make an absurd request.” The student did so,
reported a shift in attitude, & finished their thesis shortly thereafter.

I loved the idea, & thought it might be useful with the reluctant telesales team, but I
knew that I couldn’t ask them to do something I wasn’t willing to do myself. I said
to myself “You have to do this now”, & as soon as I got off the tube, I went into a
well-known fast-food hamburger joint outside the station. I joined the queue,
looking around at the other customers. My heart was pounding like a drum; even
though I knew rationally that I was in no danger, my neurology was responding as
though I were about to stick up a bank.

When I got to the counter, I looked at the person behind it &, with a straight face,
asked for a ham & pineapple pizza. She looked confused and said “What?” I
repeated my request. She said “We don’t sell those.” “This is a chinese restaurant
isn’t it?” I replied. She said no, I said thanks anyway and left. I felt like I had just
knocked out Mike Tyson – I felt invincible!

Now, before you send me loads of email saying how childish this is, & how it isn’t
really NLP – I know. But the result was amazing. In the days following, I did several
similar acts. Each time, my physical response was diminished, but in other areas of
my life, the opposite happened. I started to exhibit less hesitation and more wanton
‘go for it’ than ever before!

Thrilled with my success, I invited the telesales people to do similar absurd acts, and
they reported similar liberating results. I knew I was onto something.

The Pizza-Walk Experience

A few years ago, I became interested in Tony Robbins & went to one of his
weekends, eagerly anticipating the fire-walking, which I had heard so much about. I
was really looking forward to it, and Robbins did a great job of building up the
anticipation, but when the time came, I found it impossible to actually believe that
walking on the hot coals was in any way dangerous. As a result, walking across
them didn’t have much impact on me as a metaphor for overcoming fears in other
areas of my life (though I know it really works for some people.)

By comparison, The Pizza-Walk Experience
TM costs nothing, can be done virtually
anywhere, and is incredibly powerful. So…

1) Identify a few of the areas in your life where you hesitate and would like to
just go for it.

2) Choose a commercial premises (eg. shop, restaurant, petrol station) and
make an absurd request (ie. ask for something they definitely don’t sell) while
keeping a straight face. Be polite, safe and non-threatening.

3) Repeat twice more in the course of a week.

4) Look forward to the situations where in the past you would have hesitated,
and enjoy your new responses.

One of my clients used to have difficulties asking women out on dates. I sent him
out to a burger joint to get some Italian food. Within the week he had a date and
now has a full diary. This stuff works!

For those of you who are worried about the person behind the counter, in all the
times I’ve done this, their response has been anywhere from bemused to very
amused, but never frightened. The key is for you to be non-threatening and polite
(ideally coming across as a bit confused.) For those of you who are thinking this is
pointless, foolish or humiliating – you probably need this more than most 

Why does this work?

Our central nervous system is set up to protect us from dangerous situations. Many
of us have been heavily conditioned against making mistakes (by teachers, parents,
peers etc.) and code mistakes as dangerous. Yet making mistakes is an incredibly
important part of learning, growing and exploring. A willingness to make mistakes is
an absolute must for anyone who wishes to become skilled at NLP (with me, I used
to be almost phobic of making mistakes, but no more.) The Pizza-walk Experience
seems to help you eliminate this unhelpful response. There are lots of other NLP
techniques which can reduce hesitation & increase ‘go for it’, but this one’s the
easiest & quickest to communicate in writing. By the way, obviously there are times
when it’s useful to hesitate (eg. when about to step into a busy street.) Keep those.

More advanced

This is also great for playing with beliefs around money. I was in Egypt a couple of
years back, and found that you are expected to haggle over the prices of items in
shops – it’s a cultural norm. When I returned to the UK, I went into a large DIY
shop, picked up £300 worth of expensive equipment and offered them £40 for it.
Once again, my neurology responded as though I was in a dangerous situation, even
though I was perfectly safe. By doing this, though, I was able to start changing my
beliefs around money (Stuart Wilde’s book The Trick to Money is Having Some is
where I got this idea.)

Rather than take action,or seek something like NLP techniques, most people will just hesitate. “I’m not quite feeling at my best just now. 

When I feel a hundred per cent, I’ll think about doing it.” But that day never comes, of course. “I can’t do it right now, I’ll be letting somebody-or-other down.” That’s quite a common excuse. 

“I couldn’t possibly change my job at my age. I’m too old to learn new things and, anyway, I couldn’t possibly give up my job security.” As you will read elsewhere in these pages, you’re never too old to learn and job security is merely an illusion. 

NLP Techniques, overcoming the inertia

There is a great comfort in doing nothing, believing those who are successful have just struck it lucky or have some inbuilt ability with which they were gifted at birth.

It gives you free membership of the Moaners, Whiners and Envy Club where you can whinge with like-minded people about the luck of others and never have to get off your own backside, use initiative and think for yourself.

If you have read other pages on this site, you should know by now that there are positive things such as NLP techniques and hypnosis that you can do to help yourself, things you can do to change your life for the better, if you really want change. So, if it is worth doing, it is worth getting on with it.


Human Behaviour

NLP anchors are relevant because we each develop our behaviour in response to various stimuli.

How often do you hear a particular piece of music and find yourself transported to another time and place that occurred perhaps many years ago?

Or perhaps you observe the smell of freshly baked bread and instantly recall an aunt or grandparent. These are powerful triggers which anchor the memories strongly within us.

But sometimes the behaviours triggered are unpleasant ones. Maybe the sight or sound of an aeroplane brings back to you the intensity of the ear pain you suffered as a child when the plane was taking off or descending. Those sorts of experiences may lead to anxiety states which are the subject of a different article on this site.


Genius I

Genius II


Hypnotherapy in Utah

Stress and Anxiety Relief
From the most primitive times, humans have possessed an escape mechanism that today under stressful conditions releases adrenal chemicals that activate the “Fight or Flight” response within the body. Over time, this response conditions our mind to react to stressors in a hyper-alert fashion, producing additional adrenal stress chemicals and taxing the mind’s ability to cope and react in a calm, peaceful manner. Research has shown that the body’s immune system is also compromised by this stressful response. Prolonged daily stress can damage many areas of our body, such as coronary artery disease, which can lead to a stroke. Fibromyalgia and other auto-immun diseases,gastric problems, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, decreased sexual drive and high cortisol levels are all symptoms of high stress levels. Studies have shown a direct correlation between stress and depression, lack of motivation and even mental clarity.

According to Dr. Melissa C. Stoppler, “In addition to decreased feelings of pain, secretion of endorphins leads to feelings of euphoric, modulation of appetite, release of sex hormones, and enhancement of the immune response. With high endorphin levels, we feel less pain and fewer negative effects of stress”.

One of the natural benefits of the hypnosis process is a reduction of stress and anxiety levels due to the endorphin and serotonin release that accompanies each hypnosis session. The endorphin response offers the ability to neutralize adrenal chemicals and restore the body and mind to a natural balance. Along with experiencing the relaxing effects of the hypnosis process, you will learn new coping skills to manage everyday stressors including advanced breathing techniques. Stress reduction with hypnosis can enhance your communication and relationships in many areas of your life.

Altered states of hypnosis for anxiety



The Power of Releasing
Negative Feelings

Most people do not realize how feelings control our lives, especially negative feelings. Our feelings and emotions are generated from our experiences and we carry many feelings (emotional energy) inside us, even years later after those experiences.


The feelings and emotions that we carry inside us will determine not only how we feel but also the way we think and act.

Your feelings can overpower your thoughts,
your intentions,
and your common sense.


Strong negative feelings can take away our confidence, our hope and even our dignity.

Regardless of facts, data or logic,
strong negative feelings bully us,
making us say and do things we don’t
really want to say or do. 

Feelings (emotions) are stronger than thoughts, logic, willpower and even our good intentions.


If you hear one thing, please hear this: Just because we feel lousy, or unworthy, or feel that our situation is hopeless–it Does Not Mean It’s True.


Strong feelings can rob us of our clarity,
our courage, our goodness
and our dignity.

Negative feelings produce negative and even untrue thoughts and perceptions, which creates a negative life. We cannot have a positive, productive, loving life if we carry layers of negative feelings.

However, feelings (emotional energy) can be released, processed, let go to make room for goodness, positive energy, clarity and peace, hope and strength.

“Releasing negative feelings feels like
the sun finally breaking through the clouds.”
And they always breathe much deeper in relief.

In my 12 years of helping people I’ve found that to truly change it’s not just about trying to force yourself into thinking positive thoughts and striving to have a positive attitude or do positive thing— we need to acknowledge and release our feelings, because our subconscious mind believes our feelings (even when they are “wrong”),  more than any truth or proof that may be available.

There needs to be a releasing and cleansing of negative feelings (emotions stored and trapped in the body), to make room for positive feelings, positive energy and positive.



The Cup Example

redcupIf you picked up a cup to get a drink, and the cup had some dirt in it, the water or drink you put in the cup is going to be muddy. Surely you would not drink the muddy water… So first you clean out the dirt, get the cup clean and NOW pour your drink in the cup and have something good to nourish you.

No one could hypnotize the cup to believe it doesn’t have mud in it, right? So, clean out negative feelings (the dirt in the cup), so that positive, peaceful and confident feelings (the clean water) can be the energy you feel in your body, and help you succeed in life.


Will Hypnosis Really Work for Me?

Some people are natural challengers on things. Hypnosis works best for those who choose to accept and allow the suggestions to work for them, with a positive expectation. As long as you decide to do that, hypnosis will work well for you too!

What is NLP?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. It can be described as waking hypnosis. It is an incredibly powerful discipline that models some of the most successful therapists and hypnotherapists of all time who consistently got shockingly good results. These processes were broken down into their most simple elements that enabled others to start producing the same or sometimes even better results with people. Better because you are combining the best processes of many therapists all at once. In NLP terms this is modeling others success. Do what they did and you will get what they got. Anthony Robbins is one example of this. You can model a person in one area for instance, and if you model them well, you can produce the same results that they did. This can be taken into all areas of life.


http://www.nlp-secrets.com/nlp-secrets-downloads/NLP%20Secrets.pdf   64

A Basic Example of NLP

The most basic example to illustrate this, is if I said to you:

“Don’t think of a black cat!”

What’s the first picture that came to your head? A black cat. The command “think of a black cat” lay within that short sentence. Of course, before you have a chance to not think of a black cat, your unconscious brain has already put a picture of a black cat up and stuck a DON’T label on it saying “this is the thing to not think about.”
Very basic, yes? Everyone knows that. How could that possibly be used to help me communicate?

Okay, how about we use that same lesson, and apply it to another example, slightly more useful.

Imagine you’ve got a 5-year-old son, and he starts trotting towards a busy road. We’ve established that if we yell to him “Don’t walk on the road!” – there is every chance he might take a split second longer than usual to process the full command.

Instead, you’d say to him “Come here right now!” which might make a massive difference if a speeding car is just seconds away.

This is a very basic example of NLP (in fact it is barely classified as NLP, as it just scrapes the surface).

Another example of this technique might be when people say to themselves “Okay, don’t forget to buy milk on the way home.” They are more likely to forget. Instead, they should say “Remember to buy milk when I’m passing the shop.” That way, they picture the shop as they say the word, and when they see that picture in real life, ie, they are likely to remember to buy some milk.

(If they wanted to be even more sure to remember the milk, they should say “When I pass the shop, I’ll have to be careful because milk will explode out the windows, covering me in cold milk.” This imagery invoke senses and emotions into the mnemonic – but that’s another subject!)

On a level of 1 to 9, this technique is a 1 in terms of complexity and depth. There are hundreds of tiny tricks we can use in neuro-linguistic programming, as you get higher in the scale you are getting closer to hypnosis.


Anchoring II
NLP loop
NLP loop II

https://dailynlp.com/pattern-interrupt-examples/  unknown

http://www.cesarlrodriguez.com/awesome-nlp-pattern-interrupt-question-for-overcoming-objections-frustration/  unknown

http://www.thenlpcompany.com/techniques/          blog

http://dailynlp.com/Martin_Messier_Number_One_NLP_Skill.pdf   unknown



NLP at Work

http://www.millercounselingserv.com/uploads/9/0/5/1/90518949/dbt_skills_workbook.pdf    243

http://www.hipnosis.mx/wp-content/uploads/Bandler-Richard-Tranceformations.pdf   259

Neuro-Linguistic Programming™
the Structure of Hypnosis

When John Grinder and Richard Bandler do a seminar on hypnosis
together, one of them usually says “All communication is hypnosis”
and the other says “I disagree, nothing is hypnosis; hypnosis doesn’t
exist.” There is a sense in which they are both right, and both are saying
the same thing.

If I tell you about going snorkeling on my recent honeymoon in the
Yucatan and describe to you the swift movements of the brightlycolored
tropical fish, the rhythmic sound of the gentle waves against
the shore, and the feeling of rising and falling with the warm waves as I
scan the underwater scenery, hopefully I will alter your state of consciousness
so that you can experience some representation of what I
experienced. If you become excited about going there yourself, I will
have used the same patterns of communication that are used by successful
hypnotists . . . and by successful poets, salesmen, parents,
politicians, religious leaders, etc. If you think of hypnosis as altering
someone’s state of consciousness, then any effective communication is

One of the simpler hypnotic patterns is the “negative command.” If I
say “Don’t think of blue,” you have to think of blue in order to
understand my sentence. If a hypnotist says “I don’t want you to relax
too soon” the listener often finds himself beginning to relax as a way of
understanding what those words mean. Beginning with a negation
simply takes any pressure to respond off the listener.

The same pattern is often inadvertently used to get unwanted
responses. The well-meaning parent may say to her child “Don’t spill
the milk,” or “Don’t stumble.” The well-meaning husband may say
“Don’t get upset,” or “I don’t want you to worry about what happens
while you are gone.” The listener has to represent the unwanted behavior
somehow in order to understand what has been said, and this makes
the unwanted behavior more likely. Unknowingly, he or she in a sense
“hypnotizes” the child or spouse into an unwanted response.

The same pattern can be used to get more useful responses from
people, whether they are in “trance” or not. “Don’t be too curious
about what you’ll learn from reading this book.” “I wouldn’t tell you to
be eager to discover how you’ll change comfortably in the coming
weeks.” Since hypnosis is fundamentally no different than any effective
communication, “There is no such thing as hypnosis” as a separate and
distinct process.

Six Things Happy Couples Do Differently than the Rest (Based on Research)


In NLP, we model ourselves after people who have already achieved what we want.

If you want to lose weight, go to someone who lost weight successfully and learn what they did.

If you want to overcome a habit, find someone who overcame that very habit.

Modeling after success removes speculation and gives you a direct path to results. Of course, there is more than one way to accomplish most things. Yet, if you model yourself after people who’ve already succeeded, then at least you avoid all the hot air.

And so it goes: If you want a happy romantic relationship, learn from happy couples.

It amazes me how many couples are NOT happy. Still, I know a few who are, including Jake and Hannah Eagle, developers of the best online relationship program I know of.

I recently asked Jake what happy couples do differently, according to his  experience as a husband and psychotherapist. I’ve also added in my own lessons learned and a significant amount of objective research. So, here are the…

Six Things Happy Couples Do Differently Than the Rest

Most of these ideas are simple. All of them are worth it.

1. They take extra time to feel each other.

Quick hug. Auto-peck on the cheek. Out the door!

This may seem normal, but happy couples take time to feel each other’s body a lot more than that.

Real hugs. Kissing in which you actually feel the impression of lips give the extra ounce of connection that bonds two people together.

The experts at HelpGuide remind us of this with their number one relationship tip: Connect.Connecting physically boosts oxytocin, the hormone that governs human bonding.

According to at least one survey reported by the Guardian, couples were happiest when they slept in the nude together.

Surprised woman2. Happy couples surprise each other.

The human need for variety will KILL your long-term relationship if it isn’t satisfied. How do you keep things interesting with someone you’ve known for years?

Surprise them! No, don’t buy yourself a new car to surprise your spouse. The best surprises are ones that involve you being thoughtful. Fortunately, the little things count. For example:

• Saying I love you out of the blue.
• Surprise gifts and inexpensive outings.
• Doing the other’s chores around the house.
• Volunteering a massage.

It’s the little things! Each one adds a spice to recipe in your relationship. If you neglect this one, the surprise you get one day might not be pleasant.

3. When things go wrong, they look at themselves first (mostly).

Healthy couples are great at holding each other accountable. This is possible for one important reason: Each person also holds SELF accountable first. Try holding an equal partner accountable consistently while never taking responsibility for yourself.

This sad strategy only leads to mutual resentment and defensiveness.

If you want the right to hold someone else accountable, then be willing to expect the same of yourself. The respect you deserve comes from this place of personal maturity.

4. Happy couples learn to communicate with “easy” sophistication (it is shockingly easy).

A whole new level of sophisticated communication skills is NOT DIFFICULT to learn and apply. For example, in NLP we know that a majority of communication happens through three of the five senses. We communicate in pictures, sounds and feelings.

Most people have a preference for one of these modes of communication. Love is a form of communication. Therefore, it is best sent in the way your partner prefers to receive it. So simple!


Visual lovers like visual evidence of love (things they can see): gifts, dressing up nice and going out, a clean kitchen, seeing you do something for them.

Auditory lovers like to hear kind, loving expressions (and in a kind, loving tone).

Feeling oriented lovers like to touch: Hugs, closeness, holding hands, kissing, etc…

Communicating love outside your partner’s modality may not even count (for your partner). If you are a visual lover, for example, a hug doesn’t mean as much as seeing evidence. In fact, you may feel smothered by constant clinging.

Let your partner see, hear or feel you. If you don’t know your partner’s preference, ask!

5. Happy couples are friends first.

Good marriage is friendship BEFORE it is family. Why? Because, on average, people enjoy friends more than family.

The evidence for this is pretty impressive. A survey done via the Mappiness App collected more than 3 million responses in its real time happiness survey. Results clearly showed that participants were far happier when in the company of friends than with family. Friends even made people happier than spouses and didn’t even compare to “other family.”

Among families of origin, people are often used to contradicting each other, being annoyed, rolling their eyes, bickering, sneaking around and feeling oppressed. It’s the truth. Families are often cauldrons of misery.

Your primary relationship or marriage does not have to be like this if you are friends first. Good friends are less likely to treat each other with disrespect. If you are friends, you are more likely to respect boundaries.

The fatal mistake so many couples make is diving into a young relationship too deeply, too quickly. When you do this, you bypass the opportunity to form a friendship and instantly create another family member.

For more on the essential stages of romantic relationships, click here.

6. Gently, gently.

Gentleness can transform your relationship. In fact, the Gottman Institute, a leader in marriage research, claims that being gentle is the number one factor in determining the success of your relationship.

Are you gentle with your spouse? If not, rest assured you are adding to the hurt and resentment. Hurt and resentment do not simply vanish without reconciliation. One day, resentment will rear its ugly head.

Interestingly, many of us confuse gentleness with indulgence. We think that if we are kind, we have to put up with rudeness, mistreatment, laziness, etc…

Not. True.

You can be gentle and STILL REQUIRE respect, hold people accountable and deliver consequences. In fact, being gentle is a far more effective way of demanding respect.

Are you committed to happiness or unhappiness?

The brazen truth is that your subconscious mind is not as committed to your happiness as you are. It may be harboring reasons – known as psychological attachments – for clinging to familiar misery.

To implement the principles above, you may need to discover and root out your tendencies toward self-sabotage. This removes the subconscious tendency to accept what is painfully familiar.


https://inlpcenter.org/aha-process-free-video/    Self Sabotage

Fact #1: Self-sabotage is not mental illness.

It’s a deep-seated mental and emotional pattern that needs to be understood and reversed. When it comes to self-sabotage, there is nothing organically wrong with you. You aren’t broken. There is great reason to be hopeful with the right intervention.

When you self-sabotage, you are following a subconscious mental and emotional script that was established long ago. That script can be changed with the right intervention.

There isn’t a magic wand that will vanquish your self-sabotaging tendencies in a moment, unfortunately. However, there is a very effective and unique approach that leads to healing and ultimate freedom from self-sabotage.

Fact #2: Typical personal development and therapeutic techniques do not work with self-sabotage.

Most self-help and therapeutic interventions assume that the client wants positive change.

The truth is, part of you wants positive change. And part of you wants to remain the same – and is even highly motivated to hang onto the negative emotions and suffering that has been so familiar in your life.

In some cases, we don’t even know who we’d become without our familiar, dysfunctional mental and emotional habits.

Unless you address the aspect of your nature that refuses to change and even drives you further into misery, you’ll fail to heal.

The raw truth is that – deep down – most people have already decided to fail before getting started on a personal growth goal.

Fact #3: You must to take a different approach than ever before when dealing with self-sabotage.

Remember, your self-sabotaging nature – and mine – does not WANT to get better. Typical approaches to growth, success and healing simply do not account for this fact.

They don’t account for the part of you that is driven toward the unhappiness and pain. That idea almost seems absurd!

Yet, take a look at your life or the lives of people you’ve met. Wouldn’t it make sense that some part of human nature is driving people toward unhappiness, especially since so much unhappiness can be avoided?

We’ve got to take this issue seriously if we are going to end the vicious cycles of self-sabotage in our lives.

http://homepage.sns.it/falco/doc/intro_nlp.pdf        274


How The Language We Use Can Delete, Distort and Generalize
Our Thinking and Communication

“The basic principle behind the Meta Model is Korzybski’s notion that ‘the map is not the territory.’ That is, the models we make of the world around us with our brains and our language are not the world itself but representations of it.” — Dilts and DeLozier, Encyclopedia of Systemic Neuro-Linguistic Programming and NLP New Coding, 2000.


The Meta Model, NLP’s first formal model, was published in 1975 by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in their ground breaking book, The Structure of Magic, Vol. 1. It extended features of general semantics (Korzybski) and transformational grammar (Chomsky), and developed via modeling the successful therapeutic language interventions of psychiatrists Fritz Perls and Milton Erickson, and family therapist Virginia Satir.

The Meta Model formalized these developments into a richly defined set of linguistic patterns that can either facilitate change or create obstacles in a person’s mental maps of himself and the world.

Expanding & Revising Mental Maps

“The meta model represents, as far as we (Bostic and Grinder) have been able to determine, the first complete syntactically based language model for an express purpose ever created. The thirteen (or so — it depends on how you count them) verbal patterns that constitute the meta model are a highly effective verbal model for use in the specific context of therapeutic change.

“They are designed for the express purpose of challenging the limitations in the mental maps carried by clients who seek professional assistance in changing themselves through the processes of therapy. Under the impact of the systematic use of the meta model patterns, clients… expand and/or revise the mental maps that contain the traps, flaws and limitations that prevent them from shifting to more effective and congruent behavior.” — Bostic and Grinder, Whispering In the Wind, 2001, p.148.

Significant Progress

The NLP Meta Model remains an immensely powerful tool, 30 years later, both for individuals outside the therapeutic context and for clients seeking help from NLP professionals. In my own practice, I have seen clients make significant progress in relatively short periods of time by acknowledging specific Meta Model violations (limiting patterns) and suggesting better alternatives for my clients to consider.

Some Meta Model violations, it should be noted, can be the result, rather than the cause, of other limiting patterns. “Mind reading,” for example, is not necessarily linguistically originated but is, instead, often the linguistic representation of self/other identity confusion, boundary ambiguity and other core state meta patterns.

Meta Model violations are simply obstacles on the path to success and happiness. Removing an obstacle is not the same thing as traveling a path — it simply makes travel possible and reveals something about the territory in which the path is located.

Different individuals have different numbers and kinds of Meta Model violations in their thinking and speech. The absence of Meta Model violations does not indicate that a person does not have any problems in life. But the presence of Meta Model violations clearly indicates at least one limiting factor in thinking — language which, by no other factor than its structure, deletes, distorts and generalizes thinking.

Deletion, Distortion and Generalization

As described by Bandler and Grinder, “Deletion is a process by which we selectively pay attention to certain dimensions of our experience and exclude others. Take, for example, the ability that people have to filter out or exclude all other sound in a room full of people talking in order to listen to one particular person’s voice… Deletion reduces the world to proportions which we feel capable of handling. The reduction may be useful in some contexts and yet be the source of pain in others.

“Distortion is the process which allows us to make shifts in our experience of sensory data. Fantasy, for example, allows us to prepare for experiences which we may have before they occur… It is the process which has made possible all the artistic creations which we as humans have produced… Similarly, all the great novels, all the revolutionary discoveries of the sciences involve the ability to distort and misrepresent present reality.

“Generalization is the process by which elements or pieces of a person’s model become detached from their original experience and come to represent the entire category of which the experience is an example. Our ability to generalize is essential to coping with the world… The same process of generalization may lead a human being to establish a rule such as, ‘Don’t express any feelings.'”

The function, then, of the Meta Model is to help us identify problematic deletions, distortions and generalizations in our internal thinking patterns and our linguistic interactions with each other, and to propose ways of transforming them or revising their use in certain contexts.

The Meta Model Extended

The Meta Model was extended in 1997 when Richard Bandler asked L. Michael Hall to write the 25-year update on the Meta Model. Hall’s extensions are presented and discussed in his book, Communication Magic and include nine new Meta Model forms based on Korzybski’s General Semantics, Cognitive Therapy and Rational Emotive Therapy (Beck and Ellis).

The Milton Model

The Milton Model (so named after Milton Erickson) is related to the NLP Meta Model. It was based specifically on Bandler and Grinder’s modeling of Erickson’s hypnotic language with clients. It is often mistakenly described as a mirror image of the Meta Model, using Meta Model violations in a positive way to produce therapeutic trance. While there is significant overlap in language forms, the Milton Model contains forms which do not appear in the Meta Model (various types of ambiguity, pacing and leading, tag questions, etc.), and vice versa.

This Document

This web page and the accompanying “Meta Model Flashcards” include definitions, descriptions and examples of all the Meta Model patterns including L. Michael Hall’s extensions, several sub-patterns I have specified, and selected Milton Model language forms.

How To Use The Meta Model On Your Own

Because of the size of the Meta Model, I generally advise clients to learn it in small chunks. One way to do this is to read it over once without the intention of remembering it, noticing any patterns which one recognizes in one’s own thinking or communications. For many people, a few will stand out. Focus, then, on learning those few well — tune your ears to hear them in the speech of others, and catch and transform them in your own thinking and speaking.

Some of the most commonly problematic Meta Model violations are: Mind Reading, Modal Operators, Cause and Effect, and Complex Equivalence.

with examples and additions by John David Hoag

1a. Simple Deletions (Unspecified Nouns)

Vague nouns (or pronouns) which create confusion and ambiguity.

Negative Examples:
a. “It’s time for you to face reality.”
b. “Get a life.”
c. “This situation is impossible.”
d. “There are certain things you just can’t get through your head.”
e. “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

Positive Challenges : Point to missing specifier:
a. “Whose reality?”
b. “What kind of life?”
c. “Which situation?”
d. “Which things specifically?”
e. “What’s not what who knows? Whom does who need to know?


Woman: “You got a telegram from headquarters today.”

Man: “Headquarters? What is it?”

Woman: “It’s a big building where generals meet.”
— (From the movie, “Airplane”)

Clouseau: “You know, it’s strange.”
Woman: “What?”
Clouseau: “I said, ‘It’s strange.’ ”
Woman: “Yes, I know. And I said, ‘What?’ ”
Clouseau: “Oh, you mean, ‘What is strange?’ ”
Woman: “Yes.”
Clouseau: “Yes, yes.”
— (From the movie, “Revenge of the Pink Panther”)

Monk: “I should tell you… I’m afraid of…places.”
— (From the TV show, “Monk”)

“[The Mouse said,] ‘…the patriotic archbishop of Canterbury found it advisable —‘ ”
“Found what?” said the Duck.
“Found it,” the Mouse replied, rather crossly:  “of course you know what ‘it’ means.”
“I know what ‘it’ means well enough, when I find a thing,” said the Duck: “it’s generally a frog, or a worm.”
— (From Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll)

1b. Simple Deletions (Unspecified Adjectives)

Adjectives the meanings of which are unspecified. Unspecified adjectives are a frequent indicator of interpretation rather than observation and often beg the question of lost performatives (see below).

Negative Examples:
a. “I attract jerkish behavior.”
b. “Must you wear that silly hat?”
c. “Why the smug look?”

Positive Challenges: Point to missing specifier:
a. “Jerkish in what way?”
b. “Silly in whose opinion?”
c. “What kind of look is ‘smug’?”

1c. Simple Deletions (Unspecified Relationships)

Relationships between terms or ideas which are assumed and unspecified.

Negative Examples:
a. “I need to buy new clothes before I can feel confident.”
b. “I’ve had this problem a long time, so it will be hard to change.”
c. “I can’t have a relationship until I lose weight.”

Positive Challenges:
a. “Is there anything you feel confident about that doesn’t require new clothes?”
b. “What is the relationship between time and ease of change?”
c. “What specifically connects relationships to your weight?”

2. Comparative Deletions

Phrases and sentences which imply a comparison but delete the object on which the comparison is based, or which do not specify the basis of comparison. Frequent words: even, very, more, less, greater, lesser, bigger, brighter, smarter… etc. (than what? how?)

Negative Examples:
a. “Even you can understand what I’m about to tell you.”
b. “If your tastes were better, people would like you more.”
c. “Do you think you could talk less and think more?”

Positive Challenges: Specify the deletion:
a. “Even? Compared to whom?”
b. “Better? Than what?”
c. “Talk less and think more than whom?”


http://vencergt.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/10_of_the_Coolest_Most_Powerful_Useful_NLP_Techniques_Ive_Ever_Learned.pdf    31

https://doc.lagout.org/science/0_Computer%20Science/3_Theory/Neural%20Networks/Neuro%20Linguistic%20Programming%20WorkBook.pdf      303



1. Dissociation
It’s extremely easy to have a kneejerk negative reaction and then feel stressed, angry or sad as a result—for example, think about an office dispute, a disagreement with your partner, or a friend who shows up late for every meeting. The NLP technique of dissociation helps to diffuse these negative feelings in such situations, restoring objectivity.

Identify the emotion (e.g. fear, rage, discomfort, dislike of a situation) that you want to get rid of.
Imagine yourself encountering the entire circumstance from an observer’s perspective.
Play this “mental movie” backwards, then fast forward the movie before playing it backwards yet again.
Add a funny soundtrack as you play it backwards 3-4 more times.
Try to imagine the scenario like it’s happening right now—the negative feelings should have disappeared, changed, or at least reduced (but you can repeat the exercise many times for greater impact).
2. Content Reframing
Try this situation when you feel powerless or angry, as it helps to empower you by changing the meaning of the experience. Say, for example, that your relationship ends—that seems awful, but try to see it from different perspectives.

For example, you’re now open to better relationships, you have freedom, and you have learned valuable lessons. This is an example of reframing a situation—taking the focus off the more negative elements.

In expected situations, it’s natural to panic or focus on fear, but this just leads to more problems. In contrast, shifting your focus in the way just described helps you to clear your head and make responsible, even-handed decisions.

3. Anchoring Yourself
Anchoring yourself helps you to associate a particular, positive emotional response with a particular phrase or sensation. When you choose a positive emotion or thought and deliberately connect it to a simple gesture, you can activate this anchor any time you’re feeling low, and your feelings will immediately start to change.

Identify what you want to feel (e.g. confidence, happiness, calmness, etc.)
Try to get into that state by remembering a time you felt this positive emotion very strongly.
Make your mental image sharper, more vivid and more intense.
Choose an anchoring phrase or touch (e.g. “I am ____” or touching the back of your knuckle).
Repeat the above every day at least once, until you find that simply touching your knuckle or saying your phrase immediately elicits feelings of happiness, confidence or calm.
Use this technique any time you need to change your mood.
4. Establishing Rapport
This is an easy set of NLP techniques, but they have the power to help you get along with virtually anyone. There are lots of ways to build a rapport—one of the most effective involves following the other person’s breathing pattern, but subtly mirroring their body language is similarly effective (think crossing your legs in the same direction, rather than instantly scratching your nose the moment that someone else does).

A less well-known but equally potent rapport technique involves listening to people to pick up whether their main sensory perception is kinesthetic, visual or auditory (before employing the same perception yourself).

Clues that you’re talking to someone with a predominantly auditory perception include phrases like “I hear you”, “his voice was loud” and “I’m listening.”

Meanwhile, visual perception is suggested by words and phrases like “I see what you mean” and “my vision is clear” and kinesthetic perception is often expressed by phrases like “I feel that’s the wrong choice” and “I have a good feeling about this.”

5. Belief Changing
When you use the content reframing technique mentioned above, you reduce the amount of limiting beliefs you form.

However, when it comes to previously established beliefs, you need to use a different approach. Say, for example, that you’ve had a difficult boss and start thinking that all your bosses will make life hard for you.

To change that limiting belief, you first need to start gathering more positive facts about the relevant situation than negative ones. For example, you might read about good experiences people have had with their bosses, reflect on previous bosses who have treated you well, and remember your good friends who have managerial roles.

It’s also smart to affirm the opposite to your limiting belief every day. For example, you might say “I will find a great place to work, and I’ll have a boss who supports me” every morning. Really focus on the words and understand their meaning.

The new beliefs will go straight into your unconscious through this process, and after 30 days of repetition you should start to see a real difference.



Just for Ethan


Salt Lake City mayor: ‘Unnerving’ Ensign Peak fire should remind residents to be as cautious as ever


Salt Lake City mayor: \'Unnerving\' Ensign Peak fire should remind residents to be as cautious as ever

Tanner Palethorpe 12:02 PM
betsy devos sec of ed, her brother founded blackwater usa


The Education secretary, who is part of one of the wealthiest presidential cabinets <https://www.forbes.com/sites/chasewithorn/2016/12/22/heres-how-much-trumps-cabinet-is-really-worth/#6ade0d9e7169&gt; in modern U.S. history, has been heavily scrutinized as the billionaire without any education-related experience.
the video on the link, is of a graduating college class, turning their backs to her in solidarity during the commencement speech

Planetary K Index plot


https://home.solari.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/sr20180426_1st_Q_Whos_Who.pdf   31 pages  april 2018

https://home.solari.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/1stQ_Wrap-Up_6-19-2018.pdf   100 who’s who and what’s up in the space based economy


But Davis, Cohen’s attorney, maintains that Trump’s reference to “cash” is damaging. “The only people who use cash are drug dealers and mobsters,” he told CNN. In another twist in a tale full of them, Davis himself had previously worked with AMI and moved to squash unflattering stories about the company. He did not return calls for comment Wednesday.

“Why was the tape so abruptly terminated (cut) while I was presumably saying positive things?” he tweeted. “I hear there are other clients and many reporters that are taped – can this be so? Too bad!”

Trump’s searing tweets marked a new low point in his relationship with Cohen, who worked for the president for a decade and grew close to his family.


“It’s time to find a new deputy attorney general who is serious about accountability and transparency,” Meadows said.

It’s uncertain how many of Meadows’ fellow Republicans agree. Rosenstein, along with FBI Director Christopher Wray, faced dozens of angry Republicans at a House hearing last month. The lawmakers alleged bias at the FBI and suggested the department has conspired against Trump — but many could draw the line at impeachment.

Defense: If FBI agent had fired, he wouldn\'t have missed


“It was just a couple hours to dawn and we needed to prompt her to leave without alarming her so much that she panicked,” explained Taylor in her Facebook post. “I sent telepathic pictures of the routes out of the house via open doors and the route out the backyard, across the creek, through an open field, and back up into the hills. We got guidance that the way to rouse her and get her to leave her safe spot behind the sofa without panicking was through drumming.”

With the soft percussion of the drum emanating through the house, the cougar calmly rose from its resting place, gave itself a once-over in a nearby mirror and then trotted out the back door.

As Taylor concluded in her Facebook post, “it was a perfect ending to a blessed encounter.”

http://xtrememind.com/a_amagicofthefuture.pdf?x71887   66

http://db-umg.freestategroup.com/overcome_depression_and_unhappiness_how_to_use_the_nlp_depression_cure_for_a_depression_free_life_neuro_linguistic_programming_nlp_book_1.pdf   unknown

http://www.the-wow-collection.com/software/NLPforBeginners.pdf   unknown



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