Ego and the Ruling Class

The individual is the fundamental unit of the society. Ego is the driver of the individual. Control the ego of the individual, dominate society.

Unfortunately, the individual is not born automatically conditioned for ruling class servitude. The ego is not made for subservience. It is the “I” that drives the  organism through life for its own sake, and conscious of feeling itself to be a “separate” thing from where it came.

The individual is born nonjudgmental, unself-conscious, curious, playful and abhorring violence, among a variety of other characteristics. This condition of the individual is termed “child”. It is the uncontaminated purity of ego.

The disposition of the child is fundamentally incompatible with the ruling class agenda. The Profit Logic of the ruling class is at odds with the naivety and inherent common sense of the child. This creature is open and obligation-free, it does not know to hate Nazism and socialism, and to love capitalism and all things Establishment.

Children are not given to toil for toil’s sake (that is, for the ruling class’s sake), and prefer to play and make friends. Children are unattached to doctrine, and are blissfully unaware of fads and fashion. Their inherent honesty calls out the Emperor’s nakedness. The child’s ego is small, unweathered and pure.

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Source: Ego and the Ruling Class

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